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50 Best Baby Shower Gifts Ideas 2017 – All Unique and Cool

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If you have a baby shower coming in this 2016 ; here is a list of adorable gifts that you should take to that baby shower. Because of the wide variety of baby items on the market it will become quite a challenge choosing the perfect gift to choose for the baby shower but that is exactly what this post is going to help you with. All the gifts included on this are selected with great consideration for the baby and soon to be parents so whichever you pick will definitely be appropriate. After looking at these lovely gifts, you will want to be a mother yourself so that your friends can bring some of these precious gifts.





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As it gives the baby morale to puts its fine and gross motor skills to use this customary A shaped frame gym also adds more fun to baby’s playing time. It is designed with many different attractive patterns and colors that are much recommended for the development of baby’s visual sensitivity as the as the interesting toys keep the baby happy all the time. These are not just toys for playing but they also help to build the baby’s confidence for engaging in various activities and at the same time it works as a walker. All the plastic material used to design this gym is 100% safe for baby’s health.


Baby Rocker Napper Seat Travel Bassinet Play Sleep

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The soon to be mother will forever be grateful to you for this amazing gift. This is one product uses rocking movements to calm down the baby, it acts as a very safe and comfortable environment for the baby and at the same time as a seat for playing which is why it is called the three in one baby rocker. One of the extremely important things for proper development of the baby is quiet time alone. This baby rocker is also detailed with a mirror in floral shape and two toys for playing so there is no way the baby will get uncomfortable in here as it is designed with everything that will ensure she stays calm at all times.


Kid Animal Cloth Book Infant Baby Intelligence Development Toy Bed Cognize

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Another really educational gift is this Kid Animal Cloth Book, being made from 100% brand new cloth material of the highest quality it will make the baby’s bed look even more attractive. It is beautifully printed with attractive colors and animals to help the baby learn and get familiar with all those wild and domestic animals. On the center it has a mirror, and we all know much babies love to look at themselves in the mirror. It is appropriate for babies between 0-3 years of age and can be placed either in the child’s crib or their play pen



Baby Walker Musical Activity Play Tray

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With such beautiful and bright colors, red, green, white and multicolored polka dots any baby will definitely be encouraged to step into this baby walker. This exquisite baby walker features a very safe base that is very secure to ensure that the baby doesn’t fall. For maximum comfort, it has a deep nicely padded seat that provides ultimate back support for the baby as she or he tours around. Featuring a multi-position height adjustment seat, it is very easy to change the height depending on what is most comfortable for the baby and it plays some interesting baby music. It is designed for babies that have already learnt how to sit and are learning how to walk that is to say kids above 6 months.


Baby Infant Toddler Developmental Toy Kids Musical Piano Early Educational Game

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One of that makes babies learn how to count really fast is a piano as they enjoy those interesting songs they also learn the different letters that are labeled on the piano buttons. The pianos are availed in many different colors though in this picture there are just two colors, a pink one which is more appropriate for girls and a yellow one which is more suitable for boys. The piano is made from high quality plastic material that is not just durable but also very safe for the baby. It operates with two batteries and good enough for babies right from when they are born until they are 7 years old.


Set Alphabet - Numerals Baby Kids Play Mat Educational Toy Soft Foam Mats

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This super stylish, modern, very affordable and functional mini puzzle mat is absolutely worth taking as s gift for a baby shower.  It includes 10 numbers from 0 to 9 and all the alphabetical letters from A to Z which help the baby to get interested in learning the numbers and English. Instead of suffering with those old teaching methods of teaching kids, this is the modern way to help your baby learn. It is also made from EVA foam that is non-slippery, very safe for the child and extremely easy to clean. It has the most stunning colors to attract the baby to play.


Foam Floor Baby Activity Play Mat Gym Educational Learning Padded Flying Chess

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The beautiful multi-colored Foam Floor Baby Activity Play Mat features animated and beautiful diagrams and cartoons to create a very pretty environment for the baby to play and learn. It is also designed with letters and numbers so that by the time she or he goes to school they will already have an idea of what is taught. The mat has waterproof fabric that is very comfortable and convenient to clean. Therefore for those picnics, days out on the beach with friends or by the swimming pool, this mat will be your perfect companion.



Baby Gift Rainforest Musical Baby Activity Play Gym Toy Soft Mat

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To stimulate the baby to put their legs to use, increase their self-confidence and curiosity is what this Rainforest Musical Baby Activity Play Gym Toy Soft Mat is all about. It is made with fine looking colors and toys that improve the child’s hand-eye coordination. As it gives the baby morale to kick, crawl and tummy play muscles in the legs, arms, neck, shoulders and back are strengthened. It is infused with musical activity which is ideal for improvement in baby’s listening skills.


Mamas and Papas game blanket baby crawling drum baby pillow educational toys

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The Mamas & Papas game blanket baby crawling drum baby pillow is an extra-ordinary pillow that is very functional in a baby’s physical development and play time. Featuring a unique shape with durable, lavish and smooth polyester material, the pillow helps the baby to engage in different shoulder and abdominal exercises. It is accented with a mirror which helps baby to recognize themselves. But most importantly, this pillow stimulates the baby to lift the neck and head and thus strengthen muscles in the chest and upper arms.


Baby Playpen Kids 8 Panel Safety Play Center Yard Home Indoor Outdoor Pen

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You can choose to create a very appealing environment for the baby on the way to play. This play pen will take the baby right from their infant stages until their childhood stages. The activity board is made in the image of a house, it contains spinning balls and a play phone all which add a very modern look to the child’s play room. For maximum safety it has swinging hinged doors with safety locks. With those 8 interchangeable panels, it is possible to adjust the play pen to any shape or size that you feel is most suitable.





Playard Travel Portable Baby Playpen Toddler Infant Crib Bed

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The Graco Pack n Play Playard is a two in one item that acts a play pen for toddlers and at the same time acts as a crib for younger babies or infants. It features a neutral and unique color sage green. It has wheels for easy transportation when you need to put it away for storage or take it from one place to another. With its portability you can as well carry it with you when you’re on the move so if the soon to be parent loves travelling this gift will surely work for them.


Baby Toddler Kid Harness Bouncer Jumper Learn To Moon Walk Walker Assistant

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Any normal baby attempts to walk when they are above six months which is why this Baby Toddler Harness Walk Learning Assistant Walker is designed specifically to help the baby learn to walk on their own. It is designed in such a way that it assists the baby to walk on their own and feel comfortable and safe while they go in for this new venture. It features tight plastic locks that hold the baby in place and assists them to balance freely without holding onto anything for support.





Newborn Baby Clothes Girls Boys Winter Outfits

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This set of a top and pants will make the mother to be even more excited about having her baby as she pictures her tiny little thing in these adorable clothes. They are designed with cotton material with a quilted lining that is very soft to ensure that it feels really comfortable on baby’s skin. These baby clothes are very simple but very fashionable but even more importantly they their material is very breathable and thus very comfortable for the baby. At the beginning of the winter season, during spring and autumn, these are the appropriate clothes to wear the baby in. they comes in yellow, pink and blue so you can pick whichever you want depending on what suits the baby’s sex.


Crochet lovely baby booties girl 0-3 months

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Crotchet baby booties are like the loveliest gift to carry to a baby shower, the imagination of a baby’s tiny feet in these booties is absolutely breathtaking. This adorable hand crocheted pair is detailed with a button in heart shape and a pink ribbon to baby your little princess look very fashionable. They are also thick enough to keep her feet very warm so much as they are fashionable they don’t compromise baby’s health. They are suitable for new born babies until they are three months. They are very comfortable and easy to clean, you have to hand wash them.


Terry Cardigan Set

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If you are sure she is expecting a boy, this Carter’s Baby Boys’ 3-Piece Terry Cardigan Set will be a lovely gift to take to her baby shower. No matter which season it is, this set of baby clothes will be perfect to dress the baby in. the top has zip closure front to make it quick and easy for dressing while the pants are designed with a comfortable elastic non-pinch waist band.  The set includes a 100% cotton body suit in plain white, a cardigan with stripes and pants in plain brown. The cardigan and pants are designed from 86% cotton and 14% polyester.


Cartoon Animal Hooded Bath Towel Terry Wrap Bathrobes For Baby Kids

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A cotton hooded bath towel or bathrobe should be one of the gifts you should consider to take to a baby shower. Unlike the normal towel, this wrap bathrobe saves you the burden of having to wrap the baby up in towel after bathing them. You should throw it on the baby and their body will dry as they play yet it also keeps them very warm. It is made in different designs like hippo, owl and shark and comes in a variety of colors for you to choose your favorite one.


Zeb Cotton Mix Bright Orange Baby Tie Bibs

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When babies are younger they spit up and drool too much so any hygienic mother needs to have a number of bibs. These Zeb Cotton Mix Bright Baby Tie Bibs have cotton material on the front and peva material on the back to ensure that however much baby messes him or herself up the clothes remain clean. They are designed with beautiful cartoons in bright orange color that looks really good on babies. One of the bibs is labeled “I am a messy little monkey” and the other one “it’s all about me”.


Unisex Soft Crochet Baby Boy Girl Hat Infant Cotton Beanie Warm Newborn Cap

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This beautiful hat is not just beautiful will also make your baby look very pretty, they are available in orange, blue , white and pink. They are perfect for keeping new born babies very warm and comfortable in all seasons. They are designed in plain colors so they will nicely blend with whatever you choose to dress the baby in.

  1. Knitted Crochet Beanie Winter Warm Hat Cap

Cute Baby Toddler Kids Boys Girls Knitted Crochet Beanie Winter Warm Hat Cap

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Whichever color you choose from these knitted crotchet beanies will be perfect for the baby on the way, they come in four colors, pink or beige, red, brown and white. This beanie is the perfect solution for those extremely cold winter seasons. It is made with the highest quality knitting wool and put skillfully knitted for added durability. It is detailed with two balls on top for a more fashionable appearance. The size of this hat will most preferably fit babies from around 6 months to twelve months.  It works both for baby girls and baby boys.





Baby Kids Safety Desk Table Edge Cushion Cover Protector Protection Corner Guard

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With the way babies love to move, run and play around, it is very easy for them to get hurt but table corners or edges or other sharp and hard objects. These kid safety items will help o cover up all those dangerous areas so that the baby plays without any worries. This set includes 2m edge protector, four pieces of corner covers, 2m U-shaped protector and 2m multi-function protector. All these are designed from long lasting and safe plastic material of the highest quality. It is light weight and soft enough to ensure that even when baby falls on to it they will not be hurt.





LCD Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision Remote Wireless 2 Camera

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The 2.4G 7.0″ LCD Video Baby Monitor gives mothers peace of mind even when they are not close to their baby because it keeps them updated with each and every that happens in the baby’s room. This monitor features a night vision camera that helps you view the baby even when the lights are off in the night together a wide screen monitor that is wireless where you can watch each and everything that your little angel does. No more than ever, it will be possible to check on your baby without disturbing their sleep since you just have to control it with its remote. So you can finish up all your chores without worrying about what your baby might be doing.


Baby Finger Protector Kid Safety Jammers Stop Door Stopper Lock Pinch Guard

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To keep the little angel’s fingers 100% safe, these baby protector door stoppers package are just what you need. The package comes with five stoppers all of which are specifically designed to prevent the child’s hands from being hurt when the door slams with a lot of force or even stop any chances of the baby closing themselves in a room. They are made in different animal shapes and colors that are attractive to the baby and very simple to fix to the door. You just have to clamp it above the door lock.


Baby Kids Child Toddler Safety Fridge Drawer Door Cabinet Cupboard Locks

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You can never know how far kids can reach without you noticing so being cautious will always save you any regrets, that is why these kids toddler safety locks any mother to be will put a huge smile on the face of the mother to be. These locks prevent the baby from being able to open the fridge, drawers that sometimes contain dangerous objects like scissors and razor blades, cabinets and cupboards. They are made with a webbing belt and ABS plastic material that is safe for the child.


Zebra and hot pink cotton canopy cover for infant car seat

Zebra and hot pink cotton canopy cover for infant car seat 2

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Any expectant mother will fall head over hills for this beautiful car seat cover. It is created from the best quality cotton material and outstandingly accented with zebra stripes and pink highlights. It opens and closes with a zipper but the most interesting thing is that it can be used all through the year since the fabric is very comfortable during both hot seasons and warm in those winter seasons that are cold. To make the car seat look a lot more stylish, this is definitely the perfect solution to that. Just the picture of your baby seated in this beautiful car seat blows your mind away.


Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat

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Many mothers have fallen in love with the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat and mostly because of the fact that it gives mothers peace of mind by greatly protecting the baby. It has a five point harness that collapses from the front to make it much simpler to get the baby in and out of the car seat. This seat faces is rare but very safe position for the infant and also features a removable head support to provide extra cushioning and support for the child’s head. This amazing gift has a very modern and stylish design with neutral colors to make it appropriate for both princes and princesses.  It is very comfortable and built with a rotating canopy which offers protection to the baby against the sun.


Adjustable Infant Baby Carrier Sling Newborn Kid Wrap Rider Comfort Backpack

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Instead of leaving your little helpless baby at home whenever you have to move out, you can carry them to wherever you will go in this Adjustable Infant Baby Carrier Sling. This baby carrier is adjustable to make it easier for you to change to whichever size perfectly and comfortably fits your tiny boo. It holds the baby close to you to help create the attachment that must be between a mother and her child. It offers two carrying positions, the front position for babies younger than four months and back carrying position for older babies.


Baby Stroller

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The cosatto 2 Lightweight 3 in 1 Pushchair is just the true description of the word beauty. Featuring and super stunning combination for colors as well as exceptional usability, this pram travel system is definitely the perfect gift. It is designed with a lightweight for ease of use and strong enough to withstand daily use. It is made with a compact foldable design for simple storage and to make it easier to fit into the boot of any car. For added comfort it has an adjustable handle and removable and lockable wheels. It’s versatility is extremely amazing.


Baby Infant Newborn Sleep Positioner Support Prevent Flat Head Pillow Cushion

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The baby infant positioner support pillow offers the baby a very firm and comfortable sleep all through the night. With its rare shape, it keeps the baby’s head perfectly positioned when they are asleep which provides maximum comfort. Besides making the sleep environment cozy, it also gets rid of any chances of the baby heating up while they are asleep. In three different colors, pink, blue and yellow you can select one that matches the sex of the baby that is expected.





12Pcs Fillable Bottles Bear for Baby Shower Favors Blue Boy Party Decorations

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You can choose to make the soon to be mother excited about feeding her baby on a feeding bottles for the very first time buy taking these fillable bottles as her baby shower gift. Fortunately or unfortunately these only come in blue color which is ideally suitable for boys. This set contains a dozen of bottles that is to say twelve pieces each detailed with a bear and ribbon for a more appealing appearance to the baby. They are so adorable, worth taking for a baby shower.


training water bottle sippy cup grip handle Travel Mug baby toddler kid antislip

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The beauty and uniqueness of this training water bottle cup is the fact that it is a two in one. Without the top cover it works a normal cup with a ring and with the cover it is special. With its patented design, this cup trains the baby on how drink using a cup thanks to its special top cap which controls the flow of water as the baby sips. It features handles that easy to hold and a large neck which makes cleaning very hygienic and simple. Its clear scale enables the mother to accurately measure how much the baby drinks and the slip-resistant base prevents it from falling.


Safe Baby Fresh Food Fruit Juice Milk Silicone Baby Feeder Feeding Tool

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This fruit feeding tool is also a very suitable gift for baby showers. It is created from 100% silicone material of high quality that can be sterilized to prevent the baby for getting infected with bacteria. With this feeder it is much easier for mother to experiment new texture of food and snacks to the baby as it prevents chances of the baby taking very large pieces of food that they cannot swallow. Its super comfortable handle makes it easy for the baby to hold for themselves. You can use for any type of food that you want.

  1. Kids travel Portable Baby High Feeding Chair

Kids travel Portable Baby High Feeding Chair

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The Sack’n Seat Fashion Infant Kids travel Portable Baby High Feeding Chair makes moving with your baby a lot more fun reason being it turns any chair into a safe, clean and comfortable chair for the baby to sit and feed. It is very simple and fast to use so when you are out to a restaurant or café it will be very simple for you to feed the baby. This sack is only recommended for babies above six months, babies who already leant how to sit. It is very easy to clean since it is machine washable.


Trainer Cups Baby

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When the baby becomes three months, you probably want to train them on drinking different things besides breast milk and these trainer cups are the perfect choice for that. This set has two trainer cups with uniquely designed handles to make it easier for the baby to hold. With the way they are crafted it is practically difficult to find a mess all over the place saving the mother trouble of cleaning all the time. The cup’s mouth leans forward at an angle making it very easy for the baby to drink from it but this doesn’t comprise ease of cleaning. You can remove the cup’s lid and throw it in the dish washer for cleaning. It is that easy.


Bibs and Burp Set

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You can keep your baby completely mess free and clean with the Dr. Seuss ABC – Bib & Burp Cloth. Both the bibs and burp cloths are made with Velcro closure and they are all large enough to keep a great deal of all that food and drool mess off their clothes. They are all printed with beautiful and attractive cartoons, letters both in capital letters and small letters. They will not only keep your baby very clean but are also stylish enough to make the baby standout from all the rest. If you don’t what to take to your friend’s baby shower then these pretty bibs and burp cloths will definitely put a smile on her face.





Children Kids Baby Colorful Wooden Mini Around Beads Educational Game Toy

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The extremely beautiful and colorful mini-around bead educational game keeps the baby busy during playing time and as they grow older it teaches them how to count. With just this little toy, your baby can earn knowledge about different thing such as colors, spatial imagination due to the stunning cartoons drawn on it, and numbers. This simple toy allows the babies to put their hands, eyes, finger s and brain to use to help them grow and learn.


Kids Baby Soft Animal Handbells Rattles Bed Stroller Bells Developmental Toy

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With these pretty toys hanging on her stroller or bed, you can be rest assured the baby will always be calm. They are made from short floss and high quality cotton material for durability and designed in form of three different animals that your baby will love. They have plastic handles that are very easy to hang on top of either the bed or stroll.


Baby Infant Kids Lama_ze Musical Inchworm Soft Developmental Lovely Baby Toy

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Much as it is loved by many babies as a toy, the La-ma-ze musical inchworm helps in different skills that a baby needs as they develop which is why it is appropriate for babies’ right from birth until they are about 24 months. Each time the baby squeezes the worm it produces a funny sound that is good for auditory skills and has bright colors that are ideal for visual skills. It keeps babies calm and arouses natural curiosity.


Family Finger Puppets Cloth Baby Kids Educational Hand Animal Toy Gift Set

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To make play time even more interesting with that gorgeous little one, these finger puppet animal toys are what you need. They come in a set of 10 so there is one for each finger for you to do all those funny actions that get kids attention. They have soft material and a compact design with an elastic interior that holds them firm on fingers so that they don’t fall off as you play. This is one of the easiest but most interesting ways to play with a baby.






Fillable Pants Pouches Baby Shower Favors Blue Boy Party Decorations


Fillable Skirt Pouches Baby Shower Favors Pink Girl Party Decorations

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These fillable pants pouches will make the baby shower if even more exciting for both the guests and mother to be. These come in a set of twelve so if it s baby boy you are expecting them get them in blue and if it is girl then pink will work better. They are nicely detailed with word baby and a ribbon attached with a little shiny diamond.


Fillable Bottles for Baby Shower Favors Blue Pink Party Decorations Girl Boy

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If you completely don’t have any idea on what will uniquely decorate the baby shower you are going to then look no further than these fillable bottles. The pretty bottles are designed from durable and exceptional quality plastic with a removable cover that you can take off to put some nice items inside. Each and every guest will be blown away by the beauty of these precious bottles at the baby shower. After the baby shower, these can as well works as a center pieces on tables.


50pcs Small Clothes Pins Baby Shower Favors Pink Blue Party Decorations Girl Boy

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It is not the quantity of these small clothes pins that is amazing but also the beauty they add to the decorations of a baby shower. These come in a set of 50 pieces where by 25 of the pieces are blue and 25 of them are pink so whether it is a boy or girl on the way these will be suitable. They are thick enough and made from long lasting plastic material.


Rose Laser Cut Cake Candy Gift Boxes with Ribbon Wedding Favor Baby Shower Boxes

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Candy will look sweeter than just candy when packed in these gift boxes. They feature beautiful rose laser cu details and ribbons for a very beautiful but also outstanding decoration on the baby shower. You can choose to reward all your guests with box of candy as n appreciation for attending your baby shower.


BLUE FOOTPRINT BALLOONS Feet Oval Latex Baby Shower Party Decorations Fun

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Don’t make your friend’s or sister’s baby shower look boring with those common plain balloons you can make it a lot lovelier with these blue foot print balloons. In oval shape and blue color+, they will definitely be the perfect gift to go with to a baby shower. They are all made from latex material that is very easy to blow.


Mini Baby Felt Diaper Baby Shower Favours Blue Mini Baby Felt Diaper Baby Shower Favours Blue 2

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This is one of the most adorable baby shower favors I have come across, they are accented with a button and button hole so that the mother to be can practice to perfectly tie a diaper. Instead of having to fight with putting the diaper together for the very first time, you can simply learn from these and by the time baby comes, the mother will be more than sure about what to do. They are fillable so you can put some chocolates and candy in there to make sure that your baby shower is more interesting. They come in pink, blue and ivory.


Baby Shower Carriage Pink Candle

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The baby pink carriage candles are just too adorable for welcoming a baby girl. They are very stylish and modern as they are uniquely shaped in form of a baby carriage. The candles are detailed with wheels in dark pink and a bow with a stunning crystal detail. It comes wrapped in a very pretty box to make it even more good looking. There is no gift prettier than this carriage candle baby shower favor for a baby girl’s party.





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Go to any baby shower knowing you will please the mother to be with the fox & woodland animals diaper bassinet gift basket. Whatever you want to put in this basket will fit in so you can use it even as a center piece at the baby shower. It is designed from great quality and detailed with attractive details.


Unisex Handmade Baby Shower Gift Basket

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The LG Unisex Handmade Baby Shower Gift Basket is large enough to house a whole lot of gifts that you would like to take to a baby shower. It is nicely wrapped and detailed to make it very appropriate for a special event like a baby shower.


Travel Bassinet Portable Baby Bed

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Featuring a modern mesh fabric with a locking frame, the Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet Portable Baby Bed makes it is much easier to move around with your baby to the park or picnic knowing they will have a comfortable nap. It is very light to carry, very strong durable and above all extremely comfortable.


Soft Cotton Newborn Baby Infant Kids Swaddle Wrap Swaddling Sleeping Blanket

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The kids swaddle wrap basket is one multi-purpose product, it can be used for sleeping, as a bath towel or as a breast feeding scarf and it at the same time helps to prevent babies from causing themselves any harm with their hands. It is made from great quality cotton so it is not too hot yet it can be used during cold weather. There are many different patterns that you can choose from.


Roger Armstrong Green Baby Newborn Bath Bathtub

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The Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Bath tub is perfect for bathing the baby at all stages that means it is ideal for new born babies and will grow with them to their toddler and childhood stages. It is looks really beautiful in green and white and has non-slip legs for safe use on all kinds of surfaces. It features a hook for easy storage and two soap dishes where you can put the baby’s sponge and soap. When on the move, its foldable legs allow the bath tub to collapse and fit into the car boot.

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