6 Best Beard Grooming Kits 2019 – Full Beard Care Sets

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Best Beard Grooming Kits For Men

”Basing on customer reviews and ratings posted on Amazon – we have come to agree that Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit & Beardsley Beard Care Set are the Best Beard Grooming Kits 2018”



  • Both kits have a beard shampoo bottle for washing and softening your beard. The shampoo from both kits can be used in mustache also.
  • Both Zeus Deluxe & Beardsley Care kits have a beard conditioner which you can use to moisturize & soften your beard
  • Both beard care kits come with a beard oil which can be used to cure itching and dandruff yet at the same time keep it soft all day long
  • Both are excellent sets with fine (100%) natural products which smell well
  • The fragrance from both kits is not too strong.
  • Both beard kits are affordable – below $100


List of 5 Best Beard Grooming Kits 2018:




  • Good price / more products in the kit – Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set – Full Size Bottles– Check price on Amazon  WHAT WE LIKE:(1) Formulated shampoo for washing beards (2x full size 8 oz bottle with wild berry flavors to make your beard smell nice), (2) Beardsley Ultra Conditioner (full size 8 oz) – special beard conditioner designed to leave thick beards soft, smooth and clean, (3) Beardsley Cooling and soothing lotion – this one gives you a finishing touch after shampooing & conditioning your beard. This lotion has a refreshing aromatic Bar Rum scent. (4) Beardsley Oil – This can be used on a regular basis to keep your beard soft

  • Economy kit Complete Men’s Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard – Check price on Amazon – WHAT WE LIKE:- (1) 100% Organic Beard oils for keeping your beard moist – it also gets rid of itching, (2)High quality beard grooming scissors (saloon grade), (3)Durable sandalwood beard comb – you can use this comb on a goatee, (4) Full beard or mustache, (5) Great quality product – you will keep on ordering for more once you use it, (6) The beard oil smells great and the fragrance in the oil is light (not too strong). 

  • Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit – Check price on Amazon – WHAT WE LIKE:- (1) Beard lube conditioner contains Jojoba and eucalyptus ingredients ideal for keeping your beard clean, (2) Beard & face wash shampoo which contains wheat protein & panthenol that keep the beard smelling fresh and feeling clean, (3) Beard oil enriched with vitamins & Kalahari melon oil formulated to offer you with a natural shine




  • A full morning routine: By this first of all it means the most important products that you are supposed to apply each morning so that the beards are thoroughly groomed all day and even protected from the harsh conditions that might be out there should be in the kit. So make sure that bead grooming kit contains in it products like a beard wash or shampoo, then a conditioner for the beards, a beard balm or oil and finally beard comb/brush with quality bristles. All these tools are essential in a good quality grooming kit and an example with all these things is the Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit.


  • Price: How much are you willing you spend because when you do the best research online you will be able to obtain a quality grooming kit at an affordable price that is within your budget. These kits come at different prices depending on what is included in the kit.


  • Ingredients: It is very important to know what you are applying directly on your skin or even maybe you are taking it in like supplements for beards. So make sure you look for the kits that are made with a higher percentage of natural remedies as compared to the completely artificial ones. A good example is Ultimate Grower’s Kit – it comes with all natural products and supplements to help you maintain and grow a thick beard.




  1. Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit


  • A zeus beard conditioner
  • Zues beard oil
  • A zues beard shampoo
  • A zues beard brush with 100% boar bristles


Another perfect choice for the best beard grooming kit that works wonders and its only exception is that it doesn’t contain a beard balm as compared to most beard kits but that shouldn’t bother you as it has a beard oil that will do the same tasks as the balm. It comes with a powerful shampoo that will eliminate especially the excessive oils and any dirt but maintain the hydration on the beards. The 100% boar bristles found on the Zeus brush will properly maintain your hair always raising every single bristle and eliminating any cases of hairs that are ingrown. If you use this complete set of this Zeus Deluxe Beard grooming kit often – it will make your facial hairs admirable. Its unique sack like small bag makes it a lot easier to carry it around as compared to the beard kits that are placed in solid boxes that usually cover up more space.



Zeus Deluxe Beard grooming kit will ensure that while it’s applied into the beards and skin no amount of natural oils will be stripped off and it will help soothe the skin with a chamomile extract that is placed in its verbena lime shampoo. This same shampoo will eliminate completely the dirt and sweat so that there won’t be any more dandruffs blocking the hair follicles or even itching through conditioning and moisturizing them with Pro Vitamin B5 and aloe Vera. The brush with boar bristles will easily de-tangle the hair and as well as spread the oil across.

If you need the assurance that you are making the right choice then you got to check out the very high customer rating of 9.7/10 of this Zeus Deluxe Beard grooming kit proving that this product delivers what it preaches.



  • Good smell: It’s the kind of scent your lover will find charming. With this terrific smell you will always look forward to the next time you apply any of its product to your facial hairs.
  • Supple brush: This brush is of quality considering that it is made with 100% boar bristle brush that you can use to make your beards not only very neat but also a lot fuller as well. The bristles will lift up any type of hair from the bottom upwards. It is also very petite in size so that you can easily travel with it.
  • Eliminates dandruffs and inflammation: The number one thing that leads to beard itchiness is dandruffs and it can be so embarrassing especially when you have to scratch yourself in public or dandruff shows up your beard. However with the great shampoo and the oils found in this kit, all those irritations will be eliminated thus leaving your skin dandruff and itchy free.
  • Hydrates beards: Some shampoos have ingredients that dehydrate hair leaving it very dry and weak hence hair loss and breakages but this Zeus Deluxe kit rather has a hydration shampoo that will only wash excessive oils so that the natural ones are left.
  • Affordable; this Zeus Deluxe Beard grooming kit  is a lot much affordable as compared to Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit. With such a low price for four grooming products, there is no reason why you shouldn’t own one.
  • Moisturizes beards; this kit is the key to having a beard that is completely moisturized all day long especially because of the pro-vitamin B5 with addition of aloe Vera that is for the conditioning of the beards.


  • Pricey;  Zeus Deluxe kit is quiet really expensive considering that the size of the package isn’t really big to last you for a very long time of daily use.


  1. Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set

Beardsley in the Box Beard Care Set


  • Wild berry ultra beards shampoo
  • Cantaloupe ultra beards shampoo
  • Beardsley beard lotion
  • Beardsley beards ultra conditioner
  • Beardsley beard oil
  • Perfumed bay rum scent
  • Pinewood box



Using this Beardsley box beard care set will definitely make you more noticeable than ever especially because of the facial beards that are improved within only a short period of time. It might not come with a beard balm but remember there is a Beardsley lotion and oil which fills in the gap. A combination of those two will greatly treat the beard; rendering it healthy & shiny. Another important product is the Beardsley shampoo and it doesn’t come as a single bottle like in most grooming kits but rather as a pair in this case. The shampoos come with two flavors that consist of cantaloupe and wild berry that will completely wow you away as you use it. Now if you love scents then you will be glad you own this kit as it contains nine different scents with each product containing a unique one leaving you impressed always.



With up to five essential products under this Beardsley box beard care set you will never be the same and neither will your beards because its performance is over the top and can be compared to almost none. Its care starts from the very package made using pinewood to protect the kit inside from any damage. The amount of freshness and cleanliness this kit brings to the beards is with long lasting positive results. It has the ability to smoothen the skin after use so that it can be very soft to feel. The manly sweet-smelling scent of Bay Rum will awake all the low esteem in you making you more confident. These oils are extremely lightweight making it very easy to apply them. A quick rub while in the car or office will leave you with a smooth shinny beard.

This Beardsley box beard care set comes with an encouraging amount of customer rating that is up to 9.4/10 to prove that customers have been pleased with the performance.



  • Great on sensitive skin: Some beard grooming products contain ingredients that react negatively to people with sensitive skins thus causing irritations; but am glad that this Beardsley kit won’t cause any irritations. Finally your search for a kit that is great on sensitive skin is over with this as it is very gentle to the skin leaving it a lot much smoother.
  • Sweet-smelling scent; what makes this scent really fascinating is the By Rum scent that is placed in it making the kit something to look forward to doing daily and leaving the hair perfectly scented so that you and the people within your range can enjoy as well. This scent won’t stick all day long but it will be worthwhile every single moment you are using it and the time afterwards.
  • Softens beards; if the hair is not soft then it is more likely to easily break due to last of elasticity and dryness that is why this Beardsley beards ultra conditioner has the capacity to make the beards much softer so that it is undemanding when it comes to maintaining it and making it look well kept all day long because combing it just became a lot easier than ever.
  • Lightweight; this is majorly in regards to the texture of the oils and shampoo that is found in this beard grooming kit. The oils are so light in weight which makes it easily dissolved in the hair as it sinks in deep immediately not leaving any mess at all on the surface. Also this lightweight makes it very easy to travel with so that your beards don’t miss a single day of proper maintaince for best results.
  • Larger bottles; you will enjoy using this Beardsley kit much longer than you had anticipated because of its larger bottles as compared to most kits packed with smaller bottles. The ultra condition is bottled in 8 oz while the ultra shampoo is bottled in 2x 8 oz that is for both flavors and finally the lotion is of 4 oz making them larger as compared other bottles in different beard kits.



  • Doesn’t contain a balm; the thing with balms is that they are really great for people that have very thick facial hairs as they can properly get in with just a small portion and this Beardsley kit doesn’t contain it.


  1. Complete Men’s Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard

Complete Mens Beard Grooming Kit


  • A pair of 100% organic beard oils of lumberjack IPA and professor porter beard oil
  • Double sided toothed comb
  • Scissors
  • Alcohol free



There is a reason why this Complete Men’s Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard is one of the most loved kits with 9.9/10 customer reviews making it a great product even for the first timers. First of all is the fact that it contains two bottles of beard oil each of them in one ounce bottles providing top benefits to your beards and neither of them contains alcohol in it. There is a single bottle of lumberjack IPA beard oil that comes with an essence that is really light with pine, floral and citrus notes then another  single bottle of professor porter beard oil that also comes with an essence is really light with fine stout/porter in addition with notes of chocolate, coffee and a tip-off of vanilla. The comb is made of natural sandalwood and its double toothed allowing you maintain your hair well and finally the grooming scissors to always keep your style maintained.



Complete Men’s Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard is complete with a professional grooming scissor of 5.5 inches that is made of stainless steel with sharp blades that will instant cut off the longer hairs so style remains maintained always. Its end results will be a lot smoother and safer for sensitive skins because it doesn’t contain any single amount of alcohol in its oils but rather only 100% organic oils. Its double toothed comb will ensure to comb the beards of different lengths well from the bottom making its way all the way up.

Complete Men’s Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard is another customer favorite best beard grooming kit as evidenced by the 9.9/10 rating and which means that every single penny that you spend on it will be worthwhile.



  • Unique scent; what makes this Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard very unique is first of all the fact that finally you get to enjoy a more masculine scent unlike the usual feminine scent found in beard grooming kits. This scent is made of the professor porter scent that is a lot more awakening and the lumberjack IPA smell that rather had a much more outdoorsy and cleaner scent in it. These scents also have the benefits that they doesn’t contain any single alcohol in it so that it won’t burn your skin or leave you smelling like a drunk every day but rather it comes with combinations of things like floral, citrus notes, chocolate fine stout with notes of coffee, pine and finally a hint of vanilla as well. This scent is not very strong but rather just mild and it will keep you confident will it lasts and even after.
  • Reasonably priced; if you have a low budget that you have dedicated to getting a beard grooming kit that is really good then here is the Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard.
  • Trimmer; with your beards growing by an inch after every few days, you will have to maintain the style that you choose and why not make use of the stainless steeled scissor that comes with it. This scissor is really sharp and will cut hair without a lot of effort used. You can use to either only target an individual hair or groom the overall growth and looks.



  • Recycled cigar box; it is not great that these beard products have been packaged in a cigar boxed that is recycled especially when you have to give this Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard as a gift you someone that is very religious especially if they do not drink nor smoke or is actually from the recovery process of cigars and so on.
  • No shampoo; it’s really such a drawback that this Beard Grooming Kit by Craft Beard doesn’t contain any shampoo and you will have to purchase one separately.


  1. Beard Care Bundle

Beard Care Bundle from Wizard Beard Luxury Beard Grooming Care Kit


  • Sandalwood comb
  • Wizard beard oil with 100% natural beard oil with vitamin E
  • Sandalwood boar bristle brush
  • Beard wax with Shea butter



Beard Care Bundle is the real deal when it comes to beard grooming making you a lot more masculine and attractive to the ladies. They come with a very mild scent and contains a number of care products like the wizard beard oil that when used often will improve the beards especially with its 100% ingredients in addition with vitamin E. if you have the thick beard types or even not then there is the beard wax that you apply to the beards gently for an excellent nourished hair. As for neat looking hair, there is a sandalwood bristle brush that is especially great for the sideburns or shorter beards while the sandalwood comb will lift up every single hair strand so it’s properly organized, neat and without ingrown hairs. The benefits of using this beard grooming kit will make you so proud and confidently handsome with beards like for a billionaire.



With a Beard Care Bundle performance is maximum delivering far beyond you would imagine especially with its sandalwood boar bristle brush that is developed to assist allocate the oils that are naturally occurring in the entire beards and any facial hairs saving you from itchiness and any discomfort. While the static free comb made from sandalwood as well has wide teeth that will detangle even the thickest bearded placed with its strong but gentle teeth. Enjoy quick absorption from the beard oil and experience watch your beards get restored in the shorted time frame while the wax made with natural nutrients will provide it with lasting beauty all day long.

It’s no wonder this Beard Care Bundle comes with one of the highest customer ratings that reaches all the way to 9.9/10 from the people that have used it and are impressed.


  • Natural oil; this kit has a beard oil that is made with only natural oils with vitamins E in it that will boost the healthy growth and the Shea butter beard wax for great looking nature of hair in every inch of it. This natural oil is also great for the skin especially people that have very sensitive skin types.
  • Great for every type of beards; finally we have found you the best beard grooming kit that is great for every single beard type meaning that regardless of your beard type like full, short and so on the end results will be the same which is healthy and fuller while always well groomed all day long.
  • Prevents itchiness; say goodbye to the bad old days of beard itchiness by using this powerful beard oil that will eliminate any case of itchiness especially on the skin where the hair grows. This itchiness also leads to dandruffs and other irritations due to constant scratching that is why this oil has ingredients that will prevent that itchiness.
  • Absorbs easily; if you have used a beard product that takes forever to absorb then you will love this beard wizard grooming that takes the least amount of time with just a few seconds of rubbing and it’s entirely absorbed in the hair and skin. With this you won’t look messy as you go out but rather you hair will have a natural shine and glow that will attract a lot of people to admire it.
  • Inexpensive; under this category of the best beard grooming kits, luckily this Beard Care Bundle is the most affordable. So if you are looking for an affordable gift or a kit for your budget then look no further than this. You might pay less but you will surely have good looking beards that are really admirable.



  • No beard shampoo; the only important beard care product missing from this Beard Care Bundle is a shampoo. This will force you to spend extra money on purchasing a shampoo separately and hence making it indirectly quiet expensive.



  1. Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit


  • Handcrafted beard comb
  • 5 oz of beard lube conditioning shave with jojoba and eucalyptus
  • 5 oz all over wash with panthenol and wheat protein
  • Beard oil with Natural oils Kalahari melon oil and vitamins
  • Creamy Lather without any sulfates
  • Transparent formula of the products in the kit



This Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit is what every modest beard grooming man deserves especially with the fact that its 1.5 oz wash is multipurpose like it can be used on the full body not just the beards. Believe you will have the best skin and beard care especially because this kit comes with a high amount of natural oils like jojoba, eucalyptus, Kalahari melon, and vitamin and wheat proteins as well each serving specific purposes towards a powerful modern beard and skin outlook with a smooth skin and essentially oiled hair. While other products might only concentrate on perfecting the top, this Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit will even dig below the skin to the very follicles treating the hair well and eliminating any cases of ingrown hairs. For the final grooming touch is a handcrafted comb that will lift every single strand to style and with a size so small and light it you won’t find travel moving with it.



There is no debate that this Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit won’t deliver to the best grooming care especially with its natural oils that are made for all skin and beard types and will treat not only the skin but below it as well. It has the easiest use formula with the beard wash of course taking the first step as it completely lathers and removes all unwanted elements instantly taking care not to drain essential oils off. The transparent conditioning shave will allow you visibly see every single inch of the skin being shaved so that irritations and messiness is minimized always. The natural beard oils has a non fail formula when it comes to protection, shine and healthy hair while the tooth of the handcrafted beard comb will place every strand of hair in perfection.

Its customer reviews is exceptionally amazing reaching up to 9.4/10 which is evidence enough of the satisfaction guaranteed.



  • Maintains essential moisture; some shampoos are made with ingredients like alcohol, sulfates and so on that have the ability of stripping both the beards and skin away from essential oils leaving it very dehydrated and damaged but this shampoo instead contains a great amount of panthenol and wheat protein that will ensure to make sure that your beards remain freshly scented and very clean with enough natural moisture in it all day long. It will only remove the dirt and excessive oil or sweat without eliminating essential oils from beards and skin.
  • Protects the skin; Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit is made with the technique to protect the skin especially towards irritations especially the ones causes by bacteria, ingrown hairs and even dehydration and razor burns so if you have a sensitive skin then this is a great alternative for you to consider using. The transparent formula of the jojoba and eucalyptus will allow you see exactly where you are shaving so that you will have a line that is very clean around the beards after shaving.
  • Provides beards with natural shine; there is nothing more attractive to women like a man with beards that look effortlessly shiny in a very natural way. This means that he takes the extra step in grooming himself and looks even much cleaner. Naturally shiny beards won’t easily break or be affected by the weather conditions outside and every bearded man needs to up his game and look effortlessly hunky with naturally shiny beards.



  • 5 ounce; the beard wash and beard lube conditioning shave of this Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit is packed in a very small bottle and only weighs 1.5 ounce which means it will get over only after a few users. This also makes it quite costly –  considering the bottle sizes.


7. Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit

Ultimate Beard Growers Kit


  • Naturall products
  • A beard growther oil
  • Vitamins for boosting beard growth
  • A beard shampoo
  • Beard balm
  • A beard comb



This Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit is made for that special men who loves to take an extra step from the usual in taking care of their facial hairs. It is packaged with a combination of all the products you will need with each single beard product having different benefits from the other but complimenting each other perfectly. These four lab tested products include the Growther Beard Wash or Shampoo that is gentle to hair and skin but harsh on dirt, then the Beard Balm and the Growther Beard Oil for maintenance and faster growth of the facial hairs. With the ingredients that are important for beards placed in this kit, you will definitely have properly naturally oiled hair at all times.



Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit comes with a plain straightforward performance for the easy to go bearded gentleman. First of all its Beard Growther XT oil will triple the growth of your facial hairs in a short time frame while its shampoo provides thorough cleaning without draining the natural oils from your beard. This is the only beard kit in this category with Beard Growther Vitamins to boost faster growth while the balm will shield the beards from harsh climatic conditions outside.

Ultimate Beard Grower’s Kit has a large number of customers that are impressed with it as evidenced by the 9.3/10 customer rating of satisfaction on various online marketplaces.



  • Scented: The different products found inside this beard growers kit have a very unique and beautiful scent that is naturally placed in them that will give you a good start. The aroma will make using this kit enjoyable and your beards will smell so well making people complement you nicely unlike in some other badly scented grooming kits that will keep people away from you. You can still add your favorite scent because this one won’t be able to last all day long.
  • Faster beard growth: One of the most powerful oils in this kit is the beard grower oil that has the ability to initiate a much faster beard growth that is actually three times faster than normal growth. With this you will enjoy a fuller growth without patches just after a few weeks of daily usage.
  • Anti stripping shampoo: By anti stripping it means that it will not be able to strip off all the natural oils in your hair like the way some shampoos do. So this makes it safe to use it daily on your beards and it comes with a deep cleansing formula that will remove all the dirt especially the ones blocking the pores where the hair comes out from. This shampoo will leave you feeling fully refreshed and very clean rising up your confidence everywhere you go.
  • Vitamins: Scientifically the benefits of vitamins in beards are amazingly great especially when you are looking towards a stronger, healthier and moisturized beards and that is why this kit contains vitamins especially multivitamins that have been placed in it. These vitamins also come with a combination of other added support nutrients and they have all been made in an approved skill under the FDA.



  • A bit pricy: On some stores like BeardFarmers – it costs $79 – which is considered to be really pricey for most people especially when you have budgeted a lot less. This price makes it almost unaffordable especially for people that are less and therefore might end up opting for other kits at a much cheaper price.
  • Odor: Not everyone will find the same scent appealing and that is in the case of this ultimate growers kit that comes scented. This scent might also interrupt the scent that is from your favorite fragrance making you feel disgusted. Another side about this odor is that it doesn’t last especially if you really loved it and would want to keep it on longer.



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