6 Proven Tips On How To Choose An Elegant Gift (Wrap it Like a Pro…)

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Today, different people offer gifts to their loved ones, friends and relatives but creating or choosing the perfect and elegant gift for your loved one is not an easy task as it may seem to be. In fact, choosing a gift for someone is a very hard task because you don’t even know whether the person you’re sending it to will like it or not. However, if you’re tired of giving gifts that are not looking great or elegant, then you should take-up some time and read through this article in order to learn how to choose, wrap and give an elegant gift to your loved ones. Below are some of the steps that you can read through so as to achieve that perfect and elegant gift set.



  1. Think about the elegant gift to buy: there are several classy and elegant gifts on the market that can choose from. In fact, you should try to get a gift which is classy and simple because it will make anyone to feel happy when he/she receives it. Examples of such gifts may include;
  • A homemade bouquet but you should make it look neat with a ribbon around it coupled with some lavender, creamy-roses and white-lilies mixed-up with some green-plants like ferns.
  • A live plant like an orchard, gardenia or amaryllis with a ribbon tied around its pot will also help to create a simple but elegant gift for your loved-one.
  • A nice bottle of wine can also make a perfect gift but you should make sure that your not offering such a gift to a recovering alcoholic and you should also put in mind that some people don’t like drinking alcohol.
  • A creamy boutique-soap with an awesome packaging can also be great gift for ladies hence you should also try it for your wife or girlfriend.


  1. Consider using some ribbons: in order to create elegant gifts, you should consider adding some ribbons over any chosen gift like you can decide to wrap a ribbon around a bottle of wine, on a bouquet of flowers and on any other gift that you may have chosen for your loved one.


  1. Tryout a gift-basket: creating an elegant gift-basket is can actually create the best gift for anyone who is going to receive it and this is mainly because a gift-basket looks better than just one gift. So, you should try to carefully choose the contents within the gift-basket you’re creating and then wrap it well with some ribbon in order to generate an elegant appeal to someone receiving it.


  1. Consider using wrapping-paper for boxed gifts: in case the gift you have chosen is to be delivered in a box, then you should consider wrapping that box with some simple white-paper, pastel-paper or richly patterned paper in order to make it look more classy or elegant. additionally, a ribbon can also be added over your wrapped, boxed-gift but make sure that the ribbon you use is made of silk, velvet or chiffon so as to easily curl it over the wrapped gift hence adding some awesome designs to it.


  1. Use a bag for larger gifts: in case you have chosen a bigger/large gift for someone, then consider packaging it in a pastel-bag with a solid color in order to prevent tackiness and to bring-out that elegant appeal to the whole gift. Additionally, you may also decide to place the gift a pastel-bag with some prints like polka-dots or stripes with the same color but different backgrounds and this will actually make the gift package look extremely elegant to the eyes of the receiver.


  1. Consider buying gadgets as gifts: most people today prefer gadgets to other items when it comes to gifts most especially men. so, you can decide to purchase an elegant gadget-gift to your friend or loved-one and this can be a watch, Smartphone, iPod, tablet-pc or any other type of gadget that you know your friend or partner likes. Additionally, try to wrap the selected gift with some pastel-paper coupled with a ribbon on top in order to bring out the elegant look.



  • Keep your gifts looking simple and classic: you can actually do this by making sure that the gift does not contain more than one ribbon/tag because this may it look creepy.
  • Get some help from a friend or family-member in-case you don’t know how to wrap a gift So, don’t just throw the gift into a bag just because you don’t know how to make it look elegant, always ask for help.
  • Write your own personal-note instead of buying a card and then place that note onto your chosen gift after wrapping it. Additionally, write your name and message on that paper and trust me the receiver will actually love it.
  • Avoid choosing edible items when it comes to choosing an elegant gift. This is because most foods like cheese, meat-platter or pizzas don’t actually appeal most people when it comes to receiving gifts. However, some edible items like a box of chocolate can really create an awesome and elegant gift especially when offering them to a lover like a girlfriend.
  • Remember to remove the price tag: always remember to remove the price tag on the gift you have chosen because there’s nothing quite so embarrassing like finding a price-tag or clearance-label at the bottom of the gift by the receiver.
  • Avoid offering pets as a gift no matter how cute they look. This is mainly because some people don’t like pets due to allergies and may not even wish to stay with them.
  • Lastly, always put into consideration the kind of person that you’re buying the gift for because people have different tastes and preferences. In fact, gifts for men actually differ from those of women hence this means that you should make your choice wisely when picking a gift.

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