The Best of Panasonic Electric shavers – Detailed Review 2017

Panasonic shavers perform better than most Norelco shavers, each model featured on this list has something unique, but the most popular one is Panasonic ES8103S Arc3, it features only 3 blades, two blades are found on the exterior while one blade is inside, its purpose is to capture and shave underlying hair and long hair. On the other hand, 5 blades razors seem to be taking over the market even though they have very big heads and these include; Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 & Panasonic ES-LV61-A Arc5, despite the weight of 5 blades razors, their performance seems to be better than Arc3  & Arc4 shavers, but lets go through this list of top Panasonic shavers and see who does the best job.




  • Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet & Dry (NEW):

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet-Dry Shaver

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Before we go ahead with the most popular panasonic shavers, I would like to introduce to you this new panasonic shaver, it’s called ”ES-LV95-S Arc5”. It is quite an advanced model compared to all models featured on this post. This ES-LV95-S Arc5 is a wet & dry shaver, but it also comes with a  cleaning and charging system which makes it even better than the old models. However, all these extras will add up to a huge sum of cash. If you have been searching for an expensive Panasonic shaver, look no further, this is the best model for 2015. Despite its huge price, the shaver has managed to score a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, now that is a very good rating, almost every man who tested it, liked its performance.

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  • Panasonic ES8103S Arc3:

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

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Nothing beats the accuracy of the ES8103S as it is made with some of the most innovative features juts to ensure that you can have a super close and clean shave. The shaver is uniquely designed with a three blade shaving system that enables it to remove all the hair with just a few passes and offers amazing closeness even in the most problematic areas (neck / below the jaws / bikini area). Its flexible pivoting head makes it easily adapt to all the contours of your face together with a really fast linear motor that makes it remove hair without any tugging or pulling. For those with sensitive skin this is the best shaver for you, because it has hypoallergenic blades that are very good to use on that sensitive skin. The shaver cuts long hair as easily as it cuts short hair


  • Gives an incredibly close and smooth shave; Nothing beats this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 when it comes to giving a close shave. It features two sharp blades which are hidden beneath the foil to avoid direct skin contact, but this machine uses an advanced technology which captures hair from your skin without stretching the skin and it exposes the hair to the blades for cutting. You might not hear any noise when this shaving tool is at work, but trust me, when the job is done, you will love the results, and your skin will be as smooth as a babies butt.
  • Cuts through the toughest beard: The nature of beards varies from man to man; you will find some men with very soft beards / hair and others with hard to cut beards which are strong as steal. A beard of that style has to be shaved or groomed with a high end electric shaver. In general, all foil shavers can handle such beards but rotary shavers like Philips might not do the job well. Since this Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 has very sharp blades and its 13,000 RPM motor will provide you with a constant shave, meaning it will not give that thick beard any rest, you might make only one pass and see good results.
  • Hold charge for a long time; there is nothing that is frustrating about shaving like the shaver stopping to work just in the middle of the shave. That is why this shaver is made with a really strong battery that works both on cord and cordless and will hold charge for a really long time so that you can have a complete shave whenever you want.

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  • Panasonic ES8243A Arc4:

Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Shaver

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Panasonic has chosen to take their creativity to the next level as they have tried to beat all the other brands and come up with the most unique shavers like this ES82433A which features a four blade shaving system.This shaving system has 30 degree nano-tech blades that cut hair really close to the skin to give you that long lasting smooth shave. unlike slow shavers that tug and pull hair as you shave and cause you a lot of pain as you shave, this shaver has really fast linear motor that makes the shaver cut hair off without any pain. The arch foil of the shaver are designed to move in a circular motion hence covering a larger area and reaching even the hard to reach areas. It is both a wet and dry shaver so you can use it whenever and wherever you wish.


  • Gives a really great wet shave; the shaver does not only work well on dry shaves but also works great when used for the wet shaves in fact it comes even closer when used for wet shaves. Sometimes you need a wet shave because it is more protective to your skin and the best way to shave is to wet shave. Even the doctors recommend that you apply a layer of shaving cream before you shave to prevent blades and heat from the shaver from coming too close to your skin and with this shaver you will have the most enjoyable wet shave ever.
  • Easy to use;the shaver was greatly designed with an ergonomic handle that perfectly fits into your hands and is very easy to hold which makes shaving a lot less hectic simply because the shaver is easy to hold. When it comes to the head, it is made flexible and pivots to all directions so the shaver easily reaches all areas even the most problematic ones.
  • Shaves really fast; you no longer have to spend too much time shaving or making endless passes over your beard, because this shaver is made with one of the fastest linear motors which makes it really fast. it also has a large head and four blade shaving system that enables it to cover a wide area on each pass that you make so you do not have to go over the area many time.

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  • Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4:

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver

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Panasonic ES-LA63-S is a high performance shaver that will deliver nothing less than the most comfortable and clean shave whenever you feel like having it. With this new technology you do not have to spend so many hours shaving since it features four nanotech blades that capture a larger volume of hair in just a few minutes. The shaver cuts hair straight from the roots without causing you any irritations and has a large LCD light screen that helps you know when the battery level is down. Even on the difficult areas the shaver continues to glide just as smoothly as it did on the flat areas of the face.For those who keep travelling you can go pack this ES-LA63-S with you, its strong battery will hold onto power and give you a 30 minutes non stop shaving experience without charging. 


  • Gets hair off in just a few minutes; in just a few seconds the shaver will have removed all the hair simply because of its four blade shaving system and nanotech blades that are extremely sharp that cut deep on each pass that you make hence leaving you with a really smooth skin. You don’t need to go over the same area very many times meaning it saves you a lot of time.
  • Beats all the rest at durability;this shaver is made with some of the most amazing quality in that even after years of using it the shaver, it will still work like it did when it was still new. Even when you accidentally drop the shaver it will not stop working because of its quality.

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  • Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4:

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Electric Shaver

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ES-LA93-K Arc4 features a four blade shaving system that covers a large area, a really flexible shaving head that moves smoothly to all areas of your face and an automatic cleaning system to save you the trouble of cleaning the shaver, what more can you possibly ask for from a high end shaver like this ES-LA93-S. Just like the other shaver from this great brand, this one too is made with nanotech blades that offer a remarkably close shave and one of the fastest linear motors that cut hair without pulling or tugging. For convenience you can have a dry shave but if your skin is really sensitive you should go in for the wet shave that is more protective of your skin.


  • Inexpensive maintenance; you will use this shaver for a whole 12 months without having to replace the blades, now how cheap can that be. You will only have to replace the blades only once a year unlike with safety razors that need blade replacements after every three or two shaves. Instead of using safety razors that will cost you dollars every now and then it is much better to save up those dollars for a high quality product that will work for a longer period of time.
  • Does not produce any noise; shavers that are noisy are beginning to run out of market because everyone wants something that will not irritate them with that noise. The ES-LA93-S has become a favorite choice for many people not only because of the way it works but because of the fact that it is very quiet. It does not produce that annoying noise that people hate so much and that is why the shaver has been able to beat all the rest on the market.
  • Leaves no hair on your face and easy to clean; yes, it is true all shavers are made to remove hair but the question is, how well does the shaver remove hair? Some shavers just cut hair in bits and leave patches of hair on your face that is why you find your hair growing in an uneven way. This shaver cuts and leaves no hair behind at all but just a super smooth skin. It comes with its own cleaning system that automatically cleans charges and lubricates the shaver hence keeping it looking new all the time.

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  • Panasonic ES-RT51-S 3 Blade:

Panasonic ES-RT51-S 3 Blade Electric Razor

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This rechargeable ES-RT51 Panasonic shaver will even cut through the thickest beard because of its great power motor and is 100% water proof making it easy to clean. It also features a pop up trimmer which you can use to make different beard styles of your choice like the moustache, goatee or trim the side burns. It comes with a travel pouch that makes the shaver portable enough to move with whenever you want to travel and detailed with a liquid crystal LCD display and charge indicator that will let you know of the amount of charge you are left with.


  • Works great on sensitive skin; many people have issues with their skin and would want a shaver that will work without worsening the condition of there skin. From the reviews I noticed that even women who thought they had extra sensitive skins loved the way the shavers worked. This simply means that ES-RT51-S 3 is not only good for sensitive skin but women as well
  • Great and at an amazing price; comparing the price of this shaver to that of other Panasonic shavers I can clearly say this is such a great shaver for the price. Like I said it is not every day that you will find a quality shaver that works this perfect at such a price. You can therefore invest your money without worrying about anything because it works really well.
  • Gives the smoothest and most comfortable shave; the shaver will change your shaving days that were a night mare and turn them into something more enjoyable. From the past may be you used electric shaver that just made you hate shaving but this is the opposite when it come to this Panasonic shaver. It will give you a really smooth and comfortable shave without tugging or pulling your hair.

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When it comes to wet & dry shaving, a shaver should be in position to offer you with a smooth shave without telling any difference either its has been done wet or dry. With that in mind, this competition stands between two brands (Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 & Panasonic ES8103S Arc3) these two brands are the best when it comes to wet & dry shaving. I have made this conclusion basing on related positive reviews they both get on Amazon. However, their is one thing you should note about these two brands, Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is a foil shaver yet  Philips Norelco 1150X/46 is a rotary shaver, these two are engineered in a very different way, but to my surprise they give the same results.


  • YES, Panasonic shavers are water proof so they can definitely be used in the shower so for those that love shaving immediately after having a bath while still in the shower, you can use them without worrying about getting any problems. If you have a really sensitive skin then it is best to have wet shave, because it’s much safer than a dry shave.


Many ladies actually think that these Panasonic shavers are only made for men however this is absolutely not true because they also work perfectly on ladies too, despite the fact that their skins are extra sensitive. A few ladies that have tried them out said that they shave their legs and arms just like any other ladies shaver therefore ladies do not be afraid to try them out.


Some people want to buy their first electric shaver but are afraid that it might not turn out to be what they actually thought it would be. However I will give you some tips that will help you know what to look for when buying an electric shaver, be it Panasonic or any other brand:

  • The shaver’s handle; always go in for a shaver with an ergonomic handle, by this I mean that you should buy a shaver with a handle that perfectly fits in your hands so that your hands will not easily get tired of holding it even before you finish shaving. This is why some people get really fatigued after shaving, not because they spent a lot of time shaving but because the shaver they used was heavy and too difficult to hold for a long time.
  • Price of the shaver; there is no reason for you to spend a lot of money on a mere shaver yet even the cheaper ones can give you a shave that is just as great as an expensive one. However you also need to be extremely careful when shopping for cheap shavers sometimes they are fake. But then some shaver’s prices are hiked because of some extra features that they come with which you may not even use so in that case there is no reason for you to pay for things that you do not need.
  • Size of the shaver;with this I cannot say the small shavers have advantage over larger shavers because they are equally important. Small shavers will easily shaver in the smaller areas of your face like the upper lip and side burns but on the larger areas they waste a lot of time because they capture less hair. On the other hand larger shavers will capture more hair in each single pass that you make enabling to shave within the least possible time.
  • Water proof shavers; such shavers are really convenient because they can be used anywhere and anytime you feel like shaving. They are also very easy to clean as you just have to rinse them under water and you are good to go. For those of you who love shaving wet because your skin is too sensitive water proof shavers are the perfect way to go.
  • Your skin type; you should always think about your skin type some shavers are not advisable if you have the skin that is too sensitive. Therefore before you buy the shaver take time off to make research on which shavers will not cause any harm to your skin then you can ahead and buy the shaver.
  • Additional features;this includes things like pivoting head, pop up trimmer, cleaning system, shavers that come with features might be quite expensive but they are worth the price because they will give you exactly what you need. For example a shaver with a pivoting head will easily adapt to facial contours making tour shaving a lot easier. Or a shaver with its clean and renew system will make your work easier as it cleans the shaver on its own.



Just knowing how to get that beard off is quite different from actually getting a close shave and I have found lots of questions about how to get your Panasonic shaver to come really close and give that super clean shave. These are the steps that you should follow in order to get a close shave.

  • Ensure that your shaver is clean; these shavers usually have a shaving brush so you should make use of it and clean your shaver until you are sure it is completely clean without any dirt or whiskers left from your previous shave. Shaving with a clean shaver is the first step to getting a supper close shave without getting any skin irritations.
  • Determine your beard type; some people have a really thick beard while others just have a medium or fine beard and also see if your beard is oily or dry. This will help determine a pre-shave that will be best to use on the kind of beard that you have. For those with oily beards it might somehow difficult to shave with the electric shave as the shaver with just slide off without getting any hair off you will therefore need an alcohol based pre shave for those whiskers can stand up.
  • Prepare your face; wash your face with shaving soap or facial scrub to remove any oils and dirt on your face that may hinder the shaver from moving smoothly on your skin. Make sure that you use a really quality pre shave and after applying it let it stay on your face for 3 or 5 minutes. Leaving the shaving soap for some minutes helps to make hair dry then after these minutes you can just wash it off.
  • Wait a while after preparing your face; dry your face with a dry towel and wait a while before you can start shaving so that your face can relax a bit from all the strain of washing it. As you wait for your face to relax, make sure whatever you will use to shave is in place so that you are not interrupted when you actually start shaving.
  • Start to shave against the grain; touch the area that you are going to shave and the area that feels smooth is the grain but remember if your want to get a close shave you should shave against the grain. So the side that feels rough is what they call against the grain this will help the shaver to capture each single hair straight from the roots. But do not apply pressure or else you will cause yourself irritations.
  • Take your time as much as you can; although shavers cannot easily cut you like razors you still need to be really careful because much as they easily shave your hair into a neat look, it is not so easy to make them effective. That is why you should not shave when in a rush for best results.
  • Apply after shave or lotion; it is much recommended that you apply after shave to your newly so that you do not get any irritations. Please make sure that you don’t apply alcohol or fragrance based after shave, it will add to the pain you already feel and worsen your irritations.


The shaver itself has a very large shaving area that many not enable you to create the styles for example the goatee, mustache or to trim the side burns but this does not mean you will not be able to create the styles that you want. Panasonic was wise enough to know that you will want to create styles when shaving so they made their shavers with a pop up trimmer that can be used for that detailed grooming which will make you look your best. So the answer to your question is yes, the shaver does not only cut your beard off but can also be used to create all those different styles that will make you adorable.


If you asked to choose what is best to use of these two, I would probably not be able to tell because it is a completely personal choice to make. Depending on your skin type, beard types and how experienced you may be when it comes to using the two. Some people prefer regular razors because they give a really close shave and when used with the right procedure and amount of shaving gel you are rest assured to have no irritations, cuts and red bumps. However some people say that this is the opposite because they choose electric shavers over regular razors. This is because electric shavers are very fast come close without causing any irritations and will never cut or nick you.

When it comes to maintenance, electric shavers beat regular razors because for them you only need to change the blades only once each year and the shaver will still perform as expected and you can even shave without shaving gel. Unlike regular blades that need shaving gel whenever you have to shave for a clean and smooth shave and you always have to change the blades as often as you can.

Some people have actually given on buying electric shavers because they think that the shavers are too expensive and will not fit their budgets and end up buying regular razors that come at a much cheaper price. But in actual sense there is no big difference in how these two work because you even when you regular razors the costs of replacing the blades and shaving cream will equal to the price you would have bought the shaver.


A wet shave is not a shave that you have with water in the shower, it the kind of shave that you have either with shaving cream or foam.

  • Prepare your skin; you can wash you face with soap or just hold a wet towel against for a few minutes, this will help open the skin pores and give the skin enough moisture for a close shave.
  • Apply shaving gel or foam; choose your best shaving gel and lather up your beard, you can just apply the shaving gel or better yet you can use a hair brush to evenly distribute the lather on all parts of your face. Do not go in for cheap shaving creams because they will make the severity of your irritations worse.
  • Start to shave against the grain; ensure that your shaver has enough battery because when you are shaving with cream there is more resistance so that the shaver needs to be fully charged. Shaving against the grain helps your shaver to come really close to the skin and remove all the hair but also keep in mind that you should not apply too much pressure. if you are going to make multiple passes on a particular area make sure you apply more shaving cream before you make the second pass.
  • Rinse your face with cold water; cold water will help to close your skin pores and apply balm on your face after.
  • Clean your shaver; the best way to get a close shave is by keeping your shaver clean whenever you are going to use it. This is also helps to keep your shaver for a longer period of time.



  • Always wash your face before shaving; your skin has dead cells that are the major cause of all these skin irritations and ingrown hairs therefore you should make sure that you wash the face before you shave to kill all this dead skin.
  • Avoid shaving with blunt shavers; this is like the major cause of razor burns, because when shavers are blunt you are forced to apply pressure. You may not want to replace the blades but this will cost you much more.
  • Always clean and lubricate the shaver; the shaver helps to remove all the dirt and also lubricate to ensure that your blades keep working well.
  • Start with the most sensitive areas when shaving; after working for a while the shaver will begin to heat up which heat tends to irritate the skin. So start with sensitive areas so that when the shaver heats up you’re already done with the sensitive areas.
  • Try as much as you can to avoid multiple passes; the more passes you make the more you increase the risks of getting skin irritations, therefore for each pass that you make take your time to come really close so that you do not have to go over the same area many times.