35 Best Toys For 16 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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While he was fifteen you must have noticed that your boy loved a lot of independence and preferred to do lots of things on their own but at that time they still had some doubt about whether they can really accomplish things completely on their own. And now that he has turned 16 this is what his new age is all about, he loves a lot of independence and feels that he has strong ability to take on different responsibilities without any help. These sixteen old boys spend a lot of time getting in touch with friends on their phones, tablets, laptops and whatever devices they have, they consider socializing with their peers much more important than spending time sleeping. Of course not all of them but most of them at this age care a lot about how their bodies and will try so much to engage in exercises so as to keep in shape and maintain good health too. Because they are almost adults they believe they are ready to drive and might not be home at the time they are actually supposed to but this all part of their age. Here are the toys that can help keep your sixteen year old boy occupied.

  1. Cards Against Humanity:


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Maybe you will not find it that easy pleasing that teenager that you have back at home but trust me the Cards against humanity will be the perfect way to spice up their time at home or at a party. This is much more interesting than many other party games that you have played before, it I the weirdest and most dreadful game you have ever come across. It includes 90 black cards and 460 white cards which all together makes a total of 550 cards, in a group of 6 players they will be able to play for so many rounds which makes the fun endless. Even if it is your first time to play this game, you will not find anything hard about it because it simply entails one of the players posing a question with a black card and each of his playmates answer with a white card that they think is the funniest.

  1. MP4-MP3 Player with Video Player:


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If you don’t want to strain your budget too much on one of those overly expensive Apple iPods well this Tomameri Purple Color Portable Player would a great option to try since it is good quality and comes at a manageable price. It comes with 16GB micro SD card and only downloads when the memory card is present unlike Apple iPods that come with internal storage memory. Whether you are spending the day at home or at going on those really long trips, this iPod will your perfect companion as it allows you to take your favorite music with you wherever you go. It runs with a Li-ion battery that charges for about three to four hours to deliver several hours of play. Before getting the iPod you must be aware that it is not from Apple so it doesn’t support iTunes.

  1. Precision Target Gun Set:


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The Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set offers a much more modern way for your teenager to practice and improve their target accuracy. Whether he loves to play alone and concentrate on his target accuracy alone or prefers competitive play with friends this set is definitely a perfect pick. It includes an easy to mount target that will take you just a few minutes to hand either on the wall or behind the door, 10 suction darts and a fire strike blaster with light beam trigger which turns on the precision light beam. With just a few attempts on the target, your boy will have his shooting skills getting better and better every other day.

  1. Chess and Checkers Set:


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For any type of chess player, the starters, mediocre and overly experienced players, the Croove Electronic Chess and Checkers Set is one excellent choice. This is not chess a chess board but a set of eight other games including checkers, chess, Halma, 4 in a row, Nim, Reversi, Northcote’s game and lastly fox and geese. Any chess lover out there will be totally impressed with the increase in challenge that comes with various skill levels. This set displays a large LCD screen with customizable contrast, 30 chess levels, five different computer styles and 12 chess modes and with all you always be assured of hours and hours of fun. It features an inbuilt voice teaching system which helps out starters and younger children how to go about the game of chess. Even on the move the whole family will be able to catch a game because of this game’s exceptional magnetic quality.

  1. Music Set:


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The perfect toy for any music enthusiast is this musical play set, it is an amazing selection since it includes three different items a trumpet, clarinet and saxophone they can switch from one instrument to the other for versatility. All instruments look classy with the silver finish and colorful keys and the fact that they are numbered and color coded makes it much easier for starters to learn. The set also includes instructions for some of kid’s most favorite songs. Each of these instruments is made from exceptional quality plastic and totally free of lead which makes the instruments very safe to children’s health. Arouse your boy’s love for music with the easy to play instruments included in this IQ toys combo.

  1. Dice Kit:


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Make a team of between two to four players and enjoy the excitement and trick of the liar’s dice game by Front Porch classics. In its extremely cute and unique dice shaped wooden storage box you will find 20 game dice and four plastic dice shakers. Teens love to get together with friends and this will definitely be the perfect game to keep them entertained each time they meet up with friends. Even for those extremely introvert kids, this game gets them engaged in the laughter and memory building plus sharing that it brings. With its classic and appealing design this game attracts every teen to get up from whatever they are doing to engage into this game. Family bonding is also very important and this game will definitely make those unforgettable family moments happen.

  1. Kids Piano Accordion:

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The accordion is not an easy to play instrument however D’Luca’s G104-BK Kids Piano Accordion has been made to make playing much easier especially for the young music fanatics. This accordion piano is designed with a smaller size to make it appropriate for kid’s little hands to play more comfortably and with great ease. The musical instrument is made with a 17 key treble keyboard and 8 bass chord buttons which enable it to produce the perfect sound to accompany other instruments such as the guitar, percussion and banjo. Besides the great sound it plays, it is also beautifully colored all over its frame to create a really appealing look. The well made accordion also features an adjustable strap for perfect fit and added comfort during play. Any promising accordion player will totally love having fun with this great musical instrument.

  1. Warfare Ballista:


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Here is another really unique but very interesting toy that any 16 year old would love to have, the miniature Ballista kit. This is a kit made up of 28 pieces including all necessary hardware, wooden ammo as well as easy to follow instructions. The laser cut wood ballista features a very strong nicely twisted cord that enables it to shoot all the way to 30 feet. It is made with the best quality wood, instead of the usual electronic toys it will be very good for your boy to try something this unique.

  1. Magic Cube Puzzle:


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If you have one of those extremely smart boys that positively respond to challenges then you can be rest assured he will love the TurboTech Octagonal Speed Cube. This super unique cube offers you the challenge of arranging all colors on the nine sides that it has, once you have all colors arranged perfectly then you will have accomplished your mission with this speed cube. This is described as the worlds most addictive and brain teasing puzzle simply because it offers thousands and thousands of combinations but at the end of it all it only leaves one solution. It has very smooth corners which makes it a lot easier to turn compared to other speed cubes. It is constructed with genuine eco-friendly, non toxic ABS material that doesn’t cause the slightest harm to the environment or to humans. And because of its lightweight it never feels heavy in the hands even after long hours of holding.

  1. 3-D Home Kit:


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Does your boy love a lot of architecture or you simply want them to gain some architectural skills, well the 3-D Home Kit Quick Planner is a fun way to get them started. This kit offers kids a chance to decorate and design the house that they would want to have in future as it includes sufficient cardboard and all necessary building equipment. The building materials in this kit include flooring, windows, doors, siding, grid paper, roofing plus instructions for drawing the scale. With all this material they can construct very many different houses or come up with just one big house of 6200 sq feet depending on what they want. On its 5,600 sq feet floor plan grid they will can quickly begin construction the house using over 700 precut furniture and architectural symbols since they are reusable since you just have to peel and stick. This home quick planner is so much fun for all people above the age of nine.


  1. Ready Set Stilts


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Stilt walking is extremely fun but that’s not all about it, it is also very great for improving coordination, strength and balance, which is why these ready set stilt walking sticks feature on this list of the best toys. the fact that they are adjustable makes them perfect for the younger kids who are just beginners to stilt walking and at the same time ideal for older and more experience walkers. It has very soft grip handles for the most comfortable stilt walking experience. What makes these sticks very unique are the removable feet that enable you train with balance prior to taking the first stilt walking steps. As soon as you have mastered your stilt waling skills you can easily remove the balancing feet and try new tricks, assembling the sticks is extremely easy you don’t need any tools.

  1. Mini Aircraft:


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Just the imagination of this ball in the air flying as it sparkles with multi-colors is breath taking so get the Lookatool flying RC ball for assured fun in your home. Its strong lithium battery enables it to fly for about 20 minutes to a distance between 5-8 meters, this ball flies really high you will not believe how far it can go. Because of its exceptional quality, the ball is very durable to the extent that even after bumping into several obstacles or falling down often it doesn’t easily break. It also incorporates the automatic start induction features which makes starting the ball to fly is quite easy. It is approximated to fly for not less than 6 minutes and not more than 8 minutes. It is designed from completely harmless plastic ABS material.

  1. Electric Motocross Bike:


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Get all the other teens in the neighborhood jealous with the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike. With the variety of high performance features that it is engineered with and the extremely stylish design it displays, this bike will make him the talk of the entire home area. It loads a very powerful 650 watt electric motor that delivers over 40 minutes on uninterrupted use and takes it all the way to speeds 17 miles per hour. It flaunts an authentic dirt bike structure and as well as a super cross inspired design that many teens are in love with. On the front it has a 16 inch tire for overcoming the dirt while on the rear it has a 14 inch tire for exceptional power transfer. For powerful, very quiet and reliable operation, the Razor MX650 is also packed with a chain driven motor and twist grip acceleration control, there is no doubt your boy will be the dirt hill king on this marvelous bike.

  1. Magnetic Dart Board:


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Doesn’t it sound like a lot of fun having to enjoy all the fun of playing darts but in a much safer way without individuals getting hurt or walls getting damaged? This is what the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board by Marky sparky has to offer. This dart board kit has each and everything similar to that of the original dart board game, starting with the colors, to the design, number of darts and even that faux cracks on the board, everything about it makes it seem real. The kit comes with six magnetic darts however the magnets are enclosed inside so they don’t cause any harm either to the walls or the people and a dart board with a hook at the back for easy mounting either on the wall or back of the door. This is a very interesting game to bring the entire family together, it betters coordination and also encourages kids to get active.

  1. Drone with HD Camera:


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If you want to enjoy every bit of your outdoor adventures, look no further than this UDI U818A Wi-Fi FPV RC Quad copter Drone. This drone allows you to capture crystal clear and beautiful aerial footage and photography while enjoying the most fun-filled flights. Through Android and iOS systems it becomes super easy to connect the drone with your mobile so that you watch whatever the drone captures from your own comfort zone. It features the advanced FPV Wi-Fi feature which enables easy syncing of VR headset to the drone’s controller. Using its 2MP HD camera, you always guaranteed to have the best photos and splendid footages. The UDI U818A quad copter is easy to fly by all kinds of pilots because of its 360 degree flip and 6 axis gyro stabilization system that makes it stable and flexible during flights. Along with its headless mode there are so many other features to look out from this drone.

  1. Stomp Rocket:


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Get kids onto their feet as they run jump and launch the original stomp rocket all the way to 200 feet up the air, this toy stands out because it is completely child-powered and doesn’t require any batteries. The set comprises of the stomp launch pad and four ultra stomp rockets with foam tips and it is extremely easy for kids to assemble. For hours of engaging outdoor play this is the perfect solution as it is strongly and durably designed to stand the taste of time. Your kids too will be totally surprised with how high they can launch this stomp rocket using their own energy.

  1. Robotic Arm:


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Boys are huge fans of robots so don’t think twice about getting him this robot arm, be rest assured that building the robot arm will keep him busy for a really long period of time. The arm comes in pieces which calls for assembly before they can start enjoying the fun activities that this robot can perform. The arm has ability to move up, down and around and can also pick up smaller objects with weight below 100grams. This is a super fun way to educate little ones about robotics and robot building. Even those that don’t have the slightest idea about robot building will find no difficulty in getting this robot arm together because of the completely easy to follow instructions it comes with.

  1. Helicopter with Gyro:


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The Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter is any easy to fly drone much recommended for novices as well as expert drone flyers. With the 3 channel infrared control, this drone can only be flown indoors but the fact that it is easy to control makes each and every flight very enjoyable. With its 6 axis gyro, the drone remains very stable all through flights and its remote comes with two joysticks whereby the right one moved the drone from left to right as the left joystick moves it up and down and regulates the speed at which the drone flies. The S107G is very durable, it is not one of those drones that get broken after bumping into just one obstacle. It runs with a LiPO battery and incorporates MCX2 blades that deliver the smoothest yet most excellent performance.

  1. Magic Lunch Box Set:


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Bring the excitement, craze and fun of magic right inside your house with Ideal Ryan Oakes 101-Trick Magic Show set. This set comes with extremely easy to master tricks and professional quality props of performing magic shows that expert magicians perform like turning spoons into forks and bringing about a thermos out of the blue among so many others. The Royal Oakes 101 trick magic show is all about turning regular lunch items into magical staff and trust every member of the house will be blown away by the tricks in this magic set. With the step by step directions DVD and Ryan Oake’s help kids will be able to perform amazing magic shows that will not only wow the people watching his performance but the performer as well. The magic box includes a thermal bottle with a cup, changing food card box, three piece fork, trick spoon, disappearing cloth napkin, hollow thumb tip and so much more.

  1. Shocking Game:


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You can make your home a lot livelier with the lightening shocking game, any group of teens will be thrilled with this really rare but interesting game. This is a game of four players which requires every member of the group to grab a handle as another person holds the center button down to activate some exciting music and turn the flashing red light on. Each handle has a trigger button on top part of the handle which all players are supposed to press as soon as the red light turns green. It has two modes the normal mode which shocks only the last player to press a button and the extreme mode where by only the player that presses his button or her button is safe and the rest get shocked. Players can choose from the four levels of shock intensity, level one which is low intensity only gives slight shock, level two which is medium shock that is more than just a tingle and lastly level 4 is an overly shocking mode.

  1. Binocular Set:


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Enjoy outdoor trips, bird watching and hunting with this two pack Best Children’s Kids Binocular Set. The two pair binoculars looks super classy in silver and black and has been designed with a 4x zoom for the best viewing experience. it comes along with a cleaning cloth, carrying case and a neck strap.

  1. Star Wars X-Wing:


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The Millennium Falcon Expansion Pack includes the Millennium falcon which is one of the most known start ships ever made. It gives little players the chance to blast through hyperspace with fun like never before. The starship comes with four pilots and has been advanced with fourteen upgrades that give you full control over Lando, Chewie, Han and so many others. The pack includes all components and tokens that make the game really fun.

  1. Voice Changer Helmet:


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All the super cool kids need to try out Star Wars’ The Empire Strikes Back Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet. This helmet gives you the look and sound of Dark Lord of the sith as soon as you wear it on your head. Through it you can talk like Darth Vader and even breathe like him and because it is made for kids five years and above its straps are adjustable for more comfortable and perfect fit. It features a very easy to push button which activates the voice changer and with this there is absolutely no doubt your little man will fall in love with the helmet.

  1. 3 Dimensional Game:


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And on those days when you don’t feel like playing with anyone else and you want to enjoy completely alone, the SiamMandalay Knots and Cross – XOXO 3 Dimensional Game will your perfect solution. This classic wooden game is very exciting for individuals, its major challenge is to move all the wooden pegs to the opposite side of the board. Much as you are playing along there are rules that you must follow for example you are not supposed to skip over two or more pegs at a particular time, in each move you make you are supposed to only move one peg and you are not allowed to move it backwards. The game is hand carved from high quality wood that is amazingly durable.

  1. Newton’s Cradle:


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For a whole day filled with fun, look no further than this Westminster Newton’s Cradle. Before even experiencing the fun offered by this desk top toy, you will astonished by its super shiny and attractive metallic silver frame. These ball swing back and forth for a beautiful watching experience that you never get used to or bored with. You will also enjoy how pulling back a particular number of balls, swings that exact number of balls on the opposite side. The cute set of balance of balls creates a very beautiful and elegant appearance any desktop. It will be a perfect gift for your boy’s room.

  1. Street Fighter Figure:


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Through the Big Boy Toys Street Fighter’s TNC-01 Ryu PVC Figure, one of the most outstanding figures from Capcom’s long running street fighter video will become a reality. The background on his standing base completely imitates the background in the game. The Ryu figure will demonstrate all his anger on his invisible opponent, flashes lights and also makes several surprising sounds.

  1. Electric Scooter:


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Let your boy enjoy his rides out on the streets, sidewalks and pavements with the classily designed Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter. This pocket mod scooter is made for the boys that love to stand out but this doesn’t in a way compromise its high performance. With its really powerful chain driven motor, the scooter goes all the way to 15 miles per hour and this had made it the perfect choice for all those quick rides down to the store or supermarket. It also incorporates a pair of 12 inch pneumatic wheels which deliver the smoothest rides over and over. This stylish scooter has a well padded and well sized seat for maximum comfort all through the ride but under this seat it is made with a hidden storage compartment for any necessities he may wish to carry along on his ride.

  1. Board Game:


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The castles of mad king Ludwig by Bezier games is all about a team of players showing off how creative or innovative they can get by each one building their own castle. Players make use of the thematic and colorful rooms to come up with the best looking rooms that the master who is one of the players will pay for and the most interesting bit is that every round is totally different since Ludwig changes the type of castle he gives points for. This game never gets boring at anyone point reason being the castles you build keep changing with an entirely different layout and different rooms. In its package you will find about 75 exclusive rooms, bonus and room decks, beautifully colored wooden tokens, terrace gardens where the king relaxes, a bed room for the queen and the Venus Grotto. It is a breathtakingly interesting game.

  1. Activity Solar Balloon:


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The Tedcotoys School Children Activity Solar Balloon brings some rare but interesting fun in your backyard or compound. This balloon is 29inches in diameter and 50 inches long, you can imagine the excitement of watching such a huge balloon soar all the way up in the air completely powered by the sun. This is a very interesting way of introducing your child to the science of solar power, thermodynamics and convection. If you are looking for ways of making science lessons and projects much more interesting this balloon will a perfect solution, at the end of the class everyone will have mastered how these principles such as principle of Pascal’s and Bernoulli’s actually work. The balloon also comes with a science learning guide and well detailed instructions.

  1. Perplexus Package:


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Both beginning and expert puzzle solvers are assured to have a really great challenge trying to find the solution to these genuine Rookie, Epic, Twist and Warp Maze games. The main challenge with these games is directing the small steel through the path from start to end but I can assure that this is the hardest task you have ever come across. From the perplexus rookie where it all starts to the perplexus warp where it all ends, there are accurately 405 challenges over five different mind-straining spheres that you must overcome. As if it hasn’t confused you enough it doesn’t end at that, it also includes three Brybelly speed cubes, these cubes are designed with no stickers for added smoothness to ensure that you can fast solution as fast as possible. If you are sure your mind will stand it then go for it.

  1. Brain Teaser Puzzles:


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Develop your child’s confidence in problem solving and improve his spatial thinking skills with the Kanoodle Brain Teaser Puzzles by educational insights. This fun collection includes two brain teasing solitaire games and offers thousands of easy and complicated combinations yet only one combination is supposed to solve the puzzle and this is where the challenge comes in. This puzzle kit comes with colorful beads which players use to come up with as many as 100 brain building designs, taste your child’s creativity from how they connect the different beads. The two main puzzles include a 2D rectangular building and 3D pyramid building challenges, both with different levels of difficulty. All the pieces fit inside a very portable and sturdy carrying case for easy cleanup and storage when playtime is over.

  1. Paradox Box:


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Try as hard as you can to see if you can actually find your secret in this paradox box. The fun with this paradox box is just endless, you begin by throwing the dazzling metal sphere into the box and as you keep twisting and turning the box around the sphere keeps rotating through the blind maze, this is how the box keeps on deceiving you. This box gets everyone’s attention as it greatly encourages logic, mental visualization and concentration. Such brain teasing or rather challenging games are ideal for any sixteen year old to sharpen their minds much more. The paradox box is designed in different bright colors which also add up to its attractiveness.

  1. Hot Air Balloon:


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The beauty of watching this hot air balloon while it spins is totally amazing. This 22 inch hot air balloon by premier kites is a favorite for many because in addition to its durability that enables it to last year after year it is also extremely easy to assemble. It is designed with 100% genuine UV resistant fabric and super cute colors that look even better when it is spinning. Even with a little wind it will still spin so it doesn’t actually require too much for you to enjoy its beauty.

  1. Solar Robot:


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A 14 in one robot that works entirely depending on solar energy is definitely a perfect pick for your teenager. The OWI 14 in 1 solar robot doesn’t need batteries at all yet it has the ability to transform into as many as 14 various modes. It entirely cost free robot offers two building skill levels, one which is more convenient for the first timers and the second one that allows experts to show off their tricks in robot building and not feel left out. In each of the different modes like the wagging tail dog, crab, zombie chaser and beetle among others it makes some comical and interesting movements that are very entertaining for kids. Besides the robot building fun, this toy will also educate little ones about other energy sources such as solar that they probably had no idea about.

  1. Table Tennis:


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For the little sports lovers there will be no better gift other than this ideal center court table tennis set. The tennis table is wide enough for the boys to enjoy a good game with a sibling at home yet it is small enough not to take up a lot of storage space in your home. The set includes two paddles, a ball, net, a wooden table that is extremely easy to assemble. Because of its incredible and high class quality parents can never lose trust in this table and the fun of having it inside your own home is endless as kids get to play at just anytime they feel like doing so. it is very portable, you can easily carry it out of the house if your little ones want to have some outdoor fun.

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