35 Best Toys For 11 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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It is extremely amazing how fast your little girl grows, in no time she will be 11 years old and you will not even which toys are ideal to get for her because she is completely changed from the tiny kid who was amused by any toy. I am sure that you have noticed how much your eleven year old girl loves to challenge everything you do or say, they want you to explain all your words and actions due to their need to take part in every decision.  Well much as some children develop faster than others however there are these characteristics that most of them have take for example paying close attention to staff that is trending, fitting in with peers especially the famous ones and looking up to their parents as mentors. These little girls really enjoy their privacy, they have so many interests but don’t pay the same attention to all of them. They conclude situations basing on facts since their intelligence levels are developing, and now here are superb toys that will please your eleven year old.

  1. Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

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For the kids who are into science the best way to persuade their great love for science will be through this Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope. The super light and dissecting microscope comes with an activity guide with very easy to follow instructions for kids to follow as they have close-up views of various objects of their choice. It is made with a rubber eye cup and focusing knob to ensure maximum comfort during observation. It changes from being a dissecting microscope and turns into a light microscope especially during the dark since it is detailed with two LEDs. Another set of tools that come with the microscope include four prepared slides, 7 blank slides, pipette, test tube, tweezers, Petri dish, scalpel, and spatula in general everything that you need for your science experiments. The microscope includes a journal with 22 pages with not only amazing activities but also space where they can draw what they see from their observations.

  1. Julie’s Egg Chair Set

Julie's Egg Chair Set

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American Girl’s egg chair set is without a doubt the perfect seat that any eleven year old would love to have in either her playroom or bed room because this chair is not only extremely stunning but also super stylish. In this beautiful set expect to find a stereo egg chair detailed with working speakers plus an extremely elegant orange ottoman. The chair comes with an audio cable that is 3.5mm long which your little princess can use to attach any the inside of the chair is all painted orange while the rest of it is white with a few eye catching floral and silver details. It is not questionable that this will be a great addition to her décor collection. If your girl’s birthday is anytime soon, this will be the perfect toy to put a smile on her face.

  1. Light-Up Kaleidoscopic

Light-Up Kaleidoscopic

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Fun, fun and fun is what the Light-Up Kaleidoscopic GBOP by Hearth Song brings to your little ones. This large outdoor play ball sparkles with bright outstanding colors and this is all as a result of the 10 crystal clear cells it is made with that are infused with motion activated LEDs as well as the color filled foil confetti. The most fun thing about this ball is that kids can play both inside and outside the ball so it doesn’t really matter whether they are playing along or with a group of age mates, the fun will still be unlimited.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster

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For those that though blasters were only made for boys, Nerf has just proved you wrong by coming up with this Rebelle pink crush blaster which is particularly for the girls. Because Nerf knows how much girls love good-looking items and it came up with this super cute blaster for them to launch in a stylish way. This blaster has the ability to fire darts to as far as 75 feet away for kids to enjoy practicing their target. To get the action on, the blaster can as well be transformed into a cross bow since it comes with a cross bow arm. This blaster gets you perfectly armed for whatever mission you may want to go to, even when you don’t have company you will still enjoy destroying all your enemies with no difficulty.

  1. Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

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The beauty of nature is just so magical, trust me any child would love to enjoy the sight of the sky in the night, mountain ranges on the moon, Saturn and Jupiter. The Educational Insights 5351 Nancy B’s Science Club Moon scope will greatly develop children’s love for nature and science. The set comprises of 4mm and 20mm all glass eye-pieces, tripod, finder scope, moon filter and of course the moon scope with 18x and 90x magnifications. The view you get at night is very clear reason being the tripod is made with inbuilt LEDs. To get kids to participate, the moon scope comes with the Sky Gazers activity journal featuring 20 pages with stories and space for kids to write and draw. You will shoot two birds with one stone with this moon scope, reason being it is super fun for little children yet at the same time very educational.

  1. Treasure Chest Wooden Box Safe Money Bank

Treasure Chest Wooden Box Safe Money Bank

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All that small change that your little girl keeps throwing around can actually turn into a much bigger amount if shad a fashionable place to collect it from like this Antique Inspired Treasure Chest money bank. This wooden safe box is made with the highest quality, I can guarantee that you will not get kid’s treasure box as classy as this one from Shalinindia. It features luxurious wooden sheesham material and beautifully accented with genuine brass for that extremely appealing look. The super stylish money bank also features a latch on the front which when lifted opens up the bank’s top so there is no need to break it after a certain period of time. It is very easy to insert coins into the box through its well designed coin slot surrounded with brass ornament at the top, this is definitely the money saving box that your child will use for as long as she wants to.

  1. Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal

Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal

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For your little chemist, all you have to look out for is this Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal by Educational insights. This is another one of those super amazing science toys from Nancy B’s collection and without a doubt it will have your little girl occupied for hours. This chemistry set gives kids a chance to learn about some simple science principles through performing some fun chemistry experiments in the kitchen.  The different experiments kids can make with this set include creating your personal bubbling lava in a bottle, making chemicals change in color and so much more that may seem like magic to little ones. Lab equipments included are goggles, test tubes, beaker, lab glasses, cylinder, stirring rod, dropper and funnel. From its 22 page experiment journal kids will learn how to make the different experiments with ingredients in the house, little girls love this set.

  1. Knitting Studio

Knitting Studio

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Instead of your little girl spending her entire day watching television, why not give them a chance to get their hands busy with the Knit’s cool knitting studio. With the gorgeous machine, your kids get to knit like experts without using so much effort simply because this machine makes it very easy. As beginner, you can begin with knitting an infinity scarf, a phone case or boho headband since the studio comes with enough yarn for all the three. This is a very cheap toy to maintain since it works with the child’s effort, there is no need of spending on batteries. The studio’ knit posts and uniquely designed yarn will make very simple for you to make your own homemade pieces just like a professional as you try out different stitches and designs. It includes everything you need to get your first three projects started immediately such as yarn and easy to follow instructions.

  1. Disney Princess Royal Debut Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Disney Princess Royal Debut Peel And Stick Wall Decals

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And what better way can you possibly glam up her room other than the Roommates Disney Princess Royal wall decals. The extremely charming wall decals feature Tiana, Rapunzel, and Ariel among others and there is absolutely no doubt these will make her room as beautiful as never before. Applying them to any smooth surface is very simple since you just have to carefully peel and apply the decal. At the same time removing them is also a breeze since it can safely be removed without causing any damage to the wall and applied again to another surface.  This decal is just the excellent way to decorate your little girl’s room, if you want to surprise her, this is definitely the best way to do so.

  1. Spa Metallic Hair Chalk Salon

Spa Metallic Hair Chalk Salon

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Adding glitter and outstanding hair color has never been easier than it will be with the ALEX Toys Spa Metallic Hair Chalk Salon, this hair chalk allows your little super star create those crazy shimmering hairstyles in just a minute. This set includes all necessary items that little girls need to have lots and lots of fun with her friends at parties and sleepovers. It comes with 24 metallic beads, five washable metallic hair chalk pens, a hair beading tool or comb and 24 elastic hair bands with simple directions on how to create various hair color designs. With this hair chalk your princess can get herself ready to turn head as she adds color and glittering beads to some strands by simply gliding the chalk over a strand of hair.






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In addition to developing her sleuthing skills the your little can as well use this Nancy B’s black light to finish up the various science activities featured in the journal. This mysterious black light activity set is made to help your little ones develop skills in detecting fake and counterfeit money, observing and exploring flowers, various insects and so much more. The black light features three black lights and textured gripers for firm and non-slip grip for uninterrupted activity. The black light comes with a 22 page activity journal for kids filled with several black light experiments that are super fun. It doesn’t stop at that, it also comes with a black light illuminator ink invisible pen. Nancy B’s black light illuminator operates with just two batteries so you don’t have to spend too much.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear

Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear

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Protect your child’s eyes in style with the Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear, these extremely fashionable glasses have frames designed in one of the most trending colors and we all know it is a girl’s color so your little princess will definitely love it. They are made with exceptional quality and they are great for kids of all ages so there is no doubt your 11 year old will love them. Because of their great quality, these shades have also been found to be very durable so no matter how often your child wears them, they will still last quite a long period of time. The professional grade glasses perfectly protect your eyes hence helping you to have your best shot in each and every round. It is made with only safe materials that won’t be of any harm to your little girl.

  1. Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard

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For kids that love the game of darts the modern Viper 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard is a perfect choice. This incredible dartboard is wisely constructed with a very long lasting with concave holed segments which gives it the ability to last for a really long period of time. It flaunts an extremely large 4 player LCD scoring displays for anyone to spot their scores from wherever they many choose to stand. All players’ scores, different settings and important game stats are displayed on this screen. The Viper 800 electronic dart board provides very easy and quick access to all the features and games that little kids love. It displays short cut buttons, buttons for accessing the different features and more advanced setting. It comes with a very long list of kid’s favorite games such as Minnesota, cricket, Spanish cricket variations, 301 and 01 games. The set comes with 6beginning darts with soft tips, 24 extra tips, mounting hardware and a manual.

  1. The Eiffel Tower puzzle

The Eiffel Tower puzzle

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And for that little princess with great love for history and interest for architecture, the best gift will obviously be this LEGO Architecture 21019 the Eiffel Tower. Throughout the whole world this is the most famous land mark which makes it a really perfect addition to your child’s room. LEGO came up with 321 bricks which kids can put together to come up with stunning Eiffel tower and add it as a decoration to any room of their choice. The challenge of putting the pieces together to come up with the spectacular is not an easy one but it is definitely fun.

  1. Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy

Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy

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Every girl would love to have a good time in the pool floating with the Giant Flamingo Inflatable Pool Toy. For those little girls who are so much into what is trending, this pool float is just what they should be looking at because it is the most trending and stylish pool accessory. After seeing many of their favorite celebrities having a great time with this flamingo float, your princess will be more than pleased to actually have the float in their home. It is spacious enough to accommodate your little princess together with her friend since it approximately measures 80 inches long. The fabulous pool toy is designed with great quality UV resistant PVC material to last a long period of time therefore at the beach, on the pool or the lake this will spice up the child’s fun.

  1. Tile Lock Scrabble

Tile Lock Scrabble

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Improve her spelling skills, increase more on her vocabulary and lastly help her gain esteem about her language with the super fun game scrabble. Winning moves tile lock scrabble features a very unique board with tile lock design to ensure that your scrabble words don’t keep sliding off. Even if you have to play in a car, plane, train or boat, this leaves you totally worry free as it keeps all pieces intact even when there is wobbling. The set is made of four plastic tile racks, a drawstring tile bag, and 100 scrabble letter tiles to offer your little princess and the entire family a great deal of fun. On the bottom it is made with soft pads that allow you to easily rotate it to whichever position you feel is most comfortable for you and your play mate.

  1. Mini Gyro LED RC Quadcopter

Mini Gyro LED RC Quadcopter

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May be some people actually think that drones are meant for boys but they are totally wrong because Cheerson manufactured the CX-10 Mini quad copter which specifically for the young girls. With its brilliant orange color will get your child’s attention at first sight. The CX10 mini quad copter features 6-axis design which delivers maximum stability and great adjustability throughout the flight. Additionally it is also made with 3 level adjustable speed flip function which enables the user to change to any speed they wish to fly the drone from while it flies for about 4-8 minutes. This drone is built with a 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery and is controlled by 2.4GHz remote control giving you maximum control of your drone up to a distance of 40 meters.

  1. Folding Trampoline

Folding Trampoline

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Different from many other trampolines that very heavy and difficult to find space for when it comes to storage, the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline features a super light and foldable design with removable legs for added portability and more storage convenience. Its legs are also accented with rubber tips to prevent the trampoline from scratching your smooth floor when kids play from inside the house. The stamina trampoline is made with rugged steel and polypropylene, its frame is further covered with a vinyl cover and resistance bands to keeps kids little feet well protected as they jump. With its 36 inch bounce back surface, this trampoline provides an exceptional and strain free exercise session as it uses the body’s weight and inertia. It also has six detachable legs and a safety pad.

  1. Crystal Growing Experiment

Crystal Growing Experiment

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Help your little girl appreciate the beauty of crystal through the 4M crystal growing experiment. For those little  science addicts this is with no doubt the perfect toy that you must get for her, I am more than certain she will fall in love with it. The 4M Crystal Growing Experiment set comes with every single item your little princess will need to create seven various crystal growth experiments. For each and every experiment there are very clear and easy to follow instructions for the young ones to find it easy to perform all the experiments. This is the perfect toy to get your little girl’s mind buzzing with ideas and imaginations. As soon as the crystals are fully grown, you can have them beautifully displayed in the unique display case that it comes with. It will look exquisite wherever you choose to put it.

  1. Apple iPad Air

Apple iPad Air

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Weighing just 1lb and its super slim design the Apple iPad Air MD785LL/B feel incredibly light in your hands yet it offers a whole lot for little kids to explore and have lots of fun. It features Apple iOS for amazingly smooth running as well as a large 9.7inch retina display which clearly shows all of the features that this iPad has got.  It uses the 5MP iSight camera to capture beautiful photos and the 1080p HD video recording for capturing stunning videos. Its hard disk has 16GB capacity which is enough for little ones and can be used for as many as 10 hours thanks to its powerful battery. In a world with so much technological advancement, it is not just cool for your little one to have an iPad but inevitable.

  1. LEGO Minecraft-The Farm

LEGO Minecraft-The Farm

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The LEGO Mine craft 21114 Farm introduces your little one to life on the farm with all the animals, plants and several other features that are found on any farm. On this farm, kids will find a skeleton, a sheep, a cow and a Steve mini-figure along with 262 assorted pieces that little ones put together to come up with the farm setting. All kids that have great love for LEGO and mine craft will fall so much in love with this farm. In addition it also comes with a pumpkin helmet, trees, wheat which is mature and pre-mature, carrots, fences, waterfall, torches among so many others. Therefore with all these farm supplies, kids will definitely enjoy challenging their brains as they try to come up with the most creative farm designs.

  1. Xbox 360 Console Halo 3

Xbox 360 Console Halo 3

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A lot more different from the one that came before it, this Xbox 360Console Halo 3 Special Edition by Microsoft is a lot smaller so it takes up limited space and it is very portable weighing just about 7.7lbs. The Xbox 360 features a super unique design that allows both vertical and horizontal positioning depending on what an individual wants and stands out with a super unique green color with golden details and accessories in the same stunning color. With only one press of the guide button, you will be able to play games, connect with friends, enjoy music and movies, and download lots and lots of content using its wireless controller. You can play your Xbox 360 with a wide screen and enjoy the different games while listening to your favorite jams from your playlist. This game system comes along with wireless controller, Xbox 360 console, live headsets, Ethernet cable, HDMI connection and 20GB removable hard drive.

  1. Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow

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The Zing Air Hunterz Z-Curve Bow is the perfect bow for all those little ones that love to play hunting games because this set is molded with safety in mind. The foam bow and arrow combo stretches to about 125 inches and shoots the arrows to as far as 125 feet away and whether your right or left handed is not an issue of concern when you have this amazing set. It is comprises of two red X long range arrows, a bow, one arrow zartz and the zip clip in which all the arrows are safely held.  The arrows are also detailed with suction cups foam to ensure that they don’t little ones as the shoot. Being as accurate as they, there is no doubt these will make outdoor play super enjoyable for your kids.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Wear Boho Bands Kit and Weaving Loom

Do-it-Yourself Wear Boho Bands Kit and Weaving Loom

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Homemade bracelets always turn our right especially if you have heard the chance to make them yourself because no one knows your taste better than your own self. With the ALEX Toys – Do-it-Yourself Wear, Boho Bands Activity Kit kids can get the best out of their play time as they come up those cool and stylish bracelet designs. This bracelet making kit also comes with a weaving loom which makes the activity even much easier for those little hands. From the kit one can make over 10 fashionable Bohemian beaded bracelets as they combine the brilliantly colored vintage designs with a touch of modern style. To make the bracelets more attractive and unique, the kit also includes some metallic charms and sparkling color beads that are used to detail bracelets much more. Such creative toys help to build a child’s self esteem.

  1. Mobile Gaming System for Android

Mobile Gaming System for Android

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The MOGA Mobile Gaming System delivers the best game experience ever due to its amazingly quick, accurate and responsive control. Featuring a full range of buttons and dual analog sticks this controller makes playing games on your smart phone or tablets much more enjoyable than it would have been when you are using the device’s touch screen.  It connects wirelessly with devices using its extremely powerful Bluetooth transmitter to save you the burden of having to hold the phone or tablet in your hands as you play games. In addition it also comes with the MOGA arm which enables you to directly attach your device to it therefore those that don’t like using Bluetooth can opt for this alternative instead. Its ergonomic and super portable design makes the MOGA feel very comfortable in your hands even if you play for long hours. MOGA mobile gaming system uses its strong battery life to offer up to 18hours of use.

  1. Rubik’s Cube Game

Rubik's Cube Game

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At this age kids greatly enjoy games that challenge their thinking and one of those is this Rubik’s Cube Game. This cube comes with billions and billions of combinations however there is only one solution to all these combinations and this is what has made it the world’s challenging puzzle. This cube simple requires players to discover how the various colors on all its 9 sides have been matched. Because this is not such a walk over challenge, it gets little ones stuck on it for hours and hours as they try to figure the big solution. The cube comes with a stand where it rest when not in use.

  1. The Pick and Pass Card Game

The Pick and Pass Card Game

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The Sushi Go the Pick and Pass Card Game, this game includes 108 cards and the rules of play which kids are meant to follow as they play. This game is meant for either two or five players which is the perfect game to add up to the fun on any day both indoors and outdoors. The major rule of this game is to get the best combination of sushi dishes as they keep coming by. Whoever makes the most points from making combinations and makes a complete set of sashimi. The person that scores lots and lots turns into the sushi master. This pick and pass card game supports strategic thinking and visual discrimination. It is incredibly fun.

  1. Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze

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If you are looking for that game that will not only be fun for kids but adults too then look no further than this gravity maze by think fun. Construction games have always been super fun and the secret behind this particular building game is that it allows you to create any structure of your choice. The challenge with this game is that as you create your structure you must keep in mind that it must have a route that will take that to its destination. This falling marble magic logic game acts both as a logic puzzle and at the same time as a marble run. It involves 60 challenge cards, one piece for target, a grid game, 9 towers, and three marbles, all of this is meant to develop kid’s planning skills and unusual reasoning.

  1. Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box

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Your little princess needs to have a beautiful place to keep her beautiful and most treasured items just like the Childhood Memories Ballerina Jewelry Box by Lenox. This super cute ballerina jewelry box would a really perfect gift for just any special day. It features well organized compartments for rings and earring on the inside, a spinning doll all dresses in a pink ballerina dress and a mirror. Its exterior too looks so splendid in silver color detailed with a sculpted quilt pattern and glittery studs in heart shape. In this box she will have her favorite things safely and beautiful kept. To make her counter look more fabulous this is definitely the perfect addition and it last really long because it is made with such great quality metal material.

  1. Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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A combination of power, advanced technology and the highest quality materials is what makes up the Razor E100 Electric Scooter. The E100 electric scooter has managed to capture kids and parents hearts because it is well-constructed, so much fun to ride and lasts years. It features a kid sized deck and frame that makes it super comfortable and easy for kids to ride. It also engages a chain driven motor which makes it very convenient for your child, you the parent and your neighbors since it doesn’t produce any noise at all. When kids want to rest, this scooter has a kick stand which is very easy to put off and on when they are ready to go again. Its hand operated rear brake makes stopping very smooth, easy and reliable.

  1. American Girl Crafts Easy Stitch Headband and Bracelets Kit

American Girl Crafts Easy Stitch Headband and Bracelets Kit

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With a wide collection of projects to make, the American Girl Crafts Easy Stitch Headband and Bracelets Kit offers your little girl a way for her to show off how creative she can get. The projects include making a stretch headband, making cuff bracelets and stitching headband bracelets and each of these projects is super easy for those young ones. The kits comes with all the materials that your little girls will need to make these pieces, all pieces are precut with perforated stitches and instructions on how to create all the three different accessories. This kit will give your young girl the inspiration to get into creative play.

  1. Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens

Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens


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With ALEX Toys Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens anyone will be able to paint their nails just like a nail artist from home without her even going through too much trouble. This package includes five lightweight pens with two tips, one being the precision tip and the other is brush. The brush end is one that is used to fill or paint the nails while the precision tip is the one that creates the different outstanding designs and does all the detailing that one would love to have. These sketch pains come in five different brilliant colors and the paint that they come with is of exceptional quality so it doesn’t easily flake or go off but rather lasts really long.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

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You can imagine how cool it to wear a watch looking different every other day, that is what the ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit has to offer to your little girl. Besides teaching her how to easily read the time it offers her a new wrist band to wear with whichever outfit she changes to. This kit comes with seven beautifully designed bands of great quality with a stainless steel case that makes the watch water proof. With all these cool wrist bands, your little girl will definitely be the coolest kid at school.

  1. Slumber Party Box Of Questions

Slumber Party Box Of Questions

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For the most interesting slumber parties Melissa & Doug’s slumber party box is definitely the perfect solution. This game includes asking friends at the party different really funny questions, these box girl conversation beginner questions are printed on 82 shiny cards. Just when everyone is very quiet and bored these cards will help to break the silence and encourage everyone to engage. Kids also love the beautiful package in which these cards are packed.

  1. Artist Studio Colossal Art Set

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Colossal Art Set

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With plenty of materials included in the ALEX Toys Artist Studio Colossal Art Set, you child can paint and draw each and every single thing she has in her imaginations. This kit has as many as 315 pieces which your little girl can use to make several masterpieces. Some of the items in this art set include, sharpeners, erasers, crayons, water color cakes, fine and jumbo markers, pastels, brushes, different types of pencils and stickers among others. This undoubtedly the best set for your little artist.

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