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Absolutely everyone deserves to have that lavish and really relaxing time on their bed and having the right mattress type is number one reason for having that beautiful sleep. An air mattress is one of those really plush mattress types that you ought to consider especially if you to travel a lot. These mattresses save up a lot of floor space in house and greatly used by people that travel long journeys without sacrificing their beauty sleep. For anyone out there that is considering buying an air mattress you must be aware about their pros and cons so that when you start you using it you do not have anything to regret. Air mattresses are usually not that big in size like many other types and they are not that expensive which makes them fairly affordable. With that said, it really doesn’t matter what purpose you need the air mattress for, you still need to know about their pros and cons as I am about to offer you in detail.

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  • Free from odor: most if not all of the air mattresses are designed with PVC material which does not have any smell, this therefore gives advantage to this mattress types compares to others like memory foam mattresses that have a really irritating and unbearable smell when they are still new.
  • Adjustable firmness: when you have an air mattress the choice of how firm it should be is entirely in your hands, therefore you can customize it according to what your need are. When you want it firm, you just have to blow in more air and when you want it soft and lavish you just reduce the air. Ana air mattress can easily satisfy everyone’s needs since we all have different needs of the sleep surface that we prefer.
  • Easily meets everyone’s needs:if you sleeping or sharing on this mattress with your partner there will be no more complaints about wanting the mattress firm or soft. Air mattresses are designed with two divided inner chambers so you can make one side firm while the other is soft depending on what the two of you want. There is definitely no reason to sacrifice your sleep surface preference when you have an air mattress.
  • It can perfectly deal with back pain: I am not saying this is the best mattress type to deal with people who suffer back pain however I can confidently say that it is an alternative. Since the firmness of the mattress can be adjusted to make it hard enough, it becomes one of the optional solutions for those with back pain. Whenever you feel like the mattress is too soft for you, just the touch of button is all you need to make it harder or when it is too hard for you the same easy procedure will help to make it softer.
  • It does not slump: slumping simply means a mattress collapsing in or creating a deep sink on the area where you sleep most of the time due to pressure from your body weight. Other mattress types like memory foam and spring mattresses begin to slump after some years of usage but this is the total opposite with air mattresses. With an air mattress, no matter how long you use it the inflation of air greatly helps to reduce chances of the mattress getting slumped.
  • Simple inflation: even when it is your first time to use this type of mattress, you only need a good pump to inflate air in. in a period of just three to five minutes you will have put the mattress into its right size. This makes air mattresses better than memory foam mattresses that you have to give more than a day for them to expand into the right size.
  • Cheap price: air mattresses go for as low as 30 dollars in different stores and even online which makes them extremely affordable unlike other mattress especially the memory foam mattresses where the cheapest cost around 300 dollars and can go all the way to 1000 dollars or more. Therefore with an air mattress will give you that special life style that you would to have at a very low price.
  • It is multipurpose: an air mattress is not just for your bedroom like other mattresses but depending on its size, it can be used for very many purposes so the little money you spend on it will avail you with several uses. They can be used in the car especially for long journeys, can be used during road trips and also if you tend to have occasional visitors in your home.
  • They are long lasting: if you take perfect care of your air mattress you will be able to use it for a really long period of time reason being they do not slump like other types and they are usually designed with high quality and durable PVC material.


  • Tiresome assembly: putting an air mattress together takes a long period of time to, if you have some experience it may take around 30 minutes and for first timers it may require about an hour which is really frustrating.
  • Uncomfortable trench design: air mattresses with two chambers have a slump that divides the chambers which makes the mattress uncomfortable to be used by more than two people.
  • It is very delicate compared to other mattress types: you need to be extra careful with you air mattress or any slight accident with it will spoil it for good. Anything sharp that may get into contact with the mattress will completely spoil it which is not the case with other types that are extremely durable and not that sensitive.
  • It can get costly in the long run: this is mainly because you will need to buy pumps every now and then. If not you will need to spend more money on an expensive pump.
  • It comes with shorter warranty: unlike spring, latex or memory foam mattresses, an air mattress comes with shorter warranty so it in case of any damages you might have to pay for them personally or better yet buy a whole new mattress.

In conclusion, the pros of air mattresses beat the cons which means that overlooking the cons will give you years of beautiful and luxurious sleep.

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