35 Best Toys For 6 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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Well at six years your girl is no longer the child that you would make decisions for, she is now more certain about what she can do or not, she knows what abilities she has and more importantly is experienced to differentiate what her preferences are. Because a six year knows what she wants you need to notice what she usually likes or else you will get disappointed after buying her something that she won’t even play with. They love reading and being read to, enjoy problem solving challenges and they are choosy and independent since they don’t want anyone deciding for them. Six year old girls love to receive praises from those older than them so whenever they accomplish something however small it, for them recognition is very important. Also children of this age enjoy playing in groups though they need some guidance when playing with others. And now, if you don’t want to disappoint her, pick from this list it has the best toys for six year old girls.

  1. Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals Singing Courtney Doll

Barbie in Rock 'N Royals Singing Courtney Doll

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The Barbie in Rock ‘N Royals Singing Courtney Doll is not just any ordinary doll will sure turn your angel into a real star. Because of the magical way she changes from being the royal princess to a rocker, this Barbie doll will be the most interesting toy your baby ever had. To get the princess to show off her pop star performance and also play two favorite songs from the movie, you only need to move the pink microphone she holding in her hand closer to her mouth and off she will go. The beauty is dressed in an elegant and super fashionable pink gown accented with glittery silver stud and really trendy chevron print peplum so it is no secret that she looks absolutely flawless. While she turns her look from royal to rocker, her skirt will unbelievably spins around and the look is just magical. Little girls also love her accessories which include the shiny silver tiara, a matching necklace and shoes.

  1. Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro

ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw Like A Pro


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The ALEX Toys Artist Studio Draw like a Pro toy is without doubt the best way to give your little artist some drawing skills. this toy makes drawing extremely fun yet super easy too reason being all you need to do is insert the printed slide, turn down the lights and turn on the projectors for your girl to start tracing out the image. It comes with as many as four pre-printed slides giving kids a platform to experiment with three different kinds of art work. From tracing the scene slides, your baby can come up with scenes and by moving the light backward and forward to change the size of the image. It is such a compact unit so it quite easy to start and stop any project. The whole set comes with the Draw like a  pro projector, precut flip book pages, flip book clip, 10 sheets of paper, 6 markers and 12 slides. Just about everything he needs to make drawing a hobby for your girl.

  1. Talking Microscope

Educational Insights 8800 Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope

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For any child that loves science there will sure be no better gift other than the 8800 Geosafari Jr. Talking Microscope, this amazing toy introduces children to science objects. As the child observes an object, the microscope is made with a dial that they switch on to hear different facts about whatever they are seeing. It is made with 5x magnifier and a light for them to spot even the smallest details on the object. The talking microphone is infused with details about 12 charming bugs therefore children listen to those facts and later test their knowledge in an incredibly interesting quiz. But even more interestingly, kids can look at this many other objects and not just observe but also learn about the objects. It is all beautifully colored to ensure that it gets kid’s attention.

  1. Kids Smartwatch

Orbo Kids Smartwatch with Rotating Camera

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Along with the many fun features that the Orbo Kids Smart watch has, it also teaches kids about the basics of time reading. On its touch screen, the watch displays a menu with as many as 16 various activities that are very easy for kids to explore, a touch and swipe frame and many fascinating sound effects. This is a very durable watch with an easy to clean rubber strap which makes a favorite not only for children but parents as well. The smart watch runs on a long lasting inbuilt internal battery so you will not have to spend on replacement batteries but rather just have to charge the watch with a USB cable from the computer or laptop or directly from the wall socket. Together with three super fun games it also has lots of educational and entertaining features including a calculator, a speech imitating hippo and several photo effects. With such an adorable gadget, it will be a lot easier for your little girl to discover about time.

  1. Password Journal for kids

Password Journal

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The password journal by Mattel will have all her secrets very safe and secure, whatever she thinks and dreams but doesn’t what anyone to know about it will be kept private in this journal. The extremely unique journal features such a pretty design that any girl will fall in love with it. Once it locks it never opens until she speaks her secret password, what makes it very safe is the fact that your baby has to speak the password in her own voice and choose it on her own so no one will have access to her information. She can as well use her own voice for setting a greeting and alert for any intruder who tries to open the journal. It offers three levels of security for the little one to choose from depending on the secrets she has hidden in there. No password is required for the first level, an unclear password is required for the second level and for the third level. It also comes with an invisible ink pen for her to journal her secrets, dreams, thoughts and so much more.

  1. Kidizoom Spin and Smile Camera

VTech Kidizoom Spin and Smile Camera

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It is so much fun, amazingly durable and super easy to use, the Kidizoom Spin and Smile Camera by Vtech is one toy that you should not hesitate to get for your little one. This 2 megapixel camera is designed with a rotating lens making it very easy for them to capture all unforgettable moments with friends in terms of photos and videos. Kids can also use this camera to take some really beautiful self portraits of themselves. It comes with some super cool photo effects that can be used to make pictures stand out much more while just twisting the ring at the front of the camera adds photo filters. It is inbuilt with a flash, a 2.2 inch color screen for kids to perfectly view photos, a unique voice recording feature detailed with five voice changing effects. It has enough internal storage memory but also has space for a memory card.

  1. Round Trampoline

Zeny-« 12' Round Trampoline Set

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This round trampoline from Zeny will offer your little child hours of fun as they jump and jump but that is not all they don’t just jump for the fun this is also great way for them to cut off any excess energy. The easy to assemble trampoline features a heavy duty steel frame accented with rust resistant finish to make it even more durable. It has four rubber feet with W-shaped system for maximum stability to ensure that you have peace of mind no matter how high your baby jumps. Inside the trampoline is a UV-resistant jumping mat that is also water proof so the child can jump in all weather conditions. It is rounded up by a shatter proof protection net and foam sleeves for added safety. The springs and ladder are coated with zinc to make them last longer.

  1. Widescreen Light Designer

Crayola Widescreen Light Designer

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With Crayola Light Designer’s big-heartedly wide screen doodling, sketching and drawing will the most beautiful and fun thing she ever did her entire life. It features a screen that is large enough and reusable to let little ones put whatever they have in mind into reality in very many creative ways. And when a new ideas flashes in her mind, she can wipe the screen clean in just a minute. With its simple slide button, they add some more life to their creations with lighting and animations, there are seven lighting sequences for them to choose from. The Crayola Widescreen Light Designer features a stand on the back which holds it up like a frame for perfect display of the creations but it also has a wall mount that makes it easy to display on the wall. It comes together with inbuilt marker storage and 6 mini gel FX markers.

  1. Foam Table and Chair Set for Children

EVA Foam Table and Chair 3 Pcs Set for Children

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If you are tired of your baby knocking their feet and falling on those hard tables and chairs you have in your home whenever they play around then don’t think twice about the EVA Foam Table and Chair by Ispace. This is three piece set designed specifically for your little one and the pieces are not just soft but also made of first class quality that you will personally fall in love with. The two chair and the matching table are very soft, extremely durable, super comfortable and above very safe for the child. The table has a very attractive design on top which is removable however all three pieces have storage space for kid’s favorite belongings. This three piece set can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on what your child prefers. The Eva foam table and chairs set doesn’t have any irritating odor and is completely toxic free.

  1. My First Sewing Kit

ALEX Toys Craft My First Sewing Kit

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If you thought sewing was only meant for adult, well the Craft My First Sewing Kit will prove you so wrong reason being this kit features all items necessary for sewing but it is specifically made for your little one. Now more than ever, your child will learn a skill that they will use all through their life to make lots of charming items. With the help of the various demonstrated instructions, your child will gain skills in making crafts simply by working with a needle and thread, the skills that they will never ever forget all through their life. Because of the whole lot of items it comes with, this kit lets your child play one their own or better yet hook up with friends to play as a group. In such a fascinating carrying case, there is no doubt your baby will make this her favorite toy.


  1. Creative voice ATM piggy piggy bank teller machine

Oversized intelligent and creative voice ATM piggy piggy bank teller machine

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You can also introduce your little one to the world of banking with this Creative voice ATM piggy bank teller machine. The machine is nicely colored orange and white, it features a card slot, a screen where you can whatever you input from its digital display. It I generally designed like the real ATM machine. To make this even more fun for kids to play with, it can actually speak to ensure that kids stay engaged into this kind of imaginative role play. The ATM doesn’t recognize real banknotes but only works with the pretend notes and coins that it comes with. It also features a large drawer in which all the money is kept. Your baby will definitely love to play with such a real machine.

  1. Ballerina Treasure Music Box

Ballerina Treasure Music Box

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First things first, the moment a child looks at this Ballerina Treasure Music Box it will grab their attention all because of the amazing Ballerina art work surrounding this box. For any child out there who such a hug of dancing Ballet, this treasure box will be such a stunning gift to pick out for them. As soon as she opens the box, she will find an internal mirror fixed up on its top, a very spacious main compartment and a spinning ballerina figurine. The entire interior is filled with velvet-flocked paper lining for an eye catching appearance. This treasure box is designed with four drawers in which the child can safely keep her most treasured pieces such as necklaces, watch, earrings and so many others. It also plays some music to entertain the child.

  1. Rainbow In My Room

Uncle Milton - Rainbow In My Room

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This magical rainbow projector brings the rainbow much closer to the child, right inside the child’s room is where the rain bow will be all thanks to this unique and unbelievable toy. This is a great quality projector that switches on just with the touch of a button, so will not need any help to have this sparkling view. It uses LEDs of the various rainbow colors for the child to see the rainbow projects all over the walls and ceiling. With such an amazing view in the room, the place will absolutely become lovelier for little ones to stay in.

  1. My Secret Safe with Alarm

Schylling My Secret Safe with Alarm

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The Schylling My Secret Safe is much more than just a safe for keeping your little’s one belongings safe, it also has an alarm. This is a modern beautifully designed steel safe made for little ones to have their favorite items safely kept. Together with solid steel construction, the safe also has two number locks, a ringing alarm which sounds as soon as the doors is open and a slot top through which kids can dump their coins. It is coated with pink finish of different shades ad detailed with a floral design to the safe look more beautiful. It is large enough to store quite a number of items that your child treasures so much. Its main importance is to teach kids how to safely keep their items and how valuable it is to save.

  1. Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

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For vocabulary development, better math skills emotional development and social skills, the Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set is just the way to go. This tri-fold classroom set offers a really convenient way for children to engage into imaginative play as it stimulates kid’s desire to learn and also teach other about what they have learned. With the set, children get a chance to act out a variety of class room situations which kills the anxiety that a child might have for their very time in class so they will be more prepared for their first day. The set includes about 149 pieces such as double sided map, stickers, grade book, dry erase board, and crayons among so many others. Because of its durability and the way it engages children, this is one toy you will never regret getting for your little ones.


  1. Girls Toddler Pre School Backpack

Coolwoo Kid Backpack

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With such a cute fun face, any child would instantly fall in love with this Coolwoo Kid Backpack. This lightweight and soft bag is so easy for kids to carry but the most interesting part of it is the fact that it is water proof, which means that even when the bag gets whatever is inside remains 100% safe because it remains dry. This back pack features well padded and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure that it remains very comfortable even when the bag is overly loaded, in addition it also features a spacious main compartment for little to pack several items. It is free of all substances that could be of harm to the child and at the same time very friendly to the environment. She will be motivated to go to school with such a pretty bag.

  1. Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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Flaunting a very unique design the sunny patch butterfly chair offers a very pretty yet very comfortable place for your child when you are out on picnic or at the beach. This chair can be used for years both indoors and outdoors thanks to its extremely durable, easy to clean and tough metal frame construction. It is resistant to wear or tear, detailed with bold color that doesn’t fade away and grooved plastic feet that grip firmly on different types of surfaces. It has armrests that make it even more comfortable and a cup holder for holding drinks safely and closer to the child. It is so easy to fold the chair away for storage, almost as easy as it is to open it up. It comes in carrying case for easier transportation.

  1. Dinosaur Kingdom Toy Chest

Fantasy Fields - Dinosaur Kingdom Toy Chest

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Tired of your baby leaving her play room looking completely messed, your solution is finally here and it is this field’s Dinosaur toy chest. Besides keeping all your kid’s toys well organized, the chest will add a very good looking appearance to her play room as it is fabulously designed with rainbow, trees and a big blue dinosaur. It is sturdily constructed and beautifully accented with lead free paint to ensure that it doesn’t cause any harm to little ones. With the way it is painted his chest will also play a large part is developing kid’s imagination and how creative they can be.  This chest will look exceptional whether it is placed in your child’s play room or bedroom. The lid that covers this chest has a cutout and safety hinge to ensure that kids don’t hurt their little hands while they try to open or close it. This will teach children how to tidy up their space and always be organized.

  1. Pink and White Roller Skates

Kandy Skates Strawberry Kisses Pink and White Roller Skates

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At six years it is no secret that skating is one of the most fun activities that your child will love to engage in and I can assure you that there is now better way to encourage them better than getting them a super cool pair of roller skates. What catches parents’ and kids’ attention about these skates is they super stylish design in pink and white, they are just so cute. The combination of high quality materials, extreme comfort and exceptional beauty makes these skates worth riding in, people will ignore her skating skills as they stare at her cute skates. Skating is so comfortable and easy in these skates reason being they fit perfectly but they also leave enough space for the feet to breathe and offer maximum support with their inner padded lining. These Kandy skates take her on rides both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Carousel Playset

Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Carousel Playset

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What can possibly be cuter than the Cra-Z-Art Lite Brix Carousel Play Set? Just like the carousel in the movies this one spins, lights up and even plays music. There are four horses on the carousel with different characters and all brightly colored to get kid’s attention.

  1. Cool Baker-Magic Mixer Maker

Cool Baker - Magic Mixer Maker

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In just as little as 15 minutes no-bake cool baker treats will be more than ready for your little one to eat, decorate and display with the magic mixer maker. Unlike the usual baker recipes that require an oven, the cool baker recipes get ready in refrigerator. The magic mixer maker come with all necessary accessories for mixing and decorating, a mixing bowl plus a three tier dessert stand for display. With all these accessories, kids can be able to make chocolate chip cookies, cake pops and many other quick to make snacks. It comes with ingredients enough to make four chocolate brownies and four sprinkle cup cakes. The whole set includes two icing tips, six food pouches, two icing bags, a measuring scoop, spatula and sprinkles stencil. This gorgeous set will be able to keep your six year old busy for hours.

  1. Fairy-Flying Unicorn

Flutterbye Fairy- Flying Unicorn

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Bring the enchanted world of flutter byes closer to your little one with this fairy unicorn. It is just so magical how a child can have full control of the fairy unicorn in the palm of their hand. This beauty actually has the ability to do whatever you lead her on, first she just has to press the button on its base and then the child will slowly lift up her hand to make the fairy unicorn fly. That’s not all when she puts her hand down, this incredible toy will still follow, she also dances and glides through the air so your little one will be amazed. One of the most sparkling fairy tale creatures is this flutter bye unicorn, it dazzles with a golden horn for a really breathtaking appearance.  She comes with a stunning charging base on to which she rests whenever she is not flying.

  1. Lindi the Cat Doll

TY Beanie Boo Plush - Lindi the Cat 6

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Who in the world will not fall in love with these super cute and adorable big eyes, kids will absolutely fall in love with Lindi the cat as soon as they get her out of her package. The plush doll is handmade from the finest quality. The little six inch tall cat will be your little girl’s new best friend, the bigger black part of her big eyes are accented with a line of purple glitter while the rest of her body combine patches of purple, black and some white. Lindi the cat is just too adorable, if you don’t want a real cat in your home she will be the perfect substitute.

  1. Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses

Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses

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During those hot summer seasons, get your little one the RIVBOS RBK003 Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses for maximum protection from the sun. The sunglasses are designed from DuPont rubber for added comfort and durability that is why their arms are very unbreakable yet very flexible and the lenses are resistant to scratches. They have been proven to block 100% of UVB rays and UVA sun rays that are extremely dangerous to the eyes. The glasses are available in so many different colors both bold and bright. Kids are so much in love with the overly pretty color wayfarer design.

  1. Magic Cube Intellengence for Kids

Dodolive Irregular Magic Cube Intellengence Kids Educational Tools Puzzle Game

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Dodolive’s irregular intelligence magic cube is made with the thought of introducing kids to cube playing at a tender age. This cube’s excellent structure makes it great not just for professional cube players but also those that engaging in the game for the very first time. The lightweight cube is made from high quality plastic materials, very durable yet toxic free to avoid causing any harm to little ones. It is a great toy for the whole family reason being adults can use it to relieve pressure and work related stress while the kids use it to develop better logical thinking skills and arouse their brain to perform better. The cute rotates smoothly and safely due to its dynamic and static friction coefficient. The whole family will love having this intelligence cube in their home.

  1. Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

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Playing darts is such a fun game however unlike the darts for adults these ones are magnetic and all magnets are enclosed inside they are entirely safe your little one, there is no need for you to worry about her getting hurt. Besides hurting the child, these darts don’t even damage the walls. This is the best dart playing set for kids that you will ever come across, it is designed with the very same features like the original darts and it is designed just to stimulate sportsmanship and improve coordination. The kit comprises of six really light magnetic darts with a very rare kind of magnet and a dart board with a wall hook for easy hanging whenever kids want to play.  This is a fun game that a child can play alone, with friends or with the entire family.

  1. Deluxe Art Set

Darice 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set

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Even your little artist is not left out on this list of the best toys, this 80 piece deluxe art set is here just for those little artists that love to get creative and illustrate their imaginations with drawings. This set includes so many art supplies for painting, drawing and so much more. It comprises of oil pastels, paint brushes, watercolor cakes, color pencils plus so many other accessories. The pieces come in a wooden case that is very compact and extremely portable making it easy for little ones to carry.

  1. Jump Rope

Green Toys Jump Rope

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When I see a toy from Green toys the first thing that comes to my mind is extreme safety and this jump rope is not any different. It is designed with 100% recycled hand grips and the rope is designed from 100% cotton material. It is very durable for your child to enjoy hours of jumping and burning off all that excess fat and energy. This rope is 7 feet tall but it is adjustable.

  1. Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

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The Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves are a very unique pair of gloves to make your little one stand out from all the rest either in a crowd or at a performance. Through a switch control button on the wrist, these gloves flash an eye catching effect of bright colors but when they are not flashing lights they are black and white in color. They come in just one size but it fits almost every child.

  1. 6 Easter Egg Stampers

6 Easter Egg Stampers

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If you really don’t know what to get for your daughter, granddaughter or niece on her sixth birthday, these 6 Easter egg stampers will not disappoint you. To start with, the eggs are super cute as each of them is made with two perfectly matched brilliant colors. For many kid’s stamping activities, parties and egg hunt games this is such a perfect solution. They are designed from great quality plastic material and the most amazing thing is that they stamp very bright ink and they are so sturdy.

  1. Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy

Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy

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Buying an educational toy for your little one is like shooting two birds with one stone reason being such toys help your child learn while giving them all the fun they need to have during play time. I suggest the Pretend Play Electronic Cash Register Toy simple because it offers an extremely fun way for little girls to learn about math as well as money. This register comes with credit cards, working cash register and hand scanner. It is super easy to use, all she has to do is swipe the card, push the button down for the drawer to open up and give the child access to money. Kids will now have the chance to pretend to buying things from a grocery store the way they see mom and dad doing it. It is constructed from really durable plastic material.

  1. Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Creativity for Kids Grow 'n Glow Terrarium

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Your precious angel can now create her own small eco-system with the Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium by creativity for kids. This comes with all essentials needed for two full planting life cycles which means it will only be month after for you to again of course depending on how fast your plants grow.  In the kit, kids will find 15 garden inspired stickers, a plant mister to water plants whenever need be, 45 glowing stickers for lighting up the terrarium when its dark, very simple instructions among so many others. In this tiny jar, real natural plants can grow which turns it into a really great decoration to add to any home yet it at the same time teaches kids how to perfectly layer a terrarium. The kit looks stunning both at night and during day however the way it glows during the night is absolutely mind blowing.

  1. My Free Fixed Scooter

Globber 3 Wheel My Free Fixed Scooter

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For a child’s scooter the Globber 3 Wheel My Free Fixed Scooter has just about everything to stand out as the most perfect choice. Number one reason that has made this scooter a favorite for many parents is its sturdy T-shape stable handle bar that is fixed to accommodate children of sizes so whether she is tall or short, this scooter will perfectly workout for her. On the front of the deck locks, it features a secure direction button lock that increases balance and eases the learning process for kids by locking the steering wheel. Its steel reinforced deck provides all the necessary support while the unique rear brake which covers the whole wheel ensures maximum safety and added brake efficiency. Handlebars are detailed with handlebar grips designed from dual-injection material that is slip-resistant for added comfort. Directional turning performance of the scooter is super all because of the X-CROSS deck design.

  1. Shopping Trolley for Children

Blue Shopping Trolley for Children

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And now for your little shopper this 22 piece shopping set is simply what you need to get for her. This amazing set comes with so many items including fruits and vegetables and other foods to give little ones a chance to engage into imaginative role play but also have a lot of fun while they are at it. The various colors are so attractive but among the items this set also comes with some cookware and utensils for kids to pretend to be shopping for a real home. There a large white and blue trolley that is spacious enough to hold a really big number of items. All the 22 pieces are designed from high quality plastic material. It is such an adorable set to offer your child the necessary fundamental development skills.

  1. Disney’s Princess Fantasy Notebook

VTech Disney's Princess Fantasy Notebook

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With its super cute display featuring Cinderella, Aurora, Bell and Snow white the VTech Disney’s Princess Fantasy Notebook will definitely put a smile on your child’s face even before she checks out the gorgeous features it has. The notebook is designed exactly like a real laptop, it has a mouse with a working cursor and it flaunts a QWERTY keyboard that is very essential in developing kids’ typing skills. The baby laptop features an LCD screen that shows off interesting animations to arouse the child’s desire to participate in interactive learning. Additionally it plays more than 50 miraculous sounds and traditional-style melodies to keep kids having fun all through the learning process. This an educational toy with over 20 fun activities from which they can learn more about music, math, vocabulary and language. The pretend laptop is made for kids between four to seven years so definitely your baby at 6 will have lots of fun with it.



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