10 Best Norelco Electric Shavers 2017 – Detailed Review

After testing more than one norelco shaver for over a month – we have come to agree that Philips Norelco 9700 & Norelco 1250X/42 SensoTouch 3D are the Best Philips Norelco Shavers (in 2017).



  • Both models are Wet and Dry (ideal for very sensitive skins)
  • Shaving heads for both Norelco 9700 & 1250 SensoTouch 3D can move in 8 directions following your facial contour thus offer you with a clean close shave
  • Both have cleaning stations which sharpen blades and keep them new all the time. (One is called Smart Clean system & the other is called Jet Clean system)
  • Both are able to capture flat laying hairs – though they use different mechanism do shave short stubble.
  • Shaving blades for both models adjust seamlessly to every curve of your face & neck – thus minimizing skin irritation & pressure.
  • Both Norelco 9700 & 1250/42 SensoTouch 3D have a precision trimmer which you can use to shape sideburns & mustache.


Best Philips Norelco Shaver








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The first step to getting a close shave is to use sharp blades that means that if your blades are not sharp enough you will end up getting problems like red bumps. However when it comes to electric shavers you do not have to change the blades often like you do with manual razors, you are only advised to change the blades of your shaver once a year. That is how cheap maintaining electric shavers is, you will spend when buying the shaver but you will not have to go through the burden of changing blades every now and then.




Norelco shavers have a different pattern in which they shave. But for those who do not know how to shave with this kind of shavers I will definitely take you through those few things that you should do in order to achieve a perfect shave with your Philips shaver.

  • Ensure that your shaver is in perfect condition; the screen should be really smooth and the blades of your shaver should be sharp enough so that in each pass that you make hair is removed. This way you will not have to go over the same area several times hence reducing on the risk of skin irritations.


  • Prepare your face; this simply means that you should wash your face with warm water and soap to make the beards soft which makes shaving a lot easier / alternatively you can just wet a towel with warm water and hold it against your beard all in all the main importance of this step is to make your beard softer and easier to shave off.


  • Dry up your face and apply a pre-shave; using a dry towel you should gently pat your entire face until it is completely dry then apply an alcohol based pre-shave to make your whiskers stand up so that the shaver can be able to cut off even the shortest hairs that seem impossible to remove.


  • Pull your skin behind and shave; These Norelco shavers make circular movements while shaving, so don’t worry about the contours on your face because this kind of shaver easily adapts to facial contours in the most problematic areas like the neck and the jaws. You are advised to pull your back as you shave because this will help you to achieve a much closer shaver and also make some areas on the face flat so the shaver smoothly glides along.


  • Wash your face with cold water; remember before shaving you used warm water which opens up your skin pores you therefore need to wash your face with cold water so that those skin pores are closed.


  • Apply an aftershave to your newly shaven face; after shaving, your skin has gone through a lot of strain and you need to apply something to calm it down, in most cases lotion and aftershave which is free from spirits and alcohol will be a good option. Furthermore this will also help to prevent your skin from running dry.






Philips Norelco S9721-87, Shaver 9700

Enjoy a comfortable close shave with this new Philips Norelco shaver. S9721/87 SHAVER 9700 is a frustration free package shaver with features a Pro smart cleaning system different from that of S9721/84.

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PHILIPS NORELCO 1280X/42 SENSOTOUCH 3D (series 8000):

Philips Norelco 1280X-47 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

This advanced AquaTech Norelco shaver will give the best results and it also gives you the opportunity to have a good stubble, leave on some beards and shape that stubble using a beard trimmer which can be attached on the shaver. It is also a good electric shaver on thick course hair / beards. You can as well use it to shave your head or chest.

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Philips Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver 9300

Philips Norelco S9311-84SP Shaver 9300

Good things come at a price. If you’re the kind of guy who likes to use exclusive shaving machines, I have got you covered. To you price is never a big deal, but what matters is performance and comfort, trust me, this S9311/84SP Shaver 9300 norelco shaver has it all.

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Philips Norelco S7720/85 7700 Shaver:

Philips Norelco S7720-85 7700 Shaver

 This new Philips Norelco Series 7000 has been tailored to offer you with the most comfortable shave, it does not matter whether you have a very sensitive skin / not, you will fall in love with this shaver, it’s just perfect for every man, be it African American / European. It is time you get a clean close shave of your dream. Its comfort rings will glide easily over your skin without causing any irritation. It’s the latest electric shaver from Philips, don’t miss out.

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Philips Norelco 1150XPhilips Norelco 1150X/46:

The Philips Norelco model 1150X/ 46 which was formerly known as the 6100 is one of the best shavers well known for giving a really smooth and close shave without you having to go through too much of a hustle.

The shaver features gyro flex 2D contour following system that gives the shaver the ability to shave all the contours of your face even when you do not apply a lot of pressure hence minimizing on the likelihood of getting skin irritations.

The shaver also features aquatec technology which means that it can be used both in and out of the shower therefore for those of you who enjoy the convenience of dry shaves whenever and wherever this is the perfect shaver for you. And for those who love wet shaves in the shower for more skin protection the shaver will still do you good.

It is designed with an easy to hold handle so that as you shave, the shaver does not slip out of your hands.



  • Offers the most comfortable shave; a shaver that gives a close shave but keeps pulling your hair and being rough on your skin is definitely not a good shaver to use because in no time you will be complaining about skin irritations that is why a shaver that is comfortable should always be first priority for you. This is why the 1150X/46 will be such a great option for you, it is made with sharp blades that glide smoothly on your skin without any tugging or pulling hence giving you a really comfortable shave without irritations at all.


  • Very easy to clean and move with; the shaver comes with a travel pouch in which you can place it and keep it safely when on the move but besides the travel pouch, the shaver itself is made with a small and portable size which makes it very easy for you to move around with it. Another reason for you to try out the shaver is the fact that it is very easy to clean, you just have to lift up its head get your cleaning brush and remove all those whiskers that may stop the shaver form performing to maximum. So you will have the shaver cleaned without going through too much of a hustle.


  • Leaves no traces of hair; the most annoying thing is to shave and still find some patches of hair left after taking your time to try and remove hair, this will mean that you will have to go over some areas again and again which is harmful to your skin. This is why it is much better to invest in a good shaver that will get hair off in each and every pass that you make just like this one from Philips. Sometimes it should not matter how much you spend but if it is good quality then it is worth spending on.

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Philips Norelco PT730/46:

Philips Norelco PT730-46 Shaver 3500

To have a fast and comfortable shave with no irritations, the first you should consider having is a good quality shaver like this PT730 because it has all the features you will need to settle all your shaving needs. It does not only shave but also has an integrated pop up trimmer that you can use to trim your side burns and mustache.

Its patented cut and lift system will lift up all hairs as you shave, this way the shaver can be able to cut off hair below the skin. It has a lithium ion battery that can hold charge for over 45minutes of non-stop shaving, so you will be able to have a complete shave before the shaver stops.



  • Great battery; the shave has a lithium ion battery that is very strong to give you over 45 minutes of performance after a full charge, therefore the shaver will be able to give you a complete shave without its battery running out. This will save you the frustrations of incomplete shaves when you are in hurry so you are advised to always keep the shaver in its charging stand so that when you are going to shave your shaver is always fully charged.


  • Gives a really amazing wet shave; now for those of you who enjoy keeping that skin of yours well protected then wet shaves should always be first priority for you because the shaving cream prevents blades form coming into direct contact with your skin. When electric shavers had just come into existence many people thought that it is impossible to use them for wet shaves but Philips has proven this wrong by producing an electric shaver that can give a really close and smooth shave.


  • It has a good design; it has a really portable and sleek shape that can easily be held in the hands and as you shave to prevent your hands form getting very tired. Its well designed handle give you firm grip of the shaver ensuring that the shaver does not slip out of your hands as you shave especially when it comes to the wet shaves.

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Philips Norelco SensoTouch 1250X/46: 


This 1250X / 46 also known as the Norelco 8100, it has been designed with some of the best technology to ensure that it can deliver that ultimate shaving experience.

The shaver has 3 independent shaving heads that flex independently to all contours of your face to remove all that unwanted hair and leaving you with the smoothest skin ever. With shaving heads flexing inward, outward and around each part of your face there is absolutely no way you can fail to have that close shave all over your face or any other area that you may want to shave. To trim your side burns and mustache the shaver has an integrated pop up trimmer for you to create all those styles you love so much.



  • It is very cheap to maintain; when we talk about cheap to maintain we simply that you will only have to change the blades once in each year, so you do not have to spend too much on just shaving. If you have dry shaves, you will not even spend on shaving cream or soap.


  • The shaver is quiet; it is a characteristic of most rotary shavers to remain silent as they perform so I do not find it that surprising that you this Philips rotary shaver also does not produce any noise. may be because they know how uncomfortable it is to shave with all that noise, not only for you but also for the people around you, on that note they decided to make this shaver that is very quiet so as not to disturb your peace as you shave.


  • Built with great quality; a shaver that you can drop down on the floor but it remains in one piece is not more than a shaver that is built with the greatest quality. because of its great quality you will have the chance to use one shaver for over 5 years or even 7 years and all you will have to do during this time is to change the blades of your shaver and keep your always clean the shaver so that it remains in perfect to give you those smooth shaves year after year. There is no way you will buy something of poor quality from a great company like Philips.

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Philips Norelco AT810/46:

Philips Norelco AT810-46 Shaver 4100

These days everyone needs a shaver that they can be able to use whenever they want.

That is why this AT810/ 46 OR 4100 is among the best shavers from Philips on the market, reason being the shaver gives both wet and dry shaves while protecting your skin from any irritations, cuts or nicks.

It also features a float and flex system that allows the shaver to capture more hair on each pass that you make while at the same time coming into great contact with the skin.

There is something very unique about this shaver which is the skin protection system that prevents the blades of the shaver from getting too close to the skin hence protecting you from irritation.



  • Works fantastic with shaving soap; as we know that shaving with soap or lather is one of the ways you can keep your skin well covered and well protected from direct contact with shaver blades that may result into skin irritations. shaving wet does not only mean shaving with water but you must apply shaving soap or cream and if you are looking for a shaver that works great when you have applied shaving soap then you cannot look further than the AT810/46. Shaving does not necessarily have to be such hell for you as long as you have the right shaver and the proper shaving criteria then it will obviously become really enjoyable for you.


  • Cuts really close and leaves you without irritations; the shaver has active lift technology which lift hairs up this makes the shaver cut hair close to skin leaving your skin with entirely no hair. The best thing about the shaver is that much as it comes close to your skin it remains really smooth and does not cause any irritations this is because the shaver does not pull your hair or your skin, the whole shave is completely comfortable.


  • In just one hour the shaver fully recharges; this is totally unique about the shaver because many of the shavers you have probably come across will take over 5-8 hours to charge fully but when it comes to this one, the shaver fully recharged in just one hour and keeps that charge for quite a long period of time. You do not have to wait for an entire just for the shaver to get fully charged again.

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Philips Norelco BG2040-34Philips Norelco BG2040/34 (Beard Trimmer & Shaver)

This is so far the best multipurpose Norelco shaver on the market. It has managed to score a 9.1 rating out of 10…and that gives me a clear indication that the shaver really does a good job.’’

This is what you can call a two in one shaver because it has a shaver and trimmer ”all on the same design”, now you do not have to go through the trouble of attaching a trimmer to trim your side burns or mustache.

This dual sided shaver gives you the convenience of shaving and is further detailed with a 3D pivoting system that enables the shaver to reach all your body contours without any irritations.

The shaver is made with a head that cuts both long and short hair with ease and without causing you any pain from tugging, pulling and nicks.

The shaver can easily be cleaned under a faucet so you will not have to go through a hustle to get the shaver clean. For any man out there who wants a clean and smooth without doing too much to achieve the body groomer is an excellent choice because it is easy and quick at the same time.



  • It is very easy to use; this body groomer is just one of those equipments that you can get out of the box and start to use immediately after and still not get any hardships using it. Everything on the groomer is very easy to understand making it very convenient for anyone to use the shaver. Unlike those shavers that are too detailed with very many functions that may not even be able to figure out, this shaver is just the complete opposite as it is made to save all that frustration of having to buy something that will take a lot of time to figure out how best to use it.


  • It is a multi task groomer; this groomer id dual sided that is to say it can act as a shaver on one side and act as a trimmer on the other side, the uniqueness about this is that you do not have to attach the pop up trimmer. Now instead of buying a shaver and a trimmer, you will save more and use your money on just a single product hence saving a lot more bucks that you can just use for something else.


  • Even the ladies can use this shaver; the shaver has a very simple design, it is very easy to hold and as we know that ladies usually have small hands and need something that will fit in their hands to be able to get a close shave.

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They are basically two types of electric shavers which, these being rotary and foil shavers. this post is basically about Philips shavers which are mostly rotary shavers therefore I will be giving you the details of how rotary shavers work and also give the reasons as to why it is better to use rotary shavers instead of foil shavers. but the fact still remains that both shavers will give you a clean and smooth shave if you know how best to use the shaver.


  • Rotary shavers: these shavers cut have circular blades that move around your face in circular motion, because of their nature of movement the shaver can flex around the contours of face without any difficulty. they usually have three blades whereby each one of those blades move around independently that is why the shaver can cut off all that unwanted hair even in areas that seem hard to reach, this is one major reason as to why rotary shavers do a better job than foil shavers.


  • They give the user freedom to shave in whichever direction they feel like because their heads can move in multiple directions unlike foil shavers that only move from left to right. This makes rotary shavers manage longer hairs even better. When it comes to sound, you barely find a rotary shaver that makes noise, they are usually very quiet therefore you can also enjoy the convenience of shaving without that irritating noise.


  • Foil shavers: these are shavers with oscillating blades concealed under thin steel foil with wholes whereby the foils lift up your hair and enable the shaver to come really close to the skin for the smoothest shave. The move from left to right when shaving or forward to backward but cannot move in any other direction apart from this. They usually have three of four blades so as to cover a larger area and capture more hair so that you do not make multiple passes. The best you can get a close shave with foil shavers is by making long straight passes whenever you shave.


  • The biggest problem with these kinds of shavers is that in most cases the shaver produces some noise as it performs and when it comes to long hair, it may not be so easy for the shaver to get all the hair off.




Norelco electric shavers just like any other equipment have a good side and a bad side and before you make up your mind on using any of these shavers suggested on this list you need to know what its pros and cons are. Therefore I will be taking you through some of the reasons as to why you should / not shave with a Norelco electric shaver.



  • They are very fast, you do not need a lot of time juts to remove hair if you are using electric shavers because they cover wider areas, capture more hair and you do not need to go over the same area several times.
  • They can be used anywhere, ever wondered why electric shavers are considered more portable than manual razors yet from their size manual razors seem more portable. The reason is because electric shavers can be carried and used in any place that you feel like.
  • Even when used dry they still work effectively, you do not need all those shaving creams, lather or even water to have a clean shave. You can use them with completely nothing and you will be able to get a super close and clean shave without any irritations.
  • They are more accurate on creating styles, for those of you who love trimming side burns, the mustache, goatee and many other styles the best way in fact the only way you can achieve that is by using an electric shaver.
  • Less possibility of skin irritations; the blades of electric shavers are not too exposed this simply means that they do not come too close to the skin when you are shaving hence protecting you from things like cuts, nicks, red bumps, razor burns and many other skin irritations.
  • They require less maintenance, come to think of it electric shavers only require blade replacement once a year, which is not only very cheap but also less tiring.



  • Sometimes they are not safe, if you do not get a good quality electric shaver you will go through a lot of pain to get hair off as it will tug and pull which in the ends causes skin irritations.
  • They are expensive, it is rare to find a quality electric shaver at a low price. Most of them come at high prices which may not suit every one’s budget. This means that they are actually not affordable to everyone.
  • They are not easy to clean, unless you get one which has its own cleaning system which is also very expensive otherwise when whiskers get stuck in there it will be one hell of a time getting them out.
  • Some of them may die out in the middle of the shave, because they use rechargeable batteries or either work when plugged in, the shaver may just stop even before you have a complete shave.
  • They do not come as close as manual razors do, from the reviews of people who have use manual razors and electric shavers as well say that shavers cannot shave close. For those with hair that grows very fast and thick you might have to shave more often.



Razor burns are caused by several things and these are attached to how you prepare your skin before shaving, then to how you treat it after shaving and how you shave which is the most important bit of it. This is why I have included this part in the post because how you go about your shave could be of great impact on whether you get razor burns or not.

This is what you should do when shaving to avoid getting razor burns and any other skin irritations when you use Norelco shaving machines.

  • Do not use too much pressure when shaving, some people actually think that when they apply a lot of pressure or that when they press the shaver really hard then they can be able to get a close and clean shave but this is just going to cause you irritations.


  • Avoid shaving against the grain, much as most people think that this is the best way to get a close shave but whenever you shave against the grain, you skin is subjected to a lot of pressure that is why it is better to shave with the grain i.e. You should shave in the same direction as your hair growth.


Best Norelco Electric Shavers




[1] – BEST OF ALL TIME: If you want to buy the best Norelco off all time – we recommend getting Norelco1250x/42 Series 8000…. (Check price on Amazon) – It is rated as the best SensoTouch 3D Norelco shaver of all time. It even competes very well with the latest Series 9. Men who have used it are not willing to upgrade to the latest Series 9.


Reasons Why We Love Series 8000:

  • It provides exceptional results.
  • Comes with a Jet Clean system which cleans and sharpens blades
  • Features GyroFlex 3D contour which follows your facial contour thus minimizing pressure and irritation.
  • SkinGlide shaving surface moves smoothly on your skin
  • It is Wet & Dry
  • Good battery life (50 minutes of nonstop shaving)****not as good as Series 9 battery


[2] – LATEST MODEL: After series 8000, Philips released Series 9000. It is quite an advanced shaver with a unique design and functionality. If you have a very sensitive skin, we recommend Series 9700 …..(Check price in Amazon)..


Reasons Why We Love Norelco 9700:

  • V-Track Precision Blades – able to capture each hair regardless of its length
  • Personal Comfort Cut Settings – choose between 3 shaving settings.
  • Contour Detect Technology – automatically adjusts shaving blades and head basing on facial contour
  • Sleek design
  • SmartClean system
  • SmartClick precision trimmer
  • Wet & Dry
  • Good battery life (60 minutes of nonstop shaving) ****better than Series 8000



This marks the end of this detailed review on the ”Best Philips Norelco Electric Shaver – 2017”. Bookmark this post for quick reference.