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Most men normally get mixed opinions whenever they are asked if they would use an aftershave . Some acknowledge its importance but others think its not that necessary . However, aftershaves are very important and below i’m going to give you some 2-reasons as to why we would use them:

  • Reduce Inflammation: The major reason is probably to protect the skin from inflammation or irritations which usually occur during occur during the shaving process. aftershaves normally contain an antiseptic agent that helps to prevent infections and even heals cuts hence you will always feel better after applying an aftershave.
  • Calms Down a Sensitive Skin:- In most cases when you shave a sensitive skin, it gets irritated, if this is left unattended too, it triggers bumps. If you have used a razor to shave a very sensitive skin, apply any of these after shaves, they will heal or prevent any razor burns. On the other hand, if you want to use after shave on your pubic area, look out for a brand suitable for that area, for example you can use Tend Skin Care Solution, it’s good at preventing bumps and ingrown hair.


When you use a good electric shaver you may not need any aftershave at all. This is the reason as to why using of aftershaves is very common with men who use manual blades for shaving. However, if you have a great shaver that is kind to the skin and causes very little or no skin-irritation after shaving, then you may skip using an aftershave and i think this is the reason as to why many men today totally avoid using aftershave products. They only splash cold-water over their face after shaving in order to cool down the skin and to prevent inflammation. in fact, today some electric shavers like the Braun CoolTech shaver have been incorporated with Cooling-technology in order to regulate the temperature of this shaver while shaving and this really offers an excellent shaving experience for men with sensitive skin-types.

But still some men would get a better shaving experience if they use an aftershave and this because all people have different types of skin. On the other hand, men who have dry-skin always prefer using aftershaves which contain essential-oils in order to revive and moisturize the skin while those with good oily skin-types tend to go for aftershaves that contain alcohol because they reduce skin oils and even soothe the skin very well.

Aftershaves come in various forms like in form of a gel, cream, lotion, liquid, and even as a powder. this implies that it will not be that difficult to find or get a product of your choice. They are even available in different brands but it would best if you did some research before you buy an aftershave because we all have different types of skin so it would be best to first know which aftershave works great on your skin.



Proraso Aftershave Lotion

”Proraso aftershave lotion is great product which is traditionally formulated with several fresh and natural ingredients which help in cooling and toning of the skin when you have finished shaving. This aftershave also contains witch-hazel an ingredient which fights rashes and razor-burns hence making it perfect for use on people with sensitive skin types. This anti-irritation aftershave even contains menthol which helps to refresh and revitalize your skin after shaving. Another great thing about PRORASO is that it does not contain parabens, silicones, mineral-oils or even artificial colors like some poor quality aftershaves on the market today, in that case, you can use to prevent bumps / ingrown hair on your pubic area”



  • Effective Aftershave lotion: This Proraso Aftershave Balm is really fabulous. it won’t make your face feel uncomfortable but it will offer you with a good and freshly shaved feeling without experiencing any burning out of the skin. In case you want a completely tingle-free aftershave, then this best product for you.
  • It has a good scent: This aftershave smells quite mild and pleasant even after applying it. In case you wear this aftershave when going for work, you will probably smell great and i think every lady out there will like its scent. The menthol in this product gives off a clean smell and it also has several natural ingredients that make it to smell even better.
  • Refreshing: This is a good Aftershave lotion that contains witch-hazel which helps to reduce on rashes caused after shaving, nicks and razor-burns caused by manual blades. It slightly burns or tingles but in a good way while leaving the face feeling smooth, fresh and even smelling great. Men with sensitive skins will really like and enjoy using this aftershave because it contains only natural traditional ingredients and this makes it far much better than the artificial aftershaves on the market today.


  • After-Shave Balm

Baxter of California After-Shave Balm

”Baxter of California After-Shave for men is a great nourishing moisturizer that is formulated with aloe-Vera and tea-tree oil. These therapeutic and moisturizing natural healing ingredients are specifically formulated to help protect and soothe the skin from any shaving irritations, dryness and other unwanted injuries. The glycerin and organic-silicones coupled with the soothing aloe-Vera and allantois will all help to calm, renew and even condition your skin after shaving. This Product contains an alcohol-free formula that helps to hydrate and nourish the skin in order to combat the dryness that is usually caused by shaving. The natural healing ingredients which include tea-tree oil and cooling-menthol greatly help in reducing shaving irritations and even give off an awesome scent that keeps you smelling great through the whole day.”



  • Fresh Smell: I can’t stand aftershaves which have wired smells, that can irritate me, but I don’t know if you also fell the same way when you use such products. On the other hand, Baxter has lemon ingredient in it, this gives it an adorable smell which makes me use the product every time I shave.
  • Good in Summer: During summer time, the temperatures tend to go high, so people with very sensitive skins will always have issues when they shave during this period of the year. However, Baxter aftershave will cool down your skin after shaving during summer time, it calms down your skin and prevents any irritations that might have occurred. Women who shave their bodies during summer time, are advised to wear sunscreen lotion, this will act as a shield against strong heat produced by sunlight.
  • Soothing: If you’re the kind of guy who likes to have clean smooth shaves, trust me, you will fall for this product. You know that soothing feeling you get immediately after getting a close shave, this product will make it even better and real. Sometimes I hate it when I take long to shave, I’m an African American, so my beards are hard and they make me feel uncomfortable when I let them grow bushy, but when I use my electric shaver, I feel good a fresh, applying this type of after shave makes the all situation better. Give it a try and tell us your experience.
  • Easy To Apply:- It is very easy to apply Baxter After Shave. The first thing you have to do after shaving, is to wash your skin thoroughly using cold water, this will help to clean the skin / face and at the same time close skin pores. If you use warm water, it will also clean the face, but it will open skin pores, so when you apply aftershave on open pores, it enters the (body) via open pores. Use a small thick cotton face towel to dry the face and then put some little amounts of this aftershave in your hands and apply it on your face / any shaved area. To get effective results, stroke your hands in a downward motion, but be gentle while doing this.


  • Aqua Velva 

Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue After-Shave


”Experience a cool and fresh feeling after shaving by getting yourself Ice Blue aftershave which features an good fragrance. This after-shave will give you a fresh feeling and even its fragrance makes you smell cool and confident when going for work / date. The product also favors men with sensitive skin types whereby it soothes and tones a sensitive skin hence prevent bumps & ingrown hair. .”




  • Budget friendly: Although this aftershave may seem to be the cheapest on the market, it actually happens to be amongst the best aftershaves out there today. In fact, it has got the right balance between a leathery-musk scent and a barbershop alcohol scent hence this makes it have a classic masculine-scent that every woman will enjoy. But more importantly, it feels very good when applied after shaving. Men should really go for this product because it has been around for ages and even its price is amazing.
  • It has a new great scent: most of you have used various types of aftershaves and colognes ranging from the very expensive ones to the very cheap ones. However, the scent from the Aqua Velva Musk will leave you overwhelmed because it really leaves you smelling great and attractive to any woman out there. This is a classic scent that never falls out of style compared to most aftershaves used today. In fact it’s not only about the scent but you will also like the way it makes your face feels after shaving.
  • It’s a refreshing aftershave: this product really leaves any man’s face feeling fresh and soothed because it’s formulated with traditional ingredients that really help to protect the skin that has just been will even help to heal the skin from any irritations and even tone it leaving you with a great feeling like never before.It will work well on sensitive skin, so if you have such a skin type then just try out this product.


  • Burt’s Bees Aftershave for Men

Burt's Bees Natural Skin Care Aftershave for Men


”Begin your day the natural way by simply treating freshly shaved skin with Burt’s Bees Men’s Aftershave lotion because this will moisturize it and prevent bumps from forming. This aftershave is made with a combination of coconut and sunflower oils that help to hydrate the skin while vitamin-E helps to nourish it. If you want to have a fresh face that feels and looks good, then this aftershave was developed to work on your skin. This aftershave is also formulated from natural ingredients and in fact it does not even contain artificial elements because they tend to irritate shaved skin.”




  • Easy to apply onto the skin: the aftershave can be applied easily onto the face and neck after shaving. Then you will have to massage it gently so that it soaks into the skin well in order to achieve the best results. This aftershave does not require you to wash or clean the face after use like some aftershaves and in fact it will just make the skin to look and feel better after application.
  • Works great for sensitive skin: most men prefer using this aftershave because it works very well when it comes to soothing and treating sensitive skins. In case you always get a lot of skin irritations and bumps especially on the neck and face, then just tryout this product and for sure you will much better and relaxed after using it. it will even help to moisturize and tone the skin and your continue using it over time.
  • An excellent product with great value: this aftershave is more cost efficient compared to some brands on the market yet it will soothe and treat your face very well. It really smells good and it doesn’t create or leave any residue on your skin after applying it. The aftershave will even take away any razor burns or skin-irritations after shaving and in fact your skin will gradually improve as you continue using this aftershave.


  • Billy Jealousy Aftershave Balm

Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice Aftershave Balm

”If your daily shaving feels like a slap in the face, then you should tryout the Billy Jealousy Shaved Ice Aftershave balm. This aftershave was developed for men who know how to take care of their skins in order to look awesome. This aftershave has been scientifically developed and proven in order to help clean and promote the appearance of any man’s skin because it allows the skin to heal, regenerate and even overcome persistent blemishes. It’s also formulated using the finest natural ingredients in order to offer optimum performance when it comes to looking after any man’s skin. Shaved Ice After-Shave Balm will also help to quickly cool and moisturize the skin hence this means that you will feel quite well after applying it onto the skin. The aftershave is made in different sizes hence this means that you will purchase a size that works for you depending on your budget.”



  • It’s a refreshing and soothing aftershave: Shaved Ice aftershave really does an excellent job when it comes to soothing the skin for both face and head shavers. This is a clear gel that feels great when applied onto the skin and for sure it will cool your skin down though it does not contain menthol. It does not cause any tingling after applying it onto the skin but instead it will just make you feel refreshed from any skin-irritations that may have occurred during the shaving process and it will even help to tone your skin.
  • Has a light great scent: the aftershave gives off a very light citrus scent and this comes from the natural ingredients that this product is formulated and in fact the aftershave is fragrance free. this means that you will be able to use any other perfume of your choice after using this aftershave but you can still stay with its very light scent in case you are not a person who likes fragrances.

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