35 Best Toys for 11 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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Anyone out there who is confused on which toys that will please their 11 year old son, grandson, nephew or friend’s son, this post is made specifically for you as it includes 35 of the coolest toys that you must get for that 11year old boy. At the age of eleven, some of the common behaviors that boys exhibit include focusing more on what others may think about them, appreciate being corrected but prefer if it is done in private because they find it less embarrassing, great interest in what is trending and more stylish things, this can be seen in the way they dress and the things that they like to do. Eleven year old boys also take a lot of interest being part of the famous groups especially at school and try really hard to satisfy the preferences of the people they consider as important to them. Boys at this age are very good at following instructions mostly simple ones, have high intellectual abilities and their motor skills are greatly developed. Your eleven year old will love any of these toys………………..

1. Quadcopter Drone with Camera 

Quadcopter Drone with Camera

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Holy stone’s F180C Mini RC Quadcopter is the perfect drone for beginners with great desire to turn into professional drone trainers. With this awesome performance and uninterrupted roll action, the drone has become more and more famous every year. It features a very important 360 degree 4ways flip that is to say left, right backward and forward, it can flip up or down so the action never stops with this quad copter. The Holy stone F180C is equipped with a video and photo camera which captures the best images even at a distance while the four sensitivity modes make it just perfect for any player. The 12 blades that it is packed with plus the extra stock battery enable this drone to fly for a much longer time period. It offers the player full control with its remote control and 6 axis gyro system. Photos and videos are stored on the 2G mini SD card that comes with.

2. Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

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Flaunting an extremely stylish design this Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart is the toy every kid would wish to have. It features a very sleek silver and black finish that is very outstanding and goes all the way to a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour thus turning it into the most excellent kart to go all round flat trails. The ground force operates with two 12 volt batteries which per every charge time provide up to 45 minutes of run time together with a variable speed chain driven motor to deliver very quiet but excellent performance. The combination of aluminum wheels and very sturdy tires enable this ground force to go as smooth as possible on every ride. Operating this kart is extremely easy as a result of the hand brakes and hand controlled accelerator and the shoulder seat belt that makes it very comfortable and safe.

3. Blast Pad Missile Launcher

Blast Pad Missile Launcher

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There is absolutely no missile launch system on the market better than the Blast Pad Missile Launcher. This launcher’s launch tube goes all the way to 31 inches tall while its flex tube maintains perfect flow of air because it doesn’t bend. In its 9 degrees posture, the blaster is only designed to blast in vertical position which makes it even much easier to blast higher. This new design it is constructed with makes the arrows fly so high unlike the missile launchers that existed. Parents love how cheap this toy is reason being it works entirely on children’s effort so they don’t have to spend on batteries. Storage convenience is another outstanding factor for the Blast pad missile launcher, all its parts perfectly fit into its base.

4. Spikeball Combo Meal 

Spikeball Combo Meal

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For camping, backyard, indoor or outdoor play, Spike ball Combo Meal is just what you need to make your time out much more fun. The set includes a round net and three balls however the game is meant to be between two pairs of players following rules similar to those of volleyball. Spike ball is very intense and quick game which is why it is much recommended for athletes of all kinds such as Frisbee, tennis among others for training. The balls are palm sized, so players are meant to spike the ball onto the net so that it pounces to the opponent’s side and opponents don’t have more than hit the ball more than thrice before sending it to the other side. The winning team is the one that scores 21 points first.  This game is not only fun for the kids but for the adults as well.

 5. Toy Gun

Toy Gun

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You don’t know how big your boy’s smile will be when he receives this wonderful Flashing Panda AR15 machine gun. Kids love this toy gun especially because if the real gun sounds it makes and the lights it flashes. While firing, the bullets keep moving up and down while its muzzle makes inward and outward movements. Its scope is also built with LEDs so lights to attract kid’s attention even more. It is about 16 inches long and designed just like a real gun to give kids the imagination of taking part in a real battle.  It is an amazing blaster there is no doubt your kids will fall so much in love with it.

6. Remote Control Robot Police Toy

Remote Control Robot Police Toy

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For performing pretence play and shooting play missions the WolVol Remote Control Robot is just the best choice anyone can ever make. This robot offers hour and hours of fun as it dances, walks around, makes turns and does several other activities that kids can’t get enough of. With its remote controller, you can make the robot perform 10 different actions, such a super exciting yet safe toy. It makes some really cool sounds and flashes lights so even in the dark, your little ones can still enjoy playing with it. It has the ability to shoot bullets that have been launched into its chest so it shoots off those soft flying bullets during missions but you have full control of the entire session. The WolVol Remote Control Robot is one of those excellent toys you will never regret getting for your little man.

7. KanJam Ultimate Disc Game

KanJam Ultimate Disc Game

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It doesn’t really matter what occasion you may be planning to have at your home because this outdoor game is perfect for just about any event including beaches, barbeques, tailgating and several other backyard activities. The Kan jam involves a uniquely designed throwing disc, extremely portable and durable goals, labels and all the instructions necessary for assembling and playing the game. This team is all about team players throwing the disc in different turns until one of the teams scores 21 points. This game is ideal for all ages which means that both kids and adults can get to join in on the fun. It is super fast and easy to set up, you will find no difficulty in putting together. Any event you hold outdoors will become much more interesting with the Kan jam game.

8. Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game

Maranda Enterprises Metal Ladderball Game

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The ladder ball game is a very enjoyable game yet extremely easy to learn game loved by both kids and adults. With its tough metal construction this double ladder ball game set is intended to last a really long period of time. It comes with three really soft balls referred to as bolas, two steel upright goals and a very spacious storage bag in which all the different pieces fit for convenient storage and transportation. The balls feature soft and safe plastic material that will not cause any harm to your little ones. This game is made for indoor and outdoor play and is meant for not less than two players which means it is one of those games that will teach your child to associate with others. It’s assembly requires adults but comes with easy to follow instructions so it will not be that difficult to get it ready.

9. Ground Force Drifter Kart

Ground Force Drifter Kart

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The latest and most advanced ground force by Razor is this electric powered Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart, because it is a new innovation it is designed so many new features that kids would love to explore. The combination of extremely sleek POM rear wheels and well molded front wheels with rubber tires delivers the smoothest rides accompanied by improved steering and better maneuverability. It is also very easy to operate as a result of its variable speed, hand brakes and hand-controlled accelerator. This kart goes to a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour there is therefore no doubt that this is the perfect way to go all over the neighborhood. Its super strong steel construction guarantees this kart’s durability. With charge time of only 12 hours, it delivers up to 40 minutes of run time.

10. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

Maisto R-C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle

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Not even those tough obstacles are powerful enough to stop the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle, it gives you a chance to take your fun off road. The fun that this vehicle offers is just so incredible reason being it is designed with low gearing and two motors which all add up to the power it delivers. It has very huge front and rear tires for maximum grip on all kinds of surfaces whereas the tri channel transmitter gives little ones the chance to play along with their friends at the same time with their own remote control vehicles from Maisto. Featuring long-travel articulated axels both in the front and rear gives the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle ability to go over the roughest terrain with no problem at all.



11. WingFlyer

WingFlyer Z100

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Help your little man stand out as the coolest kid in the entire neighborhood with the Wing Flyer Z100 from zike. this flyer allows you to fly while on the ground, it is simple a whole new way of enjoying outdoor fun, once in a while your kids need to move away from the usual activities like riding bikes, skates and skate boards and try something advanced like this wing flyer. With its patented drive system, all rides are very smooth, fast yet very safe at the same time. The Z100 wing flyer’s handle can be pulled out which makes it transportation much easier since it will be able to fit into any car with the handle removed. More features that contribute to the exceptional performance of this wing flyer include the hand controlled rear brake and durable rugged steel frame.

12. Poleish Sports Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike

Poleish Sports Standard Game Set with Soft Surface Spike

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If you are looking for away to bring backyard fun closer to your kids and the entire family, look no further than this Bottle Bash Standard Game Set because it is the perfect set to make your kid’s time outdoors incredibly interesting. This is a game meant for either two players or two teams so it gives a chance to your little to interact and socialize with others which is very important for their development. This is very great game to get kids who are usually dormant active because each round play call for all players to be very active the set includes two telescoping poles with a built scoring system that can be used on either grass or sand, two life like bottles that are break proof and a competition quality disc weighing about 160grams. This game literally includes elements from many outdoor or lawn games.

13. Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts

Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts

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With their adjustable walking height, the Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts have managed to win over every child’s heart. This stilts are perfect for both beginners and expert stilt walkers because its original height is at a length of just 5 inches off the ground but can be adjusted all the way to about 17 inches off the ground. They are made with a very ergonomic design with a unique S-bend which it so comfortable and very easy to walk with the stilts. These Walkaroo stilts are so much different from the traditional stilts that existed before which is why it winning over everyone that comes across it. They also feature an extremely stable rubber foot that leaves no mark behind and rugged tubular steel for exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors. There are no better walking stilts other than these ones.

14. Unicycle


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Riding a unicycle is quite a difficult activity however those who are not new to the experience know how fun it is. Therefore if your boy isn’t afraid of taking risks or better yet is good at riding unicycles, the Mountain Wheel Skid Proof Tire Adjustable Uni-Cycle is an excellent choice. It is made with butyl tire that is perfectly protected from leakages and doesn’t require inflation for about three months. With the well-constructed padded seat, this unicycle is super comfortable, your little ones will love the easy way of teaching them how to ride on a unicycle. Portability is another outstanding feature of this AW unicycle, it is very convenient to carry to any desired training area and to store. Those with limited space will love it for not taking up a lot of floor space.

15. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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Amazing smoothness and incredible power the Razor E100 scooter is one scooter that your must look out for when looking for the best toy for your eleven year old boy. This scooter provides a very stylish way to go around the entire neighborhood or roll to the park, it will definitely get everyone starring at you. Combining high torque, chain driven motor and 24 volt battery, you scoot up to 10 miles per hour without making any kind of irritating noise. In addition it features hand operated rear brake and twist grip throttle acceleration control which makes it easier to control the scooter whenever necessary. The E100’s battery is powerful enough to offer you about 40 minutes of fun as you ride around. Its deck and frame are sized just perfect for kids therefore any kids who comes across this scooter will instantly fall in love with it.

16. High-grade Badminton Racquet

High-grade Badminton Racquet

The Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet is excellently designed to please all the badminton lovers out there. Weighing only 80 grams, this Badminton racquet is so light that kids won’t find it difficult at all to swing however the fact that it is so light doesn’t compromise it quality. It is infused with micro carbon fiber that increases its stability and strength to ensure that the racquet delivers remarkable and consistent performance. It features a really sleek shaft and frame and high carbon technology which give it ability to withstand vigorous and high speed performance. The Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet comes in nine different colors to give badminton lovers a chance to make their own choice.

17. Compound Youth Archery Set

Compound Youth Archery Set

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At the age of 11, it is most like that your boy will enjoy outdoor play much more than indoor play and so here a great outdoor toy that will offer him hours of fun, the Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set by Barnett crossbows. Featuring real tree camouflage, black and some pink, this set is the perfect one for introducing your little ones to archery. The bow is molded with a reinforced handle along with really soft-touch grip for perfect handling as it doesn’t slip out of your hands. It comes with two arrows and finger rollers and it is amazingly powerful, kids who love to hunt will be happy to receive this nice toy. The bow and arrow set comes in a very nice packaging that you can at the same time use as a carrying case.

18. Crossbow Set with 4 Arrows 

Crossbow Set with 4 Arrows

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You can now put a smile on your little boy’s face with the Deluxe Action Kids Military Crossbow Set. It includes four safe suction arrows and target from which kids test their target, each of the arrows has a suction cup to help them test their target accuracy better every other shot. The camouflage details on the blaster make it so outstanding and the perfect pick for little boys. Its three arrows come in an arrow holder that keeps them very safe and easily accessible anytime you feel like going on a mission. There is no need to worry about your child’s safety since these arrows to cause any kind of harm to him even if it has the ability to fire arrows really hard and to as far as 10feet.

19. 3pcs Junior Kids Child Drum Set

3pcs Junior Kids Child Drum Set

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And for that little music lover, I can assure you that this 3pcs drum set is a toy that won’t disappoint. Any young player that has great love for drums and is a novice to the activity will love these drums. They are molded from red wood drum shell for guaranteed durability and given a glossy finish that is very attractive. The drum throne or seat is perfectly padded to deliver maximum comfort to the player. This drum set comes along with some really easy to follow instructions for how to assemble them so your child will be able to play as soon as they receive them. Whether it is Christmas or his birthday, this drum set will be the perfect gift to get for your little man.

20. Kids Piano Accordion

Kids Piano Accordion

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An accordion is one of the most difficult instruments to play however if you one designed particularly for your age range it is much easier just like the D’Luca G104-BK Kids Piano Accordion which is made specifically for kids. The pretty piano accordion is appropriate for kid’s little hands and this is why it is chosen by many as the most perfect music instrument for your child. It displays a 17 key treble keyboard and 8 bass chord buttons. Much as it produces great sound, this accordion’s appearance too isn’t ignored, it is accented with a unique combination of colors which is makes this instrument extremely attractive. The sturdily constructed accordion is made with an adjustable strap so every player can have their own personal fit for added comfort. The instrument makes a great compliment for other instruments such as the guitar or percussion.

21. Student Violin Starter Kit

Student Violin Starter Kit

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If you are looking for a way of introducing your little man to the basics of playing the violin, look no further than the Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin Starter Kit. This extremely beautiful violin is made from completely natural wood with a very smooth and shiny finish to give it a look that is much more appealing. He is only a child and he is a first timer so there is really no need for you to get them those huge and expensive violins when you can have one made specifically for their size at a fair price. This is a very durable instrument with a very sturdy spruce top while the back and sides are made of maple. The set comes with a rosin, bow, and crescent digital tuner.

22. Kawasaki KX20 Boy’s Bike

Kawasaki KX20 Boy's Bike

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For those who are on the search for the perfect bike for their 11 year old, it is the Kawasaki KX20 Boy’s Bike, from a popular and great bike making company such as Kawasaki you are always assured of nothing but incredible quality. The KX20 features very strong but light wheels for easy and smooth rides and alloy caliper front brakes put together with alloy linear pull rear brakes to deliver safe rides consistently. Its seat height is adjustable therefore kids of all sizes will find a perfect position to ride from. Kawasaki’s KX20 is also made with a 4-bolt stem system and a kickstand that makes it easier to store. This bike is excellently detailed with some really cool decals and Kawasaki graphics which have made it a favorite for many little boys.

23. Student Guitar

Student Guitar

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Your little starting guitarist needs an instrument of great quality just like the Lauren LA30N 30-Inch Student Guitar. For all kids that want to play the guitar for the first time, this is definitely the most perfect you will find on the market. This acoustic guitar is constructed with very string nylon strings that play extremely beautiful sound. It built from wood of the highest quality and long lasting metal hardware which guarantees its durability, kids will enjoy performing for themselves and others with this for a long time. The Lauren LA30N is made with a shimmering natural finish for a really appealing appearance. It is sized just right for their tiny hands to make the entire playing session very comfortable.  Parents are as much pleased with this gorgeous guitar as their children.

24. Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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For all the fearless young boys who are not afraid of dirt, the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is definitely the excellent way to go. This bike is ready to take all those little ones to an all fun-filled experience in the dirt as it takes them at an incredible speed of 17 miles per hour. It is built with an extremely powerful motor that delivers about 40 minutes with just a single charge of run time without the hindrance of those bumpy trails that seem hard to beat. Additionally thee bike also features riser and dual suspension handlebars to provide the most comfortable and smoothest rides all kinds of surfaces. Unlike the previous gas-powered motor cross bikes, the Razor ,MX650 is very quiet all through its operation as a result of its chain driven and variable speed motor.

25. Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

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Bring basket ball fun right inside your child’s room or any other part of the house with the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. This mini basketball hoop is designed specifically for indoor use, it is however give the look and feel of a real outdoor basketball hoop. It includes a sturdy clear break proof polycarbonate backboard measuring approximately 18 inches by 12 inches, professional grade removable spring-action steel rim and 3ply poly net to encourage those young bys to practice their basket ball skills. It is made with a very convenient frame which is super easy to fix either behind the door or any wall. Basketball is one kid’s favorite sports so I can assure you that you won’t be making a mistake to get this set for your little one.

26. Razor Dirt Quad

Razor Dirt Quad

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There is no such thing as boring adventure, when it comes to adventure each and every minute is filled with a lot of fun and this is what makes the Razor Dirt Quad stand out. Whether it is on those smooth sidewalks or on groomed backyards, this dirt quad is always ready to go. Just like the many other vehicles from Razor, this electric powered off-road vehicle is made with four strong and tough wheels to ensure that it goes over big bumps and hard trails without difficulty. This quad provides non-stop use for as many as 40 minutes. It features terrain tracing droop-travel rear suspension accented with coil shock to deliver the smoothest ride possible. It is made with break-resistant plastic details, front brush bar and highly durable tubular steel frame which all together contribute to the quad’s long lasting exceptional performance. Its high torque gear enables it to go over climbing areas with a lot of ease while the chain driven motor delivers the quietest operation.

27. Adjustable Inline Skates

Adjustable Inline Skates

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If your little boy is so much into skating then don’t deny him the chance to enjoy his favorite game with skates that ride so smooth and look so stylish like the Roller Derby Men’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates. Due to their outstanding performance and remarkable comfort, these skates have become the most loved and so popular over the years. They are designed with an extremely comfortable boot featuring soft boot support system and comfort fit padding so that kids enjoy each and every ride. Their triple cam-lever buckle makes them so easy to put on whereas the push button adjustment system makes it so easy for anyone to adjust the skates to whichever fit is most comfortable for them. The Roller Derby Men’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates have four urethane speed formula wheels with ABEC 7 bearing for the smoothest nut safest skating sessions ever.

28. Minecraft 21114 The Farm

Minecraft 21114 The Farm

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Introduce your child to the super amazing life of having a farm with the LEGO Mine craft 21114 the Farm. Pretend has never been so interesting before the way it will be when your young ones have a farm where they have livestock fenced inside and water excellently channeled to take good care of the plants. The mine craft farm features a Steve mini figure and skeleton which acts like the scare crows commonly seen on farms to scare away pests, skeleton bow and shovel. This set comes with as many as 262 assorted LEGO pieces including farm animals such as cows and goats other farm elements such as pumpkin helmet, fences, torches, carrots, wheat that is both mature and premature, sugar cane, tree and so much more. With all these amazing crops, plants and animals, your little ones will blessed with the real farm experience.

29. Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit

Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit

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With the Boy Craft Catapult Wars Build and Battle Kit one will not only stop at enjoying the fun of building their own catapults but will as well go ahead and have fun blasting each other’s targets.  This kit is made up of 18 wooden pieces, two rubber bands , eight mini sand bags, a sticker sheet, four wooden dowels, two foam blocks, two punch-out target sheets and super easy to follow instructions directing you on how to perfectly build a catapult. The building and battle kit keeps kids occupied when they are playing on their own yet it can at the same time spice up the fun of playing together as a group. This can make a very remarkable gift for your 11 year old boy reason brings the fun inside the house and still creates fun outdoors.

30. Rubber Band Launcher Kit

Rubber Band Launcher Kit

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And now with the Boy Craft Rubber Band Launcher Kit, boys are guaranteed to enjoy unlimited fun for hours and hours as they explore their creativity skills by building and decorating their own rubber band launcher. This rubber band launcher creates a very safe and interesting way for little ones to test the target accuracy first of all because it is extremely easy to assemble and secondly because it is shoots the rubber bands with barely credible accuracy. For all the kids out there that really love to get creative and take a lot of pride in exploring their imagination, this is definitely a great toy to look out for. With this game even the kind of weather doesn’t matter, it can be played in both sunny and rainy conditions, the fun just never stops both indoors and outdoors.

31. Chuck Bumper Cars

Chuck Bumper Cars

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With the help of remote control technology, Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars are topping lists as the best race cars ever made. Before getting into the details of which features make these cars stand, I was able to notice the futuristic, sleek and super unique design that these cars are made with. Each of the cars is color coded and driver in each corresponds perfectly with the colors of the car in which he is seated. The most interesting thing about these cars is how the driver is thrown to fly out of his seat whenever his car is bumped into. On the remote controls, the right side is meant for controlling how the working fans at the back of the car move while the left side is for controlling car movements. Kids are madly in love with the sounds these bumper cars make when a driver is being ejected and how the cars are made to look like they are powered by wind.

32. Small Voice Changer 

Small Voice Changer

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Featuring four different voice masks, Toy smith’s small voice changer is another amazing toy that your kids would love to have.  With its 3.5 inch speaker, this voice changer doesn’t only stop at amplifying your voice but also masks it into four exclusive styles that is to say kid, old, robot and boy. The toy is blue in color one clear sign that it is meant for boys, it has an easy to use on and off trigger plus a really well add for added comfort all through playing time. Trust me, your kid will never be able to get enough of these voice effects.

33. Maverick Pogo Stick

Maverick Pogo Stick

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Any child that wants to turn into an expert pogo stick jumper will definitely enjoy every bit of the Foam Maverick Pogo Stick by fly bar. This pogo stick introduces novices to the basics of jumping on a pogo stick. It looks super cool with its steel metal frame and spring all covered up in foam but most importantly this makes it last much longer. The handles on this pogo have beautifully padded hand grips for smooth and comfortable grip hence making it super easy to jump on the pogo even for hours. There is no way your child will slip off because of the stable, non-slip and textured foot pegs.

34. Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

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In this era, every kid ought to have a childhood of playing with walkie talkie and on perfect are these Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies. These walke talkies enable your little ones to enjoy their adventure in the park, through the neighborhood or in an extremely large mall with their range of 2 miles. They are designed with a really easy to push button that makes it very simple for kids to use while the 3 channels deliver maximum security for all conversations that need to be hidden. The belt clip makes carrying easy while the LED indicators enable kids to see when it’s dark. Any child will forever be grateful for having such great toys to play with.

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