Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar Review

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Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar

In case you wish to achieve a baby soft, smooth skin then go for the Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar. This is actually a rich, moisturizing and healing shaving soap that contains mango, Shea and cocoa butter which helps to create a thick, rich and slick lather.

Barbershop Shave Soap Bar is scented with an amazing combination of essential oils and it’s even colored with natural cocoa powder. On the other hand, this is a handmade soap and this implies that each bar of soap is a little different because they are hand-poured and finished with fine natural ingredients.

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Likewise, this shaving soap is free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives and dyes hence you won’t have to get worried of harmful chemicals that may damage a sensitive skin. All in all, this shaving-soap was created with user in mind and that why you should try it out today and discover how you can transform your morning shave into a luxurious and pleasurable treat. In fact, you will get a soft and touchable skin after using this shaving soap.


  • This shaving soap offers a nice, smooth and close shave. This is possible because it lather builds up quickly and easily whereby it also provides great cushioning and glide while shaving thus reducing on the level of skin irritation.
  • The Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar will leave anyone with a baby soft skin. This is a rich, moisturizing and healing shaving soap that contains special ingredients like Shea, cocoa-butter and mango that are good for the skin.
  • It smells very nice because it is lightly scented with bay rum, clove and orange. In fact, it does not contain any synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives.


  • The lather build-up is not that good: this shaving soap actually takes a lot of effort and time to acquire a small portion of lather or foam and it even this lather lasts for a few seconds and this implies that you should shave quickly after applying the lather onto the skin.
  • The fragrance of this shaving soap may not smell that good for some people. This is mainly because some people dislike the smell of cloves and orange which is more dominant than the bay-rum.

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Features overview:

  • Hand-made soap: Barbershop Shave Soap Bar is a handmade whereby it hand -poured and hand-finished using the best natural products. However, expect to find each bar a little bit different from the other since they are all handmade.
  • It contains the finest natural ingredients: this shaving soap is made of only fine natural ingredient like Shea, cocoa and mango butters which help to moisturize and heal the skin. These ingredients even to create an extra thick, rich and slick lather that needed to get a smooth shave.
  • This shaving soap spicy natural fragrance: the Barbershop Shave Soap Bar is scented with an amazing combination of essential oils which include bay rum, orange and clove whereby all these help to produce a spicy natural fragrance. However, this shaving soap is also produced with several fragrance options and this means that you can actually purchase one with the scent you prefer. But you should also know that this shave-soap is free of all synthetic fragrances.
  • It’s naturally colored with chlorophyll: this shaving soap is also naturally colored with chlorophyll which makes it looks great and luxurious. However, some shave soap tabs are colored with natural cocoa powder which actually leaves a little froth at the top.
  • The soap feels solid: this Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar feels like a solid wax and it weighs about 4oz. this amount is just enough to take you for several months while shaving on a daily basis hence great value for money.
  • It’s a vegetable-based soap: this is natural, vegetable shave soap and this implies that it is more easy and gentler to the skin hence making it perfect shave soap for those with sensitive skins. in fact, this soap is only made of the finest natural ingredients and it does not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives hence you don’t have to get worried of chemicals that may possibly cause harm to your delicate skin while using this shaving-soap.
  • The shaving soap is packaged well: Barbershop Shave Soap Bar comes well-packaged in a small, compact-sized, metallic jar that really looks nice and durable whereby it even has a metallic cover that seals in the shaving-soap. This tin even makes this shaving soap a perfect item to take with you wherever you are going or when travelling.

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Product Quality:

  • The Old-Time barbershop shaving soap by BebeLush for men really looks luxurious yet it is also very gentle to the skin. This soap is made of rich, natural ingredients like Shea, mango and cocoa butter whereby all these work hand in hand to provide any man with perfect smooth shave while moisturizing and healing the skin from any irritations. These ingredients even help in the formation of thick, rich slick lather that cushions perfectly well over the skin thus providing one with a smooth and clean shave. it is a hand crafted shaving soap and that’s why there will be a little difference with each soap tab produced since the soap is just hand poured and finished.
  • On the other hand, BebeLush Barbershop Shaving Soap is available in 2 scents but the one featured in this article contains a Bay Rum, Orange and Clove scent and this really smells so nice. In terms of appearance, this Shave Soap looks like solid wax and it comes nicely packaged in a small, compact tin that is perfect for travelling with. It is also naturally colored with chlorophyll and it’s also a natural vegetable-based shave soap that is much gentler to any man’s skin. In fact, this soap is free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives and dyes that usually tend to irritate your skin.

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Who does it benefit?

  • A perfect shave soap for daily wet-shavers: this soap contains natural ingredients easily lather into a slick and dense cushion the spreads comfortably over the skin hence providing a soft, smooth and clean shave perfect for daily wet-shavers. This shaving soap even smells nice and it moisturizes the skin quite well even after shaving.


  • Good for men who want to shave hairs in different sections of the body: the Barbershop Shave Soap Bar will work well when applied underarms, on legs and bikini area as lather before shaving. In fact, it will create creamy lather that applies on the skin perfectly for a soft, smooth and comfortable shave in those areas with no skin-irritations.

What I need

  • A pure badger brush: in case you have a shaving soap, then you must acquire a badger brush because it plays an important role of preparing lather and lathering your skin before you begin shaving. But always purchase a badger brush that can retain water well because it will make preparing lather much easier. However, this brush should always be kept clean and dry after use inorder to avoid bacterial development which can be harmful the skin.


  • A chrome razor and brush stand: this is a necessary tool that can be used to place on your badger brush and safety-razor after shaving. Buy one with a chrome finish because this coating actually resists rust which usually develops from water that drips from the badger-brush.

Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar

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