9 Best Electric Head Shavers 2017 – Get a Bald Head

Electric head shavers are faster than manual razors or hair clippers. They are cordless and most of them can be used while in the shower. So, if you want to get a bald head, this is the right post for you because I have featured 9 Best electric head shavers for men here.

Bald heads have become fashionable these days, I see many guys shaving their heads clean. This was a style for the marines because they have very little time for haircuts, but I like how this marine style has been brought on streets. Men with bald heads are believed to be strong, sexy and nice looking. Truth is that they look nice but I’m not so sure on the strength myth, this is something not so connected on hair type.

NOTE:– During hot days, protect your head from direct sunshine because it causes harm to your scalp. You can wear a hat or put some sun screen cream on your bald head.

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What Are The Benefits of Head Shaving?

Bald Heads

Just like everything in our lives, also head shaving has its own benefits and cons. In this brief post, we shall look into advantages and disadvantages of shaving your head.



  • Strength:- According to today.com, men with bald heads tend to be stronger than those with hair. I think hair consumes some energy giving nutrients and fats, so once shaved off, the body retains them and this makes sense to me. Also some gym instructors say that men with bald heads tend to pump more weight than those with hair.
  • Dominant:- Also men with bald heads tend to be more dominant, confident and masculine. Their level of confidence helps them to become well respected leaders in their communities. However, there is no way I can prove this, because majority of powerful leaders have hair.
  • Improve hair growth:- So far this is a myth, but I think it’s true. I can relate this to wild grass, once burned down, they can grow back very quickly and healthy, so I guess even when we shave off our hair, it grows back healthy but not faster as some people might think.
  • No Combing:- I guess all men will love this pro, because when you shave it all off, there will be no need to brush every morning. This point clearly explains why marines never grow hair, these guys have no time to comb, a shave head saves you lots of time every morning.
  • You earn respect: – Both men and women tend to respect men with bald heads. I have a friend who’s bald headed, he looks intelligent but I get surprised that he can’t do intelligent things. So, sometimes looks don’t tell the truth.
  • Improves your looks:- Not every man will look cool with a clean shaved head, but majority of them will look good and attractive. Women have a feeling that men with shaved heads are very good in bed and naturally strong. So if you have issues attracting women, try getting a bald head.




  • Scalp Issues:- When you shave off your hair, the scalp gets exposed to direct sunlight. During summer time, temperatures raise and the sun light rays are too strong, so once they find your head with no hair, the effect can be disastrous. The only solution for this is to wear a hat which might make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Risky:- Hair is supposed to regulate body temperature, so when you shave it all, your head will become cold, and if you get an accident, you stand a high chance of getting serious injuries.




Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

Best Skull Shaver

Bald Eagel Smart is a custom made electric head shaver for men, it was crafted just to do that job, it’s not like other electric head shavers ”Norelco, Remington, Braun or Panasonic” which do more than just one job. For this reason, I have decided to rank it as our number 1 electric shaver for head shaving. I’m sure it will still hold this position in the next coming years because I have not seen any independent head razor of its kind. Now that we know that Bald Eagel Smart is our number 1 electric razor for bald heads, let’s see what makes it special and why it’s worth your money.


  • Large swirling shaver head: – The surface area of your head is big and it also has different contours. So you basically need to use a shaver which is custom made for this nature of surface, it’s head should cover a wide area, speeding up the shaving process, blades are supposed to be smooth and sharp enough to cut through any hair. However, it is better you trim your hair short before using this shaver. To me it looks like a rotary shaver, it shaves in a circular motion, and this nature of shaver performs well when your hair is short.


  • Stronger motor up to 10500 RPM:- You might not notice the strength of this small electric head shaver before using it, but the moment you switch it on and start shaving, you will feel a difference, the motor is too fast, it rotates at 10500 RPM, far much better than most premium electric head shavers I know of. Motor speed is a very important factor; It determines how first the machine works and at the same time guarantees the user with quick results. So, if you have a big head like mine, this is supposed to be the best head shaving tool for you. It has a very slim size which fits in your hand, weighing only 1.2 pounds.


  • Five rotary cutters:- I guessed right, this is a rotary head shaver, it features 5 sharp rotary cutters which move in a circular motion, they ensure that no hair is left on your head. If this is your first time to use circular motion shavers, your scalp will get some irritation, so I advise you to move the shaver gently over the head, avoid using too much pressure to get a close shave.


  • Easy to clean:- You can rinse this shaver in water and clean the blades / shaving head. It’s a wet & dry electric head shaver; however, don’t get tempted to shave in the shower especially when water is running over your head.

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Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet & Dry 

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet-Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is a premium electric shaver, 80% of men who have used this premium shaver like its performance, so far it has got a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars and that is a very good rating. This shaver comes at a premium price, but I’m sure you will get back what you paid for, because it performs really well.

I can compare its performance to that of Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver, these two models are very good when it comes to shaving thick course hair and they have related features, if you can’t afford ES-LV95-S Arc5 go for Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Electric Shaver, it’s relatively cheaper. Now, let’s see what really makes this ES-LV95-S Arc5  worth our investment:


  • Active Shaving Sensor: – This is a feature which I would like to explain to you clearly, it is a very essential feature when it comes to beard shaving, but how relevant is it when it comes to head shaving. Hair on our heads grows unevenly, but we never notice that, some areas might have thick / course hair while others have fine/ thin hair which is very easy to shave. Now, this is what this Active Shaving Sensor will do, it will identify areas with thick / course hair and adjust its blades  and power to shave that area, and then when it gets to areas with fine hair, the machine softens on its performance which makes it very friendly on scalp. The multi-flex pivoting head can turn and shave from 8 directions, so you will have a chance to shave your head from more than one angle.


  • Fast, Linear Motor Drive-14,000 CPM:- At first I was praising Bald Eagle Smart for having 10,500 RPM, truthfully, I thought it was faster than the other electric head shavers listed here, but to my surprise, ES-LV95-S Arc5  shoots 14,000 CPM. Even though these two shavers work in different ways, I have to say that ES-LV95-S Arc5 is a direct competitor for Bald Eagle Smart & Pro. A fast motor drive helps the shaver to maneuver through thick and course hair easily; it also guarantees the user with a quick close head shave.


  • Arc5 Shaving System:- This shaver has 5 Arc blades, three of them are on the exterior while the other two are inside. These blades perform different tusks; some will shave long thick hair while the others shave flat-lying hair. The premium Arc5 shaving system will provide you with an ultimate close head shave. So far, Arc5 Shaving System is the most advanced shaving system from Panasonic, I will update you if they come up with Arc6 or anything better than Arc5.

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Philips Norelco 1280X-42 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor series 8000

Here comes another powerful rotary electric shaver which you can use to shave your head. It’s a multipurpose shaver, you can use it to shave your beards, chest hair and head. Philips Norelco makes some of the best electric shavers, but they are not customized for head shaving, however, we have to be creative enough and use them for whatever we want, because their performance is really good. This Norelco 1280X/47 has some unique features which make it ideal for this big tusk of head shaving. So, let’s go through some features and see how beneficial they can be when it comes to this job.


  • Gyroflex 3D contour-following system:- In this review, I want to relate each feature with head shaving, at least you should know how to benefit from each product feature. The Gyroflex 3D contour-following system helps this shaver to automatically adjust to different contours on your head; this will reduce on scalp irritation and at the same time guarantee you with a close shave. Our heads have more than 3 contour levels, if you use an ordinary electric head shaver, it might fail to identify these contour differences, so in some areas you will get a close shave yet in others you won’t get that real close shave.


  • UltraTrack heads which cover 50% more head surface:- When I was reviewing Bald Eagle Smart, I mentioned that if the head shaver can cover a big surface areas, you will get a quick shave, this is self explanatory so I will not speed most of my time on it. The ultra track heads will capture every hair on your head and shave it easily. However, you might need to make just a few strokes to get a close shave, rotary shavers don’t offer close clean shave with just one stroke.


  • Lift and Cut blade technology:- This is a very important feature especially when it comes to head shaving. You don’t have to worry about flat-lying hair strands; this shaver will lift hairs easily and expose them to sharp rotating blades for cutting. Good news is that all this will happen without irritating your skin.


  • Aquatec technology:- Men with very sensitive skins should opt for wet shaving, this is a safe way of shaving your head and avoid getting bumps.


  • Cordless Shaving:- If you have ever used clippers, you will agree with me that they give the best close head shave, but they limit you from shaving from anywhere. Clippers are supposed to be plugged into power all the time and that cord makes the all process uncomfortable, so you can’t travel with them. However, this Norelco shaver can do a great job while in a cordless mode. Simply charge it fully for 1 hour and get 50 minutes of nonstop shaving.

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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver

Motor drive power is very essential when it comes to using an electric shaver for head shaving. Both ES-LA63-S Arc4 and ES-LV95-S Arc5  have the same Motor Drive speed, that is to why I decided to feature ES-LA63-S Arc4 on this list. May be the only difference is in the number of blades and a few features as we shall see below.

According to my own understanding, the more blades, the better the performance, but some models like Braun 7-790cc have only two blades and they perform really well, so I guess the model and technology of the shaver matters as well.

Let’s not waste too much time, I want to go through essential features of Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 with you and see if we should put our wallets on this shaver. So far it has got a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, not bad, but it’s a little bit lower from that of ES-LV95-S Arc5.


  • 4-Blade Cutting system:- Arc4 features 4 blades, it differs from Arc5, but still 4 blades are pretty good. However, when you buy this electric head shaver, you will not see the all 4 blades on the exterior, the shaver has only 3 outer blades and one inner blade which tackles with cutting long and flat-lying hair. At least non of these 4 blades will miss any hair, this gives me high hopes that you will definitely get a super close shave. Many users love the performance of Panasonic-ES-LA63-S, I guess you can give it a try and see.


  • 14,000 CPM fast Linear Motor:- It’s motor speed is the same as that of ES-LV95-S Arc5 which is quite an interesting thing. As of now all premium Panasonic shavers stop at 14,000 CPM which is a standard motor speed for Panasonic. For those who don’t know how electric shavers work, use this small guide. ‘‘Plug in the shaver into power and let it charge fully, it’s a cordless shaver but it can’t work when plugged into power, so you have to wait for it to charge fully before using it. All premium models take 1 hour to charge fully and they offer 45 – 50 minutes of nonstop cordless shaving. Switch on the shaver and get ready to shave. Once the shaver is switched on, the motor starts moving, this motor determines the speed at which blades move, if its very slow, also the blades will be slow, if its fast also the blades will move at a high speed. The faster the blades the quicker and better the shave.


  • Arc4 Shaving System:- We also saw this feature in Arc5, I guess it is a feature found in top range Panasonic shavers. This Arc4 Shaving System has micro-thin stainless foils which capture and lift hair for cutting. It is a very interesting feature because most of the hair on your head lies flat, so it might be difficult to shave with an ordinary electric shaver. But the structure of hair on the head is far much different from beards / chest hair. So I suggest you first trim your hair using a clipper / trimmer and then use this Arc4 Panasonic shaver. It might not be in position to pass through long thick course hair.

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Braun Series 7-790cc 

Braun Series 7-760cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Voted as the best shaver last year, used by majority of men, performs the best, comes at an affordable price, but I have ranked it No:5 on our list of the best electric head shavers. The position of Braun 7-790cc on this list does not affect its performance or its rank on Amazon.

Actually, it’s still the most popular electric shaver on Amazon, with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars and over 3610 customer reviews. Braun 7-7900cc is well known for its durability and high performance, other accessories like the self cleaning system don’t perform that well but they also add value to the shaver.

At the beginning of 2015, we saw a replacement of this dry shaving model, the latest Braun Series 7 799cc-6wd Cc4 Wet & Dry Shaver is a dual purpose shaver, it’s a wet & dry shaver, so if you love wet shaving and you don’t want to give up on Braun as a brand, opt for Braun Series 7 799cc-6wd Cc4 Wet & Dry Shaver, but men who do well with dry shaving ” series 7-790cc is still the best and affordable at the same time. I guess I have said a lot, let’s see what makes Braun 7-790cc a good electric head shaver.


  • 10,000 micro vibrations:- Braun 7-790cc feature an intelligent pulsonic technology which delivers over 10,000 micro-vibrations in just a single minute. This helps the shaver capture and shave more hair in just one stroke. This statement has started driving my mind towards the other direction. I can’t say that Bald Eagle Smart should not be number one when it comes to head shaving with an electric razor, but guys, 10,000 micro-vibrations is way too much, it’s unbelievable but true. When I compare the price of Braun 7-790cc with Bald Eagle Smart, trust me, I might buy 7-790cc. But before I make up my mind, let me go ahead and look at other features, that will give me a final verdict.


  • Contour Adaptive Shaving Head:– By default, our heads have more than one contour, they have corners, hills and valleys, it is very rare to find a man with a one contour surface head. If you use an ordinary cheap electric head razor, it might not be in position to identify these contour differences. But this advanced series 7-790cc features a contour adaptive shaving head. It automatically detects a difference in contours and adapts to them accordingly hence giving you a real close shave.


  • OptiFoil: – The smooth foil head will glide over your scalp without causing any irritation. However, you might hear some little noise when the blade is cutting off hair, but other than that, the shaver will move smoothly over your head leaving you with a very close shave. The foil will capture more hair, helping the shaver cut even deeper than before. It also has an active lift technology similar to that of Panasonic Arc5, this technology lifts up flat-lying hair and expose it to sharp inner blades for cutting.


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Bald Heads With Beards

We have covered some of the best electric head shavers for men, I’m sure many of you are in the mood to have a bald head. It is a very interesting style and very easy to get. The magic is to shave off your hair, but I have seen some men featuring bald heads with long beards, that is a cool combination too. Choose what looks cool on you, but follow steps below to and learn how to shave your head.


  • Get what you need for this tusk:- I have done simplified the challenge for you by listing top rated electric head shavers, so choose from any of these 5 rated shavers. May be the other thing you have to do is to buy the right shaving cream / soap, an electric trimmer, aftershave, electric clipper, a safety razor and anything you might need. Each of these products has a role. [1] Shaving cream / soap will soften your hair and at the same time make it very easy to shave that hair; it also reduces on skin irritation which might be caused by the shaver. [2] An electric trimmer is used to reduce on the length and volume of hair before bald shaving. This is a very important tool, you should always trim your hair before clean shaving it all. [3] A clipper can be used as alternative for an electric head shaver. [4] A safety razor can be used to finish the shave, because many times electric shavers fail to give a real close shave, so you can finish the all shaving process with a safety razor.


  • Ask a friend to help you:- This will depend on the type or electric head shaver you have opted for. If you use a smart head shaver like Bald Eagle Shaver, you will be in position to shave the head by yourself, because it was tailored for this job, unlike most electric shavers which might not adjust to different head contours easily. A friend will help you shave the back of the head because this is the most trick part to shave.


  • Prepare the place you’re going to shave from:- Probably you will shave in the shower, because it’s the best place to shave from. Set it up very well because your hair will be falling everywhere and it might be very difficult for you clean the bathroom after shaving. I suggest you put old news papers on the floor, this will make it easy to gather up the mess and dispose it off. Please, don’t shave near a shower drain; it will clog, because the volume of hair from your head might be too much for the drain to flash.


  • Trim your hair first:- I know you can’t wait for so long to have a bald head, be patient, we’re just a few steps to that. But before shaving your head bald, first trim that hair short, this will make it very easy for to use an electric head shaver. Since hair on the head is always thick & course, it can easily clog the shaver, so trim it a little bit shorter.


  • Wash your head: – After trimming your hair short, wash it very well with a good hair shampoo, this will help in cleaning your hair and at the same time get rid of any chemical build-ups in your hair. After that, rinse out the shampoo and dry your head very well, this will make it very easy to dry shave your hair.


  • Start shaving your head: – [1] Get that cool electric head shaver of your choice and start shaving from the front to the back. In most cases, hair at the front is lighter and very easy to shave. If you have a very sensitive skin, I suggest you practice wet shaving; this will prevent skin irritation and at the same time prevent you from getting bumps. Use a good shaving cream, but apply it in moderate amounts. [2] After shaving the top of the head, you can now switch to the sides, perform upward strokes right from your neck to the top of the head, this will ensure that no hair is left on the sides, you can as well pull down your hear and shave behind it very well. [3] At last, shave the back of your head, if you have a friend around, ask them to help you out, if not, use a double sided mirror, this will give you a clear view. Move the shaver upward, this will give you the best close shave, because most of these upward movements are against the grain.


  • Rinse your head with soap & water:- After getting a close shave, wash your head very well using some little bathing soap and cold water, this process will help in cleaning your head and at the same time expose off some unshaven areas. If you notice unshaven areas, go over them with a safety razor, this is a manual tool, but it’s a perfect tool when it comes to head shaving. Use it for perfection purposes only. It’s good at finishing the job and making it look neat and appealing.


  • Apply Aftershave:- Use a very good non-alcoholic aftershave on your bald head. This will calm down the skin on the scalp, kill germs and at the same time prevent you from getting bumps.


  • Maintain a bald look:-…after getting a bald head, it’s not the end of the road, you have to take care of it all the time. Regular shaving is required, wash it very well with some cool shampoo and moisturize the scalp on a daily basis, this protects it from direct sunlight and at the same time it gives it a glow look.