35 Best Toys For 12 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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At the age of 12 one thing that is quite obvious is that your girl’s cognitive functioning has greatly improved, she reasons much better and her decision making skills are higher. However this doesn’t mean that they can manage everything on their own, they still don’t know how best to put their intelligence and skill to use because of their lack of experience of what happens in real life. Because your 12 year old has just reached her teenage or adolescent stages don’t be surprised if she is asking for independence and prefers to spend most of her time with the peers, this is completely normal because your little girl is simply going through certain hormonal changes. The games that are more challenging easily get their attention because they quickly learn from their mistakes or wrong doings so easy games won’t be of great interest to them. Yes it is true that your 12 year old may get somehow unbearable but here are the best toys that will keep well occupied for several hours.

  1. Alldaymall Tablet

Alldaymall A88X 7'' Tablet

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Alldaymall’s A88 7 inch Tablet is the perfect gadget that every parent should be looking out for to put a smile on her little princess’s face. This tablet features a 1.3GHz quad core that is approximately four times faster than a normal CPU, it is this processor that ensures smooth running of all the tablet’s programs. Its internal memory capacity is 8GB which is quite big but the tablet allows you to add up to its memory since it is has micro SD car slot from which you can increase its memory all the way to 32GB. This way it can accommodate all your videos, photos, games and lots of contents. It runs with Android 4.4 kit kat operating system, comes with preloaded games and also allows you to access several fun apps. Its 7 inch high resolution crystal clear display makes playing games, reading and watching videos so much fun.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

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Who doesn’t want to wear a watching looking new every other day or for every different outfit? The ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit is the perfect gift for your little princess on any special day such as Christmas or her birthday. This kit is made up of a 1 quartz watch and seven different long lasting bands with really cute designs that your little girl will love. All the bands are made with only outstanding colors and fashionable deigns like the polka dots which are so trendy lately and most importantly they are completely easy to exchange so your little one won’t find any difficulty in switching to whichever she prefers to wear. It might not be easy to teach her how to read time but this watch will get her all excited to learn how to read time.

  1. Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console Bundle

Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console Bundle

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If you want to have each and everything you ever looked for in a video game then the Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console Bundle is absolutely the way to go. It comes with a wireless controller with the best performance that is designed just like the console in order to give your home the appealing touch ever. It features internal removable hard drive with 250GB memory capacity which is more than enough space for storage of HD TV, movies, music, games and so on and so forth. With its inbuilt WIFI you can as well enjoy playing with several other friends of yours and also keep in close communication with friends on Xbox live. The Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach Console has several ports from which you can connect offering lots of places to plug and play. This is the latest version and it has the quickest and easiest Wi-Fi connection to Xbox live.

  1. Magnetic Mini Tile Art

Magnetic Mini Tile Art

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To all the early teenagers 4M’s 4563AM Magnetic Mini Tile Art offers a super cool way to get creative, get busy and have lots of fun while at it. With this magnetic tile set, you can easily turn any regular tiles into the most beautiful masterpiece. This kit when complete comprises of a paint strip, a paint brush, double sides adhesive tapes, rubber magnets as well as well detailed and clear instructions. You can now make your art on tiles with this art and all you have to do is paint the tiles and give them time to dry. The most interesting thing is that this artwork is long lasting, it can therefore be presented to friends or family members as a present. These tiles can as well be stuck onto a locker or wall to give it a really outstanding look.

  1. Ozobot 2.0 Bit

Ozobot 2.0 Bit

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Improve your child’s innovativeness and prepare them for the future with the Ozobot 2.0 Bit, the Educational Toy Robot. As tiny as this robot looks it has the ability to teach and introduce your little girl to lots of important aspects. through teaching them how to code, this robot encourages your child to participate into more adventurous activities such as solving problems, playing games and getting more and more creative every other day. It is possible to program the robot to dance, race among many other activities yet it is perfect for not only novices to the world of robots but also the experts who have experience with this technology. Kids can fully program the Ozobot bit using a visual programming editor called Ozoblocky and this is all part of what keeps kids hooked to this tiny device.

  1. Apple iPod nano

Apple iPod nano 8 GB

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With the Apple iPod nano 8 GB, your little one is assured to have hours and hours of entertainment, this will be the solution to your child’s boredom. This is the world’s most famous music player, it delivers up to 5 hours of video podcasts, TV shows, music, movies and so much more on just a single charge.  This IPod displays an anodized aluminum top and wide bright screen for the most amazing viewing experience. It has the ability to automatically search through your iTunes and make mixes that your little girl will fall in love with, it will practically be her own personal DJ. Most interestingly the Apple iPod nano 8GB is super portable, you can always take it with your wherever you many want to go. It is also very easy to use, even kids don’t find any difficulty in using it.

  1. Microscope and Activity Journal

Microscope and Activity Journal

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The little science lovers will fall head over hills with Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal  because this is the perfect toy to motivate them to love for science even more. This set includes lot of science tools that are necessary for her to perform various science experiments. These include Petri dish, spatula, 7 cover slips, pipette, test tube, tweezers, stirring pod, 7 blank slides and 4 prepared slides. The microscope is made with a rubber eye cup which delivers maximum comfort during observation as the journal guides them on how to conduct various experiments. The journal that comes with this set has 22 pages with activities and blank pages on to which kids can draw and write whatever they observe. Some of the experiments include observing bugs, looking at crystals, investigating cells and so much more.

  1. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

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The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter offers your little girl a super stylish and fashionable way to have fun. With its Italian scooter design, vintage inspired style and powerful motor this scooter delivers exceptional performance which has hence made a favorite for many. Besides the seat being super comfortable, it also has a hidden storage compartment under where kids can store any of their belongings they need to carry along. It also features 12 inch pneumatic tires that ensure the smoothest rides while the handle bars are well detailed with attractive and sporty decal steamers that girls really love. Twist grip acceleration control and hand operated rear brakes are very helpful when it comes to easy and reliable stopping. More of this scooter’s amazing features include a retractable kick stand and inbuilt rechargeable battery with the capability to take the scooter all the way to 10 miles on just a single charge.

  1. Carousel Music Box

Carousel Music Box

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Just imagine how beautiful this Honey Gifts Laxury Carousel Music Box, with its flower designs this music box will be the most perfect addition to your little girl’s room. It is designed with three horses and each of them turns around as the music plays. Along with the music, the box also lights up in seven different colors to make the whole room look nothing but romantic. It will make her stay in the bedroom worthwhile. For great durability, it is designed from high polyresin and clock work. There is definitely no gift better than this one especially if it is for special days like Christmas and birthdays.

  1. Sketch It Nail Pens

Sketch It Nail Pens

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Create your own nail art just like an expert using the ALEX Toys Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens.  These two tipped pens allow you to don’t only paint but detail your nails because on tip is a brush which you can use to paint or fill the nails while the opposite side is a precision tip which is used to sketch different designs on to the nails as you may prefer. The pens come along with high quality paint that creates designs to last a long period of time. The kit includes five pens and each of them has a different color, I don’t doubt at all that she will love to spend several hours working on her own nails just like a professional.


  1. Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

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It is fun playing play station games but that doesn’t compare to the beauty and fun of watching the sky, mountain ranges of the moon and trips to Jupiter and Saturn. For those kids that don’t where to start with the moon scope, it comes with an activity journal of 22 pages to give them guidance to where they can start. After seeing how beautiful nature is through this moon scope, your little girl will love natural science even more. It features 90x and 18x magnifications and comes together with a moon filter, tripod, all glasses eyepieces that is to say the 20mm and 4 mm. Its tripod is built with a red LED light for you to have a great view even when lights are dim or when it’s dark. In the journal kids can write and draw whatever they observe.

  1. Karaoke Player

Karaoke Player

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Any parent will love to watch the performance her child will put on with the Akai KS 212 Karaoke Player. The easy to use player is designed with two microphone inputs, video and audio output so they can perform, watch their favorite videos and at the same time listen to their best songs. Its speakers are inbuilt and it displays colorful LED lights for a much more appealing appearance. It comes with all the necessary controls for perfect sound and these controls include echo control, balance control and auto voice control. The Akai KS karaoke player comes with several accessories including an AC adaptor, a microphone, Demo CD+G disc. For hours and hours of entertainment, this is just the ideal gift to get for your little princess.

  1. Crystal Growing kit

Crystal Growing kit

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Use the Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing kit to perform as many as 15 enlightening experiments and as well grow whole dozen of sparkling crystals, in short it will be the perfect experience for any child who has huge love for chemistry. The experiments are both simple and complex therefore both starters and experienced chemists, from three types of crystals with different shapes and colors, kids can come up with as many as 13 exceptional combinations. These experiments are super easy to conduct since all you need to do is mix up the solutions and sit back as you wait for crystals form on their own. Crystal growing offers a lot of fun and education since different crystals grow differently ranging from between 24 hours and weeks. The kit also comes with a manual having 32 pages that’s introduces little chemists to the stunning world of crystallization.

  1. Disney Mickey Mouse Bowling Toy Set

Disney Mickey Mouse Bowling Toy Set

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Kids love to knock these bowling pins down and thereafter pick them up as much as they love the designs printed on them. This Disney Mickey Mouse Bowling Toy Set is one of those toys you will take your little girl having all the confidence that she will love it all the bowling pins in this set are made with Mickey Mouse in various bright and attractive colors. Goofy, Donald and Mickey among several, your little girl will have all the inspiration to engage into bowling. Kids will try to knock the bowling pins down over and over in attempt to knock all the ten down. This is a fun game when for kids who want to play alone without interruption yet it is at the same time perfect for those that they like to play competitively with friends.

  1. Laser Maze Logic Game

Laser Maze Logic Game

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If you are looking for that quiet game that will keep your daughter playing all through the day then look no further than this Laser Maze Logic Game from Think fun. This logic game features a real laser and is meant for an individual player, it involves over 60 challenges to ensure that both professionals and starters are engaged. The main challenge about this game is how to organize the different cards or tokens to make sure that the laser beam hits a particular target through using mirrors to reflect and split on the puzzle grid. It comes with very easily understandable instructions on how to play, this game will keep your child super busy for several hours. The game is very engaging and challenging not only for kids but for adults as well.

  1. Knit’s Cool-Knitting Studio

Knit's Cool-Knitting Studio

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It is time to get those tiny hands busy with Knit’s Cool – Knitting Studio, knitting with needles is way too difficult and old fashioned and tiresome however this studio makes the whole process super easy yet it makes you knit just like an expert. Featuring vertical posts, the knitting studio aids little ones in making their own accessories in the least possible time without using too much effort like that required when using needles. This knitting studio comes with yarn but this is not just normal yarn but expressly designed yarn which makes it even easier and faster to knit several pieces. It comes with three sizes of knit posts large, medium and small posts, for creating different designs and shapes. That is not all, it can also allow you to experiment with different stitches and also accessorize your pieces.

  1. Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter

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Made with very strong aircraft-grade aluminum and eye catching pink highlights, the Razor A Kick Scooter will definitely be the perfect scooter for your little princess. It features a foldable deck and unique T-tube design which makes it very convenient and easy to carry to any desired destination and this is number one reason as why many parents and kids love the scooter. In addition it is made with two urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings which deliver the smoothest at all times. It weighs just 6 pounds and very unique rear fender brake for fast and reliable stopping. Because it is very easy for little ones to control of the scooter, it is very easy for them to learn how to ride this Razor A kick scooter.

  1. Spirograph Design Tin Set

Spirograph Design Tin Set

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The Spirograph Design Tin Set is the must have toy for each and every family that needs to have endless fun both indoors and outdoors. This creative gives each member of the family the ability to make those outstanding designs that are way too intricate, it may seem impossible to make those designs but the Spirograph makes it very simple.  The Spirograph features very unique rings and wheels which wisely infuse the principles of mathematics and art to enable little ones make some of the most outstanding and cool designs. The set includes a guide book with 10 pages, a rack, 7 wheels, a ring, design paper and comes in a sturdy tin. This is not only for the kids, it allows the entire family to create those mind blowing designs.

  1. Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair is very pretty and at the same time very practical chair. The carefully and durably molded seat entails an extremely sturdy structure and washable surface which enables it to last for several years, it is this chair’s durability that has made a favorite for so many parents. It is great for both indoor and outdoor all thanks to its easily foldable design and incredible portability that makes it simple to carry it to the child’s favorite hanging spot. The butterfly chair is super comfortable reason being it is designed with armrests and very stable feet which give you peace of mind even when it is used on slippery floors. It is very simple to adjust and with its cup holder, little ones can have their drink so close by easy as they enjoy sitting by the beach or swimming pool.

  1. Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

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For many kids it is always great experience to learn how different things to be the way they are, on that note they will instantly fall in love with the Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium as bring the magic of how seeds turn into plants much closer to them. This is a full kit to aid children in making their personal miniature eco-system at home, it is super easy yet very entertaining way to teach little agriculture lovers about the life cycle of plants as they assemble, decorate it, take care of it by watering and watch it blossom into a plant. This Grow n’ Glow terrarium is the perfect way to teach your little princess about cause and effect relationships. After having such an educative toy they will never forget important details like what happens when plants are not watered.



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She can turn into the expert of noticing counterfeit money and secret science sleuth with Nancy B’s science club black light illuminator. This black light activity set comes with a journal featuring 22 pages to guide kids into different experiments and make them more engages into the whole science world. This handheld tool is very light and made with textured grippers to make it even more firm to hold during observation. It is also detailed with three black LED lights and it can as well be used to observe flowers, rocks and insects. You can encourage your child to love science more than she already does with this illuminator by educational insights.

  1. Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals

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Frozen is a favorite for many kids all over the world and the girls in particular therefore it will be a perfect idea to get your little woman these Roommates RMK2361SCS Frozen Peel and Stick Wall Decals, they will make her room look much more beautiful. The wall decals include all of children’s favorite characters and even more amazingly they are extremely easy to apply since they are not made with sticky residue. Because they are reusable, your little girl will be able to easily move the decals around however she wants as long as the surface is smooth. These 36 wall decals will really make a great addition to any child who greatly loves Frozen.

  1. Kent Rock Candy Girls Bike

Kent Rock Candy Girls Bike

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Don’t ignore getting your gorgeous princess a bike just because you think are meant for boys, if you want your girl to enjoy a ride on her own bike simply look out for the Kent Rock Candy Girls Bike. This bike is designed to last many years, it features a sturdy frame that is very safe as well you wouldn’t be wrong to say it is a bike made for the children but its construction suits the adults. With its dual suspension frame combined with 7 speed gearing twist grip, this bike gives the rider maximum control for the smoothest ride. In addition it also features V-brakes with alloy levers which guarantee reliable breaking while its alloy quick release seat clamp delivers maximum comfort to the rider.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster

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It doesn’t really matter is your enemy is watching you during the mission when you have the Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster since it sends out secret messages to members on the same side. The high quality blaster has a maximum capacity of 12 darts whereby 6 are collectible darts and the other 6 are secret message darts. This means that you will always have enough darts to accomplish your mission successfully. The blaster combines both skill and speed to shoot darts all the way to 75 feet. It comes with a decoder which reveals messages that are hidden on the secret message darts. This is the ultimate toy for your young girl to enjoy outdoor play much more than ever before.

  1. Nanoblock Eiffel Tower

Nanoblock Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel tower being one of the most recognizable structures and the most visited there is no doubt your little one will greatly enjoy the challenge of building one of the most famous towers. The nanoblock Eiffel tower is made up of 200 pieces of different colors to challenge kids into stacking them together until they come up with the perfect structure, her creativity along with the easy to follow instruction will help her out in making the complete structure. The building bricks are really which is why they turn out into a very beautiful building since they are also very easy to grab. This is a really fun way to improve your child’s logical thinking skills, fine motor skills as well as problem solving skills.

  1. Chi-Chi Chihuahua

Chi-Chi Chihuahua

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Yes Chi-Chi Chihuahua is very adorable toy dog but that is not all about it, it also does several other activities that are really entertaining for children. The pretty thing is accented with a white and red checkered neck tag which makes it look even more adorable. Chi chi actually barks, nods his head, wags his tail and walks he will definitely be the perfect toy to add some more fun to your home. He even playfully pounces just like a real puppy.



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Did you actually know that there is a lot you can accomplish within just 60 seconds? This Educational Insights riddle cube allows you to put out your imagination into reality in just seconds. From this shape shifting game you can create so many pictures and many words as well. This game is all about shifting the cube into various shapes corresponding with a challenge card in particular time limit. It is made up of 100 double-sided challenge cards, 60 second timer, instructions and four riddle cube shape shifters. For both solo play and competitive play, this is a perfect game, it greatly build children’s problem solving skills and also improves their spatial thinking skills.

  1. Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench

Schoenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench

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I am more than glad to say that the choenhut 30 Key Fancy Baby Grand looks just as gorgeous as it sounds. It elegant design stands out with nicely curved legs and a very attractive glittery finish. Putting aside its sophisticated appearance, this grand is also very well-constructed to ensure long lasting durability. This keyboard will be the best way to introduce your little girl to some music basics and skills since it is designed with 30 full-sized keys. It delivers a great chance for your girl to learn finger stretch which is number one basic in playing the keyboard and becoming a professional pianist.

  1. 3D Craft Drawing Printing Pen for kids

3D Craft Drawing Printing Pen for kids

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Floureon 3rd Generation 3D Craft Drawing Printing Pen is the most appropriate gift for anyone who loves creativity and putting their imagination into reality. This 3D printer is the most flexible you will ever come across, this is simply because it is features a lightweight design, speed control design and temperature adjustable design, all these are embedded in just this one pen. It comes with three different filaments and even those small hands that kids have will be able to easily control it. For added convenience, it is made with the nozzle integrated cartridge design and heating coil. She will really love creating several pieces with this pen.

  1. Nano 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Mini Drone

Nano 6-Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Mini Drone

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The Syma X12 Nano 6-Axis Gyro RC Quad copter Mini Drone is the perfect toy to get your little girl into some engaging fun. For exceptional performance and non-stop for the most amazing action, this mini drone is infused with 360 degree eversion. Additionally it features 6-axis gyro system which provides added stability, very strong wind resistance, makes the drone simpler to control and also makes it easier for the drone to perform all the different flight movements. It comes along with a 2.4GHz remote control that uses spread spectrum technology to enable control of the drone from further distances without interruption even when there are other drones flying. The movements it makes include up and down, forward and backward and finally turning from left to right. This drone is small in size and really which also contributes a lot to its great performance.

  1. Heartbreaker Short Scale Red Hot Red Electric Guitar

Heartbreaker Short Scale Red Hot Red Electric Guitar

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For any little girl out there who is just learning to play a guitar this heart shaped electric guitar by Daisy Rock will be such a big inspiration. Any girl will fall in love with this guitar instantly with this guitar since it is specifically designed for them, your little rock star will definitely be happy with this present. Its heart shape, outstanding red finish along with the silver inlay dots give this guitar a really appealing appearance. It is built with a really light weight, slim and thin neck design which makes it easier for kid’s small hands to play. This guitar’s ergonomic design makes it super easy and comfortable, this is a very stylish musical instrument. All materials used to make this guitar are of exceptional material which guarantees its durability.

  1. Badminton Set for Kids

Badminton Set for Kids

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And for the young badminton lovers there will be no toy better than this liberty imports badminton set. Unlike the usual racquets that adults use, these one are much larger and designed with shorter handles to ensure that kids find it much easier to grab them in their small hands. They are also designed with a stringed hitting area to make the racquet lighter hence making it easy and fast for children to swing. The set is made up of two racquets the pink one and the blue one, a birdie and a ball therefore it includes everything they will need to play both indoors and outdoors. Badminton is such a fun for kids to be entertained and at the same time exercise to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

  1. HEXBUG Spider


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But of course any kid will love to own Hex bug spider , this is a robot in form of a micro creature and does lots of activities that your little one will fall in love with. From BEAM technology this remote controlled creature was made so the fact that kids have maximum control over the robot makes them love it even more. Hex bug spider features six legs and has the ability to rotate all round to 360 degrees, as soon as he is commanded to start he classic alternating tripod gait as he moves forward. When he senses loud noise or when an obstacle touches his antenna he steps backwards before continuing forward. All these actions that Hex bug makes are super exciting for kids, they will not let the robot rest even for a short while.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster

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Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster is decorated pink just to get girl’s attention and they definitely succeeded, looking as good as it looks any girl would immediately want to have the set. The heart breaker bow blaster is made with real bow action which enables it to fire arrows all the way to 85 feet. The set comes with three pretty pink arrows and a decoder that discloses secret messages whenever she is out for secret missions.  Each of the arrows whistles as it flies and comes with a secret message which means even when the enemy is around you can always have your message safely delivered to your opponent. Storage is super convenient reason being both the decoder and removable quiver. Outdoor will be a lot more fun with this good looking set.

  1. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

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From a company that is as famous as Fly bar for making the best quality pogo sticks, I cannot help but trust in the fact that the Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is another good that you need to try out. This pogo stick’s frame and grips are all covered up in foam to keep the stick in excellent shape even after years of use and at the same time provide uncompromised comfort to the user. For added peace of mind the stick is also made with a wider stance bounce tip which provides maximum stability so as you jump you never have to worry about falling. With its non-slip foot pegs one can perform some really cool tricks as they enjoy the most consistent experience ever.

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