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Best Shaving MachineUPDATE:- During the middle of this year, Braun released a new model called Braun Series 9 9095cc .
It is also a wet and dry shaver and it shaves faster than Series 7-79cc but its price is a little bit higher than Series 7-79cc.

This new Braun Series makes 40,000 cuts per minute CPM yet Series 7 and Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 make between 10,000 – 14,000 cuts per minute. This means if you have a dense beard, Series 9 will cut it faster. And the mere fact that it is Wet & dry, you can use it comfortably on a very sensitive skin & on ingrown hairs.


So in my Top 10 selection, I have ranked Braun Series 9 9095cc as number one for this year. However, men who
do well with dry shaving, you should stick with Braun 7-790cc, it still ranks as the best dry shaver of all time. In position 2 we have Series 7-79cc-6WD which compets very well with Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5. On the other hand, if you prefer rotary shavers to foil shavers, choose between these four top models;  Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3DNorelco 9700, Norelco 9300 and Norelco 7700





Reasons why we recommend it:-Quadruple action cutting system adapts to facial contour leaving you with a clean & close shave, OptiFoil for perfect closeness, 4 specialized cutting elements and intelligent Sonic, Wet & Dry, 50 minutes runtime,Flexible shaving head, Easy to clean – Premium shaver.

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Best Shaving Machine

Electric shavers come in different sizes and shapes, so you should opt for the best. They also have different features, but look for basic features like the shape of the head, smoothness of the foils, battery strength, design of the shaver, and so much more as well shall see below:

  • Shape: – When it comes to shaving, the simplicity of the tool you’re using is very essential. Make sure you get an electric shaver which has a good shape, the one you can hold and feel comfortable using.


  • It’s Charging Speed: – Any good electric shaver has to be fully charged within 30 minutes, and it has to be in position to offer you with nonstop shaving experience of at least 50 minutes without plugging it into power. Most of these shavers are portable, so you can move with them, that’s to why it’s very essential to get one which charges quickly and store power for quite a long time.


  • Battery Strength (Life):- If the battery can charge so first, but can’t keep power for over 30 minutes, then that shaver is not the best. You might move with its charging cord, but that will waste your time, because every time you will be charging it. Good electric shavers like Braun Series 7-790cc &  Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 warn you when the battery charge is low, this feature will help you prepare in time and charge it when you get close to a socket.


  • Warranty: – If you always buy electronic products from well-established stores, you get a warranty of that product. The average period of a warranty ranges from 1 – 2 years, if it’s below that, then that product is not good. Even electric shavers come with a warranty, there is no way how you can invest $150 + in a gadget which has no protection, it’s more of an investment.


  • Ratings:- In the past I used to rank electric shavers basing on customer reviews, but in most cases, majority of the reviews might be negative or moderate, so you might find a good electric shaver like Philips Norelco S9311/84SP Shaver 930 /  Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 with very few customer review but with a product rating 4.6 / 4.8 out fo 5, a product with this rating is very good. So you should always consider product rating when buying an electric shaver online. However, I have saved most of your time, you don’t have to waste valuable time patrolling the internet for  top rated electric shavers, because every shaver listed here is highly rated and I will keep on updating this listing through out the year




  • Foil Shavers: Their blades are hidden beneath the foil, this foil is perforated. While shaving, it lifts facial hair or any hair on your body up to the blades to give you a clean close shave. Since their blade is hidden on the inside, you will not get a real close shave, but it will be smooth and clean. Men with sensitive skins, you should opt for foil shavers and a good example on this list is (1) Braun Series 7-790cc, (2) Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 shaver.


  • Rotary Shavers: These feature circular blades and are the best shavers for longer beards / hairs. Unlike foil shavers, a rotary shaver will give you the opportunity to shave in all directions and it does its job quietly. In most cases, rotary shavers have three circular heads and the best example on this list is (3).Philips Norelco 1150X/46



NOTE: Shavers have been ranked by brand, scroll get to your favorite brand





Braun Series 9

I’m totally amazed by Braun Shaver Series 9 9095CC, it is an advanced electric shaver and I recommend it to all men this thick beards / sensitive skins. Many times we have been seeing new shaver upgrades but less is changed yet we always have to pay more for such products.

However, this time, Braun has done something great. The new Braun Shaver Series 9 9095CC  is powerful, it delivers 40,000 cuts per minute and that makes it the fastest electric shaver on the market as of Aug 2015 (I’m sure in the near future Panasonic & Philips will create a competitive model, but not until then, this model is still our number 1) .  

If you have been using Series 7, I think you should upgrade to Series 9(not in bad faith, but this one is better), it will give you the best results and at the same time reduce on your shaving time (from 10 minutes to 5 / 4 minutes), no matter how dense your beard is.

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Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver System

Last year, Braun 7-790cc was voted as men’s best choice but even now it still holds its top position, lets see how it will perform this year, because we have a new series 7 which is wet & dry, so, I don’t know if 7-790cc will still be at the top, but it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and over 3,000 reviews which still makes it the best shaver for men.



  • Better Design: – There has been an improvement in the design of 7-790cc, if you compare this model to other Braun models like Series 5, you will notice a difference in design. This one is easy to hold and use, it’s not too heavy so you will have the opportunity to shave for long and concentrate on perfecting your shave.


  • Close Shave: – I guess you have been disappointed in the past by foil shavers, most of them don’t give a close shave, but this newly crafted Braun 7-790-cc will give you a remarkable shave similar to what a safety razor would give you, and the other advantage about it is that your skin will get no irritation, blades are beneath the foils so their is no direct interaction with the skin. The foil will capture hair from your skin and expose it to sharp blades which are hidden beneath the foils for cutting.


  • First Shave:- If you always shave every morning, saving time has to be a priority, and this means you need an electric shaver which is efficient and first. This 7-790-cc model will maneuver over your skin and clear off that thick beard within seconds. If you have sideburns / mustache / goatee, you can use its pop-trimmer to shape the sideburns / mustache / goatee.


  • Comfortable Shave:- I have talked about how fast this machine can be. It’s not just first, it’s also smooth and your first time to use it will be a memorable time, you will love the experience. Though it makes some little noise while cutting those beards, the rest is just fine.

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BRAUN SERIES 7 799CC-6WD CC4 Wet - Dry Shaver

Of late, I have seen an increase in the demand on this wet & dry new Braun series 7) Due to some complaints about 7-790cc, there has been an Update of this version which is called 7-799cc-6WD CC4. It’s a wet & dry shaver, this gives it a competitive edge and makes it better than 7-790cc.

The price of this new version is a little bit high, but I have checked out customer reviews, so far, individuals who have bought this latest version of Braun shaver like its performance. The old version couldn’t do well on wet shaving, so this time they have incorporated both features, dry & wet.

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PHILIPS NORELCO S9721/87 Shaver 9700 / 9300

philips norelco s9311 84sp shaver 9300

If you’re  tired of the old Philips shaver models, make a change this year and try out this  new premium electric shaver, it’s an advancement of 8000 series and related models..

, you should expect the best results when you use this premium version. I love its shape and sleek design; it makes it easy to hold in hands even when in the shower. Since it’s a premium model, its price is a little bit high compared to the other  two models featured on this list, however, the last time I checked on Ebay it had a (20%) discount, this figure will change with time, so you can use our (get best price) button below to know more about the latest price and discount. 

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Philips Norelco S7720/85 7700 Shaver

Philips Norelco S7720-85 7700 Shaver

Finally Philips has released a new rotary electric shaver for 2015, I have been waiting for this release and now it’s here. The shaver its self looks amazing and it has a better grip than other models like (series 9300 & 9700). This time I will accept Norelco made some cool changes in this model, it’s just too great and efficient. It’s price is not that big compared to other new models like 9700 and this make me think that it might become our best shaving tool this year.

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This model has scored a rating of  4.2 out for 5, It’s price if quite affordable but its features are quite related to the current norelco model featured above.

It also features a pop trimmer which you can use to shape your mustache and side-burn. This Norelco 1250x/46 is a premium electric shaver which comes at a friendly price. If you’re always travelling, you will need this cordless rotary shaver, it comes with its own travelers bag where you can pack it. However, it does not come with a cleaning system just like the new model (Norelco S9311) but you can easily clean it with tap water.

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Philips Norelco 1150X-46 Shaver 6100

I like its design & shape; I actually think that Philips has the best electric shaver designs so far, all their models look nice and this one comes at a really good price, the last time I checked Ebay it was below $100.

Even though the Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 ranked better than this norelco, it got that opportunity simply because it’s a foil shaver, and most men prefer using foil shavers to rotary shavers. Philips, decided to modify the head of this Norelco 1150X/46, it’s not as big as the PT730/41 , hence making it possible to shave your neck or armpits.

However, it doesn’t come with a built-in pop-up trimmer which can be used to groom a mustache / sideburns. The trimmer comes as an accessory, so you have to remove the shaving head and attach the trimmer.



  • Works for Both Left / Right Handed Men: – This model, has no discrimination tendencies, it works for everyone. Look at its design and tell me what you thick, actually the size of your hands will not matter, this shaver can fit in both small / large hands. It has a curvy shape which looks more like a ladies waistline, so tell me which man will fail to use this shaver.


  • Quick Clean Shave: – All top electric shavers featured here can give you a close shave, at least I had to consider that as a factor when ranking them, but at the same time, I will not deny that some people have never got a close shave while using foil or rotary shavers, and most of them prefer razors to electric shavers. However, with that in mind, you should not hesitate from trying out something new. According to some users who have tested this Norelco 1150x, they all report that they got a very close shave in just minutes, though, when it comes to shaving thick beards, this Norelco 1150x might not do a great job.


  • Shaves Neck Hair: – I mentioned about this in the product description, but still I will emphasize about it more and more. WHY? Because, majority of electric shavers can’t give you a clean shave around the neck. But this Norelco 1150x features thin & smooth heads, the blades are not hidden below the foil, so as you move it over the skin, it easily captures hair on the neck using a super Lift & cut technology.



  • Trimmer is not built in: – If you have a side-burn or mustache, you will need a pop-up trimmer to groom and shape sideburns. The only solution is to remove the head and attach the trimmer.


  • Good on thin hair but worse on thick hair: – If you have a very thick beard, this rotary shaver will not cut through that beard, hair will clog its blades and hence give you a poor shave. Though when it comes to shaving thin hair, this Norelco-1150X will move smoothly. Since this model does not perform well on thick beards, you will hear lots of men complaining about its failure to provide a close shave as advertised

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Philips Norelco PT730-46 Shaver 3500

This Philips Norelco PT730 features 3 precision heads which have slots and holes that capture and shave both short and long hair without a having any trouble or cause any skin irritation. It is also an affordable shaver, it goes below $50, and that is a very good price.



  • It does an Adequate Job:- When I read on its description, they state that the shaver can cut both long and short hair. So, it does not matter is you have fine / heavy whiskers, its blades can shade off any thing as long as it’s found on top of the skin.


  • Low Cost:- Are you looking for an excellent razor that does its job quietly but perfectly yet at the same time friendly to the pockets, if the answer is ”YES”, then look no further, this is one of the cheapest efficient electric shaver for men, you can get at $49 or low.


  • Portable: – If you plan to travel and in need of a travel shaver, then this Philips Norelco PT730 will fit in your travel bag without taking too much space.



  • A little bit slower: Even though this shaver does its job very well, its shaving time differs from other Norelco Shavers.


  • Has no Battery Level Indicator:- Most of us shave without plugging the cord into power, So, when you’re using this shaver, you have to be on standby, because any time the battery will run out and you can’t see its level of charge, hence leaving you guessing all the time

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Philips Norelco AT810-46 Shaver 4100

Most electric shavers on this list cost more than $50, that is way too expensive for a beginner to spend. If you have never used these machines before, you need to start with a simple shaver. Actually this Norelco AT810/46 might perform better than most priced shavers.

It’s slim shape and curvy design makes it easy to use, and at the same time it looks adorable compared to some shavers on this list. Even it scored position 6, which does not bring down its pride; at least the 1,312 reviews it has gathered on Amazon give you a clear sign that the tool does its job well and better than other tools in its category.



  • Its Affordable: – If you compare it to most electric shavers on the market, this Norelco-AT810-46 is too affordable, even when it comes to replacing parts like heads or cartridges; the price of these parts is quite low.


  • Minor Irritations: – At least you will get a few irritations during your first time of using this shaving machine, but as time goes on, these irritations will disappear and everything will be smooth.


  • Its Waterproof: – At least you don’t have to worry about shaving while in the shower; water will not damage this cool affordable shaver.


  • Long Lasting battery:- This is what you should expect from this Norelco-AT810-46, unlike other shavers which have lots of features that drain your battery, this AT810-46 is very simple, it only consumes power when at work. So you can charge it once a week and get going.


  • Not easy to get a close shave: This happens when you want to shave some sharp angels like the jaw and the neck. Rotary shavers are not the best when it comes to shaving around the neck. You have to go over one area so many times.

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Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 Wet-Dry Shaver

Since Braun has modified and replaced its 7-790cc model, also Panasonic has replied back with ES-LV95-S Arc5 wet & dry model, however, this time the price of Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5, doubles that of BRAUN SERIES 7 799CC-6WD CC4, I don’t know if this is a pricing game of products. So far, these two new models have not got much exposure and I see very few reviews on them, but let’s wait by the end of 2015, who will be the winner / loser.

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Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver

At last ES8103S Arc3 has showed some great competition towards Braun 7-79occ series, this shaver is affordable, it has a cleaning mode system and at the same time it comes at a very good price compared to Braun 7-790cc. This level of competition benefits the consumer because we get the best product at an affordable price.  Braun is not giving up on this competition from Panasonic, they have revised their old model and introduced 7-799CC-6WD CC4  but it also comes at a very high price, as a consumer, I will go for something affordable yet at the same time does a good job.  I can’t predict the performance of this  ES8103S Arc3 in 2015, but I expect the best.



  • Good on Sensitive Skins: As men age, there skin tends to get soft and tender, this happens when you hit 50 years and above, at this stage, a manual / straight razor can’t be your best friend. This Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 features smooth foils which maneuver over your beard and skin without causing any kind of pain or irritation. I might not compare it to a safety razor when it comes to giving a close shave, but trust me; it also gives a similar shave.
  • Good on Tough Beards: – You think you have a very tough beard, this Panasonic will make a few passes and the rest will be history. You can as well use it to shave that mustache, that is if you have one.
  • Easy To Clean: Unlike the Braun whose cleaning system works for a while and jams on the way, this Panasonic’s automatic cleaning system functions very well, you don’t have to worry about cleaning it after use, simply use the auto cleaning system. Forget about brushes or cleaning whiskers, spend more time doing essential things and let the machine clean its self.
  • Good Gift: – This point is not for guys; it’s for ladies who have men with irritating beards and hair on the chest. If you have no way of telling him to shave his chest or beard, buy this Panasonic shaver and give it to him as a gift, trust me, he will love it and you will even love it more because the results will be tremendous.
  • Great Price: – When it comes to pricing, the gap between Braun 7-790cc & Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is big, the price of Braun dry electric shaver will get you two Panasonic wet & dry shavers. With that in mind, what would you opt for, an affordable shaver which does a perfect job or the opposite.


  • Trouble Shaving Neck Area: – Much as this ES8103S Arc3 gives a close shave, it does not do well when it comes to shaving around the neck. So, you need to clear this area with a safety razor, but remember to apply a shaving cream before using a razor because ingrown hairs are so popular around this area.

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Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 Electric Shaver

Most men prefer foil shavers to rotary shavers, I guess with time, I will hold a poll and see who wins this competition. This Panasonic ES8243A Arc4 has been ranked in the 5th position, which is not bad, because it’s among the top 5 electric shavers, so, if you don’t want to use Philips Norelco PT730/41 rotary shaver featured in position 4, I see no reason why you don’t try out something as cool as this ES8243A Arc4.

If you have a mustache or side-burn, you can take advantage of its built-in Pop-up Trimmer. Use the trimmer to shape your mustache and sideburns. If you have never used electric shavers before, I suggest you start with this ES8243A Arc4, it has a cool design and it’s very smooth and effective.


  • It’s Easy to Hold: – The ergonomic design of this shaver makes it easy to hold, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wet / dry shaving, the experience will almost be the same. The rubber on the sides stops the shaver from slipping off from your hands while wet shaving.
  • Short Shaving Time:- It performs well when it comes to shaving beards. Some men have to shave every morning and saving time is one of their priorities, I doubt if you would like to spend more than 15 minute in the bathroom, unless when you have a date.
  • Less effort is required while shaving, once you switch it on, the shaver will maneuver through that thick / long beard with ease. This makes it easy and convenient to use. If you want to travel with it, you can pack it in its travel case, this will keep it safe.
  • You will get no cuts or irritation:- I guess all electric shavers featured on this list offer you the same results. Foil shavers have hidden blades under the foil, so there is no direct contact of blades and your skin.
  • Strong Battery: – Once the battery is fully charged, you can get at least 15 – 18 close shaves without charging it again. This makes it the best electric shaver for travelers. You will not worry about running out of battery while in a remote area or on a plane.


  • No Close Shave around the Neck: – I guess this is a fault with all electric shavers, the neck area tends to be tricky for every nice model. However, if you go over this area more than 3 times, you will get that close shave, but 3 times seems to be a lot wasted time with this type of machine.
  • You have to buy refillable cleaning units whenever you use the shaver that sounds like a waste of money.

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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Electric Shaver

I will close this list with Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4, It’s a very popular foil shaver and I found it really hard to put it in this position. But I have used customer review metrics provided by Ebay to compile this listing, so, much as I like this machine, data provided by customers has I graded it to position 7. It’s a great electric shaver, featuring 3 blades and a pivoting head. But I think its head is way too much bigger and it seems to be heavy compared to ES8243A Arc4 model.  When I look at some of the pictures submitted by customers who have bought this shaver, the design and size of this model is not that appealing to the eye.


  • It Operates Quietly :- At first when you look at its big head, you might think that it makes lots of noise, but you will be shocked when you hear no noise, all you will notice is a close shave, and you will wonder how things happened without hearing anything. If you have thick hard to shave beards, the only sound you will hear will be produced by your beards, as they interact with the blades, some little non-irritating sound will be made.
  • Good on Sensitive Skins:- This is the best electric shaver for sensitive skins. If you always have issues with Ingrown hairs or bumps, look no further, grab this shaver while it’s still on discount. Its 3 blades are beneath the foil, so your skin will not get pulled of irritated at all.



  • Quite Expensive: – Recently the price dropped to $100, but this might be too much to some people.


  • Trouble giving a close shave around the neck. Not surprised though, because all electric shavers have this problem, and when you look at the head of this model, there is no way how it can give a close shave around neck or armpits.


  • 3 blades sound too much for an electric shaver; it can be very hard to get a precise shave. Even though it has a pop-up trimmer at the back, its wired head can’t shape your mustache and sideburns very well.

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This marks the end of this detailed review on the ”Best Shaving Machine” for men. (Post is updated each year)

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