40 Best Toys For 12 -13-14 and 15 Year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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Endeavoring to understand your child’s behavior is very essential not only because you will be able to y buy the appropriate toys for him but because you need to perfectly notice each and every stage of their development. As a parent or guardian it is always your duty to support your growing child in every possible way, show him how much you love him by finding the toys appropriate for him age and the ones that he has shown interest in just like those featured in the post below. Boys in the ages of 12, 13, 14 and 15 are in the early stage of adolescence therefore you must expect so many changes that is with the physical appearance, emotions and social skills. you need to take note of the fact that this is the age where it seems almost impossible to anything that your child will love for example you might buy him a toy he doesn’t like it but that is just a behavior that you need to put up with and bare with your child because they really do need your guidance now more than ever before.  Such kids enjoy games that engage their friends and like to have the same things that their peers. Look through this list to get your new adolescent the perfect toy.

1.Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate:

Roller Derby Boy's Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate

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For your little man that loves to skate all through the neighborhood, the Roller Derby Boy’s Tracer Adjustable Inline Skates are just the perfect solution, they will turn him into the skating king. Its extremely stylish boot is what makes this skate stand out much more than many others in competition, the boot features a very supportive soft boot system that is very supportive and dual can lever buckle which makes it super easy to put the skates on and off. It is also designed with comfort fit adding which is meant to specifically ensure that the shoes are super comfortable for the skater. Another really unique feature with these skates is the push button adjustment system which makes it so easy to switch the skates to a size that fits most perfectly.  The urethane wheels offer a very smooth ride. The skates are available in two sizes small and medium and they are both adjustable.

2. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter:

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

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The Fuzion Z300 Pro Scoot constructed with a whole new design turn out to be the favorite for both intermediate and novice riders. Each and everything about this scooter is new starting with the deck, to its bars, the new deck as well as its appearance which features new graphics and thick paint colors. Because of this completely new design, the Z300 scooter can easily overcome any obstacle on the pavement, park or street. With its dog bone deck design it evenly distributes force all over the deck giving the entire scooter a really lightweight which makes it easy to ride. It is made for high speed riding with low impact since it delivers maximum safety with its alloy staggered triple clamp which keeps bars well connected. It features aluminum 7 wheels that are not only smooth but very fast too while the rattle free flex break that is very easy to access.

3. Freestyle Bike:

Freestyle Bike

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If you want the best bike for your little one then look no further than the Razor 62042 High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike reason being it is well constructed for durability and with the child’s safety in mind. It is built from quality steel material to deliver long lasting use and detailed with outstanding green and black graphics for that appealing appearance. It features both rear and front brake for more reliable and easy stopping whenever necessary plus a quick release seat post clamp for fast and simple adjustment of the bike’s seat whenever necessary.  Parents love this bike mainly because of how it grows along with their kids, it takes them through several stages so you won’t have to buy a new one whenever your child grows.

4. Minecraft Micro World:

Minecraft Micro World

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Including 4 Enderman micro mob and Ender dragon, the LEGO Minecraft Micro World biome is the perfect way to enjoy The end. The LEGO mine craft can be split into four areas to make the battle even more interesting, this is a completely new experience so be sure that your little ones will enjoy every bit of it. The battle is all about you having to destroy the Ender crystals so as to totally get rid of the scary Ender dragon. This biome can as well be connected to many others in its same series, this will help you come up with your own personal LEGO mine craft world.

5. Rocket Electric Motocross Bike:

Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

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The Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike is a high performance bike that every kid ought to try out. The new SX500 features an authentic dirt bike frame combine with a really strong high torque electric motor to take riders all the way to a speed of 15miles per hour. It is constructed with 14 inch tire on the rear and 16 inch tire on the front, it is these pneumatic tires that provide ultimate transfer of power even through a lot of dirt. Its extremely powerful yet super quiet operation is attached to the fact that this bike uses a chain driven motor and has been built with twist grip acceleration. With adjustable handlebars and dual suspension, riding this bike is super comfortable and smooth.

6. Wooden Slingshot:

Wooden Slingshot

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The Hand-Carved Wooden Slingshot by nature launchers are made in the same design as traditional slingshots however these ones are much more modern and appealing to look at which is why I am sure they will make a great addition to your child’s collection of toys. They slingshots come in a pack of two with one slingshot designed in form of a Raccoon and the other designed like a fox. The animated slingshots are molded from quality wood that is very solid and detailed with paint that is completely toxic free. They can shoot all the way to 50 feet, it is therefore very important that kids play under your guidance to avoid them from shooting at delicate objects or people.

7. Dirt Quad:

Dirt Quad

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With a four wheel dirt quad well built and so strong, your little man will be able to go on as many adventures as he wishes. This Razor Dirt Quad looks all fresh with its new, improved and extremely stylish design yet it is at the same time to go over smooth pavements as well as go in the dirt and hit all those big bumps and tough trails. The combination of twist grip acceleration and a high torque gear and chain driven motor provides outstanding climbing opportunities with very quiet operation. The quad is resistant to all weather conditions all thanks to its break resistant plastic fairings and front brush bar while the droop travel rear suspension with coil shock delivers the smoothest ride ever.

8. Standard Quadcopter Drone:

Standard Quadcopter Drone

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The experience of viewing the best images from wherever you want just got easier with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quad copter Drone. Using its free DJI Go app you can get to view all images captured clearly on a tablet or mobile phone. Because it is super easy to fly and its flights are GPS assisted, the drone can capture the most beautiful images without you having to worry about its safety. With is powerful motor you can send the drone to whichever flight you wish and still expect outstanding results while the remote control that is specifically designed for the Phantom 3 Standard gives you full control of your device. This drone makes capturing videos and photos from the sky super fun. Any child in their early teens will fall in love with it.

9. Stadium Horn (Vuvuzela):

Stadium Horn (Vuvuzela)

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Kids enjoy the noise so by all means you wouldn’t be wrong to get your little one a vuvuzela especially a good quality one like this stick back non collapsible stadium horn. If you have one those boys that love to cheer teams in the stadium, this will definitely be a perfect toy for them to take to the stadium. This noise maker is estimated to be about 4 and half inches wide open and 27 inches long which makes it perfect for those little hands. It is designed from thicker and more durable plastic to ensure long lasting use unlike many other noise makers on the market. The color is great and the fact that it is easy to fold makes it very convenient since it can easily fit into any bag.

10. Dune Buggy:

Dune Buggy

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Don’t think twice about the Razor dune buggy if you want your boy to enjoy off road fun more than ever before. Loaded with a very powerful 350 watt motor and 8 inch knobby pneumatic tires, this kid’s dune buggy has the ability to go to a speed as high as 10 miles per hour. It also features an amazingly durable tubular steel frame, a bucket seat that is well padded for maximum comfort and a seat belt for added safety. With this buggy there is absolutely no need for fuel however it is made with hand throttle and brake controls. The ride is made specifically for all kids above eight years with the ability to support not more than 120 pounds.




11. GeekPro® 3.0 HD Fisheye Action Camera:

GeekPro-« 3.0 HD Fisheye Action Camera

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To ensure that you don’t miss out on the action on any of those adventures, look no further than the GeekPro® 3.0 HD Fisheye Action Camera. This 12MP waterproof camera features a 2 inch LCD screen which is wide enough for you to view each and everything as the camera records and from this same screen you can know which mode you capturing from. This camera can capture videos from a wide degree and amusingly you can delete any pictures or videos that are unappealing to you straight from the camera. It is infused with Wi-Fi which gives you the liberty of controlling the camera from your smart phone yet it is also super easy to use even your little ten year old boy won’t find any difficulties using it.

12. Starter Robot Kit (No Electronics) for Kids Teenager Maker Geeker:

Makeblock Starter Robot Kit

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The Black Friday Sale Makeblock Starter Robot Kit is with no doubt the perfect kit for your starter to get introduced to the world of Arduino programming, graphic programming as well as several other electronics. From this robot kit, kids utilize their playtime as they build either a three wheeled robot car or robot tank depending on what is in their imaginations. Because it doesn’t need soldering, everything about putting the robot together is extremely easy while its sturdy aluminum extrusion structure and anodized surface makes the robot extremely durable. There no boy in his teens that will stay away from this toy, I can guarantee yours too will enjoy every bit of it.

13. Standard Student Trumpet:

Standard Student Trumpet

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With its beautiful yellow body brass body, the Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet instantly gets the attention of those that love playing the trumpet and all those kids that are into music. The long lasting trumpet is accented with gold lacquer finish to create a much more appealing appearance. It plays very beautiful incredible sound and comes with some accessories including valve oil, mouth piece, cleaning cloth, gloves and a well made carrying case which makes it a lot easier to carry the trumpet to any desired destination. If you want to teach you boy about band music, this is the perfect instrument as it is a munificent bore for easy playing even for beginners as it aids in precise hitting of the notes.

14. Remote Control Toy Building Robot Kit:

Remote Control Toy Building Robot Kit

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The Brain Crunch SM1702 Smart Machines is the ultimate toy for every boy to enjoy play time more than ever before. With its exceptional quality, this robot kit is meant to last years and years giving your little one hours of fun as they construct their own machines and motorized vehicles and use the included infrared remote to control their creations. This kit also includes a really colorful instructions manual featuring 4 different models for kids to build and train from but each with a different level of difficulty. With the practice that kids get from building the models in the manual they will eventually be able get the best out of their creativity. This is the perfect kit to keep your little man occupied reason being each model takes a good number of minutes to build. All of the pieces in this kit are made with toxic-free materials.

15. Mini MKII 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Drum Pad:

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Drum Pad and Keyboard Controller with Joystick

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With the new, unique and compact design, the kai Professional MPK Mini MKII keyboard is simply the perfect keyboard for your little music lover. This keyboard is greatly loved for its size which easily fits into any bag and doesn’t take up too much space on your desktop no matter how crowded it might be.  This keyboard is very portable all thanks to its ability to support plug and play connectivity as well as its USB midi that powers up as soon as the keyboard is connected to a computer. Loaded with a great display of hardware controls, kids can enjoy performing with several other virtual musical instruments, recording and composing whenever they feel like. The MPK MKII mini keyboard has all the necessities that will arouse your child’s motivation to widen the imagination about the music world.

16. Ground Force Drifter Kart:

Ground Force Drifter Kart

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Enjoy riding all through the neighborhood with the Razor Force Drifter Kart by quickly sliding into its kart-style frame. With its super slider POM rear wheels, this kart will sure turn your little guy into the hood’s draft king. It operates with a chain driven motor and high torque gear which deliver quiet but exceptionally powerful performance. It furthers features thumb trigger acceleration control, hand –operated rear brakes and variable speed for a completely customized riding session. To deliver maximum comfort, it is made with a bucket seat and shoulder strap so little ones are very safe all through their drift. It has folded front wheels with upgraded axels and sturdy rubber tires for improved steering and better maneuverability. It goes to a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour, the fun just doesn’t stop.

17. Educational Robot Kit for Kids:

Educational Robot Kit for Kids

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For all robotics learning and the best STEM best introduction to STEM learning the Make block mBot Educational Robot Kit is just the perfect solution. This robot kit is ideal for kids who are just beginning to learn about robotics, graphic programming and electronics. Because putting this robot together is actually not that simple it leaves kids with the challenge of figuring out how to get all the 38 parts that it comes with into one solid robot and this is actually what keeps them occupied for several hours. It features color labeled RJ25 ports which makes wiring quite easy to encourage little ones to explore their creativity. It is infused with drag and drop graphical programming software which deliver a much simpler way for learning about controlling the robot, programming it and the different function that robots do. This compatible robot will definitely be your child’s dream robot.

18. Caster Board:

Caster Board

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Featuring a whole new advanced shape and design just like that of a skate board, the new Ripstik caster board brings the excitement and fun of skating and snowboarding in just one toy. Unlike the tradition skateboard which is made with four wheels, this caster board is made with just two wheels that deliver the smoothest ride on very fast 360 degree twists. It is designed with two really strong traction plates and high performance ABEC-5 bearings that take the Ripstick to climb hills. With the pivoting deck it is quite easy to use this caster board since all you have to do is use your weight to push or accelerate so it is totally effortless. With the concave deck design, kick tail and nose and spiked traction pads for those outgoing kids to perform all their favorite tricks.

19. Mandolin Sunburst:

Mandolin Sunburst

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The Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin Sunburst is not just well built for durability but also beautifully finished for a really attractive appearance. The gorgeous mandolin is designed with clean workmanship all through, a really simple easy to play neck combined with an adjustable bridge making it the perfect instrument for kids little hands. This RM-100A is with no doubt the ideal mandolin for kids to play all types of music that they wish to play. It as well comes with chrome tuners and nickel-plated frets which keep the mandolin in great playing condition.

20. Dark Lantern Drift Trike:

Dark Lantern Drift Trike

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Give your little man the chance to enjoy riding on the super stylish Triad Underworld 2 Glow in the Dark Lantern Drift Trike. This trike stands out from many others because of its attractive glow in the dark yellow paint. It features a twin tube hi-tensile steel frame that collapses down into two pieces for much more convenient and easy transportation since it can easily fit in any car boot. It is also designed with an advanced bulletproof freewheel hub that is perfectly sealed. This drift trike loads an ergonomically designed racing seat that adjustable according to how comfortable you feel. It has over size handle bars with soft grip with locks and accented with some really cool graphics. It will not be the difficult for your little man to ride this trike.

21. Smart Watch Phone:

Smart Watch Phone

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For kids in their early teens it is not only necessary to have a smart watch but also part of being stylish and trendy, knowing how much kids at this age love to fit in, the Pandaoo Universal GT08 Bluetooth Smart Watch will definitely be the perfect toy for him. This fitness watch is infused with several health tracking apps such as the remote camera control, alarm clock, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder and so much more that will help kids keep perfect track of their health. This watch can connect to many different smart phones via Bluetooth and be able to enjoy communication with friends through calls and texts with your hands completely free.  It features a large high resolution touch screen for you to explore each and every feature with lots of fun and ease.

22. Three Wheeled Cruiser:

Three Wheeled Cruiser

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It features a stylish design but it is not only made for fun, the Mobo Triton Pro- the Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser is made to deliver fun rides while improving strength in leg and arm muscles. It is constructed with an extremely durable and extendable frame that lasts year after year, this cruiser’s frame is made from very durable steel. It further features a very unique rear-wheel steering system meant to motivate an active lifestyle, riding this cruiser is a fun way of improving arm and leg muscles. With the chainless chassis, ergonomic design and super comfortable seat, you can be rest assured every bit of riding the cruiser will be very enjoyable with very little or no pressure on your back. For so many years the entire family will gain a whole lot from the mobo three wheeled cruiser.

23. Fire HD 6:

Fire HD 6


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No matter how far you want to go, you will not leave your tablet behind simple because the fir HD6 tablet is sized just perfect to fit in any pocket. It is designed with fast quad core processor featuring two high performance cores and two lower power cores for added smoothness when playing games and watching videos, quick launching of apps, generally it ensures better performance of the tablet. The tablet is thinner, smaller and with lighter weight compared to all the previous models and this is what makes it extremely portable. It flaunts a large display with brilliant colors for the best ever viewing experience.

24. Mini Keyboard:

Mini Keyboard

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The Casio SA76 44 Keys 100 Tones is a great way for your little ones to start playing their very first tunes as it delivers all the necessary basics. It combines the 8 note polyphony, LSI sound source to deliver first class quality sound and an LC display where they can easily access all the various music options they need to select from. It is quite easy to change from piano to organ modes because of the striking change over switch. There are several instruments’ functions on its display that kids can easily access and navigate since they are all well displayed.

25. Kids Piano Accordion:

D'Luca G104-BK Kids Piano Accordion 17 Keys 8 Bass

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Learning to play an accordion may not be that simple but with an accordion designed specifically for those tiny hands like the D’Luca G104-BK Kids Piano Accordion it will definitely be much easier. The gorgeous piano accordion features a 17 key treble keyboard together with 8 bass chord buttons which makes it a real musical instrument. It can be played along with other band instruments such as banjo, percussion or guitar to get even more beautiful sound. It has very strong adjustable support straps for added comfort during play time and it is attractively decorated on the outside.

26. Melodica with Case:

Melodica with Case

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Whether it is for school use, personal play at home or group activities, the D’Luca M37-BK 37 Key Melodica never disappoints. Besides introducing your little one to the amazing world of playing the keyboard, this blow keyboard also encourages kids to participate into more active games than the ones they usually engage in. This is an incredible wind instrument that will get kids playing on the first day they receive it because it is extremely easy to learn. It has 37 piano style keys, includes an extension hose durable zipper carrying case and mouthpiece.

27. Foot Tambourine:

Foot Tambourine

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If you are looking for the perfect way to harmonize any musical instrument this Meinl Percussion FJS2S-BK Foot Tambourine is the perfect choice to make. This foot tambourine delivers a light jiggle sound to improve any musical setting in which it is included. It is very simple to slip it on and off the feet and easy to use as it plays sound with a simple stamp of the foot. It is ergonomically designed with a rubber wood body in a curvy shape and strong nylon strap to tightly secure the tambourine on your foot. This adds a lot of melody to your music set without eating up any space.

28. Hunting Bow:

Maxx Action Hunting Series Toy Hunting Bow

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For practicing and improving target accuracy, the Maxx Action Hunting Series Toy Hunting Bow is a great solution. This toy bow comes with three safety arrows with suction cups to make sure that each time you shoot you can make it better than the prior shot. It has its own arrow quiver in which you can have arrows always perfectly kept and easily accessible whenever you need them.  This kit comes with a realistic target and false LED pretender laser site light.

29. Chord Autoharp:

Chord Autoharp

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One of the most famous models of Oscar Schmidt autoharps is the Oscar Schmidt 21 chord. It is beautifully designed and perfectly finished with a maple frame shiny sun burnt finish. It shows off a chromatic 21 chord bar with buttons arranged in three rows. Because of its exceptional construction, the autoharp is guaranteed to last a really long period of time yet it actually doesn’t cost too much.

30. Toy Repeater Rifle:

Toy Repeater Rifle

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But of course he will love to take to go on several hunting missions with this Maxx Action 30″ Toy Repeater Rifle. It has very comfortable shoulder straps and hunting scope just like a real rifle and not to mention the amazing wooden grain deco it is detailed with. It comes with six play cartridges, practical loading action plus ejecting shells but kids love it most for the electronic gun sounds effects it makes while ejecting shells. The maxx action rifle will make pretend play much more interesting than ever before, your little man will fall completely in love with it.

31. Acoustic Guitar:

Acoustic Guitar

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With all the excellent features that it is made with and looking as splendid as it looks the Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar is one great instrument to put a smile on your young guitarist’s face. It plays big and bold sound, it is well constructed and extremely easy to play to the extent that any beginning player will not find any difficulty in getting sound out of it. The Jasmine S-35 has a very appealing spruce top, a slim neck and the perfect length for maximum comfort as the child plays. It is such a great guitar for playing any type of music.

32. Voice Changer:

Voice Changer

For hours of laughter and fun try out Toy Smith’s Tech Gear multi voice changer. With lots of versatility this voice changer offers several options for kids to select from that is to say it has 10 various voice modifiers that they can use to come up with lots of interesting sound combinations. For fast and easy adjustment of frequency and amplitude, the voice changer has levers located just on the side so they are easily accessible. With its unique voice amplifier and bright LEDs which makes the voice changer a lot more fun to play with.

33. 5 Piece Drum Set:

5 Piece Drum Set

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You cannot take for granted the fact that the Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set. Being a full adult drum set we must admit that it comes at a really affordable price yet it comes with everything necessary for you to start playing immediately. The full drum set includes stands, hardware, cymbals, a very comfortable stool head and sticks. Apart from the different instruments, this drum set also comes with a drum instructions DVD that is totally free so that even beginners will have where to start from. With the high gloss black finish, these drums look super elegant.

34. Solar Robot:

Solar Robot

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The OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot is a completely solar powered robot with the ability to change into as many as 14 various robot modes. This robot is super fun yet it is entirely powered by the sun there’s therefore no need for you to worry about spending money on batteries. With its two building skill levels, one for the starters and the other for the more experienced robot builders, this robot kit caters for absolutely everyone. The starter and the expert will both enjoy the same great fun. It changes from a surfer, to wagging tail dog, to walking crab, to a speedster and so much more.

35. Violin:


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Playing the violin is one of the most sensational talents ever so if you want to train your little boy into becoming an excellent violinist then  look out for the ADM 4/4 Wooden Acoustic Violin. This violin looks flawless with the attractive gloss dark brown finish, it also displays a hand-carved well made spruce top, hand inlayed purfling as well as hand carved maple sides and back. Generally this entire violin is handmade. It comes along with a brazilwood round stick violin bow, a very sturdy and lightweight violin case, E-tuners and rosin.

36. Elite Precision Target Set:

Elite Precision Target Set

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Learn how to get more accurate at target with the Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision Target Set. This set comes with all necessary items for you to practice your target on your own or even have more fun competing with friends. The set includes a target that can easily be hang-up on the wall or behind the door, fire strike blaster and 10 suction darts in two different colors. The blaster comes with light beam trigger design to turn on the precision light beam. This precision target set will get kids busy for several hours.

37. Harmonica:


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The Blues Deville Harmonica by Fender is designed to sound just as perfect as it looks, this tiny musical instrument fits well in kid’s hands and gives them the liberty to play their favorite melodies. Featuring an amazing combination of precision phosphor bronze reeds and molded PVC comb, it plays produces a very rich tone and pitch. It looks stunning with the traditional shape and black satin cover.

38. Binoculars:

Falcon 7x35 Binoculars with Case

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With its versatility, the Bushnell Falcon Binoculars is unquestionably the appropriate binoculars for so many activities such as bird watching, hunting, and stadium sports among many other outdoor activities. It features an abrasion-resistant finish along a rubberized durable design. In addition it is made with Porro prism and coated lenses for sharp and exceptional viewing experience, fine tune magnification with the right tension, an insta-focus lever which delivers the smoothest feedback. It is made with fold down eye cups to keep the lenses well protected from getting scratched especially for those who wear glasses.

39. Electronics Discovery Kit:

Electronics Discovery Kit

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It is through the Snap Circuits SC-300 Electronics Discovery Kit that you will introduce your little one to an exciting world of electronics. The kit comprises of 60 color coded real circuit parts which when put together make working electronic devices and circuits. The kit delivers as many as 305 projects that are not just entertaining but also teach your little one on how electronics work. The pieces include snap wires, capacitors, a slide switch, resistor and microphone which easily snap together without the need of soldering.

40. Telescope


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Meade Instruments Infinity 80mm AZ Refractor Telescope is made for terrestrial and astronomical object viewers. The telescope is made for great for observing and discovering outdoor objects both during the day and in the night, it gives beginners a chance to discover lots of details they didn’t know about the outside world for example details about the moon, rings of Saturn and moons of Jupiter. It is super easy to assemble.

41. Robotic Arm Edge

Robotic Arm Edge

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Another one from OWI’s amazing world of robots is this robotic arm edge. It features a robotic arm gripper which closes and opens but that’s not all you can also command the robot to perform different functions and movements. This robot makes several movements that keep kids entertained for several hours.


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