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12 Ways On How To Buy Environmentally Friendly Toys

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Today, most parents are very careful when choosing toys for their little-children and this is mainly because they want to avoid dangers like; chocking-hazards, harmful-elements and other common safety-issues with toys. In fact, most artificial toys today are made from different synthetic chemicals, plastics, heavy-metals and even some contain cadmium and lead in their paint whereby all these material are not eco-friendly and they also extremely dangerous to the little children. So, parents should consider purchasing environmentally friendly-toys for their children because such toys will greatly help in your child’s development and health. However, buying or knowing an environmentally-friendly toy is not easy and it will actually require you to make some research but the good thing is that i have provided you with some of the ways on how to choose and buy an environmentally-friendly toy for your little-child.



  1. Buy natural toys: you should always look for safer toys made out of natural materials like; solid-wood with a non-toxic finish and organic-textiles like wool, cotton and much more. Such toys will be extremely safe for use by little-children and the environment because they don’t contain any harmful element or chemicals like most artificial-toys. So, when looking for toys always get to know what they are made of so that you can always get your little-child a toy that is safe for use and eco-friendly.


  1. Purchase less toys: try to always narrow down on your toy search by getting less and more specific toys for your little-child. This will actually help you get to know about what the toys are made of and even buying fewer environmental-toys is more eco-friendly compared to buying a batch of harmful toys. On top of that, buying fewer toys will also reduce on your budget and this means that you get more savings.


  1. Read labels placed on the toys: reading labels that have been placed onto the toys can actually help you know what the toy is made of and where it comes from. this will actually let you know whether the toy in environmentally safe or unsafe for both your child and the planet. In fact, labels are usually placed behind or below the toy but it the toy is well-packaged then you will find all the information on the packaging. All in all, always try to read the labels before you purchase the toy if you really want to get your kid an environmentally-friendly toy.


  1. Get toys that will last for longer: always consider looking for toys that will last for a longer period of time because you won’t have to dump them after a shorter period of time and this is actually makes them environmentally friendly. However, high-quality and long-lasting toys tend to cost a bit more but they will actually last much longer and they can even be re-used by other younger children.


  1. Buy local handmade toys: purchasing locally, handmade toys can actually help reduce on greenhouse gas emissions produced when creating artificial toys. In fact, handmade toy are also much safer for your kids because they are usually made from natural materials like wood, cotton and many others.


  1. Do some research on toys: it very important to make some online research before purchasing a toy because this will help you know the type of toys that are eco-friendly and you will even get a big list of eco-friendly toys that you can buy for your little-child. Additionally, you may even look at the label placed onto the toy to see what it’s made of and whether it its environmentally-friendly and safe for use by your little-child.


  1. Make sure that a wooden-toy is made in an eco-friendly way: most people think that wooden toys are always eco-friendly but this may not be true at times because some wooden-toys are made from wood got from deforestation and this is not environmentally-friendly. So, make sure that the wooden-toy you’re buying is made of wood that is grown and harvested in an ecological manner if you really care about the environment.


  1. Buy toys made out of recycled-materials: toys made out of recycled materials are actually eco-friendly because they are not dumped into the soil or water which can be harmful to the environment. In fact, buying your little-child a toy made out of recycled materials offers you an opportunity of teaching your kids about the importance of recycling and how it can save the environment yet they will also enjoy using such a toy.


  1. Avoid buying battery-operated toys: you should consider buying for your little child a great toy that does not run on batteries because it will actually be eco-friendly. In fact, toys that run on batteries are not eco-friendly because at certain point you will have to dispose-off the batteries for new batteries and if the old batteries are not disposed properly, they will actually cause harm to the environment because they contain dangerous chemical and element which are not eco-friendly. So, it’s for this reason that you should consider getting your kid a non battery-operated toy or you may even them a rechargeable toy because it’s far better than a battery-operated toy.


  1. Opt for multi-purpose toys: always consider buying toys which encourage creativity and capable of being used in different ways to play. Such toys may include; wooden-blocks, cardboard-toys, smooth-stones and any other eco-friendly toys that can be a foundation of creative adventures amongst kids. In fact, multi-purpose toys are eco-friendly because they can be used by kids for a longer period of time compared to some specific toys.


  1. Avoid toys made of purge-plastics: make sure that you don’t buy toys that are made out of poor-quality plastic because such toys can dispose-off dangerous chemical which are harmful to your child and the environment as well.


  1. Don’t buy cheap kid’s cosmetics and jewelry: poor-quality kid’s jewelry and cosmetics are actually not good for your child and the environment. this is because cheap-jewelry often contains high-levels of lead while the cosmetics may contain several harmful chemicals and this is why you should avoid buying such items or items if really care about your child and the environment.

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