3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review

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3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill Review

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner is a high-performance Treadmill that is equipped with a 4.0-HP DC motor coupled with large 3-inch rollers in order to facilitate for an incredibly quiet and smooth operation when working-out. This treadmill is also very comfortable to use because its equipped with an advanced Ortho Flex Shock Suspension-System coupled with a great running-area which measures about 22-inches x 62-inches and this actually above the average-dimensions of most treadmills on the market. on the other hand, you can even incline this treadmill to up to 15-percent in order to achieve a more intense workout and it can also be used for walking and fast-pace runs since it can be adjusted to up to speeds of 12-mph while having a workout. Lastly, this treadmill features a great display-monitor that is sectioned into 3-parts and even features over 8-built-in workout programs so that the user can always achieve the best from his/her workout experience.

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What We Like:

  1. Oversized running platform: the 3G Cardio Elite-Runner treadmill features an oversized 22-inch by 62-inch running platform which is large-enough to accommodate most runners. In fact, this larger surface-area accommodates all the longer-strides you take when running or walking over this treadmill. Additionally, the wide stride surface-area makes this treadmill larger compared to other treadmills on the market made for running and this is great addition.
  1. A maximum speed of 12-mph: This treadmill features a maximum speed of 12-mph which is equivalent to about a 5-minute pace per mile and this is a speed fast-enough for most runners. In fact, the 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill was made for running because of its high-speeds but you can also use it for walking after adjusting it to a lower speed-range.
  1. 0HP DC motor: The Elite Runner treadmill is equipped with a high-performance 4HP drive-motor which is 1.00-HP more than the average drive-motors found on all other treadmills. In fact, treadmills with higher horsepower tend to be abit quieter, efficient and even capable of hitting higher-speeds when running over them.
  1. Large 3-inch rollers: the 3G Cardio Elite-Runner Treadmill features large 3-inch rollers which ensure an incredibly quiet and smooth operation while having a workout. Additionally, these rollers are strong enough to support people with weight of up to 400-lbs and this actually an added advantage to using this treadmill.
  1. Inclines up to 15-percent: this treadmill is capable of increasing its incline-range up to 15-percent and this actually the average incline-range across all advanced treadmills on the market. In fact, increasing your incline-range will allow you to feel an experience of a great hill-workout or increase on the intensity of your workout.
  1. 8 workout-programs: The 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill features 8 built-in workout programs which include; 2 custom-program and 3 fitness test-programs. These workout-programs actually use the treadmill’s features in order to provide the user with diverse and more interesting workouts. On top of that, this treadmill can automatically change its speed in order to offer the user with an interval workout.
  1. A heart-rate control: this Elite-Runner treadmill is equipped with both a contact-grip and wireless heart-rate monitoring system with a receiver included. In fact, this heart-rate monitoring system will be used to create a workout that is based on your pulse.
  1. Maximum User Weight 400-lbs: the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is designed to accommodate people with weights of up to 400-lbs and this mainly because the treadmill features a powerful drive-motor, huge-rollers and strong frame. This means that everyone within your home will be capable of using this treadmill no matter his weight or height.
  1. A well-constructed belt and deck: This treadmill features an orthopedic-belt which is actually thicker than most belt-types found on other treadmills. In fact, a well-constructed belt and deck will enable the treadmill to run better and even last for longer. However, orthopedic belts tend to put more strain on the drive-motor, but they offer more cushioning than other belt-types which means that the user will be able to achieve a more comfortable workout routine.
  1. LED/LCD Multi-Window display: This treadmill features a LED/LCD-monitor with a display-area which is broken into 3-screens which include a heart-rate tracker which to keeps track of your zone while working-out, an LCD dot-matrix track that tracks your distance and a matrix-screen which displays workout-information like speed, distance and calories-burned.
  1. Easy-access Speed/Incline Keys: with this treadmill, users can easily incline to up to 15-percent and even run speeds of up to 12-mph whereby all these can be controlled via the treadmills-console using the speed and incline keys or One-Touch controls. This actually makes the 3G Cardio Elite-Runner treadmill very convenient to use while having a workout.
  1. Full-audio compatibility: It is also very easy to enjoy all your favorite music when working-out on the Elite-Runner treadmill because it’s equipped with built-in speakers coupled with an audio-jack making it compatible with an iPod or any other MP3-player.
  1. Ortho Flex Shock-Suspension System: This treadmill features a unique suspension-system which works with an orthopedic running-belt and large 3-inch rollers so as to provide the user with a more comfortable and reliable workout-experience which even easy on the joints and back-section.
  1. Great safety-features: the 3G Cardio Elite Runner treadmill features an Auto-Stop sensor which helps to automatically stop the treadbelt incase the treadmill is not under user for a few minutes. On top of that, it even features a safety clip Auto-Stop which also ensures optimum safety in case you have pets and children within your house.
  1. Cooling Fan: the treadmill is integrated with a cooling-fan which helps to cool or freshen-up the user while having a workout in order to achieve a more comfortable experience. Additionally, this treadmill even features an automatic Warm-Up/Cool-Down function which helps to keep the treadmill within the right temperatures as you have workout.
  1. Quickstart feature: this treadmill also features a Quickstart-button which allows the user to quickly turn-on this treadmill so as to enjoy his/her workout at any time conveniently.
  1. Accessory-holder: it also features an accessory-tray which can hold-up your cup, tablet and other items so that you can be able to conveniently access them while having a workout.
  1. Great warranty: The Elite Runner treadmill comes backed with a residential warranty of 2-years on labor and 10-years on its parts coupled with a lifetime-coverage on its frame and motor. The commercial-warranty will covers 5-years on the treadmills frame and motor coupled with 2-years on the parts and 1-year on labor.

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What We Don’t Like:

  • Few workout-programs: the 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is designed with only 8 workout-programs and these are actually few compared to average treadmills with over 14 workout-programs. In fact, the 8 workout-programs won’t offer the user with a great workout-variety but can still get them into shape.
  • It’s expensive: this treadmill is actually very expensive compared to other treadmills in its category. In fact, if you’re not willing to spend a lot of money on a treadmill then just consider buying another cheaper treadmill with almost the same features as the 3G Cardio Elite Runner.

Our Verdict:

The 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill is well-constructed fitness-equipment that can actually be used at your home or gym because of its great features. In fact, this treadmill is very durable, stable and powerful while offering the user with entertainment as he/she works-out although its abit pricey compared to other treadmills on the market.


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