2 Methods On How To Use A Treadmill Effectively To Lose Weight

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Working-out on treadmill is one of the most effective ways of losing weight because this fitness-machine helps to increase on the rate at which calories are burnt. In fact, a treadmill provides adults with high-intensity and aerobic exercise that gets the heart pumping thus reducing on the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, learning to work out on a treadmill requires a lot of training-principles that runners usually follow in order to prepare for races but the only thing that will enable you to work-out for longer on treadmill is by increasing on your stamina and endurance gradually thus in the long run you will be able to meet your fitness-goals. All in all, a treadmill very effective cardio-machine that will enable you to reach your fitness-goals easily if used properly.

METHOD-1: How To Use A Treadmill Effectively To Lose Weight:

  1. Warm-up before stepping onto the treadmill: you have to warm-up before stepping onto your treadmill because this will help to prepare your muscles for the bigger task over the treadmill. So, you may decide to start by doing some few knee-raises, lunges, jumps or bum-flicks just before going onto the treadmill. In fact, if you don’t warm-up before stepping onto the treadmill then expect straining your muscles which is actually painful and not healthy.


  1. Step onto your treadmill: afterwards, you will have to switch on your treadmill and then set it to a normal speed. Step over the treadmill and then start working-out by having a gentle-jog in order start raising the heart-rate and this will even accelerate your breathing-rate. Do the jogging for about 5-to-10 minutes and move onto the next step.


  1. Increase on your workout-speed: you now have to increase on your workout-speed to a few levels in order to achieve a fast-jog and after you should try to maintain this speed for some 5-to-10 minutes. In fact, this speed will actually be acting as your basal-speed which you be going back to incase you go for a more intense workout.


  1. Increase your workout-speed to medium-sprint pace: after maintaining your basal-speed for about 5-to-10 minutes, you will have to increase on your workout-speed in order to achieve a medium-sprint pace. Stay at this pace for about 2 or 3 minutes and then go back to your basal-speed for more 5-to-10 minutes.


  1. Return to the sprint setting: after working-out at a basal-speed, return to the medium-sprint pace about 3-to-4 minutes this time in order to increase on the effectiveness of your workout.


  1. Go for a full sprint now: after getting used to a medium-sprint pace, consider going for a full sprint for about 4-minutes or you may even continue running at this pace until your legs can’t run anymore and within 30-to-45 minutes you have achieved a very effective workout with increased calorie burn and weight-loss.


  1. Reduce on the speed and get-off the treadmill: in case you feel like you can’t push yourself anymore, consider reducing the speed at which your working-out, switch of the treadmill and then get-off in order to get rest. additionally, if you feel like going back for another session, then rest for about 20-to-30 minutes and then get back onto your treadmill in order to achieve a more effective workout with increased weight-loss in the shortest period of time possible.


METHOD-2: Other Ways Of Using A Treadmill To Effectively Lose Weight:

  1. Integrate interval-training to treadmill-workouts: integrating high-intensity interval-trainings to your treadmill-workouts will actually help you to burn-up more calories and will actually help you lose extra-weight quickly and easily. In fact interval-trainings will include varying periods of high-intensity trainings followed by lower-intensity trainings. for example you can warm-up for about 3-minutes and then switch to a sprint for about 2-minutes then repeat the same cycle for about 30-minutes or until you can’t anymore.


  1. Workout on an inclined-level: working-out on an inclined-level while on a treadmill will actually enable you to achieve a more challenging workout with increased calorie-burning. in fact, an inclined-level provides you with an uphill experience and thus making your jogging/running experience harder and this actually the key to losing those extra-pounds.


  1. Workout for longer: the best way to burn-up extra calories is by pushing yourself for longer while working-out on a treadmill. In fact, if you feel like you’re getting used to particular workout-program then consider increasing on the speed and incline in order to achieve a more challenging workout. Additionally, if you had been working-out for 20-minutes before and you getting comfortable with that period of time, then consider increasing on your workout-time to up to 30 or 40 minutes but do this gradually so that you don’t have to strain your muscles or other body-parts.


  1. Keep your arms active as you workout: swinging your arms as you workout over the treadmill will actually help you to burn-up more calories but this should be done in a proper way. In fact, a good-posture is required when working-out with arms active in order to help you burn-up more calories.


  1. Integrate a weight-training: integrating weight-training to your treadmill-workout will actually help you to burn-up more calories in the shortest period of time. In fact, this will involve using weights/dumbbells as you jog or run over the treadmill but this should actually be done in intervals so that you don’t strain your body.


Tips To Consider When Using A Treadmill To Effectively Lose Weight:

  • Always jog/run on an inclined-level because this will actually help to burn-up more calories and even decrease on knee-impact compared to running on flat-surface.
  • Integrating interval-trainings to your workout-routine is the best way of burning-up those extra-calories and this means that you will be able to lose extra-weight in shortest time possible.
  • You should also try to keep your arms swinging as you workout because this helps to keep the entire body active thus burning-up more calories compared to holding your arms onto the treadmill-handles.
  • Lastly, you should consider entertaining yourself as you workout by simply watching-TV, listening to music or reading something that interests you in order to work-out for longer. In fact, entertaining yourself as you workout will help to improve on your workout endurance which is the key to increased calorie-burning.

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