6 Beard Supplements and Stimulants That Work for Men (Highly Rated)

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Beard Grow XLI’m sure you want to learn how to grow facial hair very fast. But unlike hair on the head, facial hair takes a while to grow – though we have some supplements which you might use to speed up the process. I previously made a list of the best beard growth products and it has helped so many people make the right purchase decision. However, this time – I want to do a side-by-side comparison of 6 best products that help you grow a beard very fast.

CAUTION: – One thing that I want to tell you before proceeding with this detailed comparison is that none of these products will give you instant results. It does not matter whether it is a spray, or a food ticksupplement – the process will take a while; though results will differ from brand-brand. Another thing you have to note is commitment. Majority of men want quick fixes but when it comes to nature – it will take its time and the only thing you can do is to persist.

SIDE EFFECTS:- Since we all react differently to supplements – you will find that the effects your friend gets are not the same effects you get. But I highly recommend using natural based products like Beard Grow XL Natural Supplement,  Beard Growth Spray & Growther Beard Oil XT . These two might not have serious side effects as compared to tablet based supplements like Vitabeard and Beardlizer. In my opinion, if you decide to take supplements – inquire from a doctor to confirm if they have no side effect basing on your apparent health condition.

5 Best Beard Growth Supplements – 2017

  1. Beard Grow XL ”Facial Supplement” ( #1 Men’s Hair Growth Vitamins) – Check Price on Amazon**** ****Start growing your facial hair from the inside. If its thin / very short – this product will make it grow out fully. Grow XL will help your beard, mustache and side burns grown thick. – BEARD GROW XL INGREDIENTS:- Enhanced formula ( which supports natural facial hair growth), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Horsetail Extract,  Saw Palmetto, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vegetable Magnesium, Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Choline, Inositol, PABA, Cellulose,  Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid
  2. Beard Fuel XL ”Beard Oil” (Facial Hair Solution for Maximum Beard Volume) – Check Price on Amazon
  3. Super Beard Booster Nutrients – Check Price on Amazon
  4. Beard Stache Nutrients Check Price on Amazon
  5. Beardilizer Beard Growth Dietary Supplement – Available at Beardlizer





In our next comparison, we shall look at 3 best beard growth supplements. Make sure you follow directions and avoid taking more than what is prescribed on the bottle. For great results you can accompany these supplements with stimulants featured above.

CAUTION: – If you have any health problem, I suggest you inquire from your medical specialist before taking any of these food supplements.

  1. Beard Grow XL: 

Beard Grow XL

See price on Amazon



Enhanced formula ( which supports natural facial hair growth), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Horsetail Extract,  Saw Palmetto, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vegetable Magnesium, Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Choline, Inositol, PABA, Cellulose,  Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid


This supplement is specially formulated for all men who want / wish to have fully grown beards. You can use it to grow a mustache, full beard and sideburns. For great results you should team it with Beard Fuel XL oil – this oil will moisturize your beard and enhance its growth in a very short period of time. I have already told you that you can get quick results if you combine supplements with stimulants. And most grooming companies make both oils & supplements ( so you can stick to one brand and see how effective it is).

NOTE:- This product should not be used to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information provided by the vendor has not been fully evaluated by the FDA. Read instructions and labels before using or consuming this supplement. Any misuse / overdose can result into minor side effects.

RESULTS:- Since it is a supplement – results will take a little longer. Our bodies respond differently to food supplements and vitamins. They have to process them entirely and dissolve them into your blood stream. So after taking this vitamin, you will start noticing changes after 2-3 weeks. I have been reading through customer reviews posted on Amazon – but I noticed that all nay Sayers didn’t take the supplement for long (most of them could take it once in a day and they gave up during the second week). What you have to know before using any of these vitamins is that they have to dissolve into your blood and this process takes a while. So persistence and accompanying the product with Beard Fuel XL oil – is the only solution to having a fully grown beard.

FILLS UP A PATCHY BEARD:- Some men have patchy beards and they really look wired. So the best solution for that problem is to combine both Beard Grow XL and Beard Fuel XL Oil to grow a full non-patchy beard. You can shave it all off so that it grows evenly; otherwise patchy areas will have short hair.

100% NATURAL:- One of my first worries with taking supplements is side effects. However, Beard Grow XL is completely natural. It is not like those products which mess up with your hormones. I highly recommend you to read through customer reviews posted on AMAZON to clearly understand how this product works. At least it has scored 80% positive reviews. It is a must have supplement for any man who wants to grow a full beard.


  • Beard Grow XL Vs. VitaBeard:- I will start with price – Vitabeard is fairly priced as compared to XL . But what makes XL more expensive than Vitabeard is the fact that it has only natural ingredients. Even though VitaBeard is Gluten Free, Non-GMO; It is not 100% natural. If you’re a sports person – you can feel free to use any of these two supplements. (They have been testes and verified to be free of banned sports substances). In terms of quantity, both bottles have 90 capsules.


This is a food supplement (Vitamin). Take it in the same way as you do other vitamins. Always take it after / during a meal. You can take between 1-2 pills a day


Not a miracle grow product:- I’m sure majority of you are looking for a miracle beard growth product. Truthfully there’s no product like that on the market. If you find one – it will have side effects. This supplement works but you have to be patient. Some users have experienced substantial results in 3-4 weeks and they have kept on using the product even after seeing results.


  1. Super Beard Booster Nutrients:



Another high quality beard supplement we have on this list os Super Beard Booster – a full bottle has 60 tablets (less than those found in Beard Grow XL) – but still the price of this supplement is quite lower than that of 1.          Beard Grow XL.  This is not a miracle growther but if used correctly – you will get substantial results in just 2 months. You have to be patient and consistent when using supplements. May the other thing you can do to speed up the process is to combine this product with a any stimulant featured above. Ingredients which have been used in this product are very strong and effective. They promote both beard & hair growth and at the same time improve on the health of your hair. The other thing I can suggest to you is to condition your beard every morning and at night when going to sleep. One of the best Leave-in conditioner you can try is ”Honest Amish Beard Balm”

24 NOURISHING MINERALS / VITAMINS:- Unlike most supplements with just a few ingredients. Super Beard Booster is rich in minerals and this guarantees you with a healthy full beard. Below is a full list of all vitamins and minerals found in this booster:

(Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin B-2, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Calcium, Zinc, Copper, Choline Bitartrate, Silica, Inositol,  PABA, L-Cysteine, Methylsulfonylmethane, Ginkgo Biloba, Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, Green Tea and Grape Seed.)

Now, with all these ingredients, tell me how you can fail to get desired results. Even though it will take you a while (3 weeks) to see results, I’m quite sure you will be impressed by its performance because the problem will be attacked from the inside. All weak hormones will be worked on and you will have a full beard throughout your life.


  • Super Beard Booster Vitabeard / Beardlizer:-  I have checked supplement facts on Vitabeard but it has only 15 ingredient and these range from Vitamin A – Vitamin B5. However, it lacks Biotin which is an effective supplement when it comes to hair growth. On the other hand Beardilizer has Biotin and lots of ingredients. In terms of customer satisfaction – I will give Super Beard Booster more credit than all the other two competitors. Men who have tried Beardilizer complain about its side effects (Pounding Headache) ….and you have to take 9 pills in a day. That is way too much; no wonder Beardlizer has become a looser.  Super Beard Booster pills have a good smell yet Beardilizer capsules have a strong smell worse that of Vitabeard.


  • Since it has lots of ingredients, you can use it as a daily multivitamin supplement.
  • Contains Biotin which helps in the growth of hair and nails. So you should expect results in a few weeks time.
  • Dual-purpose supplements (they improve both hair & beard growth)
  • It fills-up bald spots
  • They have a nice taste – so don’t get scared of swallowing them


  • Unlike other supplements & stimulants featured in this post, this Super Beard Booster can’t magically sprout beards / hair where there was none. Meaning you have to use it when you have some little beards / hair. Its main purpose is to grow existing beards longer and stronger.
  • Pills are quite large in size so some people might find them difficult to swallow.
  1. Beard Stache Nutrients:



I will conclude this side-by-side comparison of beard supplements with Beard & Stache Nutrients. This is a great competitor for Super Beard Booster (featured above). In terms of ingredeints – you will get more than what you get from Super Beard Booster. This product has over 27 nutreints including Biotin. So if you have tried different brands and they have refused to work – it is time you try out this one.Its price is quite fair so you can buy like 3 bottles and take these pills on a daily basis after eating food. On average you should swallow 2 pills in a day ”One in the morning and One after supper.”

NATURAL INGREDIENTS:- I have checked on the list of ingredients mixed in this product and I found some natural ingredients which are not harmful to your health. These include; Silica which is a Bamboo stem extra, Gotu Kola Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Bladderwrack powder, Wakame powder and Olive water extract. With all these natural ingredients – you should be sure of a healthy fully grown beard. In addition to ingredients, it has 5000mcg of Biotin (this speeds up the performance of this supplement; so you should expect results in a few weeks time.


I can compare this supplement with Beard Grow XL because both of them have natural ingredients. It is true beard balm and treatment oils work – but mixing vitamins with herbal ingredients will give you the best results.  If you don’t see results in 3-4 weeks, you have 100% money back guarantee.




It is very easy to use a stimulant – most of them are in oil / liquid foam and they have very few side effects as compared to supplements. Below I have reviewed and compared 3 stimulants, each of them has its own ingredients and it has been rated by men like you – so let’s see which brand is worth your money.


  1. BEARD GROWTH STIMULANT OIL XT- 100% all natural:

Beard Growth Stimulant Oil Xt



This product has been upgraded from Beard Growther to Beard Growther XT. So; what has basically changed from the old (underrated model) to this new highly rated model? XT is an enhanced version with added values such as AAKG and a nice scent which makes it adorable and friendly to use. The first version was performing well but its smell was not pleasant. In the new version, your hair / beards will grow very fast and the smell is really pleasant. For better results, you should apply it twice in a day; (1) very early in the morning after conditioning your beard with ”Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner” and (2) Late in the night when going the bed. ***However, when you apply it when going to bed, some of it will sink in your pillow and it will become oily & dirty. So the best solution is to apply it a few hours before bed time (4 hours). This is enough time for the oil to sink into your beard.


HOW IT WORKS? It will only work if you started with the 1st version and you saw some great results with it. XT version is an upgraded version – it makes the all process of growing a long beard fast.

This oil should be applied after washing / conditioning your beard. Once applied, it will moisturize condition and enhance beard growth. You have to apply it until you get desired results. To maintain the texture of your beard – you have to use a good conditioner (this will wash off all oils and dirt) brush out your beard so that it looks nice & long.


HOW ABOUT WHEN YOU HAVE NO BEARDS?  If you totally have no beards and you’re above 20 years of age – I recommend using this oil and beard growth supplements like Beard Grow Xl Facial Hair Supplement. A combination of these two products will enhance your beard right from its roots. However it will take you a while to get a full beard as compared to a person who already had a short beard.



  • It is incredibly fast and effective
  • It has a nice smell
  • Improves both beard growth and thickness
  • You can use it to grow sideburns
  • No side effects
  • Fairly priced
  • With other beard conditioners ( like Unber Soft Beard Balm)
  • Works as a beard cheating product (if you always participate in beard growing competition – this is the best product i can suggest to you)



  • Can only work if you first used version 1.
  • Sinks in the pillow at night thus making it it difficult to sleep (so apply it before bed time)



Beard Growth Stimulant Oil Xt vs  Beard Growth Spray:- Judging from the verified customer rating posted on amazon on these two products. I give XT 9.9/10. The oil is very easy to apply and it moisturizes your beard very well and a for a longer period. Yet a spray can easily dry off when you get exposed to direct sunlight and this explains why men who have use Beard Growth Spray complain of slow growth. It works but it takes a while compared to XT.


Beard Growth Stimulant Oil Xt vs  Ultimate Beard Growers Kit: When you invest Ultimate Beard Growers Kit – you will get the following (1) Growther Oil Xt  (2) Shampoo, (3) Vitamins, (4) Beard Balm – which protects your beard and a comb. If you have been following this review, you will notice that our so called Growther Oil XT is included in the Ultimate Beard Growers Kit. Actually the only reason why I didn’t feature the kit in position 1 is because of its price – but still, you will save lots of cash on your first order. So with that in mind – this Ultimate Kit wins the beat.


  1. Ultimate Beard Growers Kit:

Ultimate Beard Growers Kit

This kit is extremely packed with all essential products you need to have a long beard. It has one Bottle Of Beard Growther Oil Xt (featured above) , Shampoo for cleaning your beard, bear balm conditioner for softening your beard and a free pocket comb that would cost you less.  The only thing you have to note is that this kit will not be effective if you have never used the first version of Beard Growther.



  • Since this is a kit, it will not be fair to compare it with beard growth spray. So this comparison will be between Mountaineer Brand 100% Natural Complete Beard Care Kit & Ultimate Beard Growers Kit. These two kits have almost the same items; however, the Timber Beard Oil found in Mountaineer Brand Kit is not as effective as our Beard Growther Oil Xt. In terms of price – Mountaineer Brand Kit  is affordable ”



Beard Growth Spray



Beard growth spray is a very popular beard growth stimulant. It is very easy to apply and it is 100% natural so don’t expect any serious side effects as it would be with other products on the market. It will help you grow more facial hair but the process will take a while; so I advise you to be consistent & patient when using this product. It’s small in size (60 ml) so you need to buy more than 3 of these sprays and apply it twice in a day. If you have a patchy beard – this is the product for you because it can fill up that patchy beard very fast. For quick results, you can accompany it with Beard Grow XL supplements. When you combine a supplement with a stimulant – you get quick results because the problem will be attacked from both in & outside.


RESULTS:- According to some people, they start seeing results in the first month (after 30 days). But those who have seen tremendous results have combined this spray with a supplement like Beard Active, Vitabeard, and so much more. Once your beard is fully grown, take care of it by conditioning it every morning and late in the night before going to bed. Keeping your beard moisturized all the time will make it grow thicker and longer. You can reduce on the usage of this spray ounce you see substantial results.


SHAVED / NOT SHAVED:- You can use this spray on a grown beard or a shaved beard. Results will be the same. However, some men believe that when you shave off the all beard and you use this spray – results will be better because you won’t have any patches / uneven beard.



  • Beard Growth Spray vs Beard Growth Stimulant Oil Xt :- I have read through customer reviews for these two products via Amazon & Best-buy but I discovered that Beard Growth Stimulant Oil Xt has a better rating than Beard Growth Spray. I have to admit that Oil Xt is better because it moisturizes and fertilizers your beard for a very long time as compared to a spray. Both products use natural ingredients but Oil Xt is highly concentrated than the spray. Majority of men who have tried Beard Growth Spray complain about slow growth – you will need to use it for more than 2 months. The only advantage this spray has over Oil Xt is easy application.



I will make this verdict basing on performance and usability of the product. In terms of Performance – I will give Oil Beard Growth Stimulant Oil Xt (9/10) and In terms of Usability – I will give Beard Spray (9/10).  I’m 100% you will get better results if you use Oil XT but accompany it with supplements featured below:



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