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Baxter of California Safety Razor 2The Baxter of California Safety Razor is a traditional double-edge safety razor that is chrome plated and made in Germany with exceptional build quality. This safety razor created to provide serious wet shavers with smooth, close and comfortable shaving experience. Additionally, the Baxter of California is a custom Double-Edge safety razor, it is stylishly and crafted to cater for both traditional-shavers as well as modern men.

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It’s well-balanced and this reduces on the pressure needed with each glide taken across the skin when shaving. This will in turn offer you with a smoother shaving experience with minimized chances of getting skin burns, cuts and ingrown hairs. In conclusion, with the Baxter of California, just be sure of getting a close, clean and comfortable shave at any time.

The good:

  • The Baxter of California Safety Razor offers any man with a superior, close and comfortable shave compared to most shavers on the market today. This is because it is built with perfectly angled shaving head which ensures that one achieves a close and comfortable wet shave while reducing on the levels of ingrown hairs and razor burns.
  • This safety razor will last for years because of its high build quality whereby it is made of stainless steel coupled with a classic chrome finish that provides an extra layer of protection hence making this safety-razor perfect for daily wet-shavers.
  • Lastly, this double-edge safety razor is affordable yet it looks very stylish and does the shaving job perfectly well even for those new to wet shaving.

The bad:

  • The first drawback about using this safety-razor is that it will take you some time to master the right shaving angle. This means that you may experience some skin irritations before you get used to the right shaving angle.
  • Secondly, this safety razor will irritate your skin if you try to hurry while using it. This means that you always have to take your time when using this double-edge safety razor in order to experience a clean and comfortable shave but taking a lot of time to shave actually inconveniences most men who are always on time.

Baxter of California Safety Razor

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Features overview:

  • Double-edged safety razor: it is a double-edged safety razor and this implies that it fits any standard double-edge blades which actually provide a close and smooth shave just at a fraction of the price. Double-edged blades are also a good option because they help to reduce on ingrown hairs and razor burn while shaving. Likewise, these blades are very affordable and available on the market in different brands whereby you will have to choose from a brand that works best for you.
  • Chrome plated: The chrome-plated finish all over this safety razor really makes it look nice and classic yet protecting the razor from getting rusty since its mostly used by wet shavers who use it under wet-conditions. In fact, this nice chrome appearance makes this safety-razor look to be of optimum quality and even adds some beauty when placed onto the bathroom table.
  • 2-piece safety razor: The Baxter of California is a two-piece safety-razor that disassembles easily for cleaning and blade replacement. With this safety-razor, you just have to unscrew the handle and the portion holding the razor-blade comes off. Additionally, the screws on this razor are longer than the ones on other razors and this means that the shaving-head stays screwed in place well when shaving.
  • Long textured handle: This safety razor has a 3.4-inch (8.7 cm) thick and heavy handle that has a nice design or texturing on it in order to maintain a secure grip while shaving even under wet conditions. In fact this handle is very durable and will stay in a good condition for years. Lastly, the neck of this handle is tapered so that it can hang well into any chrome razor stand for storage purposes.
  • A great shaving head: it has a wide head which is about 1.6 inches (4.1 cm) in length and it also feels weighty whereby one just needs to apply little pressure in order to let the this shaving-head and blades to do the shaving. However, you have to keep this head at a 30-degree angle to the face and also shave to the grain in order to achieve a wonderful shaving experience.
  • It is well-packaged: The Baxter of California safety-razor comes packaged well in a black gift-box and its accompanied with a pack of starter blades (Derby) and an instructional card. This makes it look professional even before it out of the box and the instructional card provided will show several steps on how to use this safety-razor while the starter blades will be able to offer you with several shaves before you acquire new ones.

Baxter of California Safety Razor

Product Quality:

The Baxter of California Safety Razor is of exceptional build quality although its price is little higher compared to most cheap safety-razors. This is a custom double-edge razor that has been stylishly crafted or designed to cater the shaving needs of both traditional and modern wet shavers. It is built with a nice chrome finish which makes it look very nice and durable whereby it will even protect this safety from becoming rusty even after using for a long period of time. On the other hand, this safety razor comes with a thick, heavy and long handle with an awesome texturing on it which helps to provide anyone with a secure grip while shaving under wet conditions. Additionally, this safety-razor can easily be disassembled for easy cleaning and blade replacement whereby this is possible because it’s a 2-piece safety razor and it even has long screws that ensure that shaving-head stays in place while shaving.

The other thing you should about this safety-razor is that it’s made in Germany and comes well-packaged in a nice looking black gift-box including a small pack of starter, derby blades and instruction card that shows the steps on how to use this safety-razor. All in all, I think this safety-razor is just a perfect choice for anyone who would like to enjoy traditional double-edge wet shave and highly recommend it quality wise.

Baxter of California Safety Razor

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Who does it benefit?

  • Benefits for both traditional and modern wet shavers: you should know that everything about this safety-razor feels perfect starting from the weight, length, design and even the grip. This means that it will offer any man with perfect wet-shave if used with the right razor-blades and with the right shaving angle.
  • Good for men who want to change from multi-blade disposables to a classic single blade razor: this safety-razor is of high build quality yet it provides a very close shave compared to multi-blade disposable safety-razors. In fact, it’s even very economical whereby you only purchase it once and you only have to buy double-edge razor blades later which are very affordable and available on the market.


What Else Do You Need?

  • Facial scrub for men: you should try to purchase a facial scrub for men because it helps to exfoliate the skin, tone it and even promotes cell renewal. This scrub will help you to experience a comfortable shaving experience without even clogging your safety-razor because it removes all the dirt from the skin before you begin shaving.
  • A shave kit: this includes several items like: shaving-cream, shave balm, badger brush and many others. All these products are always required when one is going to have a traditional wet-shave hence this means that you must acquire this shaving kit to make the entire shaving process easy.
  • An after-shave balm: it’s always recommended to buy an alcohol-free after shave balm for men because it helps to moisturize, hydrate and even nourish the skin in order to combat the dryness that is usually caused by daily shaving. However, there are many brands of after-shave balms but you should try to go for best brands like: proraso, Baxter and many others.

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