Advantages and Disadvantages Of Long Distance Learning

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Long distance learning programs have become very popular today because they don’t require students to be physically present in classes and lessons are usually conducted through online videos, audios or even e-mails. On the other hand, long distance learning gives a chance to different students around the world to get first class education without paying an extra-fee and this has led to the development of the educational-sectors around the world. However, long distance learning also has some disadvantages but all these will be listed in this article below:


Advantages of Long Distance Learning:

  1. It’s very Flexible: Long distance learning provides increased access to education for people in remote areas, physical-limitations, families and even those who are working. In fact, this type of learning allows you to learn at any time of the day or night which makes it a very convenient option for most people around the world today.


  1. It is economical: Since this type of education doesn’t require physical presence in school or classroom, it will actually save you a lot of cash on several bills like transportation and a lot more. For example; a long-distance course often costs less than a full-time degree.


  1. Equalized access to education: Today, universities and colleges are making sure that their long-distance learning programs and qualifications are of the same high-quality as campus or college based programs and this is actually providing an equal access to education-levels to all the students around the world.


  1. It facilitates for Multi-Tasking: With long-distance learning, you will be able to handle multiple projects simultaneously. This is possible because you can access several global resources and courses via the internet at any time enabling you to accomplish different things within a specified period of time.


  1. It saves time: With this type of learning, students can actually schedule or determine the time and place for studying. In fact, with long distance learning you won’t waste any time commuting to school or waiting for lectures. This actually makes long-distance learning very convenient for very busy people since they can work and after study under flexible hours.


  1. Easy access to Learning materials: With long-distance learning, online studying materials like digital-books and clips are always available for download. This makes learning very convenient no-matter your location and even saves you a lot of time on research.


  1. Allows for internationalization of learning opportunities: Today, most international schools offer long-distance education and this has actually allows such schools to earn some extra money from long-distance learners. On the other hand, even students from different parts of the world will be able to get first class education from such schools.


  1. It’s very convenient: With long distance learning, you will be able to set your own pace of study and this makes it a perfect choice for busy people. However, some schools tend to utilize a remote classroom guideline in-order to offer assignments to their students but you can also download video or audio clips in-case you miss any lectures.


  1. It eliminates barriers for moving abroad for studies: with long distance learning, you will overcome travel difficulties like obtaining visas for educational travel, booking hostels and a lot more which are all time-consuming and costly.


  1. It overcomes the sense of disorientation: With this type of studying, the learner will remain within their home-environment while gradually learning new things from online-schools in other regions of the world. This actually facilitates for comfortable and efficient learning.


  1. Increased participation in educational discussions and forums: with long distance learning, students can easily participate in online class discussions or forums without fear which is a great thing.


Disadvantages of Long Distance Learning:

  • It’s frustrating for new learners: Long distance learning can be frustrating for novice students who are just learning how to get on-line. In fact, this can be time-consuming and hectic for some people and they end up giving-up on the way.


  • Difficulty in completing some courses for a degree: Not every degree allows students to complete all its courses online. For example, a medical profession degree requires a clinical-course that can’t be learned online.


  • Difficulty getting approved or accepted by employers: Taking an online program can be very convenient for most people but it’s very difficult for companies/employers to accept certificates from online-courses in a number of cases. In fact, most companies think may not believe that your online learning program/certificate is good enough to earn you employment.


  • Difficulty in finding accredited universities online: Not every online university has the accreditation that you are looking for. In fact, anyone can create a college online and offer courses which don’t really mean anything with fake certifications. So, you have to be extra careful when searching and choosing for an online course.


  • It’s hard to avoid hidden costs: There are several hidden costs that will be incurred through long distance learning ranging from technological-costs to material-costs that may need to be sent via postal mails. Additionally, some colleges or universities will require you to pay a certain fee in-order to use their online platforms and this can be economically straining for people living in third world countries.


  • Lack of communication skills: with long distance learning, you won’t be talking to anyone in person but instead use the internet for video or audio communication. So, this will lead to lack of personal-interaction and communication skills.


  • Over dependence of the internet: with long distance learning, students tend to become more dependent on the internet for studies and this actually increases on the risk of cheating amongst students that go for online-courses.


  • It leaves a lot of gaps in the learning-process: long distance learning requires online-lessons which tend to leave a lot of gaps in the learning process compared to the traditional methods of learning.


  • Reduced social interaction: long distance learning also eliminates social interactions with colleagues and friends which in-turn makes learning less motivating and boring. In fact, with this type of learning you will only interact with virtual videos and audios which is not good for your health.


  • Occasional internet provider downtime: Incase the internet service provider occasionally breaks down, then online-learners will miss-out different lessons in given period of time and this will greatly affect their performance. In fact, long-distance learning is not recommended for students in countries with poor internet services.


  • It Requires individual motivation: Long distance learning requires students that are more active and self-motivated when it comes to learning. In fact, this type of education depends on individual motivation and it won’t work for lazy individuals.


  • It leads to isolation and boredom: With long-distance learning, students tend to get less group support leading to isolation and even a possibility not completing the program. However, this can be avoided by making frequent online contact with tutors and taking part in virtual discussions and forums.



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