Advantages And Disadvantages Of Communication Technology In An Organization

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Communication-technology is actually the use communication devices, networks and applications to send and receive information conveniently and faster than never before. In fact, communication-technology is usually referred to as information communication technology (ICT) and it has actually helped businesses and people working in them to get what they need in real-time. On the other hand, today businesses are capable of communicating globally without spending a lot of money and this has actually helped small-businesses to equally compete with bigger businesses on the global-market. However, although communication-technology is good for a company, it still comes with its own disadvantages whereby all these will be listed in this article.


Advantages Of Communication Technology In An Organization:

  1. Improved communication within an organization: the use of information-technology in an organization facilitates quick and easy communication through the usage of mobile-phones, internet and instant-messaging services. In fact, employees of an organization will be able to easily communicate with each other and even easily communicate with company-clients. on the other hand, company-executives no-longer have to travel for business meetings but they will instead use different technological services like; teleconferencing, video-conferences and a lot more thus saving them a lot of money and time that they would have spent travelling.


  1. Improved productivity within a company: the use of modern-technological software’s in organizations has helped to increase on the productivity of different business today. For example, E-mail-services will let enable a company to communicate with a lot of clients at once, database-systems facilitate for easy storage of company-data, spreadsheets make it easy for employees to make daily reports and analysis while printers enable employees to easily create documents thus saving the company a lot of time and money.


  1. Labor-saving: with the use of information-technology in an organization the number of employees needed to perform a particular task will be reduced since computers can do most of the work like processing-documents, accounting, analysis and a lot more. In fact, some factories today use machine in the production process and it’s only a few people required to monitor these machines and this has actually saved companies a lot of money that would have been spent on manual human-labor. On the other hand, with the use of information-technology in companies also enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively without over-straining themselves thus leading to an improvement in the working conditions of employees today.


  1. Quick and easy storage of data: today, the use of information-technology in organizations has actually facilitated for quick and easy storage of data through use of computers, servers and database-software. In fact, employees can now store vast amounts of data in a short period of time and even easily access this information for reference-purposes. So, this has saved companies a lot of money that would have been spent on storing physical-documents and also saves employees a lot of time that they would have spent creating records manually.


  1. It enables organizations to easily access the global-market: the use of information-technology today has actually enabled businesses to access the global-market easily through the usage of different online-services. In fact, today companies can easily and quickly market their products and services using online-marketing services and this has enabled companies to build a stronger customer-base than never before. On top of that, different organizations can also carryout trade between each other no-matter their location and this has actually helped to develop the world-economy. All in all, the use of information-technology in businesses today has allowed the world’s economy to develop into a single independent system.


  1. It leads to cost-effectiveness within an organization: the use of information-technology in organizations has actually led to cost-effectiveness whereby today it’s a lot cheaper to send an E-mail or text-message than making a phone-call. On top of that, information-technology has also led to the automation of different departments within organizations like in the accounting and production departments whereby this helps to increase on the productivity-levels but with reduced costs thus making business more profitable today.


  1. It enables organizations to operate for 24-hours daily: the use of information-technology today has enabled organizations like banks and online stores to operate effectively for 24hours daily through the usage of ATM-machines for banks and websites for businesses. This actually enables customers capable of making a purchase at any time of the day or night no-matter their location thus making transactions more convenient than never before. In fact, the use of information-technology has enabled some businesses to deliver goods to their clients easily and faster than in the past.


  1. Creation of new job-opportunities within organizations: with the use of information-technology in organization today, there has been a creation of new amazing jobs like computer-programmers, software and hardware developers, website-designers, system-analysts and a lot more. In fact, the ICT-sector has provided a lot people with jobs today but you should also know that it has led to the destruction of certain jobs which is not a good thing.


  1. Improved services in educational-organizations: information technology has also led to an improvement in educational-services whereby today teachers and students use technological-tools during the teaching-learning process. On top of that teachers and students can easily communicate using different online-platforms, students can easily make research and teachers can also create work and update it easily using their computers thus making education more efficient and effective than never before.


  1. Improved health-services in health-organizations: with the use of information-technology in hospitals, there has been a great improvement in health-services whereby today there are different medical-machines than can be used to scan for diseases easily and faster than never before. On top of that, doctors and patients can easily communicate using different online-services and this has led to an improvement in peoples’ lives today.


  1. Improved decision-making within an organization: with the use of information-technology in an organization, employees will be capable of easily communicating to each other and even analyze data quickly inorder to make a clear decision. On top of that, with use of database-software employees will be able to easily access information about a particular client or matter and this actually makes decision-making within a more efficient and effective than never before.


  1. It facilitates for group discussions within an organization: some companies today actually use internet-services to carryout organizational discussions or forums whereby different members of the company can easily discuss about various organization-issues and find a solution without sitting in the same conference-room. In fact, some of the technology that enables organizations to achieve remote group-discussions includes; video-conferencing, Tele-conferencing and chatting-platforms.


Disadvantages Of Information-Technology In An Organization:

  1. It leads to unemployment: with the increased usage of information-technology in organizations, there has been a rise in unemployment-levels because computers have changed the economy from labor-intensive to technological-enabled. In fact, information-technology has greatly led to job-redundancies, outsourcing and downsizing whereby today companies are hiring just a few employees to complete all the task need than in the past. For example, today manufacturing-companies use computer-controlled robots during the production-process and these have greatly replaced skilled technicians and mechanics, online-marketing systems have replaced sales people and accounting/finance systems are replacing accountants.


  1. Privacy issues: although information-technology improves on communication within an organization, it also comes along with privacy issues like e-mail hacking, eavesdropping, phone-signal interceptions and a lot more. This actually makes people worried incase their private information gets into the hands of wrong-people. in fact, organizations can face serious problems incase their sensitive information gets into the wrong hands and that’s why its recommended for companies to put in place a security-system to help protect data at all times.


  1. Over-reliance on technology by employees within an organization: today, employees in organizations over-rely on technology and this has actually led to a rise in laziness at the workplace. in fact, employees don’t have to remember anything or use all their brains when at work but instead use their computers for data-storage, report-making and analyzing of data whereby this can be very dangerous especially when a computer an error and the employee doesn’t notice and this may actually cost an organization a lot of money.


  1. Easy loss of organizational-data if not backed-up: with the use of information-technology, an organization can easily lose all its data in case the servers and computers are attacked by malware, viruses, worms, Trojans and a lot more. So, it’s highly recommended for companies to back-up all their data on a hard-drive or another server inorder to prepare itself for any unexpected loss of data which can actually bring chaos and disrupt the entire company.


  1. It eliminates face-to-face communication within an organization: the use of information-technology within an organization actually eliminates face-to-face communication whereby employees will only be using their technological-tools like Smartphone and computers to communicate. In fact, this means that they won’t get enough time to talk with each other when at the workplace and this actually affects their social-behavioral pattern. On the other hand, even organizations won’t be able to achieve face-to-face communication with their clients when using technological-tools and this can actually be dangerous at certain point especially if a mistake occurs during transactions.


  1. Information-technology is expensive to implement into an organization: it’s actually very expensive to implement technological-tools into an organization and technology even requires a lot of upgrades that are costly. On top of that, technological-tools even require regular repairs or servicing and this actually takes-up a lot of money. So, this implies that companies will have to spend a lot of money of implementing new-technologies gradually inorder to achieve optimum performance.


  1. Employee-training is required which is difficult and costly: if an organization integrates new technologies into its system, it will also have to train its employees on how to use these new-technologies and this can actually be difficult because some employees find a hard-time adjusting to using a new technologies. On top of that, the employee-trainings will cost the company a lot of money and even affect the productivity-levels in the first few months.


  1. Some technologies can be time-wasting: although some technologies like chatting-platforms and social-media sites can improve on communication within a company, they can also act as time-wasters at a certain point especially when employees use them for their own purposes. In fact, many companies have reported a decline in their productivity due to the reduction in performance by their employees who are in most cases spending time on social-media platforms instead of accomplishing company-work. In fact, this has cost several companies a lot of money in the long-run and that’s some companies have put in [place strict rules on how employees should use technological-tools when at work.


  1. Communication technology can be disruptive at certain point within an organization: organizations that have integrated information-communication-technology can actually experience disruptions at a certain point during work-hours or when having company-meetings. For example message-alert from an employee can easily disrupt a company meeting, different employees making phone-calls and talking can disrupt the working environment and a lot more. All in all, with information-technology disruption can’t be avoided at one point or another.


  1. Information-technology is associated with certain health-issues: information-technology actually comes along with some health-hazards like cancer, back-pain issues caused by sitting for longer hours, eye-complications due to using computers for long-hours and a lot more. In fact, scientists believe that using computers, cell-phones and other technological-tools that give off signals is the major cause of the rise in cancer amongst people today. However, we can’t live without using technology today because it’s in every aspect of our lives and it even makes life much easier for us.

Conclusion: information-communication-technology has actually played a great role in different organizations which include; schools, hospitals and businesses whereby it’s up to you to use it in a proper way inorder to achieve efficient and effective results.  However, although information-technology is good to use in organizations, it also comes with some serious disadvantages that have been listed above and that’s why it’s highly recommended for companies to put in place rules that govern the usage of technological-tools inorder to achieve optimum productivity.


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