15 Things You Can Do To Raise Your Heartbeat

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Raising your heartbeat through exercises can actually be a good thing that is also recommended by doctors because it helps to keep you physically fit. In fact, studies have proven that only 30-minutes of daily activities aiming at raising your heart-rate can actually have great positive health-effects on your body. Additionally, as people grow old their heart-rates lower down and this can make someone feel cold easily. So, the only way to combat this lower heart-rate as you age is by doing some daily exercises that help raise the heart-rate. on the other hand, there are also other ways of increasing your heart-rate without exercising but there are actually no health benefits in increasing a increasing a heart-rate without exercising. So, below are some of the methods that you can follow to raise your heartbeat in healthy way and you should actually try to read through them.


  1. Change the way you sit: you may consider sitting on an exercise-ball instead of sitting on a regular chair. In fact, sitting on an exercise-ball requires the muscles to work hard in order to keep you balanced and upright. On the other hand, you may even decide to forego sitting and stand during the day because this will actually change the rate at which your heart beats.


  1. Change the way you do things: this involves changing the way you do regular activities. For example, instead of taking an elevator consider walking up the stairs, instead of parking very close to where you’re going, just consider far away so that you can get a walk. In fact, being more active in the way you do daily activities will help to increase your heart-rate.


  1. Do some stretches: consider doing some common stretches after moving around or sitting because this will help to keep your heartbeat above the resting point/rate. Examples of good stretches include; shoulder-stretches, calf-stretches and hamstring-stretches.


  1. Go for a walk: walking around or going for a walk is a great way of increasing your heart-rate. In fact, you don’t need to walk very fast because even a normal pace walk will work-up the body and raise your heartbeat.


  1. Have some sex: this may sound crazy but actually having sex is very good at raising the heart-rate. In fact, with foreplay coupled with sex someone will easily achieve about 30-minutes of raised heartbeat a day. In fact, just 30-minutes of sexual-activity daily will help burn over 100 calories which is also good.


  1. Do some yoga or tai-chi: in case you have trouble doing the standard exercises then yoga and tai-chi can be another great option for you. in fact, yoga and tai-chi will help to increase your heart-rate while providing you with an excellent low-impact exercise thus reducing on your weight and even reduce on muscle or joint problems.



  1. Do some jogging: jogging at a relatively slow-rate in running motion is a great way of increasing your heart-rate. Additionally, you may even start with low-impact exercises before you start jogging. In fact, starting with high-impact exercises at a fast pace can actually cause injury to the muscles.


  1. Go for hiking: hiking is also a great activity for increasing your heartbeat and it even offers someone with an outside experience in order to know the world around him/her. In fact, you can go for hiking in your local natural-areas or on a long building available as long as you have some inclines and ropes.


  1. Do some swimming: swimming is actually a great exercise that will work-out your body and raise the heartbeat yet it is even gentle on your bones. Additionally, swimming is a great exercise for people experiencing weight and joint problems because water will help to redistribute weight while taking pressure off your body as you swim.


  1. Ride a bicycle: try riding a bicycle within your neighborhood or another area that is safe for bikers. Additionally, you can even decide to ride your bike when going for work or when doing daily activities that require moving and this will actually help to raise your heartbeat. On top of that, you can achieve a low-impact workout on your bike by riding on flat roads or go for a high-impact workout by riding on hilly-areas.


  1. Jump a rope: most people may think that jumping a rope is a kid’s activity but it’s actually a very great exercise when it comes when it comes to keeping your body healthy. In fact, when jumping a rope your start breathing quickly and this implies that you heartbeat will also rise as you continue working-out. However, make sure that you use a rope that is appropriate for you depending on your size for best jumping results.



  1. Rock climbing: this can be done in naturally hilly areas or indoors for more safety with help of a coach. In fact, rock-climbing is a great way of raising your heartbeat and to get back in shape compared to other types of exercises. However, rock-climbing can be an expensive exercise to opt for but it’s actually worth it if you try to it.


  1. Consider going for a run: you will do this by simply progressing from jogging to a full-blown run because this won’t place you muscles under stress like when bursting into a high-pace run at the beginning. Additionally, plan the route you’re going to run on because this will help you to maintain the speed and even reduce on injuries. On top of that, running will help to quickly raise your heartbeat a tremendous rate which is a great thing when it comes improving your health.


  1. Do some push-ups: push-ups are actually hard and uncomfortable to do but they are really a good exercise that will help to raise your heartbeat and even build-up important muscles all over the body. However, you need to do warm-ups before doing push-up in order to achieve a balanced exercising routine that does not strain your muscles.


  1. Do some squats: squats are a type of exercise that requires standing with your knees placed apart and then bring the butt down like as if you’re seated on a chair. Squatting is actually harder than it seems and some people find it difficult to do squirts in the right way. However, squirts are an excellent exercise that will help to raise your heartbeat and even improve on your core-muscles hence helping you sit-up straighter.

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