35 Best Toys For 13-to-14 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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At the ages of thirteen and fourteen the person you used to call your little girl is almost no more, she has now turned into an adolescent and will probably be more rebellious than never before. With all the changes she has been going through both physically and emotionally, it will actually not be that easy for you to know what she even loves most including her toys of course which is why I came up with this post which includes some of the most appropriate toys for your 13 or 14 year old girl. You need to take not of the fact that kids at this age don’t actually like to go to bedtime at a dictated time since they feel like they are passed that stage, you will find them playing even when they are supposed to be sleeping, they treasure their privacy a lot and don’t expect anyone to interrupt their personal time. It might not be that easy taking these to her because she overly wants to make her choice with what she may want to play with but the toys featured here are carefully chosen so your little girl will sure love them.

  1. Fire Kids Edition ipad


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The Fire Kids edition tablet is decorated so much like a toy however the most interesting thing about it is that it is much more than a mere toy. This is a real tablet with a really fast processor that guarantee fast launching of apps, games and videos along with a high resolution IPS display for the best viewing experience especially when you are watching movies. It can store up lots and lots f your child’s favorite photos, videos, movies and games on its 16GB internal storage but also features expandable storage with a micro SD card, this fire device never lets you worry about storage space. It is designed with two cameras, the 2MP rear facing camera that captures high resolution as well as the front facing camera for enjoying video calls. It is made with Amazon’s photo and camera software with various editing tools for kids to explore their creativity but most importantly this software doesn’t give little ones the liberty to post pictures on social media platforms. Your child will never get tired of playing with her tablet reason being it has the best of the best content for her to enjoy.



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Teach your little girl to love multiplication with the Educational insights multiplication slam. For some kids multiplication is just too difficult that they even hate but with this slam it is going to be a lot easier through its five multiplication games. The multiplication slam is extremely easy to for kids to use since they just have to read out a problem, look through the answers suggested and thereafter slam the right answer. It emphasizes the different multiplication concepts for numbers 1 to 9 and if you want to get more scores you need to be fast at answering.  This is the most ideal toy for practicing different multiplication concepts, facts and sequences since all problems answered wrongly are recycled until a right answer is got. It is a well-designed and really portable device that kids will love learning from.

  1. Apple iPod classic


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With its really huge storage capacity of 160GB the Apple iPod classic is without a doubt the perfect device for your little girl. This super portable device is very easy for little ones to hold and carry along wherever they wish to go. It displays a 2.5 inch backlit LED display that provides the best view as they select their favorite songs. It is anticipated to have about 142GB of free space which accommodated up to 25,000 photos, 40,000 songs and about 200 videos. When the iPod is fully charged it can deliver about 36hours of non-stop music while for those that prefer watching videos it provides 6 hours. It is all enclosed in stainless steel and highly recyclable aluminum for added durability.

  1. Crystal Growing Kit


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Use the Crystal Growing Kit – Grow Stunning Purple Crystals to inspire your little one to love science even much more than she already does. This is the perfect science experiment to get your little one’s attention and to also bring the entire family together as they enjoy watching the stunning of view of how crystals grow. These are not plain color crystals, they are rather designed in purple color which makes them look even more beautiful. The crystals kit is not only meant for fun but rather made to teach your little ones about geology and chemistry. It is a great science kit not only for kids at home but those at school as well. It comes together with an educational adventure guide with clear instructions on how to get started with the crystals.

  1. Xbox 360 E 4GB Console


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With the whole lot of accessories that the Xbox 360 E 4GB Console comes with, I am more than sure it will be the perfect device to offer your little princess hours and hours of entertainment. To make it unique from the prior series, this one is made with a much more fashionable design and given a very appealing appearance so it will definitely make the perfect addition to your home. It is infused with 4GB internal storage for kids to save their best TV shows, games, movies, photos, music and videos among so many others that keep them occupied during free time. Its inbuilt Wi-Fi makes connection so much easier and faster while the wireless controller allows you to stay in touch with friends from your comfort zone. In its package you will receive a black wireless controller, standard definition composite cable and the console with inbuilt Wi-Fi.

  1. Ozobot 2.0 Bit


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Even the most creative kids might not be able to show off their creativity if they don’t have the chance  or the platform to do so, which is why the Ozobot 2.0 Bit educational toy has been designed, it helps your little one to show off the incredible ideas she has in mind. This is a very small programmable robot stimulates kid’s creativity, their critical thinking skills hence getting them ready for the overly technology developed future. This is such a great indoor game that introduces your child about various things surrounding them, teaches them the basics of computer science as well as many other complex programs and important skills that they need in life. this robot is super easy to understand and use but offer different programming levels to suit learners and engage more experienced users as well. It delivers up to 90 minutes of play time after being charged for just about 30 minutes.

  1. HP Chromebook Laptop


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With its sleek and extremely stylish design, the HP Chrome book 14-ak060nr 14-Inch Laptop is yet to become every child’s favorite gadget. The first thing that will get you hooked to this laptop is its super flawless internet experience reason being it operates with chrome OS for easy, quick and very secure internet use. Using such a powerful processor there is absolutely no way this laptop will lag or slowdown while your work. It also features long lasting battery life that allows you to chat, play games, stream, surf the internet and do so much more for hours before it actually runs out. It is constructed with a very slim design while its HP true vision HD webcam captures photos and videos with perfect clarity. It doesn’t really matter which angle you choose to catch your shows and videos from, this laptop will still give you the ultimate view.

  1. Carousel Music Box


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Her bedroom is probably her favorite hangout therefore any concerned parent will really try to make it a more appealing place for her to stay, start with this fabulous looking music box. The combination of blue, silver and white is totally splendid it would make the perfect addition to you room. This music box comes with three horses that turn around as the music plays and it doesn’t even stop at that, it also lights for an even more attractive appearance. Because it is made with high quality materials, its durability is unquestionable this is a really well-made music box. This HoneyGifts Laxury Carousel Music Box with floral designs will be the most stunning gift you can ever think of giving her on her birthday or Christmas.

  1. Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


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They are not just stylish the LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are also made exceptional quality and several amazing features that your little girl will love. The feature that kids love most about these headphones is the integrated share port which makes it extremely easy to connect and share with friends who have the same headphones. The long lasting durability is attached to high quality stainless steel and polycarbonate while its super amazing comfort is because of the soft touch fabric the headphones are covered with. Every pair of the untangled pro headphones comes with great accessories such as a detachable 48 inch audio cable with an inline microphone, microfiber carrying case and micro-USB charging cable.  These are very good looking headphones, very comfortable but all this doesn’t compromise their great quality sound.

  1. 3D Printing Pen


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The NEXTECH intelligent 3D pen is the latest version and it has been molded just to satisfy user’s desires. This hand-held 3D pen will surprise your child as it allows them to draw in 3D without difficulty, it is made with a very unique nozzle which is super easy to replace and maintain. This pen is also very safe for your child with smarty heating and sensing temperature which keeps the tip at low temperature to prevent you from hurting yourself. It is extremely light which makes operation even easier for kids little hands, this is a fun toy for kids both indoors and outdoors. Since it comes with 3 filament refills your little one will be able to start immediately they simply have to plug the pen in with its USB cable and paint from wherever they wish.


  1. Fascinations AntWorks Illuminated Blue


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Kids will be completely fascinated with this blue illuminated Antswork from Fascinations, the really unique toy will motivate your child’s mind into exploring and discovering how things like this can actually be possible. This ants work illuminator is made specifically to demonstrate to your little one how it goes on in the world of magic, science and engineering this is the most unique toy your child will ever but it is at the same time the most stunning of them all. It is just so amazing watching how ants create their own splendid design as soon as they are put on to the illuminator. The kit comes also with an ant order kit and booklet with instructions on how to conduct the experiment and get started with the rare fun.

  1. American Girl Crafts Elephants Sew & Stuff Kit


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The American Girl Crafts Elephants Sew & Stuff Kit offers a fun and really cute way for your little girl to spend her free time, as she makes those pretty little elephants on her own she will develop a sense of self-expression and greatly increase her development. It is through skills like these that kids get to understand what their strengths are and gain confidence about themselves. They don’t have to worry about cutting out the elephants simply because this kit comes with pre-cut elephants that are further detailed with perforated stitch guides which make it a lot easier for little ones to sew the elephant pillows. They can choose to start with the mini or the big one. The kit comes with very clear instructions for each and every step you need to take to sew, 4 tail beads, a strand of floss, Cardboard Square, needle, pack of stuffing among others.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster


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On any mission whether it’s a secret mission or not, the Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Blaster is not just perfect way to arm yourself but also a stylish one. The high quality toy is made with nothing but the safest materials to ensure that it doesn’t cause your little one any harm and because of its high quality this blaster is also very durable. The pink blaster is designed with a black handle and detailed with really eye catching graphics that will get any young girl’s attention. It is uniquely made to switch from being a blaster into a cross bow. It comes with 4 darts that it can shoot all the way to 75feet and cross bow attachment. I don’t doubt for a fact that she will love playing with this really cool toy.

  1. Kendama Wood Toy Aqua Blue Marble with Extra String


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The Kendama Wood Toy will make any child enjoy her playtime to the fullest, reason being instead of the traditional juggling, yoyos and other games of the kind this Sword and Ball game is a much better option. This game may not seem that interesting but I can assure you that it will get your kids attention for hours as they struggle to figure out how to be best at it. It is constructed from durable and quality wood with a very sturdy string to deliver several hours of play to your little one. Knowing how vigorous kids get with games this, Kendama is delivered with a spare string just in case the original one is no more. Whether it is for competitive play or individual play, this game is still so much fun.

  1. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter


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With this extremely stylish Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter, cruising on the side streets will be as fun as it has never been before. This scooter with a vintage inspired design has turned into kid’s most favorite ride not just because of its design but also due to its exceptional performance. It runs on a chain driven motor and pocket which can take you all the way to 15 miles per hour. Whether it is for a quick ride to the store or simply for fun on the streets, this scooter is definitely the way to go. The combination of a rear suspension system and twelve inch pneumatic wheels delivers the most perfect and comfortable ride. Its seat is well padded for even more comfort as its inbuilt battery requires only a single charge to take you for about 10 miles.

  1. Radio Control RC Mini Quadcopter Helicopter Drone


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Choose the oneCase Cheerson CX-10 RC Mini Quad copter to see how active your little one can get up on their feet and become active. The Helicopter drone features 6-Axis gyro system which guarantees added flexibility and stability during flights and a strong Li-polymer battery with a protective board to automatically turn off the drone when it bumps into an obstacle to avoid excessive damage. Its small size makes it the perfect flying toy for those with limited space as the beautiful and bright LED light allows kids to play also at night. The CX-10 RC helicopter is made with three speed modes for a completely customized flying time. For added fun during flights the drone maneuvers to several directions that is to say forward or backward, up or down, left or right, makes 3D 360 degree eversions and so much more.

  1. Easy Stitch Headband and Bracelets Kit


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As she makes her own bracelets and headbands with the American Girl Crafts Easy Stitch Headband and Bracelets Kit, your little girl will be able to explore the creative side that you or even her didn’t know existed. This is a kit of 51pieces and completely easy to follow demonstration instructions on how to easily make the accessories. With the number of amazing projects that it is made with, this kit will be your little girl’s opportunity to show off her incredibly great and creative ideas. The kit is made of up pre-cut head band pieces, bracelet pieces, needle threader, needles and buttons which are all she will need to put her projects together. Because of the pre-punched holes that act as guides on the pieces it is super easy to sew the pieces together and come up with finished accessories.

  1. Spa Sketch It Nail Pen Salon


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For simple gathering during holidays, sleepovers and birthday parties, the ALEX Toys Spa Sketch It Nail Pen Salon is the most appropriate toy to spice up your little girl’s day. With the different precision tools in this kit and high quality nail polish, you princess can make the most stylish, creative nail art designs. These pens make it easy for kids to create intricate, wild and super cool designs for herself, her best friend and the rest of her crew. The pens have an upper tip which is a brush for filling or painting the nails and a lower tip which is used to create and detail the already painted nails. From five exquisite colors, pink, blue, yellow, black and purple there are unlimited design possibilities for her to choose from.


  1. Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal


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Little chemists can have the best of their favorite subject with Nancy B’S Science Club Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab. With this amazing set of tools and the help of the kitchen experiments journal it comes with, young scientists have a great chance to explore different simple science basics and principles in the safest possible way. Tools included in this set are, graduated cylinder, 4 test tubes, a funnel, lab glasses, stirring rod, dropper and finally a beaker. All this equipment is necessary for activities like making bubbling lava in a bottle, using invisible gas to extinguish a flame, making chemicals to change in color and so many others. Its activity journal features 22 pages with experiments that can be performed using household ingredients and space for kids to write. This is a fun way to bring STEM learning closer to your princess.

  1. Spa Hair Chalk Salon Craft Kit


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For the vibrant personality that your little princess has she will definitely need a vibrant hairstyle and Using ALEX Spa Hair Chalk Salon Craft Kit she will be able to make it on her own in the easiest possible way. With this kid she can add glittering beads and removable color to look outstanding from the rest of her friends or look exceptional on her special day. This kit is made up of 24 metallic beads, 24 hair elastics, a hair beading tool and five washable hair chalk pens, the most interesting thing about this chalk is how it easily applies to dry hair and washes out so quickly with shampoo. It is however not advisable to apply it on the hair while it’s still wet.

  1. Disney 4 Piece Minnie’s Fluttery Friends Toddler Bedding Set


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But of course every kid will have a beautiful and the most peaceful in such a flawlessly organized bedroom setting. The Disney 4 Piece Minnie’s Fluttery Friends Toddler Bedding Set is every child’s dream gift, it includes a fitted sheet, top sheet, a comforter, and pillow case in a very attractive purple shade and detailed with cherry Minnie mouse design for a mind blowing appearance in the room. Everything in the set is made of high quality polyester and it is machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. With such a splendid looking bed, you won’t have to force your girl to get into bed when she knows she is accompanied by Minnie and her friends.

  1. Spa Sketch and Sparkle Tattoo Pens


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She can get creative on her own body as she draws tattoos on it using ALEX Toys Spa Sketch and Sparkle Tattoo Pens. The package consists 6 pens of different colors and they are all super comfortable for her to grab and start beautifying her body with some cool designs. in this kit kids will also find a stick on stencil which they can use to trace the most fashionable designs on their bodies, remove the stencil and add color using the tattoo pens. She will love how her own creativity will look on her own body. Parents also love these pens because of easy it is to wash off the ink and of course how they keep kids busy.

  1. Trampoline Combo Bounce Jump


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Fun exercising will produce the most amazing results especially for the kids. The Giantex Trampoline will encourage your little one to get active from outside the house and at the same time give them a chance to keep their bodies because as they jump they will be cutting some excess energy. This trampoline has a very unique design and surrounded with a high quality net to provide added safety for kids while they jump. Its square shaped legs provide maximum stability and it only requires simple assembly so parents to have to worry about getting it up for kids to play whenever they want to have some outdoor fun.

  1. ThinkFun Adams Cube


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The Think Fun Adams gives to the kids and the rest of the family with its great combination of challenges, this one toy has six different challenges. Each side of the cube offers a new challenge and this is what keeps one hooked trying to figure how to accomplish each challenge. Each polygon frame has five puzzle pieces which you are supposed to arrange.  This cube keeps you going for hours reason being some of the puzzles are very easy and will require a few minutes to arrange while others are complex and will take several minutes.

  1. Microscope and Activity Journal


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Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal is the most appropriate toy for all the kids out there that are into science. This microscope comes with several science toys that motivate to perform more of those science experiments. Kids use the microscope to view various objects and observe all the details they cannot with naked eyes. It is super comfortable and made with great quality to ensure durability. Its 22 page activity has a guide which kids can follow as they collect various specimen.

  1. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick


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The mere fact that it comes from one of the original and most famous pogo stick companies is number one guarantee for anyone to trust the quality of this Fly bar Foam Master Pogo Stick. Fly bar has been in existence for quite long and it has only made great quality and durable products which makes this pogo stick one of those. The master pogo stick is entirely rounded up in foam to make last even longer than it is supposed to last but also to give it a more appealing appearance. It is also made with a wider stance bounce tip which delivers added stability and a more reliable jumping experience since you are never worried about falling. Since this pogo stick, sticks well to the ground, kids can even get to easily show off their tricks.

  1. Children Multi-Bin Toy Organizer


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Get this Disney frozen multi bin toy organizer by Delta children to make your little girl’s room look super neat and super classy. Whether it is for the bedroom or playroom this organizer will be the perfect addition simply because it is constructed with many cabinets of different sizes and shape to make tiding up the room a really great and enjoyable experience for your child.  With its kid-size it is actually very easy for little ones reach out for every cabinet to clean up and organize without any help. It designed to make her fall in love at first which is why it is made with Disney’s favorite princesses and very attractive graphics. It has both small and large cabinets to ensure that it accommodates both tiny and huge toys. With engineered and soft wood this toy organizer is very durable yet very safe at the same time.

  1. Marshall Hanwell Speaker in Purple


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The Marshall Hanwell Speaker in Purple doesn’t only add a touch of entertainment to your home but also gives your home that stylish and unique appearance. The extremely fashionable speaker is covered up in a wooden cabinet and purple vinyl for the most unique appearance. The speaker leaves maximum control in your hands with its analog interaction controls for treble, bass and volume so you can have a completely personalized experience with the speaker and in addition it also features a classic power switch. The golden long and fret cloth are vintage Marshall Amplifier inspired, I am very positive that our little queen will love to have this kind of speaker in her room.

  1. Concert Baby Grand with Bench


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If your little princess has big love for the piano then they will be no better way for you to help her increase her music skills better than the    Schoenhut concert grand piano. The piano features a hinged lid which when opened displays all 37 keys that the piano has. This piano is made just like an adult piano so it is not only made for the kids but the adults too. It has chime-like tones which will produce the most beautiful sound each time a piano key is played. For added safety, the piano’s hinged lip gradually raises and lowers which prevents little ones from hurting their tiny fingers. This is the perfect instrument for beginners reason being it is even made with a detachable color strip that guides your princess’s little hands from one chord to another.

  1. Light-Up Kaleidoscopic


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If you thought you had done it all for your little ones to enjoy outdoor play, well you really got it wrong because you haven’t tried out the Light-Up Kaleidoscopic GBOP ball, this is the ultimate toy for unlimited fun outdoors. The ball features 10 crystal clear cells but inside them exists motion active LED lights and colorful foil confetti which are responsible for the appealing way that the ball sparkles. This beautiful and extremely large ball keeps kids laughing and having fun all through outdoor play or indoors for those who have enough space inside the house. Although it causes no harm to your child, it is important to supervise them as they play with the ball.

  1. Disney Princess Little Girl Sunglasses


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Aren’t these the cutest glasses you ever come across? Well I personally think they are super cute and I am sure your little princess will back me up on this too when she sees her new gift. They are super unique in that star shape and how they are accented with a mermaid on the upper part of the lens and glitter on the frame makes them even much prettier that they already are. They are made of great quality which hence makes them very comfortable yet they are also very protective of the eyes from that horribly hot sun. She can wear these shades with absolutely any outfit of her choice and be the center of attention.

  1. LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves


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If she has a performance coming up soon, these LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves will give her the motivation to do her best. These gloves are designed with flashy multicolored LED lights on the inside which sparkle to create the most charming appearance you have ever seen. They features high quality cotton material that feel super soft on kid’s little hands yet they are at the same time thick enough to keep her hands warm. Before you the LED lights are turned on the gloves are black and white and after turning the LED lights on, the white part will sparkle in an amazing combination of colors.  The glow mitten gloves have 6 modes of 7 colors you kids can easily switch from by simply pressing the button on the wrist.

  1. Discovery Purple Cheetah Acoustic Guitar


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For any girl that will be strumming the guitar for the very first time, the First Act FG3715 Purple Cheetah Acoustic Guitar is one perfect option. The guitar flaunts an exquisite design of cheetah print in purple and pink which screams out for kid’s attention, with such a beautiful guitar she will have every reason to improve her strumming skills every single day. It is outfitted and sized for younger players to keep them very comfortable as they play. It will create an astonishing musical experience with the great sound it produces and very precise intonation. The acoustic guitar has a very thin design, it is light and made with low string action which makes it so easy for little hands to play.

  1. Animation Praxinoscope


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Children’s imagination develops through the challenges they go through, it is therefore high time you gave your little girl some a much more interesting challenge with the 4M animation praxinoscope. The challenge here for little ones to create an animation machine using the different functioning parts that are included in the kit and a light bulb. It includes well detailed instructions on how to build the machine, a ready to watch disc and one that is blank for your princess to come up with her own animations. They also get tired and bored with the same usual games so such a unique toy will definitely offer them some activity to engage in for hour and hours.

  1. Fantastic Electronic Violins


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Music is always a great solution for those who are depressed, stressed or bored and not only for the kids but for the adults as well therefore if you buy your little princess this completely stunning electric violin you both will enjoy the fun it will bring to your home. It s well made from high quality wood and beautifully finished so it doesn’t just play good sound but also looks good. Playing this violin is extremely easy since all the child has to do is press a button and start sliding the strings over the bow to play several songs beautifully. You will never be irritated by how the violin sounds since it is always in perfect key.

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