11 Steps On How To Buy A Gift For Someone Who Is Hard To Buy For

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It’s not easy to actually buy a gift for someone who is hard to by for or picky. In fact, selecting a gift for such a person will take you a lot of time and thinking but if you make some extra research you will be able to find the right gift for such a person. On the other hand, you may have people who just seem to have it all and these also make it difficult for you to buy them a gift but with some of the steps provided below, you will able to get right gifts for such people.



  1. Try asking for what someone likes: some people are actually not easy to pick for gifts and the only way to know what they like may be asking them what they like. However, some people will end up telling you that they don’t want anything from you since they maybe having almost whatever they want. However, if someone tells you that he does not like your gift, then try to be creative and make him/her something unique like a homemade card or any other amazing handmade item that will make him feel happy and special.


  1. Offer them a gift of action or service: in case you live near the gift-recipient, then consider providing them with a service like doing for them some house-cleaning or chores. On the other hand, you may consider taking someone for a trip out to a local tourist-attraction, movie or even dinner and they really love such a gift. But make sure that the person you’re offering such a gift is free during the time you’re offering them with a trip gift.


  1. Remember something that the recipient likes: you should also consider using your memory to think of something that the recipient has ever admired or complimented about and then consider buying them that item as a gift. But you should be careful when choosing such a gift because the recipient may have lost interest in it already or may just love looking at it but not own it. So, make sure that they really love to own such items before buying them as gifts for the recipient.


  1. Make them a charitable donation: in case someone told you’re that he/she does not want any gifts for you, then consider making a charitable donation in their name but in an appropriate charity for a good cause and then let them know what you did. This will actually make the gift-receiver to feel happy without even offering them with a physical product.


  1. Try showing your appreciation in the gift: incase the gift-recipient has ever given you a nice gift before, then consider making for them a framed photo of you enjoying the gift of the money they gave you because this kind of shows your appreciation for what they did for you. However, make sure that the person your offering such a gift is a good friend or likes you because if he/she is not a good friend, then they will probably not like your gift.


  1. Take note of the time of year: incase the gift recipient loves something seasonal then consider getting them a gift which is seasonal because it will help remind the receiver of such an item all year round. Such gifts will particularly apply to fruits and flowers but they are also other gifts like winter-coats during winter and many others depending on the season the receiver is in.


  1. Offer an indirect gift: if you really fail to get a gift for someone who is picky or hard to buy a gift for, then consider using an indirect approach when selecting a gift. So, you may consider buying something for their pet in case they have one or buying something that you two can use together like a craft-kit, model-making kit or kite. In fact, there are many indirect gifts you can offer to such a person and even giving them your time on that special day can make a great indirect gift.


  1. Consider making, fixing or replacing something they like: in case someone has something that he/she really loves and it’s damaged or broken, then consider fixing or repairing for them such an item they will actually feel good about that. However, if the item is worn-out then consider buying them a new one as a gift and they will probably appreciate your efforts.


  1. Make some research: making some research in stores or at online stores will actually help you get nice gift-ideas for someone who is hard to buy for a gift. In fact, if the gift recipient takes product-brands into consideration then consider getting them something themed to their collection or branded merchandise. But make sure that you can afford such an item or when it’s within your budget so that you don’t get affected because you want to make the other person feel happy.


  1. Consider a store gift-card: in case you make all the research and fail to get someone a gift, then consider getting them a store gift-card because it will enable the recipient to go to the store and purchase whatever he/she likes. In fact, a gift-card is much better that buying a physical gift for someone because gift cards will save you the time looking for the perfect gift and even enable the gift-recipient to buy whatever he/she prefers.


  1. Offer a fuel gift-card for someone who hates shopping: in the gift-recipient actually hates shopping, then consider getting them a fuel gift-card if they have a car they frequently drive. This will actually enable the person to refill his/her with fuel using that gift-card hence making it a perfect gift for someone who is hard to buy for a gift.



  • Don’t just purchase for someone something just because it’s cheap but try to buy them something that you will also be delighted to receive yourself as a gift.
  • Consider offering gift-cards for someone who is so picky because gift-cards will enable such a person to go to a store and buy whatever they like.
  • Always be sure of what the person really likes before buying them a gift. Otherwise, you will end-up buying someone a gift that he/she does not like.
  • When offering edible-gifts, always check or inquire about the recipients dietary requirements so that you won’t take them something they won’t eat.

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