4 Steps On How To Buy Your Girlfriend The Perfect Gift

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Finding and purchasing the perfect gift for a girlfriend can actually be a hard thing to do especially when your girlfriend is a bit picky about everything. Additionally, there are different situation in which you have to offer your girlfriend a gift but it’s always very hard for someone to pick the perfect gift in each situation. However, the only thing you can do when choosing a gift for your girlfriend is to remember buying them a gift that makes them feel happy and cared about but you have to also know the type of things your girlfriend likes and dislikes when choosing a gift for her. So, I have provided some of the methods and steps that you may follow in the process of buying your girlfriend a perfect gift.


  • Try to plan ahead: you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to buy for your girlfriend a gift. So, try planning ahead by looking for a gift that will suit her on a given occasion before it reaches. Planning ahead even gives you time to order the gift online in case you need to.
  • Brainstorm about gift ideas: you should get some time to brainstorm about things she likes while writing a list of them. This will actually help you to come-up with great gift-ideas and it’s from these ideas that you will be able to choose the right gift for your girlfriend on that special occasion.
  • Consider getting her a practical gift: most people actually appreciate practical gifts but you need to be careful and sensitive when choosing for someone a practical gift. A good example of a practical-gift is something your girlfriend loves and can use it but she wouldn’t buy it for herself like fancy kitchen gadget that she can’t afford to buy.
  • Listen to her recent conversations: women always drop a hint about things they like when talking to someone they feel comfortable with. So, following up her conversations will help you choose for her the perfect gift that she genuinely loves on that special occasion.
  • Check her social-accounts like pinterest-account: incase your girlfriend has a pinterest account, then consider checking it out because pinterest is a great source for figuring-out what she actually likes without even asking her directly. You may also check on her amazon-whishlist, facebook-posts and much more.
  • Take note of her love-language: love-language actually describes what someone needs to feel loved. This means that if you’re able to figure-out what your girlfriend needs to feel loved then you will be capable of getting her a gift that she truly likes.
  • Consider asking her what she likes: some girlfriends will actually appreciate your consideration in asking while other will find it awkward and strange. So, try asking her of things she wants wisely whereby you can simply ask her for a list of things she loves because with a list of things she won’t be able to know exactly what she will get.


  • Consider making her something: making something for your girlfriend can be a great option if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on buying her a perfect gift. However, making a gift for your girlfriend takes a lot of time and effort compared to buying something online or from a store but your girlfriend will actually appreciate a handmade gift than a purchased gift. Additionally, handmade gift are always unique and this means that she won’t find it anywhere else. So, make her something like hand-knitted sweater, scarf or bag and you may also make her cookies or a cake.
  • Make for her a framed-photo or scrapbook: most photos are usually stored on a computer or phone today and this implies that offering your girlfriend with a framed-photo will actually make her feel great and loved. You may even consider putting photo you two in a simple scrapbook and the she will definitely love such a gift.
  • Prepare for her a favorite drink: incase your girlfriend likes hot-cocoa, tea or any other type of drink, then consider making her that drink in fancy mug and she will actually love such a gift since it shows that you really care about her.
  • Make her homemade bath-bomb: if your girlfriend enjoys soaking herself in the tub, then consider making her a bath-bomb containing essential oils with a scent she loves and this will actually make her feel special and loved.


  • Consider cleaning the house: if you’re living with your girlfriend, then you may consider cleaning the house and doing some regular chores like doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom. This will actually make a perfect gift for her especially on that special day of her life.
  • Prepare for her some food: try preparing for your girlfriend a favorite dish and you may even add some chocolate-chips, candy and raspberry in order to make it look premium. However, you need to know what she likes and dislikes when preparing a dish for your girlfriend and she will actually appreciate such a gift.
  • Clean her car: if your girlfriend has a car but doesn’t have the time to clean it, then consider borrowing it and then clean it up outside and inside. But make sure that you don’t throw away things she likes because this can bring your problems. This will make a perfect gift for her because she will feel happy and surprised.


  • Take a look through handcrafted websites for gift-ideas: there are several hand-crafted websites available today and these actually offer a variety of gifts that look unique and simple. So, such websites will help you get something similar to what your girlfriend loves or they may even customize the gift your to give her. Such websites include; Etsy, Shana-Logic, custom-made and many more.
  • Consider giving her craft or art-pieces: with craft and art-works, you will be able to find a unique gift to offer your girlfriend. So, consider going to a local art-show or craft fair and you will be able to find something perfect for her. However, crafts and art-works are a bit pricy but they actually make a special gift that your girlfriend will always appreciate.
  • Get her something in line with her passion: for example, if your girlfriend likes drawing then consider gifting her with art-supplies or get her a painting of her favorite artist (personality).


  • Take her for a small trip: consider taking your girlfriend for a small getaway to a nearby city or town. Try to stay in fancy hotel for at least one night and she will actually love such a gift. Additionally, you may also take her for a picnic to nearby park or garden and you may even decide to take her to a concert.
  • Try offering something you can do together: try giving your girlfriend something that you can go out and enjoy together. So, try getting her something like a ticket to a musical-play or movie that you can both enjoy and this will actually make a great gift on her side.

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