Best Electric Shavers For Ingrown Hairs – Get Rid of Them

Ingrown hairs are always painful and its hard to shave them. In this post, I have featured the ”Best Electric Shavers for Ingrown Hairs’‘. All these shavers have smooth shaving blades & sharp blades which lift up flat laying hairs for cutting without irritating your skin. 

Don’t use Splinter Tweezers on Ingrown hairs, they take long to offer good results and the posiblity of hurting your self with a tweezer is high.

Ingrown hair frequently occurs when  shaved  hair grows back into your skin thus causing irritations and inflammation.




Best Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hair





Best Electric Shaver

There’s a lot of buzz about Braun-790cc series shaver, It has more reviews and ratings on AMAZON compared to most electric shavers, and this gives me a clear indication that the product delivers a perfect job. It features a precision trimmer which cuts each and every single ingrown hair from your skin.

Before using this 790cc, try to exfoliate the infected area, doing this will make ingrown hair soft and easy to remove. You can exfoliate your skin with olive oil. Heat olive oil well and mix it with sugar, let the solution cool down and apply it on the affected while it’s still warm. Be patient, let the solution sit on the skin for at least 30 minutes, this will ensure olive oil penetrates very well in your skin, hence making the hair soft and easy to remove.”


  • Less Noise: This Braun shaver sounds a bit buzzy while shaving but it’s not too loud compared to most electric shavers on the market today. This makes it very user friendly whereby it will not make that irritating sound when removing ingrown hair, therefore  making you enjoy the shaving experience even more. In case you hate shavers that make noise, then you should probably try buying this shaver because it does the shaving well.
  • Durability: I guess you’re not looking for some cheap shaving razor which you can use for solving only one problem and throw away, if that is your goal, then you’re looking at the wrong product. This ingrown hair problem comes once in a while, though, it’s better to use a shaver which works in all seasons, be it when the skin is smooth or not. It has to be durable and it performance has to be good through out the year. You might need to replace the heads of the shaver at least once in a year, but this is not expensive, most of these electric shaver replacements can be found on Amazon.
  • Permanent Ingrown Hair Removal: The opt-foil system will capture those underlying hair and expose them to the sharp blades, however, during this process, you will feel very little pain, because when you have ingrown hair, your skin will be hurting a little bit. But when you use this shaver on your skin while it’s clear, it will stretch it in a friendly manner and pull every strand on your skin. You should expect some little noise during the shaving process, this noise is produced when the shaver interacts with your hair.
  • Easy and quick to clean: I will not put all the focus in what this machine does, lets also look at the other side of things. After shaving, hair will clogg the foils and blades, but this happens only when the user has very thick hair. Some electric shavers are not easy to clean, but this Braun 7- 790CC comes with it’s own cleaning system. So, you don’t have to waste time cleaning it after shaving




Philips Norelco 1250X46 Electric Shaver-8100

This Philips Norelco Shaver-8100 will clear away all those irritating ingrown hairs on your skin within minutes, actually, you will not feel anything when this machine is at work, the job will be done quietly and perfectly.

It is built with a 3D contour system which enables the shaver to maneuver smoothly over ingrown hair. Its foils are too smooth, they use a Pulsonic technology which traps those ingrown hairs and expose them to sharp blades.

However, to get better results, you need to do a wet shave, wash your face / area with ingrown hair using warm water, this will make ingrown hair soft and easy to cut, some times, you will notice blisters in areas affected, use warm water, it will calm down those blisters and make it painless to shave.”


  • Eliminated Ingrown Hair: This machine will offer you with a clean and smooth shave than ever before because its developed with a gyro flex 3D contour-following system which  helps it to follow all the body contours with precision hence reducing on the levels of getting skin irritations. The blades of this shaver will touch your skin while shaving and this makes it even safer to use compared to safety or disposable razors which are well known for causing skin-irritations. In most cases, when you suffer from ingrown hair problem, you don’t want anything to get close to them, simply because they hurt when something touches them.Since the blades don’t touch the skin, ingrown hair will be trapped by the foils and you will feel no pain at all.
  • Convenience: When I say convenient, I mean that it can be used anywhere whether you’re in the shower or out of the bathroom. When having a wet shave with this razor in your shower, its advisable to apply some gel or foam so that  you may achieve an extremely closer and comfortable shave, but you can also dry-shave without applying anything on the skin, just in case you’re in a hurry, but still it will remove those painful ingrown hairs with ease.
  • Optimum control : This shaver has an easy to hold, ergonomic handle which offers the user with optimum-control even when wet shaving in the shower. It’s trimmer will offer you with a skin-friendly precision when grooming or removing ingrown hair.
  • Easy to clean: The shaver is very easy to clean because its built with a detachable head that is very easy to clean whereby you can just wash it through running tap water and in fact it will come out really clean after the whole process. This means that the product offers no place for hair and dirt to hide like some electric shavers behave.
  • The Battery is Excellent: The battery in this shaver lasts long enough to provide you with several shaves and it also charges-up incredibly fast even when it has been down, so if you plan to travel with it, charge it fully before packing. If the battery is fully charged, it will offer you with 50-minutes of cordless shaving and a quick charge will offer you with about 10-minutes and these are just enough to enable you have remove those stubborn ingrown hairs.

Philips Norelco PT730-46: 

Philips Norelco PT730-46 Shaver 3500

Philips Norelco PT730-41 Electric Shaver-3500

”This cordless Philips Norelco PT730/46 will help you get rid of painful ingrown hair in minutes. Judging from its design, the shaver might not reach certain areas, especially those with sharp angles, for example, it might not do a job under the armpits or neck, the best shavers for sharp angles are PHILIPS NORELCO 1250X46 & BRAUN SERIES 7- 790CC, these two shavers have thin pivoting heads, but the Norelco PT730/46 can perform better on flat surfaces.

With that in mind, its dual precision head will maneuver over ingrown hair, trap it gently without causing you any pain and clear your skin in a minutes. It works better on dry shaving, but, I advise you to apply some baby powder over the affected area, this will make it easy to remove ingrown hair.”


  • Friendly design: So, how does the design of a shaver count when it comes to removing ingrown hair? To some extent, the shape of the shaver matters, because a very heavy shaver can cause you pain while clearing ingrown hairs, if the weight of the shaver is inserted on the affected area, the victim will start feeling pain. I like its shape, light weight and size, it can fit in your hands very well.
  • Travel Friendly:Still this credit will go to its design, I love the Braun 7-900 cc series, but when it comes to portability, this shaver wins. Most men have too shave every after 24 hours, so if you plan to go for a business trip or a vacation, it will be clever to pack your own electric shaver, because you might not find a friendly one at your destination. Since you have to shave every after 24 hours or more, the moment when this ingrown hair problem will strike is unpredictable, to avoid getting the discomfort, you have to pack this shaver and be ready of that irritating situation. Don’t worry about the power, it’s battery can hold power for at least 30 minutes of non stop shaving, remember to pack the charging cord as well.


Panasonic-ES8103S Arc3:

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

Panasonic-ES8103S Arc3 Electric-Shaver for Men

When it comes to electric razors, Panasonic and Phillips are my favorite brands. To put that aside, this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is crafted to leave no hair on any surface .

In most cases, I always get ingrown hair and bumps when I shave my armpits and the experience is never good. This ES8103S Arc3 features a slit foil which captures hidden hair under the skin and exposes it to sharp blades.

However, before using this shaver, wet a small towel in warm water and press the towel in the infected area, if possible, you can put some little salt in warm water, the salt will kill germs around that affected area, and the warm water will open the pores of the skin and at the same time make ingrown hairs very soft. Immediately after shaving with this ES8103S Arc3, apply after shave, this will prevent bumps and other irritations or infections that might occur.”


  • Good on Sensitive Skins: When you have a sensitive skin, your chances of getting ingrown hair are very high. But you can minimize them by practicing wet shaving, if you have to use a razor, opt for a safety razor but don’t forget to apply shaving foam / gel before shaving. This Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 has smooth foils and sharp blades, once you get ingrown hair, you can use this shaver to clear them away. The smooth foils will not irritate the affected area, but they shave uses an advance technology which captures underlying hair and expose it to the blades.
  • Affordable: I know pricing might be an issue to you, please, don’t get scared by the looks of this Panasonic-ES8103S, it does not cost an arm and a leg, click the button below to see its actual price, it’s below $100


Philips Norelco 6948XL-41:Philips Norelco 6948XL

Philips Norelco 6948XL-41 Electric Shaver 2100Philips Norelco 6948XL-41:

”I have already featured a Norelco shaver on this list, but their is a difference in pricing between these two Norelcos, other wise, when it comes to functionality, the results will be the same.

However, if you want to remove that painful problem, you can use warm milk before shaving, do this by applying warm milk on the infected area, let it penetrate through the skin, it will go down to the roots of the hair and make it soft and easy to remove, once this is complete, get this Norelco 6948XL-41 and start shaving  with this Norelco 6948XL-41 to remove ingrown hair. The warm milk will have act as our shaving foam. ”


  • Light and quiet: Just like its sister featured in position 3, you will not feel any pain when this Norelco 6948XL-41 sits on an infected area. It will move smoothly and trap all those ingrown hair and cut them with ease.
  • No razor burn: It is obvious, the round heads and foils can’t cause any skin irritations. The worst thing you should wish for is to get bumps after eliminating ingrown hair.