10 Myths About Air Purifiers

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A lot has been said about what air purifiers are able to do or not but we are yet to have some clarification about the use of air purifiers. Some people think that because they keep indoors all the time, they are safe from inhaling any bad air but the thing is, inside the house is when you take in a lot of impurities coming from the wide variety of items you have. Then some people will say that just because they have an air purifier they have a found the perfect solution to everything but that is also just another myth because air cleaning is just part of hygiene not the whole of it. Any way without wasting too much time, let us directly get into the 10 commonest myths about air purifiers.

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  1. Air purifiers are the perfect solution to allergies

Some people actually think that with an air purifier there is completely nothing else that they need to do to get rid of allergens or better yet to control them but this is totally wrong. An air purifier simply adds up to the whole lot that you must do in order to remove allergens reason being some of the allergens do not remain in the air for too long due to their weight. For example pollen will only loiter in the air for long sometimes and later fall on to furniture or to the floor which means that they will not be captured by the air purifier. For best solutions to removal of air allergens, air purifiers must be used along with constant cleaning and vacuuming of the whole house, washing all bedding in hot water and sometimes even making use of allergy relief products.

  1. There is no need to dust when you have an air purifier

Do not misunderstand what the use of air purifiers, just because are designed to leave your air breathable with no dust does not mean they will also suck out the dust in the floor and upholstery. To have an entirely clean home, you must have a good quality vacuum cleaner with all necessary attachments to get dust out of those hard to reach areas like under furniture, the stairs and corners of the house because an air purifier cannot be a substitute for a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Air purifiers with HEPA filter are excellent

The fact an air purifier has HEPA filters does not guarantee that it will do an excellent job, there are several other considerations that you need to put in mind when choosing an air purifier. Take for example the size of the room, you do not expect an air purifier mean for small rooms to perfectly work in an extra-large room or the other way round just because it has HEPA filtration, at times the quality of the filter also matters. If you want to have excellent air purification results then consider several factors before choosing or buying the air purifier.

  1. Air purifiers completely remove odors

Yes it is very true that air purifiers especially those that have carbon filters help to get rid of irritating odors however that does not mean that you should leave things that bring nasty odors like dirty dishes, pet litter among others unattended to. It is odors that are high in carbon content like tobacco smoke that air purifiers remove otherwise you still must keep you home very hygienic by removing any causes of bad odor.

  1. Air purifiers are best to be used in small rooms

In the olden days room air purifiers were the only air purifiers available which created the belief that air purifiers are only efficient in small rooms but with the great advancement in technology today it is pretty obvious that it is not true. Air purifiers for larger rooms are available even much better whole house air purifiers have come up and they do a really appeasing job in cleaning air in the whole house.

  1. Air purifiers with ozone filters are dangerous to our health

You will come across very many people discouraging the use of ozone generators because they are labeled harmful to our health but there greatly depends on the amount of ozone. Ozone also known as active oxygen becomes harmful when released in large quantities but in small quantities is very helpful for our bodies. Since ozone air purifiers are manufactured to be used by humans they are designed with innovative technology so that the active oxygen they produce in so little that it does not bring any harm to us.

  1. Air purifiers get rid of dust mites

Air purifiers will get rid of dust mite fragments that move in the air but they will not remove dust mites from your mattresses which makes this not true at all. You must keep your mattress under a dust mite proof cover as the very first remedy for getting rid of dust mites.

  1. Air purifiers run perform best on low speed

This myth is simply an excuse for people that cannot stand the noise that an air purifier produces when used on high speed. No matter what speed you select for the air purifier to run on will do just great if you have a good quality air purifier, in fact when it is run on high speed it covers more square footage. Therefore it is okay to run the air purifier on both low and high speed, since either way performs just great.

  1. Air purifiers kill germs, bacteria and viruses

Some air purifiers get rid have UV-C lights that kill germs and viruses but this is definitely no assurance that they eliminate all the germs and viruses. This simply because the time that particles are most likely to wander around the light is just not enough to destroy them completely therefore it is not necessary to fall for such a thing that air purifiers kill germs and viruses.

  1. While living in a clean environment air purifiers are not necessary

Even for the cleanest person who keeps each and every part of their homes spotless clean there are some small particles that you just can’t get your hands on which makes air purifiers a great necessity. Such tiny particles can easily be inhaled through the air causing us very serious respiratory problems on that note a special machine like an air purifiers are with no doubt very essential to keep in our homes.

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