11 Best Mobile Apps for Classroom Organization

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Today, Organization is part of classroom because it helps to reduce on the workload and burden of work done by both teachers and students. However, there are several education-Apps that tech savvy teachers can use to better manage their classrooms efficiently. In fact, these Apps help teachers to track each of their student’s progress and some Apps help student to get actively engaged during lessons. On the other hand, most of these mobile-apps are available for free for both Android and iOS systems and below are some of the best Apps you can tryout today.

List of the Best Mobile Apps for Classroom Organization

List of the Best Mobile Apps for Classroom Organization


  1. Class DOJO: This is a very helpful tool for teachers used to gather and generate data on the behavior of students. In fact, the information gathered can be shared in real time with the administration and parents in order to update them quickly about the progress and status of a student under a classroom environment. Additionally, this App allows teachers to monitor positive and negative behaviors of students easily and it also provides a secure communication-media for teachers, students and parents. Lastly, this App is free and available for Android devices.


  1. TeacherKit: This is a great App for teachers who want to be a bit more organized at school. With this App, teachers can build classrooms with students and course data, take attendance surveys and even take quick behavior-notes in order to monitor classroom performance and participation. Additionally, this App provides a full gradebook and report summaries for parents/guardians which are all backed-up on a cloud-storage service. On the other hand, the TeacherKit-App is free of charge and a great app for the basics of classroom organization because of its extremely user-friendly interface and its compatible with iOS, Android, and all Windows 8 devices.


  1. Google Classroom: This App is designed for anyone with Google-Apps for Education account. In fact, this App is very easy to setup and even allows teachers and students to add participants. On the other hand, this App allows teachers to create paperless assignments and then send them to their students to solve via mobile-phones. Afterwards, the students should submit the finished assignments to the teachers for grading on the apps itself. So, this App helps students to find all their homework in the same place and in a more organized format while the graded assignments carry comments from teachers which can help students improve on their performance. All in all, there is an Android and an iOS app version available for Google-Classroom.


  1. Remind: With Remind-App, teachers can easily add students and parents to a class-group by sharing an email-link or by having them send a text to your Remind username using their devices. With this App, Members of your class can message you privately and you can completely control how and when the app notifies you of the message. Additionally, this App also allows you to post larger announcements to the entire class which may include photos or audio-clips and it also has the ability to translate messages in over 70 languages. Lastly, this App is compatible with iOS, Android and any computer-OS.


  1. Socrative: This is an instant response system/App for students that can be used in classrooms. With Socrative, teachers can set a quiz and release it to the students who then use their phones to input answers. The answers of students will be displayed to the teacher screen in real-time in order to enable them understand how well all the students in classroom are grasping a tested concept. Additionally, quizzes come in multiple question-formats of (True or False) or short-answers that can be easily entered via mobile-phones. Likewise, this App is available in 2-forms whereby one-app is designed for the teacher and the other the student but both versions are supported by iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon, Chrome app.


  1. PowerTeacher: This is an all-in-one organizing system that allows teachers to create classes, take and track attendance, monitor grades, keep detailed student and parent information and even print complete reports. Additionally, students and parents can also download the PowerSchool app to access the gradebook, attendance reports, check the school’s calendar, read announcements and contact educators and administrators. Lastly, this App is not for free but it’s a highly recommended comprehensive data system compatible with OS, Android and any computer-OS.


  1. Plickers: This App allows teachers to conduct formative assessments using coded cards and the only mobile-device required is that of the teacher. In fact, this App can be used to generate multiple-choice questions before class starts and during class the teacher asks a question then students are asked to hold-up their answer-cards. Afterwards, the teacher uses his/her phone-camera to quick scan the cards using the Plickers-App in order to get instant tabulation of everyone’s answer in class. This App is available for free and compatible with Android or iOS devices.


  1. Moodle: This is an open-source PHP-based web application mainly used for producing Internet-based online courses that can be accessed by teachers or students anywhere. In fact, there are it offers different learning modes like; instructor-led, self-paced, a blend of both or entirely online. This App also allows for embedding of assignments and learning material from other websites and even allows teachers to achieve advance grading methods, maintain gradebook for exams and to use different markers to assess the assignments at university-levels or in schools.


  1. EngradePro: This is an online toolset designed to help teachers plan, teach, improve and assess their students. For classroom-management, this App helps students to keep track of attendance, gradebook, class-calendar, discussions, turn-ins, seating-charts and more. Lastly, this App features a pro version that is a full solution for school-level administration and it’s also available for Android and iOS devices.


  1. LearnBoost: This is an effective and easy to use classroom management tool that can be used to maintain a gradebook, monitor attendance and generating progress reports of students. Additionally, this App also allows teachers to create multimedia lesson-plans and also provides an option that enables parent and student accounts with a customizable view. Lastly, this App can be integrated with Google-Apps hence making it much easier for teachers to manage a classroom.


  1. Stick Pick: This is App helps teachers pick a desired student to answer a given question incase several students raise their hands. In fact, this App uses akin to the Popsicle sticks technique where a bunch of Popsicle sticks each having a student’s name is picked one at a time at random out of the container. So, after installing this App, the teacher will have to create a class and add student names inside. In fact, the teacher can also shake or tap the screen to pick a student’s name at random and even prevent teachers from picking the same student over and over again. Lastly, this is a paid App that is compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon-kindle.



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