7 Best Braun Electric Shavers – 2017 Detailed Review

Braun Series 9Another cutting edge shaver ever made by Braun is calledSERIES 7-799CC-6WD CC4‘ which replaced 7 790cc dry shaver. It is wet and dry electric shaver, so those who have been waiting for this model, it’s now available on Amazon at a discount price. So far it has a very good rating of (9.6 out of 10 stars).

UPDATE:- Another invention by Braun is Braun Series 9 9095cc wet & dry shaver, this model delivers

40,000 Cuts Per Minute (cpm) far much better & faster than all Series 7. However, this latest shaver by Braun is still expensive but it is cutting edge grooming product. Price has been reduced by half 

Every New Year, we see new companies popping up on the market, making all sorts of commercials with guys getting close / smooth shave while using their products, I will not mention those companies, but top electric shaver brands like Braun will still dominate the market because they craft their products basing on customer needs.

I have been reading customer reviews about various shavers, but most users complain that they don’t get a close shave when they use them, and some can’t reach areas with sharp angles. With all that in mind, I decided to compile a list of the best Braun electric shavers, it features foil shavers which have moderate heads, so you should not worry about shaving those sharp angels, most of these tools will do the best job.

7 Best Braund Electric Shavers – 2017:


  • BRAUN SERIES 9 9095CC 

Braun Series 9

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I can’t say a lot about this shaver because I have dedicated a full review for it. But what I can say is that no one should miss out on this shaver, it is worth upgrading from your series 7. We all know that Braun series 7 delivers 10,000 cuts per minute, that is not bad but when it comes to shaving very thick / coarse beards (hair), you will need a faster & powerful shaver than Series 7. On the other hand, Braun Series 9, delivers 40,000 cuts per minute and that is 3 x better than Series 7.

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  • BRAUN SERIES 7-799CC-6WD CC4 (Wet&Dry):


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NOTE: Since BRAUN SERIES 7-799CC-6WD CC4 is still new and expensive, It’s reviews are still low, but the ratings are 4.6 out for 5 which is a positive thing.This new version is an advancement of our 7-790cc featured below, it’s a wet & dry Braun electric shaver, so you don’t have to be left out if you prefer wet shaving to dry shaving.

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  • Braun Series 7-790cc:

Best Electric Shaver

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Braun has changed this whole old thinking about electric shavers not being worthy. This series 7-790cc is so far the best shaver produced from the brand and this will turn your shaving days from horror into a much more interesting experience.The shaver is made with the highest quality to ensure that you get all of your previous shaving problems solved. Its features 3 personalization modes that make you choose the type of mode you want to shave in. The clean and renew system that automatically cleans the shaver, charges it and lubricates It, now I do not think you will get any quality better than this.


  • Remarkable performance;if you are tired of wasting a lot of money on shavers that did not work well and tired of those shavers that just yank hair out instead of cutting it then you can rest assure, you have found the solution to those problems. Many people that have tried using the shaver said that it comes almost as close as a razor and leaves no hair behind, it is also very fast so it will not take you forever to get a really clean shave and stays smooth on the skin keeping you really comfortable as you shave.
  • Best shaver for Ingrown Hair: – Men with very sensitive skins always have issues with ingrown hair, this is an annoying experience and irritating at the same time. The best shaver to remove ingrown hair has to be a foil shaver, and this 7-790cc gets the trophy for that. It features a technology which captures underlying hair and exposes it to sharp blades which are found below the foil. In that case, your skin doesn’t get into direct contact with the blades which reduce on pain and irritation while removing ingrown hairs.
  • Shaves perfectly even when used dry;some people would want to shave anytime they feel like because they do not have a lot of time to spend on just shaving yet wet shaves tend to take a lot of time. Sometimes you want to shave in the sitting room while watching a match and you cannot obviously do that if your shaver only shaves wet. That is why you need a high quality shaver like the 7-790cc that comes really close even when you shave dry and does not even cause you irritations yet is also very easy to use. The shaver is just too convenient to be used whenever and wherever you want.
  • Great value for money; there will come a time when you will want to have an upgrade in the shavers that you have been using and its really frustrating to spend lots of dollars on something that will not even give you close shave. This shaver does not come at a very low price but it is worth every dollar that you spend on it because it works really well and will last for years and years without getting spoilt. It is absolutely worth its price, it is not even a waste of your money.
  • Very easy to clean: Braun 7-7900cc shaver comes with its own clean and renew system, so even after years of using it will always feel new. With just the touch of a button the cleaning system will clean the shaver, charges it and lubricates it. It is now time to you left the hustle of washing the shaver whenever you finish shaving, when you are in hurry all you will have to do is put the shaver in its cleaning system and you are good to go.

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  • Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver:

Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver Reviews

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What is good about this model?  It use an ActiveLift technology which helps the shaver lift and cut flat lying hair, this feature will guarantee you with a smooth close shave even in areas you have never got a close shave. Also the Optifoil feature  helps the shaver to capture more hair and cut it really deep without causing any irritation to your skin. I guess these two unique features make Braun series 5090cc very unique.

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  • Braun Series 7-760cc:

Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System

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Most people have given up on using electric shavers because they never give a really close shave and if you want to get a really close shave you need to take multiple passes which just cause skin irritations. However the good news is that Braun came up with the series 7-76occ that produces over 10,000 micro vibrations will cut through any thick beard with just a few passes. The shave comes really close because of the active lift technology that removes even the shortest hair on your face. Its clean shave lasts quite long so that you do not shave every day. With this shaver you will experience the kind of closeness you never thought you would get from an electric shaver because that is what many of the users that have tried it before said about the shaver.


  • Great quality; Judging from reviews of men who have used the shaver, I get a clear picture that the shaver is just like the rest of the Braun shavers and from this great company we cannot expect less than great quality. Even after many years of using the shaver it will still perform like it is supposed and do its job really well. For all the time that you plan to use this shaver you will never find any problems with the shaver simply because of its exceptional quality.
  • Gives a really close shave; the shaver will give the kind of closeness you have never experienced from any other electric shaver. Men who used straight razors and safety razors will tell you that you will never find an electric shaver that comes as close as safety razors but Braun has put an end to all this by coming up with this machine, it will feel like you shaved with a safety razor.
  • Easily cuts through thick beards: Men with thick and wiry beards you need to use this engineered shaver, it was crafted to capture and cut thick beards, so it does not matter how wiry your beards can be, this too will maneuver through with ease, and the only thing you will notice is a clean shave, you will not hear any sound while the machine is doing its job. Everything will look like a miracle to you.

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  • Braun 3Series 340S-4:

Braun Series 3

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The Braun series 340s-4 is made to specifically ensure that you enjoy the convenience of shaving whenever you want it. The shaver can be used both in and out of the shower. It is water proof so if you prefer a dry shave, you can just shave out of the shower and at the same use it with shaving gel or foam to get a really comfortable wet shave. Even with a three day beard this shaver will still shave off that hair like it is just a one day beard. Braun series 340s-4 is very efficient just like it’s brothers featured on this list.


  • Removes all hair; no matter how disorganized your beard is, the shaver will not miss out a single hair because of its senso-foil technology. This enables the shaver to efficiently capture all hair and have it removed leaving you with a smooth skin. And in case you do not want to get all your hair off, the shaver comes with a precision long hair trimmer that will help you trim hair to whichever length you want. You can as well this pop-up trimmer to shape your mustache and sideburns.
  • It is very quiet; it is quite disturbing to shave with something that makes a lot of noise because it makes the all experience worse. In most cases, men shave every morning, so just imagine using a noisy shaver every morning, it will kill your shaving moods and even irritate everyone in the house.
  • Reduces on shaving time; the shaver captures a lot of hair on each stroke that you make hence reducing on the amount of time that you would have spent when shaving. In that case, you will make fewer strokes; you don’t have to pass over the same area twice.
  • Cuts long hair as easily as short hair;the shaver is also detailed with a triple action cutting system that enables it to cut long hair with ease just like it does with short hair. This way you will not have to purchase a long hair trimmer to cut the longer hair, this even makes it a lot cheaper for you.

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  • Braun Series 1 – 190s:

Braun Series 1 - 190s Mens Shaver

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To have a great shaving experience you obviously need to have a shaver that fits perfectly in your hands, when I look at the design and shape of this 1– 190s, it looks to be perfect for your hands. It is also detailed with rubber on the sides to prevent the shaver from slipping out of your hands as you wet shave and it’s also very easy to clean because you just have wash it under running tap water and you are good to go.


  • Smooth shave without irritations; much as the shaver comes really close it does not cause irritations, but you’re advised to always start with the sensitive areas when shaving. This way you will reduce on the possibility of getting skin irritations since when the shaver heats up. And also remember not to apply too much pressure when shaving.
  • Long Lasting Battery; even when the shaver is not plugged in, you do not have to worry about it stopping just in the middle of your shave since the shaver’s battery life is just too good. When you charge the shaver only for 30 minutes you will get a whole hour of shave time. And it is rechargeable so you will never have to spend money on buying new batteries whenever you want to shave.
  • Perfect for those hard to reach areas; the shaver’s shaving surface is small making it flexible enough to reach even the problematic places like the neck, bikini area, under the jaws as you shave. In general its entire shape is ergonomic enough which makes it fit perfectly in your hands thus helping you to easily shave any place that you want.
  • Cheap maintenance; it is very easy and cheap to maintain the shaver because you only replace the shaver blades once in a year or even once in two years. When you buy safety razors you actually think you are saving more but this is quite the opposite because you have to buy new blades all the time which sometimes is not any less costly than buying a new shaver at once.

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  • Braun Series 3 380S-4

Braun Series 3

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If you are the type of guy who has to shave more than twice in a day, then this 380s-4 is ideal for you. It has a portable design, so you can easily travel with it. It is intended to give you outstanding performance and this is not all because as you shave the shaver stays really smooth on your skin and does not cause you any pain. This is how far Braun has taken their series of shavers; each brand comes with better and more amusing technology. In whichever condition you choose to shave you will always get a close shaver whether you shave wet or dry.


  • Does not require multiple passes to get a close shave;the shaver comes really deep on the first pass and if you are the type that has normal or fine hair even the first pass will be enough to get all hair off. But if you have very thick and tough hair you might need to make a second pass to have clean shave.
  • Works great for both wet and dry shaves: Men with sensitive skins can’t risk dry shaving, they always prefer to leather up before shaving. Once this is done, the skin and hair become soft, making it easy to shave. This model will work well on a wet shave, it does not matter which shaving cream / gel you leather up with, the machine will still perform normally. It’s water proof, so you can use it while having a shower.
  • Great for ladies as well: now for the ladies that think your skin is way too sensitive and feel like you cannot get a shaver that works great for you as well, you can rest assured this one will work for you so do not hesitate to try it out. Just as it has been recommended for men. Some good men bought it for their girlfriends and they it works just perfect for them as well.

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Braun has continued to beat other shavers with the quality of shavers they produce every other year, each new shaver comes with newer and better features. Let’s take a look at some of the features that you will find in most the Braun shavers;

  • They are 100% water proof; Braun shavers are made with a fully sealed body that even when immersed in water the shaver suffer no damage which makes them very easy to wash and keep clean. This also means that the shaver can be used both in and out of the shower, the shavers offer both wet and dry shaves. So it is all up to you to choose the shave that works for you.
  • Opti-foil and senso-foil technology; some of the shavers are made with opti-foil and senso-foil technology that give the shavers a unique way of capturing more hair and cut deep enough so you will not have to use several strokes to get hair off. This kind of technology makes the shaver cut more efficiently without causing skin irritations.
  • Triple action cutting system; Braun shavers let you shave according to which ever length you want because it is made with 3 special cutting elements that cut through any beard length depending. You can therefore cut hair to different lengths whether you want it short or extremely short, the Braun shavers will always satisfy your needs.
  • Contour adaptive shaving head; not all the Braun shavers will have this feature but some of them do and this makes the shaver easily adapt to your facial contours. This way you will even be able to shave those hard to reach areas perfectly for example on the neck, jaw line and under the chin which some other shavers will not be able to shave.




In general, all Braun shavers share some characteristics which make them special and preferred by most men, it does not matter which model of Braun you have, it will at least have one / two of these characteristics:

  • Outstanding performance: On your first introduction to electric shavers, chances are high that you will buy a Braun shaver because of its popularity. I have read various customer reviews but I have noticed that Braun shavers are mostly used by beginners and men with very sensitive skins. When you start using them you will not have to think about things like hair tugging or pulling.
  • Strong construction: Even though most people put emphasis on the functionality of the shaver, it is very important to look at its physical structure, it has to be strong and durable, because while shaving in the shower, you might forget and leave the machine on the sink, this area can be slippery, chances of that shavers to fall down on the floor are high, so if its exterior is of low quality, you will end up spending more dime buying parts or even replace it with a new one. With that in mind, I give a credit to Braun shavers, because not only do they have a nice design but their exterior is very strong and durable, it can survive any minor accident.
  • Good for Beginners: In most cases when you’re new to this shaving world, all you need is a tool which does its job perfectly without going into detailed instructions to learn how to use it. By default, all humans want easy life characterized with no struggles. Now when you buy a gadget and it becomes very difficult to use, you will feel tired of it and it will look like a waste of money. Machines are supposed to ease our lives and these Braun shavers do exactly what you expect them to do. Charge it fully and switch on the button and let the machine do its best, it’s that simple.
  • Maximum comfort & Good on Sensitive Skins: If you always get ingrown hairs, bumps after shaving, you should switch to Braun shavers. They fall in the foil category and that means that the blades don’t get a chance to interact with your skin, these machines feature a technology which stretches and captures underlying hairs and expose them to the blade for cutting. The foils on the head are too smooth in that if you use them on a sensitive skin or use them to shave ingrown hairs, you will feel no irritation or pain.


The first thing you should know is that all Braun shavers are foil shavers that is why I need to clear up on the difference between rotary shavers so that before you actually buy a rotary shaver you should first of all know what you are buying and how it works. Below are the differences between rotary shavers and electric shavers;

  • Foil shavers are the shavers that are covered with rectangular metal with holes on it and cuts hair from left to right whereas rotary shavers have round heads and cut hair in circular motion that is the biggest difference between the two types.
  • Foil shavers cut a faster speed as compared to rotary shavers basically because of their nature. The fact that rotary shavers cut in circular motion makes them quite slow, this however does not mean that the rotary are very slow, they are also fast only that they are work at quite a slower rate than foil shavers.
  • With the way rotary shavers are designed with a large shaving surface that moves from left to right it is much easier to achieve a close shave even in the hard to reach areas as compared to rotary shavers. The round shape of rotary shavers does not let them get to some areas easily.
  • When it comes to trimming the side burns or creating styles or even shaving certain areas like the bikini area, rotary shavers come with a trimmer to help in those areas. On the other hand foil shavers will even trim the side burns and shave an area even when you do not attach a trimmer to the shaver.


After shaving it is likely that you will suffer bumps / get ingrown hairs and this is may be because you did not shave well or you did not follow the grain when shaving or may be your skin is just too sensitive. This is what you should do to get rid of the bumps after shaving;

  • Rinse your face with cold water after shaving: cold water actually helps to close your skin pores that is why it is most recommended after shaving however some people make a mistake and use warm water which keeps the pores open making our face subject to irritation such as red razors bumps.
  • Pat your face with a towel: after washing your face with cold water it is better to leave your face to dry on its own or if you cannot let it dry on its own just gently pat with a towel but make sure that you do not rub your face.
  • Apply lotion on your face: since your skin has been subject to the heat that electric shavers produce when shaving, a good lotion will be good to make your face calm down hence preventing razor bumps.
  • Apply a facial moisturizer or after –shave: make sure the moisturizer is completely free from alcohol and fragrances because these will just worsen the severity of your irritation. The moisturizer should be just water based.



Yes, of course in fact it’s much recommended that you apply shaving cream before you actually start shaving because it keeps your skin well protected from the heat the shaver produces and also prevents you from getting irritations since the shaver’s blades do not come into close contact with your skin. Therefore if you have a sensitive skin you’re always advised to shave after leathering-up in order to reduce the risk of getting bumps & ingrown hairs. However the shaver works well even when you do not apply shaving cream that is why most of the shavers are called wet/dry shavers.



As I made my research on Braun shavers I realized that many people are actually first time users of electric shavers and do not really know how well to use the shavers. Therefore below I have provided some of the basic tips that you should follow when using your newly bought Braun electric shaver;

  • Always make sure your blades are sharp enough; sometimes even when the shaver is new its blades might not be sharp enough. It is therefore important that you always check out the blades of the shaver otherwise you will find the hardest time when shaving as the shaver will tug and pull your hair which is very painful and will in the end cause a lot of irritations on your skin.
  • Always wash your face before shaving; washing the area that you are going to shave makes the hair soft making it much easier to get hair off. If you cannot wash your face, you can just wet a face towel with hot water and hold it against your face for hair to become soft. In other cases you will find recommendations that it is best to shave straight from the shower because this way your skin is fresh and your skin pores are still open.
  • Dry your face; use a dry towel to dry up the water on your face and apply some baby powder. As you dry the face you should just gentle pat the face but do not rub because rubbing makes your skin more vulnerable to irritations.
  • Apply an alcohol based pre-shave; this makes the hair stand up well so when you start shaving, hair will easily go off. If you are allergic to alcohol you can use baby powder.
  • Stretch the skin while shaving; use one of your hands to pull the skin this exposes off underlying hairs to the blades hence giving you a much closer shave. Shave in the direction opposite to your hair growth for more closeness and remember not to apply too much pressure to prevent nick and cuts together with other skin irritations.
  • Apply lotion after shaving; after shaving your skin will be completely dry that is why you need to apply lotion after shaving, it will prevent your skin from running totally dry especially if you used an alcohol based pre-shave.
  • Clean and lubricate your shaver; open the shaver head and wash it under running tap water and use a cleaning brush to brush out all those whiskers. Apply a small amount of lubricant on the screen to ensure that your shaver works for a longer period of time.