35 Best Toys For 9 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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Because they are also hitting their adolescence stage nine year old boys will go through several changes, some physical, some emotional and so on and so forth. Nine year olds are much stronger and have enough control over their muscles so when they engage into any of those physical games they will follow the rules of the game and still have fun. Unlike when they were younger when everything was about mummy and daddy, at this age they feel more comfortable in groups with other kids of their age, for them socializing, playing and fitting in with peers is really important that is why they will always go in for games or toys that they have seen the rest of the group mates engaging in. they are trying to be better at the things they love do, for most boys its usually sports activities they will always challenge themselves to become better and better every other time. Your little girl still needs you to show him a lot of love so do that by getting one of the best toys for kids of their age from this post.

1. NFL Electric

NFL Electric Football

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Name your players, sit back and watch them battle on the NFC electric football, this has always been America’s most loved football game and there is no doubt you will love it even more because it is has been better than it was before. The 85 piece set has absolutely everything you need, starting from conference logo stickers for you to completely personalize your game board, 11 football action figures of two teams red and white and 12 invisible vibration cleats among so many others. It features on-board variable speed control and play action remote control to give you perfect control all through the game. It includes goal posts, sliding yardage markers and several other items. With its advanced invisible cleat technology where coaches completely control the game so both defensive players and offensive players will go exactly where you direct them to. Whichever season it is, you will be assured of a great game to take up most of your time and it comes with simple assembly instructions in Spanish, English and French.

2. Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car

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For over 45 years Hot Wheels toys have been favorites for both little ones and parents and this time round it is not any different because kids have great love for the Street Hawk Remote Control Flying Car. This is the perfect car for both smooth and rough backyards all thanks to the hi-tech sleek body design, dual terrain versatility and exceptional surface remote control action for effortless twisting and victory over all kinds of terrain. The street Hawk car acts both as a car and a plane yet it is amazing on both journeys. On the ground it runs with a 2.4GHz transmitter with relative steering control, a 3.7volts LiPo battery and two electric motors and while in air its dual propellers enable to rotate more than 35K RPMs and fly all the way to more than 200feet up. Line up two or Street Hawk Flying Cars for most interesting racing games.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

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For hours and hours of laughter and fun, don’t think twice about getting these Cards against Humanity. Whether it is just to have some fun at home or at house parties these cards are simply the excellent choice to spice up your day. There are 550cards including 90 black ones and 460white cards therefore just one of the players poses a question with a black card and the other members in the group respond with white cards. Different from other common party games that are sometimes even boring, the Cards against Humanity will make you and other group mates without stopping. To take off all that stress, this is just the game you need. It is very great in developing kid’s socializing skills and also helps them add some more words to their vocabulary, any nine year old boy would surely enjoy them.

4. Walkaroo Wee Balance Stilts

Walkaroo Wee Balance Stilts

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It is now possible for your little one to stand taller than you and it will all become true with the Walkaroo Wee Balance Stilts. Walking on these stilts is super fun but that is not the most important thing, they are also very great for developing coordination and balancing skills. Just like the original stilts for adults, these ones have also been designed with rugged tubular steel that is very sturdy and at the same time very durable. They are very easy to adjust which makes it very to switch them up depending on your child’s height or age. They feature a very unique rubber foot design which makes balancing movement very easy as well as adjusting to make the next step and improve stability. In addition the design of their soft foam grip handles also makes walking with the stilts unbelievably simple even for kids that are using them for the very first time.

 5. Professional Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video Camera Drone

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The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopterc turns little kids into professional directors as it goes high up in the sky to capture real time HD videos and photos with its flawless camera. With this quad copter’s 4K video and 12mega pixels it captures the cleanest and clearest videos and photos while the Live HD view allows you to connect it to your phone or tablet and perfectly watch each and everything that the camera sees through its light bridge technology. It comes with a remote control giving you complete control of your quad copter and at the same time access all its fun features. For added stability when it is flying indoors, the drone is built with vision positioning system. When the drone is connected to your phone, you can always change flight settings and also control the camera from wherever you are seated by simply using your phone.

6. Rocket Launch Set

Rocket Launch Set

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The Estes Alpha III Rocket Launch Set spices up fun in group activities yet it is at the same fun for individual play. This set includes a launch controller, launch pad and the rocket assembly with each and everything that you will need to put the rocket together plus clear instructions to help you all through the process. It projects to a maximum altitude of 335meters and lands safely with the help of its 12 inch diameter parachute. From the EX2 series, this is the very first rocket, it is extremely easy to assemble which is why the beginning racketeers and experienced flyers are obsessed with it. It looks very beautiful with the black body tube and flashy orange details. It is such a good looking rocket and at the same time with exceptional performance.

7. Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop

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The Spalding NBA Slam Jam Over mini basketball hoop brings the professional basketball game right inside your house. It displays a 1/4inch scale which is very similar to that of the original NBA game backboard and the same exact logo to make little ones enjoy the actual NBA experience without moving even an inch out of the house. That is not all it also comes with a 4 inch rubber balls designed with the same exact NBA details, logo and graphics, the ball is deflated when it comes but that should be no bother since it is very easy to inflate. The basketball system features padded door hooks to prevent it from causing any damage to the door. Since it comes with a pre-assembled bracket mounting it is extremely easy.

8. Sandbox Toy Excavator

Sandbox Toy Excavator

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Boys are usually huge fans of construction toys, you don’t know how happy he will be after receiving a huge construction toy like the sandbox toy excavator. This kid digger toy is constructed to withstand tough use for a really long period of time since it is built with very simple but heavy duty bolted joints. All nuts and bolts are very strong and securely attached. It is designed with a very thick, large and wide metal bucket that rotates in various angels so it easily digs dirt out from whichever direction. It features a really comfortable seat and foldable design that makes assembly very easy since there are no screws and bolts. The sandbox toy excavator has beaten many others in competition because of its heavy duty bucket with exceptional digging angles and high quality construction.

9. Djubi Classic

Djubi Classic

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The traditional game of catch has completely been changed and given a modern touch to make it even more interesting for kids. The Djubi classic set comes with two balls, two racquets, a launching hook, an ergonomic and comfortable handle plus a catching net. The uniquely designed ball in this set is what has been referred to as the Djubi. It is such an easy game to play reason being there aren’t very many steps to go through, to begin  playing slide the ball’s loop over racket’s hook , pull it towards the back and release to watch the Djubi fly up in the air. The ball soars up to 100feet up, floats in the air and you can easily get hold of it using the plastic racket since it has a deep pocket in it.

10. Jarts Lawn Darts

Jarts Lawn Darts

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At the beach, the park or at home in the backyard Jarts lawn darts are just the perfect way to have a good time. Lawn darts are super fun and entertaining for all members of the family starting with the kids to the adults yet they are very safe so you play with peace of mind that no one is going to get hurt. This is a game that must be played between two players or two teams where by a member of either of the teams stands at a particular spot called the toss area and targets into a ring with two of the colored jarts. The first member or first team to make 21points is named the winner. The jarts are however made with an advanced design whereby the tips are rounded to avoid hurting anyone.



11. Magnetic Chess Sets and Board Wooden Toys 

Magnetic Chess Sets and Board Wooden Toys

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This magnetic chess set is not just functional but also very attractive because of its elegant and very unique wooden design. For kids who are always on the move but can’t go even a single day without an entertaining chess game this is definitely the perfect chess board for the simple reason that it is made with the board built into top and wooden box and very clever size makes it very easy to take anywhere you want to go. It shows off a very beautiful playing surface with different contrasts of brown while the pieces are magnetized to prevent them from unnecessary movement and interruption especially when you are playing during the journey. This elegant game board features rounded corners looks really good on any desk or table top and drawer compartment for perfect storage.

12. Sparkle Color Soma Wood Tetris Cube

Sparkle Color Soma Wood Tetris Cube

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Through the extremely colorful SainSmart Jr. sparkle Soma Wood Tetris Cube, kids get to master S.T.E.M skills and get a chance to practice critical thinking skills. This is another of those really useful toys that encourage learning in the most fun ways possible. The essence of the cube is to impose science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills that kids can use all through their lives. The Sainsmart cube is made up of seven blocks in various brilliant colors and shapes however each of these blocks is very distinctive and all little ones have to do is arrange the blocks into a cube.  It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, a process which is very great for stimulating and teasing the brain, developing logical and critical thinking and kids’ intelligence. The wooden tetris is challenging for adults as it is for kids.

13. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

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There is absolutely no need to move out the house every time one needs to enjoy a dart game when they can have it inside their house at a price that isn’t that high. The Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is the perfect addition to any home where young boys want to test their accuracy in hitting target since is designed exactly like the original dart game. This set comes with a dart game board which is 16inches and 6 really flexible darts in two colors orange and blue. Each and every characteristic that a real dart game set has is depicted onto this kid’s magnetic dart game. The six darts are lightweight and very safe not only for kids but the walls as well. It will only take a minute to hang up the dart board since it has a hook at the back.

14. Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies

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While friends play outdoors in the woods or in the neighborhood, they can keep close contact of each other with the Nerf 2 piece walkie talkie. This set is made up of two pieces with the ability to maintain communication all the way to 1000feet so location and time don’t really matter. Because of their durable design and exceptional performance the Nerf walkie talkies make playtime so much fun since little ones don’t even have to worry about dropping or how they handle the pieces. Kids can go as far away from each other as they wish and still communicate because these walkie talkies outwork distance. Thanks to the inbuilt belt clip for convenient clipping and easily accessible on/off switch placed on the side of each piece these amazing toys are perfect to take to any kind of mission.

15. 9 PC Police Target Practice Set

9 PC Police Target Practice Set

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The 9 PC Police Target Practice Set by play Kreative has taken outdoor play to another level that is more advanced.  Containing many of the items that police uses while on various duty missions, the set gives kids a chance to act out police rolls in whichever way their imagination tells them to. The police package includes the following items, handcuffs, a pump action shooter, a police badge, a pistol, handcuffs, two shooting targets, a walkie talkie, sunglasses and six soft bullets with suction cups for perfect target practice. Arresting criminals in the neighborhood will be super fun and extremely easy with all this equipment, there isn’t any boy that will not fall in love with this set of toys. Such creative and stimulating play is very great for a child’s development.

16. Pretend Play Kids Police Officer’s Megaphone

Pretend Play Kids Police Officer's Megaphone

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Speaking out so loud or shouting is very tiresome but with the Pretend Play Police Officer’s Megaphone, there will even be no need to shout yet you will still be able to communicate excellently. This megaphone is designed specifically for kids to ensure that conduct their teams without having to strain too much. It features a hand mike with a shoulder strap which makes it very easy and comfortable to hold plus a multi-purpose mike with various options for controlling the volume and a siren. It also features a slim and ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip. With this unique toy, you will see how well your little one can make essential announcements or be leaders of others. It gives kids a chance to express their feelings in a louder and more heard voice.

17. Kick Scooter with T-bar

Kick Scooter with T-bar

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The Micro Maxi Kick Scooter is the perfect three wheel scooter to take on all the young ones that are moving from riding on three wheel scooters and figuring out how to balance on a two wheel scooter. This Swiss designed scooter is built with better and outstanding quality which offers the ability for it to work for a really long period of time. Each and every part on this scooter can be replaced and this is complete guarantee that this scooter can actually last a whole lifetime. Its wheels are from PU material of the highest quality hence creating the smoothest ride on all kinds of pavements. It is also infused with lean to steer technology whereby you have to simply lean to a side and watch the scooter take that same side while the T-bar makes balancing extremely easy.

18. Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

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Combining low profile cast aluminum wheels, very sturdy and attractive construction and an advanced rear axle make this the Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On one of the very best you can every find on the market. It is built with variable speed, hand operated brakes and thumb trigger control that provides maximum drifting control to the driver all through the race. This ground force drifter fury is made with an advanced rare spark bar, extremely solid slider POM wheels and very strong rubber tires for the smoothest and most enjoyable ride ever.  The bucket style seat detailed with a shoulder strap gives a rider all the comfort they need for a perfect ride. Whether it is on flat surfaces or grounds with obstacles, this kart is still so much fun as it goes all the way to 12miles per hour.

19. Ring Toss Game

Ring Toss Game

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Ring toss games have always been fun games for kids at all ages and up to now things haven’t changed, this game is still much loved by so many people. The game is super fun both on normal days at home and at parties since it is very easy to understand and play. This game is all about players throwing rings at the wooden pegs until each and every player has had a chance to throw and all the rings are completely finished. What makes this game so much fun is that every peg amounts a different number of points therefore at the end, the player with the highest scores is named the winner. It comes with eight plastic rings and eight ropes so players can chose whatever they want to play throw. You will be very surprised with how many hours this game will take from your little one’s play time because it is just too interesting.

20. Ninja Warrior Bow & Arrow Archery Set for Kids

Ninja Warrior Bow & Arrow Archery Set

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Pretend play has just been made a lot more enjoyable with the Ninja Warrior Bow & Arrow Archery Set. The wonderful set is made specifically for kids including the Katana sword and several other toy weapons necessary to make him the winner at any battlefield. It has four arrows with suction cups and a bow, the katana sword with a sheath, dagger, throwing discs and nunchuks, with all these weapons, role play will definitely be a lot more interesting for your little man and his entire crew.  This ninja role play set is sure fun for kids, they will completely love the entire kit.

21. Cruiser Skates

Cruiser Skates

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The Cardiff Skate Co. Adult Cruiser Skates features a unique and very creative design that is much more convenient and comfortable for the best skating experience ever. They come in different sizes to ensure that there is a perfect size for every kid and the fact that they are adjustable has made them even more loved by many people all over the world. Cardiff skates are infused with automatic size adjustment technology which makes it so easy to wear the skates over any shoes that you may currently be wearing. Your kid just has to wear his favorite shoes, strap the skates on top of them and they will be good to go.  They are bootless, easy to put on and off so kids find it very interesting for kids to skate in them whereas the patented wheel design provides more stability and balance.

22. High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike

High Roller BMX-Freestyle Bike

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I bet there is no boy who wants to make 10 years without having their own bike so if you want you are looking for the best toy for your nine year old then here it is, the 62042 High Roller BMX bike by Razor. It features a quick release seat post that makes it very easy to adjust to any position that is most comfortable for the child. It also features a 4 Bolt stem and sturdy steel BMX frame for maximum durability even with tough use daily. The rear and front hand brakes guarantee maximum safety and reliable stopping. It is a well constructed bike sized just for a nine year old to enjoy riding for hours and hours outdoors.

23. MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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For all those brave boys who aren’t at all afraid of going away from sidewalks and getting into the dirt, the MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is definitely the way to go. The adorable machine is made with a larger front wheel measuring 16 inches and a smaller rear wheel of 14inches, both the front and rear wheels have pneumatic knobby tires for incredible transfer of power on different kinds of surfaces. Additionally it is also built with authentic dirt bike frame geometry which produces more power on tough hills and surfaces. More features that have made this famous include high torque, a very strong chain driven motor variable speed and twist grip acceleration control to deliver the quietest yet most powerful operation. With a bike that looks this stylish, your kid will definitely love showing off, off the road.

 24. Mini Complete Skateboard

Mini Complete Skateboard Plastic Cruiser Standard

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There are so many skateboards on the market lately but the Ancheer Mini Complete Skateboard has managed to grab everyone’s attention with its retro yet very stylish construction. To ensure maximum durability, it is design from PP and aluminum alloy plastic deck which is not just sturdy but non-slippery too. This skateboard features PU high performance wheels with high speed precision bearing to offers the smoothest ride ever. Skateboarding is a very fun way to exercise and not only for those who are experienced but the beginners as well. Because it is extremely portable, riders will find no difficulty in carrying it to any destination of their choice. This is a very sturdy skateboard delivering smooth rides yet it is still very affordable.

25. Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle


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The Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle offers little ones the up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted fun rides. It is powered by a chain driven motor and easy push button throttle for simple operation. Its superb performance is greatly attached to dual inclined caster wheels on the rear that offer exceptional spinning and drifting action as well as the folding foot pegs for effortless exit and entry. All the fun your little man will need is offered by this tricycle reason being it drifts, slides and rotates all the way to 360 degrees and at the same time has the ability to race up to 9 miles per hour. Its hand operated front brake makes it so easy to stop whenever need be hence ensuring safety. With those grips and uniquely designed seat, it is very comfortable to ride on this tricycle.

26. Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle 

Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

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After a long day, the best way to kick that stress off is with the Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle. With the ability to support up to 120lbs and all the awesome features it is made with, this electric off-road quad is totally amazing. It has excellent performance when it comes to climbing hills simple because of the high torque gear ratio and authentic dirt quad geometry. The four wheeled quad is constructed with a powder coated tubular steel frame with great durability no matter which weather condition it may be and break resistant plastic details. The chain driven motor provides very quiet but very powerful operation and variable speed gives little ones a chance to choose any speed they wish to ride from. Charging the quad for 12 hours provides 40 minutes of run time.

27. Crazy Cart

Crazy Cart

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With the Razor crazy cart kids can say bye to boredom while at home, because this cart brings that same incredible fun from the park into the home. Featuring patented drift system, it is very easy for kids to change the angle of the rear caster wheels by spinning, drifting to the sides, forward or backward and drive just the way pros do it. This cart takes fun to a whole new level as it has the ability to let drivers steer and drive up to 360 degrees with its drift bar. It flaunts pneumatic front tires and caster wheels as the variable speed foot acceleration takes it all the way to 12miles per hour. Its weight capacity is 140lbs.

28. Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set

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We have come across the steel horseshoe sets however there is a substitute for it now and it is the champion’s sports rubber horseshoe set. It is almost the same, the only difference is that, this is a much lighter version. This is another one of those extremely interesting lawn games as it gives kids a chance to test their aim and accuracy, it makes a perfect addition different backyard and P.E games. The Champion Sports Rubber Horseshoe Set comes with two horseshoes in different colors, two rubber mats with stakes and two plastic stakes. It is a great game that involves two players and can be played both indoors and outdoors.

29. US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet tennis racquet made just for those little hands, it is perfect for those beginning little players.  It has a well designed handle that is very easy for them to grab and extremely light weight which makes it very easy to swing. This is a very strong racquet, since it is well made it can last a really long period of time. Your son will definitely be happy to receive a tennis racquet sized just perfect for his age.

30. Remote Control Helicopter

Remote Control Helicopter

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And why not fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot with this expertly designed helicopter. This Taipove mini metal helicopter is made with the highest quality and infused with S-truck suspension technology that provides wireless control and better-quality handling. The channel IR remote control regulates this helicopter’s movements from a distance of 10m in time frame of 7minutes. It is very easy to use and has great stability while flying outdoors.

31. Creator Pet Shop – Building Set

Creator Pet Shop

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Because kids at the age of 9 tend to love pets so much the LEGO Creator Pet Shop 10218 makes a really amazing toy for them. With four mini-figures each having an accessory, this pet shop catches kid’s attention for the very first time they set their eyes on it. There is a painter with his paint roller, a girl with a bicycle, the pet shop owner and a lady. It features a fully stocked kitchen with small size table, bed and lamp, a stone fire place, coffee maker, sink and stove. And the pets in this shop include dogs, parrots, cats bird house and so much more. Its ground floor is very well accessorized and there is a stare case to take you to the upper floor. There is a lot in this pet shop that kids will love to explore.

32. Maverick Pogo Stick

Maverick Pogo Stick

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The Foam Maverick Pogo Stick by fly bar is specifically made for any young boy out there who is just learning how to jump on a pogo stick. Because it is extremely easy for kids to learn, in just a few days your little man will have mastered the basics of pogo stick jumping. Its features a metal frame enclosed in soft foam materials, this foam makes the stick last really long, protects little from getting hurt and creates a very attractive appearance. Its soft grip handles and well padded for maximum comfort so it becomes very easy to little hands to grip on tight as they jump. It is also made with a very strong non slip foot pegs which provided ultimate stability and prevent little ones from slipping as they jump.

33. Tower Bridge Building Set

LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

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The Lego tower bridge 10214 is such an excellent to your child’s constructions collection. This tower is constructed with highly developed building techniques, unique elements as well as colors and a drawbridge that actually opens, generally it is one tower that will leave your little man speechless. It is not only fun to look at but also very interesting to build that is why it will keep kids occupied for a really long period of time. It comes with four miniature vehicles including a traditional red double Decker bus, black London taxi, green automobile and a yellow truck. The tower can be broken down into parts for easier and more convenient transportation yet is locks solidly after construction. This tower bridge is such a great building to display.

34. Sports Badminton Set

Sports Badminton Set

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Franklin’s Badminton set will be the perfect gift for your little badminton player to practice at home and have a good time with his friends or other family members. The set comes with four pro-style shuttle cocks, four graphite rackets and a net with trampoline binding. To save you the burden of assembling the net all over again, it is pre-assembled for kids to start playing right away. Its rackets have padded and contoured grips for added firmness when holding and prevent them from slipping when hands get sweaty.

35. Outdoor/Indoor Table Tennis Table

Outdoor-Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Through all weather seasons the Prince Advantage Outdoor/Indoor Table Tennis Table will always be there to keep you company. Featuring very rare technology, exceptional quality wood and an outstanding finish this table’s top has the ability to resist water and hence its ability to perform like an original table tennis competition table. The Prince table is remarkably durable making it a really great choice for outdoor play yet it is at the same time great for indoor play. It features 4 inch heavy duty rubber wheels with locks for easy transportation of the table 5 inch horizontal cross bar and 4 leg levers for added stability. In just about 15minutes this table will be more than ready for kids to start playing.

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