35 Best Educational Toys for Kids for All Ages – 2017 – Good for Preschoolers

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There is no kid who doesn’t love toys no matter how old they may be, from around three months all the way to about twelve years kids really love to play with toys. Because they love toys too much; it is very easy for you to take advantage of that and use toys to help them learn different things such as spellings, identifying numbers and letters, counting among many others. The usual teachings in class rooms for some kids are not such an easy method to learn from but with toys they adapt quickly for the reason that as they learn easily from something they love. Educational toys are ideal for kids of all ages as it is important for kids to learn all through their growth stages and toys are the most interesting and fun way to help your little learn. Their is a whole lot of educational toys that you can get for your baby and here are some of the best ones that you can find on the market.

1. Learning Resources Stem Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set

Learning Resources Stem Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set

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The learning resources stem robot mouse coding activity set is the best way you can initiate your kids into engineering, math, science and technology. This set comes with a programmable mouse and an attractively colorful maze that brings your kids into the entertaining game of accomplishing puzzles and coding. In this games kids are supposed to create a maze through which the mouse passes to find what to eat which is the cheese. The mouse makes sound and lights up as its user friendly control buttons enable you to program the mouse to follow whichever maze has been created. It runs at two different adjustable speeds. As kids try hard to figure out the perfect way to make the mouse pass through the maze, they are able to develop their problem solving skills, it challenges them to better their critical thinking and encourages them to put their hands to use.

2. Jumbo Magnetic Spinner

Jumbo Magnetic Spinner

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If your kid has been less active or participant in different games either in class, you really need to try out the Jumbo magnetic speaker. There are thousands of possibilities that children can create and learn from on this game and it is actually more engaging than many other games as kids have to stand up and take part in the activity. It is made of plastic material of high quality that doesn’t contain any harmful products and it is super easy to set up. All you have to do is put the spinner on a white board and write on it with dry-erase markers to write different things that your kids might want to play. The jumbo magnetic spinner is created for kids not below three years. It comes along with three two-sided cards that you can easily write on and wipe off, 16 inch magnetic spinner and teacher guide.



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And why not spice up your little one’s life with these wireless eggs pert. Better than ever, this adorable toy is engineered with 2.4GHz which delivers the fastest and super consistent transmission every other time. Offering two interesting game modes that is to say wheel of fortune and quiz show, your baby will becomes the best at spellings and simple math facts. The eggs in this set buzz, beep and even light so they have each and everything to draw the little one’s attention. This toy teaches kids how to be more active, participant and interested. It features six eggs all lighting up in different colors while the wireless remote leaves all control in your hands. This is perfect game to place either in your home or class room and see how fast kids will learn to differentiate the different colors. from whichever place or time, this Eggs pert game will deliver the fun your kids need.

4. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

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Some kids are fun of number toys while others prefer alphabet toys so if your child is one of those that just can’t get enough of the alphabetical Letters or loves to count out numbers all the time, I am offering you the vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk. On flipping this table you get a chance to access the chalkboard on which you can make a remarkable piece, it is simple one of the most creative tables you will ever come across. This table is designed with four two-sided cards that read out the letters, numbers, people and animals among others. Featuring a really interactive desk top, kids are always attracted on spend their time seated at this table while its LED screen displays how different numbers and letters should be written. The toddler play table features over 30 learning activities, 20 or more well known melodies, 9 touch pages with brilliant colors infused with four learning modes and over 160 vocabulary words. It comes as a set with a table and stool as displayed above.

5. The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

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The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is one of those games that your kids won’t want to stay away from even for a few minutes which is a good thing because it helps greatly the development of their hand and eye coordination, basic handwriting skills, fine motor skills, categorization and matching skills and strategic thinking. This game also teaches kids how match different colors as well as some simple math skills, it is therefore such a gorgeous board game to get for your babies as they grow. It is so fun that it every time that you kids get they will put it to playing the sneaky, snacky squirrel since it accommodates between 2-4 players. For added convenience, it is extremely easy to clean and set up. If your kids are three year of and above this is surely the perfect first board game to buy for them.

6. VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn

VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn

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If it is for a boy, I can guarantee you will not find a better toy to buy for them rather than this three in one driving console. This Vtech race and learn toy is designed to excite kids as goes from being a car to becoming a jet and lastly it also turns into a motorcycle, with such great versatility it gives your kids three steering options to race with. This toy offers nine different courses that show kids different shapes, numbers, letters, spellings and so much more that they need to know as they grow. This play set is designed with an automatic shut off function that automatically shuts down the toy to save batteries and the volume control for silent operation. For a realistic driving experience, this toy features an interactive gear shifter that produces actual racing sound. This targets children between the ages of three to six years.

7. VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

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And for those kids who are much younger, the VTech Rohyme and Discover Book is without a doubt one of the best toys to look out for. The things that have a made this book a favorite for many parents include the extremely durable design that offers your little one play for a long period of time, volume controls to avoid too much irritation and noise and the auto shut off feature which saves batteries when the book is not in use. The combination of rhythm and rhymes from the best nursery melodies on its six pages make this book really fun for kids starting from six months all the way to about three years. It is much recommended as it helps to develop kids’ minds by introducing vocabulary, animal names and sounds. It is accented with colorful graphics and flashing lights which attract kids’ attention. As your baby sings along to the beautiful melodies in this book they gain more verbal skills and as they open a new page their gross motor skills are improved.

8. VTech Disney Minnie ABC Fashion Purse

VTech Disney Minnie ABC Fashion Purse

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The vtech Disney Minnie ABC Fashion Purse offers a very stylish way for your kids to learn. The extremely pretty pink and purple purse features 10 button that play piano notes labeled with numbers from 0-9 and 26 light up buttons that have all the alphabetical letters. This toy purse offers children seven learning activities where they will be able to learn how to spell, learn the different letter as well as numbers and so much more. It has an easy to move to slider which the baby uses to select whichever game they want to play. It plays Minnie mouse’s voice that encourages kids to master numbers and letters, to become more interactive and learn better problem solving skills which ideal for their development. The extremely stylish purse is further detailed with a false zip and a handle to grab attention of those kids who are so much into fashion. It is meant for kids who between the ages of three and six.

9. The Learning Journey Match It

The Learning Journey Match It

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To improve your child’s spelling and vocabulary skills, look no further than the ‘Match it spelling series’. Only a child who four years and above would be able to how to use this toy as it offers a huge range of the best award winning titles. It is made of 10 four piece and 10 three piece sets of self-correcting puzzles. Each and every puzzle brings a particular educational topic to your kid so it doesn’t develop their spelling skills but also their problem solving skills. All the puzzle cards are designed with attractive and beautiful cards to ensure that kids have a more fun way to learn. Your babies will indeed fall in love with this series.

10. Bath Letters and Numbers with Bath Toy Organizer

Bath Letters And Numbers With Bath Toy Organizer

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In those beautiful colors these numbers and letters are definitely the most perfect thing that can happen to your baby especially during their bath time. This pack of 36 foam letters and numbers comes in a high quality mesh bag that keeps them dry, safely collected together and keeps off mildew and mold. The 36 pieces are eco-friendly since they all lead free, phthalate free and completely BPA free so when it comes to children these are definitely one of those exceptional and fun toys you can possibly get for your children. The gorgeous colors will definitely give your kids the inspiration to learn numbers and letters and at the same time help them to master the different colors. The stunning kid’s set comes along with a high quality bath toy organizer to keep your bathroom looking super neat as it is spacious enough to hold a good number of toys. With these amazing toys you will keep your babies having fun without worrying about their health being harmed.



 11. Learning Cube for Baby

Learning Cube for Baby

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If you have been on the search for those toys that your kid will never get tired of playing with then you have finally found it and it is this toy learning cubes. Besides keeping your baby occupied during play time, these cubes will do a lot in proper growth and skills development of the child. The 19 piece set includes many different shapes of all sizes and a variety of colors that kids just can’t seem to get enough of. These cubes are designed with holes that challenge kids to fit the corresponding shape and the more they try to fit the right shape into the right hole their spatial thinking ability, hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills. With stars, rectangles, circles, squares and so many other shapes these toys will better your child’s skills of recognizing shapes. They come with a premium colorful box in which all the other small pieces fit.

12. VTech Stack and Sing Rings

VTech Stack and Sing Rings

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Train your baby to develop their motor skills with these Vtech stack and sing rings , when I talk about toys one thing I can never forget to mention is that Vtech makes the highest quality toys and with your baby’s safety in mind. This toy comes with five stacking rings of different colors and sizes so every time the kid stacks a ring the monkey plays one of those melodies that babies love so much and also shows some light. As the monkey lights and sings, the bay is inspired to stack on more rings hence developing their motor skills. The songs that this toy plays introduce different things to your baby such a letters, numbers, shapes, music and colors. The infant learning stacker plays a really wide variety of over 40 or so songs and phrases for kids to sing along. The base of this toy also vibrates to make playing with it a lot more inspiring and entertaining for the child. This is perfect for kids starting at 6 months up to around three years.

13. Makeblock mBot Educational Robot Kit

Makeblock mBot Educational Robot Kit for Kids

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The Makeblock mBot Educational Robot Kit is an a super a easy to operate robot designed specifically for kids to introduce them to electronics, robotics and programming of graphics. Coming in at a really low cost, this line follower robot features a very unique shape made up of just about 45 pieces which makes it very easy to set up. This is an all in one solution to help your baby put their dreams and ideas into existence. Assembling this robot only takes a few minutes and after that it is will be ready to go. There is a lot that this robot can do for your kid.

14. Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

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If you thought your kids’ playtime was fun, wait until you add the Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register, this amazing toy just turns playtime into a whole new adventurous and fun filled session. If your little one has been showing signs of wanting to be a banker then you sure have to better their skills with this solar-powered real working cash register. It features a functional calculator and LCD screen which kids use to act like they are in a real store and be able to give accurate money change as they play. It is designed with a sliding drawer with long slots for paper money and smaller slots for the different denominations of coins. Its huge buttons are firmly fixed to ensure that they work well for kids of all ages. It is essential for helping kids learn necessary money skills and basic math.

15. Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun

Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun

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I can guarantee there is no better way to way to educate your kid other than the food they love the most, all kids love pizza and this is what will encourage them to learn more from this pizza fraction fun. Each segment of the pizza is accented with mouth watering graphics that make it look like real pizza. The entire pizza has 13 two-sided segments whereby the lower side is labeled with a fraction which makes it a lot easier to write down. It offers seven different activities for your kids to play as they gains some of the most helpful skills such as adding and subtracting fractions, recognizing fractions and equivalents so as to better their kills in problem solving. Math is not something easy for most children but pizza fraction makes everything easier to understand and makes them fall in love with subject.




16. Talking Telescope


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The Geosafari Jr. talking telescope simply makes exploration and discovery a lot more interesting for kids as they can closely view 8 space age phenomena, 12 animals and lots of other images from NASA. Featuring a detachable and super portable telescope and 20 slides the toy definitely provides a fun way for your babies to learn about space, animals and so much more. This user friendly toy, gives mesmerizing facts about each slide that you turn to and at the same time poses questions about whatever is on that particular slide with just the touch of a button. It features two game modes that give over 200 interesting facts while it plays real animal sounds and sound effects from space. Each time a letter button is pressed down you get answers to the questions. When on the move, just detach the telescope and get going.

17. Educational Toys Construction Engineering Blocks

Educational Toys Construction Engineering Blocks

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Don’t let your kids get stuck to their laptops, video games and television when you can get them these construction educational toys that will keep them super busy for hours. Even after playing with these engineering blocks on daily basis, kids just can’t seem to get fed up of them. With the 85 pieces in this set, there is a wide variety of makes that any kid can come up with. It comes with an instruction book that directs them on what to create or better yet they can create from their own thoughts or imaginations either way the child the child develops better inventive skills, improve the hand and eye coordination and improve fine motor skills. Because it may require some collective effort to create something really nice, these engineering blocks also help kids to learn how to work in groups and become more sociable. The pieces come in plastic box for convenient storage and transportation.

18. Super Sorting Pie

Super Sorting Pie

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The super sorting is another really cool toy that parents have are overly demanding for their little ones and this simply because this toy has a lot to teach kids. It teaches them how to count, recognize colors and the different fruits and lots of other development skills that kids need to develop well. Learning how to count will be much easier and quicker for your kids to master as kids sort and match the different fruits by adding those of the same shape in the same slot and subtracting that don’t match. For improvement in fine motor skills, the sorting pie comes along with jumbo tweezers which are also helpful in bettering hand-writing. Your babies will never get idol or bored when they have such a fun toy to play with. The sorting pie comes with 60 items, that is to say seven different fruits in five different colors. this versatility keeps kids ready to play with others and interact.

19. Engaging Jigsaw Puzzle

Engaging Jigsaw Puzzle

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A very quick and fun way to introduce you adorable little one to critical thinking skills is with this engaging jigsaw puzzle. With the 490 pieces that are found in this educational toy make it absolutely perfect for both boys and girls. Kids never get fed up of playing with this puzzle for the simple reason that every time they want to play there is a new puzzle to create. One day it is a face, the other day a butterfly, flower, aero plane, and so much more so kids are always curious to try something new. Hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills and social interaction are all key skills that kids gain from playing this game. In its multi-compartment box, you can store all the pieces and prevent them from clattering up the place and getting lost.

 20. Primary Science Magnet Set

Primary Science Magnet Set

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I can assure you that you will love to see your baby’s face when these magnetic toys attract each other. This 14 piece set will break way for your baby to know about magnets repelling, attracting and polarity learning about magnetism at an early stage will make your baby learn faster about scientific details of magnets. For added versatility this game offers 10 activities to teach and keep your little one busy during their play time. With this discovery and exploration, your baby will be encouraged to science at a much earlier stage of their life. The items in the set include, two bar magnets, two snap-on cars, two magnetic bags, four ring magnets and one horseshoe magnet. Guess you realized the magnets are of various shapes as to help the kid learn how to recognize shapes and colors too.

21. Montessori Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers

Montessori Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers

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The peg board set is another educational toy that is much recommended for the development of visual perception skills, fine motor skills, making patterns, hand eye coordination among so many others. By stacking the different pegs on the board children are encouraged to learn how to count and add and they remove the pegs the learn how to subtract but the main importance o f this is that babies learn without even noticing it. the pegs are really large which makes it simple for your baby to use his or her little hands to pick up the pegs and build whatever they want to build without a problem. The pegs come in sex different colors which is essential for development of better color recognition.

22. Magnetic Numbers with Board

Magnetic Numbers with Board

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It has been noted that kids can easily count the first 10 numbers that is 0-9 which is not a bad thing but the problem is that they end up failing or finding it very difficult to count all the other numbers up to 100. For that reason you really need to try this board with foam magnetic numbers. The numbers in this board are made with two sides whereby one side is labeled with a number and the other has totally nothing. It is very convenient to use this board since it is features an easy to wipe off and write on surface. Along with teaching your child how to count and learn the different numbers, it also teaches them how to put their hands to use. This is perfect for kids 5 years and eight years of age.

23. Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

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If you have a scientist at home then be sure to make them extremely happy with this microscope. This will help teach your little one without you even taking part in the whole process as it enables them to carry out science activities in the safest way possible. It offers three different magnifications for you to have the closest views from its light and portable design. It comes with a 22 page journal different science activities and experiments that kids love. From this microscope kids learn how to write, discover different things on their own and draw, there is just a lot for your baby will learn with this toy. It is super comfortable observing from the Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope thanks to its patented focusing knob and rubber covered eye cup.

24. VTech Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet

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For those little hands, there will definitely be no better gift for that angel of yours other than this Vtech Apps tablet. With this tablet your baby will start doing exactly what you do when you, have the same fun you have when you are using your tab and learn from it at the same time. It displays a piano keyboard with numbers, buttons with letters and a color alternating screens. With the brilliant animations and funny sound effects, you kid will not want to stay from this smart cub and in the process they will also learn to count, letters, order of numbers, matching, get more familiar with different colors among so many others. It offers eight different activities that are important for the child through different education levels.

25. VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone

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Are you tired of your little one accidentally deleting important staff from your phone? Well here is the best solution to keep them away from it, buy him or her this kid’s smart phone. This call and chat learning phone is super cool and designed with features that kids will fall in love with. This phone is engineered with Apps that teach kids the different numbers, alphabetical letters and how to count. It displays 15 App buttons and voice recognition technology that keeps kids excited about chatting on the phone as it creates a real conversation with the kid by answering to their inputs and asking them questions. In this phone you can be able to save five contacts that your child can dial and pretend to be talking their mom, dad, friend, grandma or grandpa.

26. VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

VTech Touch and Teach Word Book

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You can help your baby learn words faster with the touch and teach word book that offers four different play activities from which kids can learn more than 100 words. Each of the twelve pages in this book is designed with words and corresponding pictures so anything that your baby lays a finger on makes sound, plays music and speaks out words that the child can repeat after. Unlike many other games, this book doesn’t only stop at teaching kids letters but goes head to broaden their vocabulary by teaching them more words and how to pronounce them. It parks over 90 exceptional sounds, plays 15 popular melodies and includes more than 100 words.

27. LeapFrog My Own Laptop

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

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The leap frog my own leap top offers an extremely interesting for kids to learn the alphabetical letters. Featuring a larger screen, four learning modes and the ability to spell any personalized name makes this faux computer a must have in any home that has kids. It 16 melodies and songs for them to sing along, teaches them the different letters and pretends to receive and send emails. By the time you get them a real laptop they will be well conversant with what to do. This leap top simply helps your kid to become more familiar the basic computer skills, it is ideal for kids not below the years of two.

28. Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks for the Beginning Reader

Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks for the Beginning Reader

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And for readers who are just starting their journey, there will definitely be no better toy than the Montessori reading blocks. What these blocks offer are the 13 different consonants and 5 vowels that are the basic to learning how to read and create perfect sentences. Each time the child turns the block to another side they are exposed to another new word and the fun just can’t stop. It offers about 80 words found in the dictionary so what your baby learns from them will a perfect addition to their vocabulary. This is an interesting way to improve your little one’s reading esteem.

29. Place Value Flip Stand

Place Value Flip Stand

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And now you can practically turn your little one into a math genius with this place value flip stand. After playing with this unique, your baby will well conversant with decimals and different values starting from ones to millions. This stand helps kids to learn how to read larger numbers from its seven sets of flip cards. On one side of the stand features values in terms ones to hundreds, thousands and the millions while the other side is what teaches decimal points. Students who love to count will not let this toy rest.

30. Resources Foam Fraction Circles

Resources Foam Fraction Circles

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Fractions seem to be that easy on children, in most cases it takes extra effort for them to master them but if they are made part of their play time it will be a lot simpler. What is presented here is a circles chopped into different fractions and well labeled with the matching fraction. The different particles are painted in various colors for better color recognition and visual perception skills. The fraction circle is made from soft, lightweight, foam that is quiet and washable. This will definitely enable your little on learn more about fractions.

31. Wooden Number Cards and Counting Rods with Box

Wooden Number Cards and Counting Rods with Box

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This mathematics set is made to teach kids more about math but I also love the fact that they are in painted with bright colors that attract kid’s attention and improve their color recognition skills. This set comprises of wooden number cards accented with numbers and all the five mathematics signs and counting rods in different colors. With this set addition, multiplication, subtraction and division will no longer be an issue for your little one to worry about. This set has a way of making learning fun and easy.

32. Math link Cubes

Mathlink Cubes

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It is the incredible versatility of these math link cubes that makes them a favorite many kids and their parents too. Both much younger babies and those are older ones can play with these cubes and have their play time becoming more entertaining. All sides of these cubes are designed to fit into one another and help kids gain important mathematical skills.

33. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

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With such a busy baby toy in their play room, the child will gain maximally from their playing time. The toy cube features five sides of play that that baby will love to explore and four buttons that light up as the say out animal names, shapes and make various animal sounds. This toy will be able to calm the baby as it makes funny noises that grab his or her attention. It features an automatic shut off feature, volume control to reduce the noise and amazingly long lasting design.

34. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

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The sit to stand learning walker is another toy all parents must be putting into consideration for their babies. With its adaptive technology, this walker can take the baby from their crawling stages to their walking that is to say from around 9 months until three years. It is accented with lots of detail that will encourage your baby to walk or enhance their motor skills and fun panel for learning different things such as numbers and letters. It plays music, has different colors that call your baby’s attention, teaches kids about the different shapes and animals and so much more.

35. VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop

VTech Baby's Learning Laptop

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Teach your baby right from six months with this beautifully colored baby’s laptop. On its keyboard there are nine large keys to make it appear more like a real laptop and a light up screen that introduces the early learning ideas to your baby. It is infused with more than 90 songs and melodies for babies to dance and sing along as well those interesting phrases that kids love to hear. Its mouse is movable and reasonably designed to make sure it fits into the child’s little hands. It delivers three different modes of play and comes in two colors, blue and pink.

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