11 Tips On How To Buy Wedding Gifts

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Many people are always wondering how to buy a wedding gift that is appropriate and within their budgets in order to make the newly married couple feel happy. In fact, giving wedding gifts happens to be the most popular gift-giving process whereby most people will have to give or receive wedding gifts in their lifetime. on top of that, buying wedding gift for a couple you don’t know well can be somehow tricky and hard but the good thing is that at times couples tend to write whatever they want form guests in a wedding-registry so that the guests can check it out and know what to get the couple. However, I have decided to list for you some of the guidelines that will you to choose a perfect gift for any bride and groom on their wedding day regardless of your relationship with them.


  1. Read through the couple’s wedding registry: if your actually wondering about what to buy as a wedding gift for a particular couple, then consider getting the couple’s wedding registry and read through it in order to find out what the couple really wants. It’s from this registry that you select a gift to buy the couple but remember to wrap it well before offering it to the couple of their special day.


  1. Buy for them a practical gift: in case the couple does not have a registry, then just consider buying for them a practical gift basing on what you know that the couple likes or enjoys. In fact, there are many great gifts that you can offer on wedding and all you need to do is to make some research or even ask friends on what gift to offer on a wedding.


  1. Make some research on wedding-gifts: making extra research on wedding gifts will actually enable you to come-up with the best gift-idea that any couple will love. So, make some online research or even try to go for window-shopping and you will actually get the best gift to offer the wedding couple.


  1. Consider giving a check or cash gift: money is actually a universal gift that most couples would prefer but won’t ask for it just because they want to stay polite to the guests. So, offering money as a gift is a great thing but try to be creative in ways you offer a cash-gift. In fact, try to find out whether the couple is hosting a money-dance or money-tree at the reception. A money-dance will involve showering the dancing couple with money while a money-tree involves placing a small-tree at the reception where guests can tie or clip money to. Additionally, some couples use an ornate-birdcage where the wedding-guests go drop checks, cards or money. Lastly, you may also decide to make the couple a sculpture made out money (dollar-bills) and they will actually love that.


  1. Consider giving the gift together with a group of relatives or friends: you may also decide to give a wedding-gift along with a group of relatives and friends to the couple who have been invited to the wedding. Gathering money as a group can actually enable you to purchase something bigger that an individual cannot afford. so, if you have less money and fail to get a good wedding-gift then consider joining a group of friends and family in order to buy the couple a big and nice wedding-gift.


  1. Offer the wedding gift with a receipt: it’s very important to include the gift-receipt when giving it out to the newly wedded couple. This is mainly because the couple may receive more than one of those same items you had given them and it’s only a gift-receipt that will make it easy for the couple to go back to store and exchange the gift for something else.


  1. Consider shipping the gift: you should always try to ship the wedding-gift to the couple’s home because it can actually be inconveniencing for a couple to have to carry their gift home after the wedding. This can actually be good move especially when you won’t be able to attend the wedding but when you bought a gift for the newly wedded couple.


  1. Ensure that you send the wedding-gift not longer than two-months after the wedding: Always make sure that you remember to send the wedding-gift not longer than 2-months after the wedding. in fact, if you send the gift after a long period of time the already wedded couple may lose interest or meaning in such a gift so try to send the gift just a few days after the wedding day.


  1. Buy the couple any house-hold gift: when buying a wedding-gift for the couple, consider getting the household products which can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, dinning or bathroom. So, you may decide to give them something like; a set of pillows, thick-blanket, bathroom-towels, set of dishes, a microwave, television-set or anything else that will be use when placed into the house.


  1. Avoid spending less money on a wedding-gift: it is actually a bad idea to spend less than 50-dollars on a wedding gift especially when the wedding is for your best friend or relative. So, avoid giving a less expensive weeding-gift to a best friend/relative and try to spend the right amount of money on wedding gift depending on your relationship to couple. However, you should not over spend on a wedding-gift just because you want to make the couple feel happy but just spend the appropriate amount of money on a gift depending on your budget.


  1. Buy them a customizable gift: consider buying the newly wedded couple a customizable gift like a photo-album because it will enable the couple to store in their memorable photos. On the other hand, you may decide to make a framed photo the couple and they actually love it because of its uniqueness.



  • Always make sure that the wedding-gift you give the couple is actually what they need because if you give them something they don’t like, they will either dump it or re-gift it to someone else.
  • It is a wedding-rule to always send a wedding-gift or token in case you have received a wedding invitation even when you won’t be able to attend the wedding.

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