Bald Eagle Pro Review – Best Skull Head Shaver for Men

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Bald Eagle Pro enables one to experience some fast, smooth and elegant dry and wet shave when used. When it comes to wet shaving, the use of foam is highly recommended unlike the use of gel which is oily and also sticky that when used can lead to jamming of the delicate shaver heads which can affect their performance.


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This is designed in a way that one easily reaches the back of his head and body as he shaves.It comes with different features like the large swirling, the presence of flexing shaver head with cutters that are five in number that provide a fast and close shave on the larger parts of the body. This shaver comes to do away with shaving issues like cuts, could be burns or even nicks. When shaving is done, there is little worry of cleaning it up since all it takes one is rinsing it without opening the shaver heads which is cool.

This bald eagle pro shaver comes with a small hand-held shaver handle which easily fits in one’s hand and it has a horizontal shape which differs from the vertical shapes of the other traditional shavers‘ handles.The presence of the 5 individual flex action and also double thin heads make the process of shaving so automated as they are able to adjust to every curve, could be a circular motion and this makes shaving anywhere on the scalp or even the on the general body parts and the result is a smooth shave for the user.This therefore enables the person shaving to enjoy the shaving as he does it faster and in any direction


  • This is an easy and quick to use shaver which comes with five rotary cutters and feels great to handle in one’s hands. This shaver is also good for general shaving since it has got attachments that can enable one to work on things like the eyebrows, trim the beard, and work on nose hair. Though these attachments come at different prices each, they are affordable.
  • It can also be used in both dry and wet shavings since one can apply foam when he feels like. The shaver is easy when it comes to cleaning it up and rinsing since it does not require one to open the shaver heads thus not interfering with its durability levels. It is also rechargeable and the battery charge lasts very long and one does not have to recharge even after some good weeks



  • This shaver is not so close in shaving and one is likely to feel some stubble after a will not have to use shaving gel with this shaver as it is oily and this can jam the shaver heads and lead to reduced performance of the entire does a quick shave but not a close one as one would need to probably because it was not meant to finish off everything.

Bald Eagle pro

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Features overview:

  • Five rotary cutters: The bald Eagle pro comes with these features of a large swirling and the five cutters that do the shaving task on the body and the head as well. They are able to take one through a fast and great experience as they shave and obtain a smooth clean shave. These cutters are flexible and can be attached to other attachments so as to shave in other areas like the nose and also trim the beards. The user will not experience any kind of nicks and cuts or even burns when this shaver is used due to its smoothness levels
  • Dry or wet shave: This Bald Eagle shaver can work under both wet and dry conditions. It can be used on direct dry skin and also in wet a place like where foam has been applied. The use of gel is not recommended since it is oily and sticky which can cause jamming of the delicate cutter heads thus leading to reduced performanceof the shaver.
  • Rechargeable shaver: The bald Eagle is a rechargeable shaver thathas got 90 minutes of shaving without being charged or called it cordless use and it takes around 2 1/2 hours to be fully recharged once put on battery for recharge. it uses the Li-ion battery which has got a high energy level of performance and it has also got indicators that enable one tell when it is fully charged and also out of battery power for recharge.
  • It comes with a strong motor that goes up to 10500 RPM and it uses a certified voltage of 110-240 which is a worldwide voltage rate.
  • Optional attachment slots: This shaver also comes with additional optional attachments where other accessories can be attached so as to work on some other paces on the body. These could be accessories that shave the back, those for the nose and trimming of the beard.
  • Comes with several attachments and accessories; the hard shell travel case which is used to protect the shaver’s delicate blades, the shaver stand that is there to ensure that there is proper drying of the shaver after use and also its storage, the nose or ear trimmer for the nose and ear respectively, the car charger used in for charging in the car, the foil body shaver that works on the general body and the USB charger that enables one to charge from any USB equipped device.

Bald Eagle 1

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Product Quality:

  • Presence of the Li-ion battery that is able to hold the shaver working for up to 90 minutes without getting down due to power outage. It also takes it a less time of 2 1/2 to get fully charged when placed on charge. The led indicators are that come along indicate the state of power by lighting with different colors so to indicate whether the shaver is out of battery or fully charged.
  • The Presence of five cutters that are able to move to all curves where needed and have the shaving accomplished makes this shaver a quality product. They give a close shave that leaves one feeling smooth and fresh. These cutters shave at a fast speed thus sparing one’s time that would be wasted with head blades.
  • Wet and dry saving capability: The fact that this shaver can do both dry and wet shaving makes it a quality item. It only shaves wet when used with foam and not taken to the showers or bathtub.The capability of automatic adjustment of the shaver heads makes it easy for one to shave even the hard curves that found in certain places on the body like in the face.

Bald Eagle

Who Does It Benefit?

  • Those with interest in bald heads like the Navy guys out there will highly benefit from this shaver. it will leave them smooth and fresh and also anyone who would like to take the shaving out door where power may not be in his reach, this is the shaver for you since there will be no need to carry a charger for a mere shave that will be done fast even before the battery runs out.
  • Men who hate shaving on a daily basis will be highly grateful for this shaver since they will go weeks minus shaving again.

What I need

Since the Bald Eagle pro comes with several options of adding accessories to it, one may need to add a few accessories so as to have a full package of shavers like;

  • The skull shaver travel case. As u see the word travel case, this is for travelling or even storage every time one is heading somewhere but would like to have is shaver along with him.

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  1. Willy

    March 23, 2015 at 10:01 am

    This is the best shaver i have ever used. 5/5

  2. Willy

    March 24, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Yes Phillip! It is an awesome product.

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