12 Ways of Presenting Traditional Housewarming Gifts

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Most people have ever been invited to a housewarming party but they often wonder what to offer as a gift on such a party. But considering bringing a traditional gift on a housewarming party can be a great thing although most people don’t know what such gifts actually mean. So, traditional housewarming gifts are presents given to a man and woman equally but these gifts are usually handmade and also act as a sign of success and wealth in home. On the other hand, housewarming parties have been around for a while and studies even show that they traditionally started in France. These parties usually involved inviting friends, family and neighbors to bring firewood in order to build-up fire that was used to warm the new home and even chase evil spirits from it. However, these days a housewarming party is just a get together ceremony with your friends/family and some people use this party to show-off their new home. All in all, I have provided you with some the traditional gift ideas in this article that will make a perfect housewarming gift.


  1. Enter into the new-house and offer the wife broom the door: incase your offering a broom you’re as traditional gift to a housewarming party, then consider giving it to the woman just after stepping into the house and try to say some blessing words like “may your new-home always be clean and free of any evil-spirits”. This will actually make the gift-receiver feel happy and special after getting your gift.


  1. Buy a knife and give it to the man of the house as a gift: offering a knife as a gift to the man on the house actually serves two purposes. A knife will help the man defend the home against intruders and it also a kitchen-tool that helps in the preparation of meals if provided to the wife. Say some awesome words when offering the knife like “may your new-home always be protected from intruders”. However, you should be aware that some people think or believe that it’s bad-luck to offer someone with a gift of a knife because it symbol of cutting and may cut friendship. So, if the person thinks that a knife is not a nice gift, then leave the price-tag attached so that he can go back to the store and get a refund or another item.


  1. Gift someone with salt: try going to the pantry and then gift someone or couple with salt. Say some nice words when offering the salt like “may there always be plenty of flavor and spice in your life and new-home”. Additionally, buy for them any kind of salt as a gift because it will work.


  1. Consider gifting he couple with rice: buy some rice and then walk over to the bedroom of a young couple without kids and then say “may the love in your new-home multiply”. In fact, a gift of rice was considered to be a fertility gift and blessing for long marriage. However, make sure that the message you’re passing over does not irritate the gift-receivers especially when you know that one of them is infertile.


  1. Offer a gift of bread after stepping into the kitchen: try to go to the kitchen and then present a loaf-of-bread to the couple while in the kitchen then say some blessing words like “may the people in your new-home never go hungry”. In fact, the kitchen often referred to as the heart of a home and it’s what actually keeps the home feeling lively and happy. This means that gifting a couple with bread can actually make a great traditional gift.


  1. Gift the couple with wine or juice: gifting a couple entering a new-house with a wine or any type of juice actually symbolizes that you wish them to have joy and never to go thirsty in their new-home. So, consider saying some blessing words when offering this gift like “may all of you always have joy and never go thirsty in your home”. Additionally, in case the person you’re offering the gift does not drink wine or alcohol, then consider getting them any type of juice because it can also work as a perfect drink and it’s even more healthy.


  1. Offer the gift of honey: honey actually symbolizes sweetness of life and this actually makes it a great gift for a couple entering a new-house. So, present the honey over to the couple in the dining-room or kitchen and then say an amazing statement like “may you always the sweetness of life in your new home”.


  1. Gift someone or a couple with olive-oil: taking olive-oil as a gift to someone’s new home actually symbolizes wishing them good health and well-being. So, offer the olive oil with some awesome words like “May you be blessed with good-health and well-being in your new home”.


  1. Offer a gift of coins: gifting someone or a couple with some coins actually symbolizes that you’re wishing them luck and good fortune their new home. But remember to say something like “May you receive good-fortune and luck in your home” when offering the coins.


  1. Give them wood: gifting someone with a wooden-gift means that you wish them to have stability, peace and harmony in their new home. But you should say “may your new home have stability, peace and harmony” when handing over the wooden-gift.


  1. Gift someone with candles: get can candles and offer them as a gift to someone or a couple moving into a new house. Candles actually symbolize light even in the darkest times and you should also consider giving them homemade candles because they make a perfect gift. Additionally, when giving out the candles say something like “May you always get light through the darkest-times”.


  1. Gift someone with a plant: a plant is actually a great gift because it requires someone to care for it and this implies that they should care about others as they care about the plant especially couples. Say something like “may your new-home always have life” when giving out the plant.

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