35 Best Toys For 2 Year Old Girls – 2017 Collection

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At this stage, your girl will be more active and creative – they will want to try out different things – so it advisable you buy for them the right toys according to their age bracket. The following list comprises of some of the Best Toys for a 2 year Old Girls…..serious research has been put into this list to make sure you make the right purchase decision. According to; two year old girls enjoy using their senses & motor skills to discover and explore their environments and at this stage they’re highly curious about the un-known. Don’t be surprised when they use any of these toys to solve simple equations in their lives. For example: Look at ”Floral Arrangement Playset” – featured in position 1, it can help them learn how to plant a simple flower garden………check out the all list below:

  1. Floral Arrangement Playset:

Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset

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With four flower bases, 24 flower pieces to make your choice from and 16 stem and leaf pieces to choose from, the Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Play set from Green toys will keep your princess super busy for hours. Your little princess will enjoy every bit of play time because they have a chance to arrange the bouquet in any setting of their choice and stack the flowers in any way that they can imagine. All stems are green while the flowers come in different brilliant colors so when the bouquet is set it can be placed in any room as a really beautiful decoration. Each every piece in this set is made with only eco-friendly materials that are 100% recyclable so they will not cause any kind of harm to your little one’s health. Build your little one’s imagination with this customizable floral arrangement while at the same time helping her keep her finger and hands busy.

  1. Little Apps Tablet

VTech Little Apps Tablet

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It is through Vtech’s Little Apps tablet that your little can join Cody the smart cub and a whole lot of learning activities. This tablet gives kids a chance to participate in imaginative play with the piano keyboard, screen that changes color and letter buttons as they try to play like their big brother, big sister or mom and dad on their personal tablets. Cody the smart cub with twelve learning activities offer the little angel a chance to explore and discover with interesting sound effects and clear animations that attract any kid’s attention. Its fun bear character mode slider allows you to choose between the two modes it offers while all alphabetical letters from A-Z are clearly displayed on the keyboard. The kid’s tablet helps kids learn about numbers, letters, matching, order of numbers and counting among so many others. Since it automatically shuts off and includes a volume control, this tablet is definitely a favorite for many parents too.

  1. Pretty Party Playset

VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset

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Maybe you have come across many tea sets but you sure haven’t come across a tea set as gorgeous as the VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Play set. The play set is made from highest quality materials so it is not only durable but also very safe for the child to play. It comprises of enough snacks that kids can divide up among themselves as they play, a pitcher of pretend lemonade, cups and a teapot, this is not all whenever babies place the right snack in the matching slot they are surprised by the tray lighting up as well as the pitcher. Within just a few days of playing with this set your baby will more familiar with shapes, colors and objects. It is designed with over 70 sounds, phrases, songs and melodies so putting any of the pieces in the right place will get her an interactive response to make imaginative play even more fun.

  1. Kids Smartwatch

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

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If your little princess is one huge fun of photos then there is no better toy you will find for her other this VTech Kidizoom Smart watch and more so in pink color that makes her look like the stylish princess she is. When on those interesting trips, this watch will not let any her miss even a single one of those unforgettable moments as it instantly and easily captures photos and videos. It displays more than 50 analog and digital faces for kids to select from so it helps them learn how read and tell the time. It also features a timer and alarm accented with lots of animations that are extremely fun for little ones to choose from. It is as well infused with four games which kids can play using the watch’s touch screen. It voice recorder has five voice recording effects plus a USB cable which for charging and uploading photos and videos.

  1. Playpen Ball Pit

FocuSun Playpen Ball Pit

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For her to enjoy with another of her friends or siblings, buy your two year old girl this FocuSun Playpen Ball Pit. It has a very unique hexagon shape detailed with multicolored polka dots plus all the balls inside it are also of different colors for your princess and her friend to enjoy every bit of jumping, standing, lying and crawling in the Playpen. It is designed from really sturdy and durable memory steel holder and really soft polyester fabric that is super soft and waterproof. Featuring a pop up design, assembling the playpen for your kids to play will only take a minute. This toy is ideal for development extremely important skills in kids such as shape and color recognition, interaction and coordination and also arouses kid’s imagination. This play pen is great for indoor play at home or outdoor play at the beach or picnics.

  1. Touch and Learn Activity Desk

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

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Your girl will be happy to receive this touch and learn Desk from Vtech reason being each part of the desktop they touch will give her something new to learn and enjoy at the same time. This activity table displays an extremely busy desktop with four cards each having double sides for your little to learn about not just the usual numbers or letters but also about music, people, manners and so much more. With its nine beautifully colored pages kids have a lot to explore and learn from more than thirty learning activities, over 160 vocabulary words and twenty or more famous kid’s melodies. Each page from this book offers four different learning modes so you baby just can’t get enough of all this fun. On its interactive LED screen , learning how to write for little ones has never any simpler as clear step by step demonstrations of to all letters and number are shown.

  1. Dora The Explorer Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Dora The Explorer Tough Trike

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If you thought outdoor play was fun, wait until you get your two year old girl receives the fisher price Dora The Explorer Tough Trike then you will know that she was really missing out on a lot. With the extremely tough and rugged tires, your little one will able to go wherever they wish to go each and every single day. It is most loved for its super comfortable seat and easy grip soft handle bars that let kids have the most fun rides and make them confident about riding. It further features big foot pedals, two large wheels at the back and one smaller wheel at the front for added stability and secure rides even for the youngest riders. Under the seat, this kid friendly trike is made with a hidden storage compartment for babies to ride along with their favorite belongings. And since imaginative play is key during child growth, it also comes with a key to that clicks and turns for kids to pretend to be starting their trike.

  1. Butterfly Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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Every visit to the beach will be a day for your little girl to be excited when she has this beautiful butterfly chair from Melissa & Doug. With such a durable chair, you don’t have to worry about daily use because it is made with an extremely tough frame and easy to wash material that gives the ability to withstand daily use for a good number of years. Little girls love this chair because the gorgeous butterfly design and since it is printed with rich color, it doesn’t fade off. This chair sits steadily on all kinds of surfaces reason being it is made with large made of grooved plastic that sticks perfectly on all floors. It also has a wire mesh cup holder which holds snacks and drinks close by and armrests to maximize comfort. You can always carry the chair to all journeys for the simple reason that it is very easy to fold, carry and store.

  1. Pounding Bench

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

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The Deluxe Pounding Bench by Melissa & Doug features a whole to new to make it much more exciting toy for kids. On this bench, kids get to practice fine motor skills as they pound the bench for the brilliantly colored un-detachable pegs move up and down to display their funny smiles and play peek-a-boo. It is with a very strong wooden mullet and parents love the fact that the pegs can’t be removed, this way they can’t easily get lost or misplaced. What kids love most about this toy is the magic that happens when they hit one peg and watch the one opposite popping out, this is a really fun way for them to learn about cause and effect relations. Besides teaching your baby about fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination, this toys is ideal for teaching kids skills in counting, identifying numbers and colors too.

  1. First Builders blocks

Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

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For the most creative construction ideas, this 80 piece DCH62 First Builders Big Building Bag is what you have to get for your two year old girl. These blocks are exclusively made for your toddler to have lots and lots of fun since they can easily grab them in their tiny hands, stack them together and pull them apart. The blocks are made with large prongs so kids don’t just stack them together but construct different toys from them. The blocks allow your little one to turn each and everything that have been dreaming about into reality since the possibilities that they can build from just this one bad are unlimited. The blocks are accented with some of the most stylish and outstanding colors that any kid will be attracted to play for hours as they build some of the most amazing things, take them down and begin all over again.




  1. Princesses in the Tub toys

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Princesses in the Tub

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If you want to make the prettiest bathroom for your little or better yet create paradise for your little princess to have the best bath time then I can guarantee there is nothing better than this Rub a Dub Princesses in the Tub from Alex toys. With this she will be living a fairy tale in her bath tab thanks to the 47 foam building pieces that are included in this set. It comes with a blue 3D floating carriage, royal castle and jeweled tree island all of which are specifically meant to make your little princess enjoys each and every minute in the tub. It also comes with a frog prince squirter, three squirters and two princesses so it will be a fun filled and learning moment for the baby.

  1. Monster Plush Bowling Game

Melissa & Doug Monster Plush Bowling Game

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This Monster Plush Bowling Game by Melissa & Doug will definitely make your baby all the fun they need to keep active during the various development stages. The bowling set is made up of six spongy and really soft monsters in different brilliant colors that will become your little one’s companion. Each of the monsters is designed with a different texture and the perfect size to fit into kid’s little hands so it is super easy for them to grab, squeeze and play with in a variety of ways. Because of the exceptional quality and soft washable fabric they are made with, they can endure energetic play for a long period of time.

  1. My First Dollhouse

Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

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Fisher price’s first doll house gives babies a chance to act out what happens in their home or what they imagine should go on in a family, it is the most perfect toy for role play. It comes with three amazing figures that is to say dad, mom and their little child each of these having the perfect size for your little princess to pick up with their tiny hands. The Dollhouse is designed with five rooms that is the parent’s bedroom, kitchen, nursery, living room and bathroom exactly the way it is in most homes. This dollhouse greatly develops hand skills as your little girl keeps moving furniture and other items from none room to another. It also helps her learn what her role and the role of all other people in the family is. As soon she opens the door she will be welcomed by really incredible child stories.

  1. My First Purse

Kidoozie My First Purse

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You can teach your baby right from two years that ladies are supposed to carry in their purse and look good so the Kidoozie My First Purse is here to help you do just that. This toy is designed to specifically test a child’s mind as they can use it to show off their creativity and imagination and in that develop their critical thinking skills. This purse takes your little one on an adventure with its incredible compilation of accessories. The items include, a wallet, keys, a play cell phone, a very beautiful pink flower a debit card, lipstick so your girl will grow up knowing what she is supposed to walk with in her purse at a tender age.

  1. Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket

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Sharing is one of the most important things a child must learn from their childhood and because it offers space for two kids to plays together, the leapfrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket will teach your little girl how to share with her friends. The basket offers your little one over thirty fun responses from which she can be introduced to shapes, colors and so much more while they also gain the courage to engage in pretend play. As kids empty and refill items, stack and match they gain better fine motor skills and since all items fit in just this one basket it is always so easy for children to carry to their favorite playing spot.




  1. Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy

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It is high time you helped your girl learn a variety of things in a fun way from Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard Toy Vtech. The super amazing drawing toy features three removable stencils infused with letter identification technology for the child to learn more writing skills, learn about health, letters and numbers among many others. The electronic clipboard also gives kids the motivation to learn with its four learning activities detailed with more than 30 fun sounds and melodies that kids adore. It has a slide eraser for her to easily and quickly erase away any unwanted drawings and a stylus that fits perfectly as well as comfortably in those tiny hands of theirs.

  1. Beauty Boutique Play Hut

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut

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Whether it is to play with friends or siblings, read or dress up, the Beauty Boutique Play Hut from play hut is all that your precious girl ever needed. It features a very easy to assemble cube-shaped design to ensure that the child can start playing as soon as they receive this hut. This is exactly like the boutique they watch on TV reason being it has sturdy curtains and a mirror made of soft reflective material inside the dressing room to encourage active role play. It has two openings on both sides and large on the front so it provides multiple exits and entrances. Cleaning up this hut only takes a minute and it easily collapses down when it is time to put it away for storage.

  1. Kids Accordion

Schylling Kids Accordion

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The Schylling Kids Accordion is a very stylish yet very easy to learn toy for kids. Yes this is just a toy but it plays and sounds exactly like the actual Accordion. This sturdily designed instrument offers little a very unique and enjoyable way to learn about playing music. It features fewer keys to ensure that it is less problematic and more user-friendly for little ones. It comes along with an instruction booklet that makes starting off with the toy even much easier. It is absolutely an easy chance for little ones to learn how to play the accordion.

  1. AlphaPup Toy

LeapFrog AlphaPup Toy

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Alpha pup makes such a great companion for your little girl during her various learning sessions. As she walks around with this adorable little toy, it keeps her company by singing 3 different learning songs and at the same time helps the child discover first vocabulary at a tender age as well as phonic basics that are important for her development. The most amazing thing about Alpa pup is that fact that he only sings when the kid is moving and as soon as she stops moving the puppy will also stop singing so this is a great way to encourage gross motor skills. This is the most fun educative toy you will ever come across, it says out any letter that the child taps, and doesn’t stop at that, it also suggest a word that begins with that letter and constructs a sentence with the suggested word. Walking as an exercise just got more and more interesting with this little cutie.

  1. Roller-skates

Fisher-Price Barbie Grow to Pro 1-2-3 Roller-skates

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Kids overly love the Barbie grow to pro skates not just because they are fun to ride but also because of they are extremely stylish. They become more and more famous especially because of their unique design that adjusts to your child’s feet as they grow. The adjustment buttons are placed at the bottom of the skates and they are accented with a fastener to make them more secure and stable for your little one, so whenever the child grows they will also grow along with her. It is advised that kids wear protective guards on the arms and knees to prevent severe hurt in case they fall with the skates and they must ride with supervision from an adult.

  1. My Little Pony Pinkie Pie RC Scooter

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie RC Scooter

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In the world of little pony Pinkie Pie RC Scooter, there is a lot magic filled fun and lots of surprises that little ones want to check out every now and then. When pinkie pie is seated on to the scooter kids greatly enjoy how they control the ride by making the scooter spin or move forward. The remote is beautifully in the shape of a butterfly and detailed with a horn button which kids can use to get any obstacles out of the way. You can be able to build your child’s imagination with this cute treasure, I can guarantee your two year old will not take even an inch away from Pinkie and her scooter as they are always on the go.

  1. Kids Camera Connect

VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect, Pink

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Don’t look for a family photographer from elsewhere when you can turn your little two year girl into one with Vtech’s Kidizoom Camera Connect. With this 1.3 pixel camera, your little girl will be able to capture the best photos, videos, edit them and play games, it is that versatile. On it kids can be able to download all their best animation makers while the five voice changing effects help her to get more creative with her editing. It has enough space to save not less than 800 photos so both kids and parents love it.

  1. LeapFrog My Pal Violet

LeapFrog My Pal Violet

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Give you daughter, granddaughter or niece the biggest surprise they have ever come across by customizing My pal violet with her name right when it is still inside the box. On first sight Violet and your little girl will be the best friends everyone will envy. The pretty purple and white bear plays about songs for kids to shake and sing along to plus lullabies to get little angel sleeping. T delivers 15 customizable and essential activities for kids to learn from, it will be easier for any child to learn from activities personalized with names, color and food.

  1. Shopping Cart Pretend Play Toy for Kids

Shopping Cart Includs More Than 30pcs Pretend Play Toy for Kids

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For the most amazing role play games look no further than the Holy Stone Shopping Cart. This cart features a really perfect size for kids, adjustable handles, big wheels that make it safe and easy for two year olds little hands to push and easy to assemble design. It comes with about thirty pretend food items for kids to pretend to come from shopping which is one of the activities they engage in during their day to day life. this cart is 100% environment friendly

  1. Peppa Pig Family Plush Toy

Peppa Pig Family Plush Toy

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The Peppa Pig Family Plush Toy 4Pcs Set also makes play time extremely enjoyable and constructive. Its four members include mom, dad and their two children so as kids play with them they will get exposed to real life family experiences. They are all designed with the highest quality lint material that is not only safe for kid’s health but for the environment too.

  1. Disney Princess Hopper

Hedstrom Disney Princess Hopper

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For hopping both inside and outside the house Hedstrom Disney Princess Hopper is what you need to get for your princess back at home. It comes with a re-inflatable and detachable plug for to make both inflation and storage simple. The hopper is great for balance and coordination skills as well as core growth skills.

  1. Easy Score Basketball Set

Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set

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From the very first day to the many years that your daughter will play with this pretty pink Little Tikes TotSports Easy Score Basketball Set, she will love every bit of it. Pink being a favorite color for girls, you will definitely not be making a bad choice to get it as her new toy. To ensure that kids enjoy and not get frustrated playing with this basketball set, it is designed with an oversize rime yet the basketball is small so it is super easy for toddler to shoot and enjoy being successful at it. It can be adjusted to six heights, your baby will therefore enjoy it through different stages of development. It is such a perfect tool to encourage coordination, fitness and balance in kids, the set will help to teach your baby how to play on her own, independence is not such a bad skill.

  1. Fairy Tale Princess Music Box

Enchantmints Fairy Tale Princess Music Box

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The Fairy tale princess music box from Enchantmints is actually much more than what it looks, yes it is very pretty but that is not all it does a lot more to keep your little on happy. This box has more than enough storage space for all your baby’s treasure, it has a really roomy drawer on the bottom, two smaller ones on both sides and a hidden one at the back for more valuable jewelries and   items. It plays sleeping beauty which is a favorite sing along song for many kids and comes from one of the most incredible and famous collections, the princesses and ponies’ collection. This would make such a lovely gift for your little princess on her second birthday.

  1. Little Tikes First Slide

Little Tikes First Slide

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This Little Tikes First slide will make outdoor play as fun as never before for your little princess. It is made with just the perfect size for your two year old to climb on and slide without even asking for help from mom or dad. This slide is perfect for kids to play either outside or inside the house after all it easily folds and unfolds so it can be taken to any spot without requiring too much effort. It is however recommended to place the slide on really soft ground to prevent kids from getting hurt when they slide off. The hand rails will snap into place in just a flash of time as the steps can be taken away with no tools at all. On that note both setting up this slide for play time and taking it away for storage is extremely easy.

  1. Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

Learning Resources Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes

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I doubt there is any better way you can help your baby learn faster about color recognition and shape identification. These Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes look so yummy yet they make your little girl ready for school by helping her learn about many various shapes and colors. There are 8 cup cakes and each of them displays a different shape when pulled apart and the shapes revealed include, a heart, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, circle, star, oval and square. The cup cakes are enough for her to share with friends so they try to fix the two pieces together for better hand and eye coordination, development of fine motor skills and flexible movement of the hands. This set is also great for sorting and matching skills because after putting the cupcakes together they still have to fit them into the bottom of the pan. Each of the cupcakes has a different color not just for a beautiful appearance but to help the child learn to easily recognize the different colors.

  1. Disney Princess Mini-Figure Play Set

Disney Princess Mini-Figure Play Set

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The one toy you will buy with confidence that your two year princess will fall head over heels for it is this Disney Princess Mini-Figure Play Set. This set comes with all the seven charming princesses from Disney for your baby to play with that fairy tale imagination at the back of their mind. The toys are made of the highest durable quality so they are strong enough to give her years of play. Besides she will have a lot of fun sharing the princesses with two or three of her other friends to make play time more interesting. I can assure you that Disney toys will never let you go wrong, your baby will be more than glad to receive this adorable set.

  1. Little Hands Button Art

ALEX Toys Little Hands Button Art

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And now for the little artist in your home, Little Hands Button Art from Alex is the ultimate toy. When your girl turns two, this art set is one of the most perfect things you can ever think of getting for her. This toy comes with ten pictures and forty six brightly colored buttons to give your baby a good number of hours of incredible fun, this will keep her busy for a really long period of time as she tried to match and snap the chunky buttons to finish up the picture. Button art gives the child a chance to explore how creative they can actually be and that’s not all also develop fine motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination as they try to match the right buttons. Among the pictures she will find a house, frog, truck, bird and many others. It is very easy to out away for storage since it comes along with a wide tray in which all items fit.

  1. Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

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If smart phones can be able to keep mom and dad busy, you can imagine what Vtech’s touch and swipe baby phone will do for your little girl. Featuring some really amazing colorful apps, your baby will learn how to organize their day, give mom or dad a call and even learn to find out about the weather. It features two modes that is the learning and music mode and kids can easily choose between the two modes by simply swiping or sliding the screen. Sliding to learning mode displays twelve pretend apps for kids to learn about many different things while the music mode offers kid’s best melodies and interesting songs for her to sing along. This phone’s bold colors and touch screen make the child participate into imaginative play as they call friends, parents or their pets while the home button allows gives you a chance to record and save the home number.

  1. Touch and Teach Turtle Book

VTech Touch and Teach Turtle Book

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From its appearance to its content the touch and teach turtle book is one toy that will always put a smile on your little angel’s face. So if your toddle is one of those extremely curious ones then be sure that you will have killed her curiosity with this amazing book. It offers three different playing and learning modes, the first mode is the letter mode in which kids learn about shapes, letters, colors, animals and so much more with just a touch of the light up buttons. Then the music mode that plays some of kids favorite melodies and sound effects and thirdly the story mode which engages both parents and kids as they read some really fun stories backed up by really interesting music. Whenever the child turns a page they are rewarded with a fun phrase, surprising sounds and short tunes. Its handle makes it easy to take anywhere and while its automatic power down features after every thirty seconds of no use make it really parent friendly.

  1. Sports T-Ball Set

Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

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If your little one won’t stop making all those pretend plays about playing base ball then you definitely need to make her dream come true with the TotSports T-Ball Set from little tikes. This set comes with both an oversize ball and oversize bat to avoid the frustration of your little one missing the ball each they try to hit it with bat, with this size it is a lot easier for the bat to get into contact with the ball. The set comes in beautiful colors of pink and purple which are favorite colors for most girls so it will definitely be a great addition to her play room. The stand’s height adjustable therefore it grows as your child grows. Parents love the fact that, it is very quick and easy to carry all items after play time due to its on-the-go storage design and hangs on the wall with no fuss at all.



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