Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computers

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Computers can be defined as machines that perform calculations various tasks depending on program operations or particular set instructions. Computers are also defined as electronic data processing devices that accept, store and process input of data to produce it out later in the required format. Computers are great importance in many aspects of life such as business, education, daily life, hospitals, tourism and hospitality and so many others as we are going to be seeing this post. Computers are mainly made up of the system unit which is the most important of the computer since it is where all performances and translations are made, the mouse and keyboard which are used for input of data and lastly the monitor on which all the information is displayed for users to see. There are very many different types of computers personal computers (PCs), desktops, laptops and many others so your needs as an individual will basically guide you on which type to go in for. With that brief introduction about computers let us now look at the advantages of computers as well as their disadvantages because they also come with some drawbacks………



  • Large and dependable storage capability

All computers have really large storage capacity, of course all of them don’t have the same exact storage capacity but even those smaller types have enough space for storage of thousands of important documents. All of the information that could written on so many piles of papers and files can instead be stored in one single computer so besides leaving your office looking neat and well organized, computers make it even easier for you to access any file that you may need at any particular time. As soon as data is entered into the computer, it is transferred and stored in less than seconds unlike storing piles of papers in cabinets. Computers simply make storage of documents super convenient.

  • Amazing constancy

Without you editing a document, your computer will always give you the same exact result even if you don’t open your document from the same computer that you worked on it from. This therefore gives you peace of mind that you can improve your work from wherever at anyone moment. A computer will always give you the same exact result for as long as you have used the same working procedure. For example if you create an excel document today, the next day you will still get the same great results you got when you are working on a new excel document. Such consistency is very important for people who keep working with the same procedure as it makes work less stressful and more accurate.

  • Allow connection with the internet

Computers allow you to connect with the internet through computer networking and as long as you are connected to the internet there is a lot you are exposed to. As soon as your computer is connected to the internet it becomes easier to communicate with the entire world and also enables fast sharing of information. Additionally their a lot of exposure to information from the internet that will help your learn and educate yourself more and with the extremely high increase in ecommerce, you can even engage into online shopping through your computer.

  • Extremely fast

This is one of the outstanding reasons as to why almost everyone owns a computer in this generation, computers perform tasks and calculations within just minutes and they deliver very effective results which clearly explains why they are greatly replacing the need for manpower in organizations. Given the extremely fast procedure through which data is processed in the computer it can easily finish up assignments that would rather have taken weeks to get done. This also includes the fact that they can perform so many tasks at the same time without wasting time and without comprising effectiveness.

  • Accuracy

Putting aside the fact that computers are super fast at processing commands they also deliver 100% accurate results. Calculations performed by a computer are always completely free of mistakes unlike humans who are always bound to making mistakes. This doesn’t only stop with calculations but also with writing, when creating a word document on the computer it always corrects you on wrong spellings and poor grammar hence delivering outstanding accuracy.

  • Attentiveness/ diligence

No matter how long you computers they will never complain about getting tired or worn out instead it is you the human using it that gets tired which therefore means that they are always alert. When humans are tired they definitely start to lose concentration but this is completely the opposite when it comes to computers, they are always alert so they can perform repeated work at the same great speed and with the same impressive precision.

  • Flexibility

Computers can be used for trillions of tasks, there is absolutely no limitation when you are using a computer. You have a chance to play games during your leisure with your computer and at the same time use it for those intricate calculations at work or play music when you get bored. Computers are used in all kinds of fields whether it is science, history, mathematics, research and so on and so forth. A computer is one of the most flexible machines that anyone can possibly own.

  • Automation

Being the automatic machine that it is, there is a lot that you need to do with a computer simply because it is programmed to automatically perform the tasks that it performs. As soon as you enter data into the computer the rest of the process is automatic, you don’t need to add any human effort for it to perform.

  • Reduces operational costs

Computers themselves are not cheap machines, most of the good ones cost a good amount of money however in the long run they help to greatly reduce operational costs. For example computers perform tasks that would require you to hire more employees so they help you save all the money that you would have spent on salary, allowances and so much more that comes along with hiring human labor.

  • Ease of jobs

Computers make working so easy, first of all because they help accomplish those repetitive tasks and secondly when it comes to editing and entry of data they are exceptional. This makes it easy for people especially those in financial, accounting and data entry sectors to finish up their tasks with less stress and difficulty.



  • Technological complexity

It not that easy for just anyone to operate a computer, you need to have knowledge about how these machines operate in order to get any results from it. For someone who has never used a computer it is even impossible for them to do anything with it. Another issue about technological complexity is the fact when a computer breakdowns it will require someone with the skills to repair in order to get it to function properly again and this is quite disturbing. Computers have so many programs and all of these programs require knowledge for you to operate, they are not that easy for everyone to use.

  • Dependency on the user

Unlike human beings that have their own brains and I.Q to think computers are completely useless when not given instructions from the user. Computers entirely depend on the human beings, it only acts with a command that the user gives it otherwise it cannot take any decision on its own. This means that before you go ahead to buy a computer, you must have the skills to use it or else you will not get anything out of the device.

  • Data insecurity

In the advantages of computers, the number one advantage was large storage capacity however it has been realized that completely depending on a computer to store all your valuable information is extremely risky. There are so many ways in which data can be lost and sometimes getting it back is either very difficult or impossible. When a computer is connected it is very easy for computer criminals to get access to your data and use it use for the wrong reasons. And lastly in case the computer crashed, it will clean out all the data that you might have stored on it. This means that you always have to have a backup plan for your data to avoid very terrible losses.

  • Not environment friendly

The materials used during the manufacture of computers are very strong and thus very dangerous to the environment therefore when they are disposed off in open grounds they turn very hazardous as they release those toxic chemicals into the air. One of chemicals released is mercury is such a huge cause of cancer, computers are not that friendly to the environment.

  • Encroachment on privacy

There are very high chances of your information leaking especially for people who always use internet connection when working with their computers. Whenever you download software or click on certain links, you could be exposing your information to the wrong people. for people who usually shop through the internet, it is likely that you provide too much information including email addresses and credit card details which hackers use to steal and divert your money. Computers have brought about the high increase in internet crime.

  • Too many health risks

Using computers for prolonged hours can result into so many health problems, this is why it is always advised that you take breaks during work, exercise a lot and always sit in a right and comfortable posture when working with a computer. Some of the problems faced by people who use computers for long include, back pain, chest pain, pain in the shoulders, wrist pain, neck pain, damaged eye sight and sometimes headache that comes from the light that the computer monitor gives off. Computers have also resulted into addiction, some people are too used to working with computers that they have turned out obsessed with them.

  • Expensive

Much as they have flooded the market and there prices have greatly dropped compared to when they were first introduced, computers are still very expensive machines depending on the type you want. For companies, installing computers is really hard because most of the business computers cost quite a lot of money. Using computers also comes with installation of additional infrastructure such as software back up, electricity and others which may turn out quite costly.

  • Increased unemployment

Considering the speed and accuracy with which computers work, the value of human labor has greatly reduced, jobs that were prior done by human beings are now done by computers and this has led to the high increase in unemployment. In relation to employment, computers also make people feel less valued as superior are more focused on using machines.

  • One mistake creates very huge damages

Computers are very reliable and accurate so it is actually make errors when using them however when the moment you make a mistake the damages are almost un-repairable. Unlike mistakes done with manual processes that can easily be corrected, this therefore means that when using computer procedures one has to be really careful.

  • Training costs

Using computers also comes with training costs, to know how best to use computer programs like Microsoft word, excel, power point among so many others you will definitely require a well experienced person to tutor you on how to go about using the machine. so people even go as far as taking on computer courses to learn how to use computers.

  • Rapid technological advancement

Every other year new advancements arise which calls for constant change in both machines and soft ware in order to meet up with the every changing standards. This call for a lot of time and wastage of money to meet the never ending upgrades.

  • Too many distractions

When using computers, people are exposed to too many distractions such as games and music so it is very likely that one will spend most of their time on such staff instead of concentrating on their work.

In conclusion, computers are very useful in daily life, businesses, education and so many other fields though superiors need to put some regulations on how they are used to reduce their disadvantages.

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