Advantages of telecommuting for Employers – Why It Makes Good Business Sense

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Remote work arrangements are often referred to as telecommuting programs and they actually offer significant benefits to both employees and employers. However most employers fear telecommuting because they are afraid of losing control over employees and maybe they don’t know enough about the benefits of telecommuting. So, if you’re an employer running a big or small business then below are some of the benefits of telecommuting-employees to your company and you as an employer:


Advantages of telecommuting for Employers:


  1. It Saves Office Space: Companies that have a lot of employees but with limited office-space will actually gain greatly for telecommuting. In fact, employees will be allowed to work from home or from any remote-location with telecommuting and it’s only a few top-employees that will be allowed to go to offices.


  1. Reduced Operational Costs: Today, the cost of an office-space for an average worker can cost thousands of dollars a year. However, with telecommuting-employees companies can save a lot of money that would have been spent on office space and parking for each employee that works remotely. Additionally, the company also saves a lot of money that would have been spent on incentives like water and electricity, office supplies, food, fuel for company vehicles, etc.


  1. Enhanced employee Productivity: Today, different reports show that telecommuting-employees are more productive than employees who work from offices and this greatly benefits their employers. This is mainly because telecommuting-employees get fewer distractions, minimal socializing, zero over-the-shoulder management and are even less stressed. However, telecommuting-employees need to have a great sense self-motivation towards their work in-order to increase on the productivity-levels.


  1. Increased Employee Retention: With telecommuting-jobs, employees will be kept happier thus increasing on employee job satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, telecommuting also allows employers to retain employees under certain circumstances like; Needing to care for sick family members, starting a new family and those who need to relocate for personal reasons. This also reduces on turnovers and recruitment of new employees.


  1. It Attracts New Staff: Telecommuting is also a great incentive when looking for additional skilled-staff in occupations that are high in demand. In fact, telecommuting is the best way of attracting top-talent from any location around world at an affordable price.


  1. Improved Employee-Morale: Workers who telecommute tend to be healthier both physically and emotionally. In fact, telecommuting-workers are less stressed and this leads to increased creativity and productivity which greatly benefits their employers.


  1. Telecommuting is eco-friendly: More telecommuting-workers mean fewer cars on the road and fewer pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, telecommuting is one of the best ways of reducing carbon footprint for multiple employees in addition to their commuting costs. So, telecommuting will help your company be part of reducing climate change effects.


  1. Improved communication between employees and employers: Since the only form of communication with telecommuting is through texts, audio and video chats, in-person conversations will be eliminated and this actually improves communication. In fact, telecommuting provides a stress-free environment for speaking to employers and also makes it easier for employers to get work done due to fewer distractions.


  1. Increased competition amongst employees: with telecommuting, employees will work hard enough to impress their employers and this actually helps to improve on employee productivity levels. In fact, traditional office-employees tend to under-estimate telecommuting-employees and that why they need to work hard enough to prove their counterparts.


  1. Work and Life Balance: Telecommuting-employees tend to have a great sense of control over responsibility toward their work and personal-life which actually contributes to a better work-production and satisfaction. In fact, a balanced work and personal life makes telecommuting-employees happier and more productive than traditional office-workers.

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