5 Best Emerging Technologies That Will Transform Our Lives

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Today, different scientists and researchers are busy innovating new technologies that will change the way we live and conduct business in the nearby future. In fact, there are multiple completely new technologies that will soon transform computing, medicine, manufacturing, transportation and energy infrastructure. Additionally, technology disruption might seem like something out of a sci-fi Movie but it’s actually happening and we are new edge of technology that will transform our lives and businesses while allowing us to be more connected, creative, and productive than never before. So, below are some of the best emerging technologies that we predict will have a tremendous influence in the nearby future:


List of 5 Best Emerging Technologies:

  1. Voice-control Technology: Today, Voice-assistants can create a more compelling level of interactivity between users and devices through a more organic form of communication. For example, Google reported that 20% of their mobile-queries are voice-searches and Amazon’s Alexa is now embedded into non-Amazon devices, such as smart home hubs, cars and banking interfaces for easy voice control and communication. Additionally, Wal-Mart recently partnered with Google to offer voice-based shopping. However, we are still in the early stages of voice-based buying but the future of voice communications lies beyond machine-learning algorithms that understand words.


  1. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality technology is growing at first pace today whereby its being used in video-games and other sectors like travel-brands, schools and businesses are gaining interest in virtual-reality. For example, today consumers can explore a product, engage with a brand and make a purchase with VR, virtual-reality is a great way to attract students into interactive learning and even VR is very effective in getting candidates excited about working for your company. Additionally, virtual-reality works great on mobile-devices in-order to provide users with a 360 experience. In fact, virtual-reality is designed to grow along with mobile-devices and VR may actually replace Smartphones with something entirely virtual in the future.


  1. Facial Recognition: This type of technology is increasingly being used in the security-sector. In fact, users are already enjoying some of the benefits of facial recognition through brands like; Apple, Samsung, Facebook and a lot more. Additionally, Top brands like Disney and government-services have introduced the technology to gauge customer mood in-order to provide an experience that is beneficial, enjoyable and streamlined.


  1. Machine Learning: This is a subset of artificial intelligence that can help companies and people to automatically discover hidden opportunities, accelerate tedious processes and even identify which data insights matter. For example, Adobe Photoshop features a machine-learning program that enables the imaging and design app to find faces in an image and after uses “landmarks” such as eyebrows, lips and eyes to understand their positions and change facial-expressions without ruining the image. Additionally, machine-learning can be used intelligent audience segmentation whereby its integration into analytics facilitates for capabilities of anomaly-detection and real-time analysis of large data sets and auto-tagging of images. Lastly, it’s predicted that machines (AI) of the future will be able to anticipate and help brands understand consumer needs before they are even aware of them.


  1. Chatbots: The use of Chatbots for business-to-consumer communications is still in the early stages but these systems are actually predominantly being used to provide search, discovery and product recommendations. For example, Google is chatbot-system that provides you with search queries, Whole Foods’ Facebook Messenger bot allows users to search for recipes, products and food-inspiration without leaving Messenger and also the beauty-industry is using this technology for appointment scheduling, virtual color matching and gifting. Additionally, Starbucks announced a chatbot application called “Barista” that will help users order coffee via chats.


Other amazing emerging technologies:

  1. Biometrics: These include technologies like; fingerprint or iris-detection and are commonly used by companies to verify a person’s identity. In fact, Biometric sensor technology is already in use in smart-watches and fitness-bands and it actually has the potential to monitor heart-rate, blood glucose levels, EKG, body-temperature and a lot more. Additionally, one way emotion technology is being used frequently to measure physiological data to understand how somebody truly feels.


  1. Wireless Sensor Networks: This technology features networks of wireless battery-powered sensors that monitor the environment, machines and even us. In fact, low-power wireless sensor networks are spearheading what the future of computing is going to look like and these networks will be capable of observing almost anything including; traffic, weather, seismic-activity, movements of troops on battlefields, stresses on buildings and bridges on a finer-scale than never before.


  1. Injectable Tissue Engineering: With this technology, human-joints are injected with a specially designed mixture of polymers, cells and growth stimulators that can solidify and form healthy tissue. Additionally, researchers have been working on producing lab-grown alternatives to transplanted organs and tissues. All in all, most of the tissue-engineering applications to first reach the market could be delivered by syringe rather than implants.


  1. Nano-Solar Cells: Harnessing energy from the sun depends on silicon-wafers that must be produced by the same exact process used to make computer-chips. In fact, Nano-solar cells can be integrated with other building materials and also ensure cheaper production costs that will finally make solar-power a widely used electricity alternative. Additionally, scientists are aiming at using nanotechnology to produce a photovoltaic material that can be spread like plastic wrap or paint in-order to provide every home with cheap electricity.

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