7 Best Beard Oils 2019 – Detailed Review

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Smooth Viking Beard Oil

Beard oils work as fertilizers for your beard (that is how I think of them). Most of them are used to supplement beard growth while others are used as beard cologne, one which adds a nice scent to your beard and at the same time moisturize it. Using high quality beard oils will guarantee you with a thick, smooth and nice smelling beard. If you have an itchy beard – that could be an indication of beard dandruff, so you need to condition / shampoo your beard and after that apply a nice scented oil to keep it moisturized.

Why not use lotions to moisturize your beard after roll they have oils too? Well, lotions are made for the skin not your beard and most of them are watered-down oils – so once applied in a beard – they create moist conditions which supports bacteria growth. On the other hand, beard oil will lock in moisture, thus protecting facial skin from environmental effects, yet at the same time deliver essential nutrients to your beard (supporting growth & improving on the health of your beard).


7 Best Beard Oils 2019:

  1. markThe Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil – Check Price on Amazon ****best choice****Contains only 100% natural ingredients
  2. markHonest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner – All Natural– Check Price on Amazon ***Best oil for softening beards and contains a natural scent
  3. markArt Naturals Organic Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner – Check Price on Amazon ***Is completely unscented and contains Moroccan Argan oils and organic jojoba oil
  4. markBeard Balm for Men – Best Leave-In Wax Beard Conditioner– Check Price on Amazon ***Contains 100% natural ingredients that will nourish hair perfectly
  5. markSmooth Viking Beard Oil & Conditioner – Check Price on Amazon ****No mystery ingredients added to it
  6. markWild Willie’s Beard Oil – Available on Amazon ****Rich in carrier oils and vitamin E that will nourish beards.
  7. markMr Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner with Organic Argan Oil – Check Price on Amazon *****Known for its sweet fragrance that is very addictive.

Best Beard Oil





  • Ingredients; the first thing you should look out for are the ingredients that that have been used to make up the beard oil you want. The ones that usually contain 100% natural ingredients based of carrier oils, vitamin E and essential oils are usually the best beard oils that you can use. They have all the right ingredients’ that have been proven to boost and nourish growth of healthy hair. Also while looking for the ingredients make sure that they don’t have those harsh chemicals, synthetic ingredients like silicon and other artificial substances that will be dangerous to use directly on the hair and skin. Some of the best beard oils with 100% natural ingredients include; Gentlemen’s beard oil, Honest Amish Beard Balm and smooth Viking.
  • Fragrance; no one wants to get out of the house or even remain the house while smelling so terribly but rather we all want to smell great that is why it is important to know which kind of scent that you are getting. Now most beard oils definitely have a fragrance but the ones that don’t have artificial fragrances also contain a mild scent that arises from the ingredients and it won’t last as compared to the ones that have artificial and stronger fragrances.
  • Texture; the beard oils that have a lighter texture are a lot easier to deal with as it easily sinks and disperses in the beards. With such a texture, you won’t waste a lot of time massaging it in the skin to skin in. then as for the balms with thicker textures, it should be able to easily lighten when you rub it in your hands so that when placed on the hair it dissolves in well. Harder textures can be time consuming and will create a mess most times on the hair.




  1. The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil

The Gentlemen's Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil

Ok, first what really caught my attention about this is the ability of the user to choose the kind of scent that they feel is more appealing to them like in this case you either choose between the extra virgin organic coconut oil and the tropical bay rum scent. It’s the newer version obtained from the fragrance premium beard oil that has always rated at the top and it has been handcrafted to fulfill every man’s beard oil satisfaction.

At currently a whooping 9.8/10 customer ranking, this Gentlemen’s beard oil will condition your beards wholly by softening it using its vitamin E and Primrose oil will definitely minimize the itching that is often associated with growth of new beards and thus eliminating beard ruff as well. The bottle that houses this Gentlemen’s beard oil is of dark amber ounce glass that was created so that the oil inside is protected from direct UV light rays and other things like oxidation.

It has been made with powerful; ingredients like; bay rum fragrance, virgin organic coconut oil, organic sunflower seed oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic evening primrose oil and organic Argan oil, vitamin E that are all natural oils and will improve greatly on your beards in all aspects.


  • Easy to use; using this Gentlemen’s beard oil is one of the easiest tasks you will do and for that reason won’t mind doing it often. This is because the application process doesn’t matter whether the beards are damp or dry. All you require is a few drops of this oil into your palms then rub them together gently before applying to the beards gently as well till properly oiled.
  • Repairs beards; all the ingredients that I mentioned earlier that are used to make this oil all serve different roles but important they will provide total repair and restoration of the beards. It will treat the ends that are spilt naturally, strengthen the hair strands, soften the beards, and condition it and so much more.
  • High quality oil; the quality of this oil starts from the very ingredients that are all organic and naturally made and then the bottle it is packed in is the dark amber ounce glass bottle. Now this kind of bottle protects the oils inside from direct UV light rays and oxidation hence extending the life of the Gentlemen’s beard oil. When this kind of oil is not packed in such a bottle, it will definitely become non effective and lose its potency that’s why these guys go to the extra step ensuring you always have a quality product that will serve its purpose.
  • Bay Rum scent; there is no doubt on how nice this Bay Rum scent and the best part is that it is very light as well that people will only notice when they come really close. This kind of scent is kind of fruity especially the coconut scent and yet at the same time it is far from feminine but rather masculine and very clean. It’s the kind of scent your woman will adore and your colleagues will adore.

However on the other side there are some disadvantages to this oil like this Gentlemen’s beard oil may allow you choose the kind of scent you prefer but then again there are only two options which is this particular Bay Rum scent and the extra virgin organic coconut oil scent. This means that if you don’t like any of them then there are no other options to choose from. Another thing is this scent might be loved by many but the problem is it doesn’t last as long as most people would want it to like all day long. After application, it will only take a few hours before it airs off leaving you wanting more.

In conclusion; this is one of the best beard oils and that is why we choose it as our number one because of all the effectiveness of the natural ingredients placed in it.

  1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner – All Natural

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner - All Natural

At 2.1 ounces only, Honest Amish Beard Balm is considered to be one of the best beards oils not only because we have selected it as our #2 on this list but because very many customers have appreciated its effectiveness evidenced by a ranking currently at 9.4/10. What makes this possible is the proprietary mixture of botanicals that are all great at hair strengthening.

Some of the ingredients used include; avocado, virgin Argan, apricot kernel oils, grape seed and virgin pumpkin seed which are all from the botanicals and then the fruit and nut ingredients include; cocoa, Shea, kokum, aloe and so much more alongside essential oils. If you are growing beards and want to condition, nourish new growth, soften, minimize spilt ends and repair then look no further than Honest Amish Beard Balm.

The manufactures have made it clear that there are no preservatives, artificial chemicals and even artificial fragrances added to it but rather only pure organic ingredients that are naturally infused. After our expertise research, we have realized that this product actually does deliver what it preaches regardless of the kind of beard hair type that you have or how damaged it really is. We highly recommend this for growth of much stronger and fuller beards after a few times of steady usage.


  • Softens beards; facial hairs especially beards in this case that are really soft are much more simple to maintain and feel as compared to the rouge and course ones. Gladly this Honest Amish Beard Balm is composed of natural ingredients are will soften the hairs when regularly used leaving your beards much more manageable and even well tamed all day long.
  • Eliminates beard ruff and itching; the thing with itching is that it is not only associated with a dirty skin where the hair grows but even when you are growing out new hair and this can be such negative thing when you keep scratching the skin constantly. As for the beard ruff, it is also cause by a number of factors like poor quality shampoo, dirty skin, dead skins and so much more but the advantage is this Honest Amish Beard Balm contains ingredients that will stop all the itching on the skin and then eliminates the beard duffs leaving the skin very clean and healthy.
  • Strong and full beards; now you can say goodbye to the spilt end problems as this beard balm will fully restore that problem either through re-growth of new beard or restoring those spilt ends and this way leading to beards that are also stronger and fuller. Each hair strand that grows will also be more elastic and healthy so that it doesn’t spilt off allowing you have no more patches but rather a face that is full with handsome beards.
  • Natural scent; well the good news is that first of all there is no artificial scent that is added to this Honest Amish Beard Balm and that means all the scent you will inhale in are from the ingredients especially from the cocoa and it is very mild that it could easily pass unnoticed by majority of people.

Every good thing has a bad side and for this reason you should be aware that this bottle in petite sized. The amount of this balm might look especially larger in the picture but the actual in is really small approximately 60ml only of the beard balm oil. This means that it won’t last you a very long time especially if you have longer beards that require more portions while applying. Also this oil this Honest Amish Beard Balm has the disadvantage that it won’t dissolve easily in the beard once you have applied it on like in the way most oils do. You will have to keep massaging it for a few more seconds before you feel like it has completely sunk in and this can be time wasting particularly during those rush hours.

We recommend you highly consider this Honest Amish Beard Balm considering all factors that the reviews from the customers are all very amazing and the natural ingredients very successful.


  1. Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner

Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner

If you are a big fun of Moroccan Argan oils and organic jojoba oil then this Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner should be your number one choice to being well groomed day in and out as it will provide the best moisture and protection to them. First off all there is no distrust that it is 100% organic beard oil and that is the main reason as to why it will moisture your beards into rich tamed, conditioned and perfectly groomed hair.

Art Naturals Organic also consists of other ingredients like the carrier oils that are very rich in antioxidants and hydration that will help eliminate skin issues like acne and so on that is mainly as a result of pores that are blocked or clogged. Another ingredient is the powerful vitamin E that is very important in restoring back thin and bristle hair so that it is much stronger, elastic and moisturized in all ways.

As for the leave-in conditioner, it is very important especially when going out by eliminating dry skin and beard ruffs. The nature of this 100% natural ingredient requires maximum protection that is why they are placed in a tinted amber glass bottle.


  • Great for all hair types and skins; this is the kinds of oil that will work the same in every single hair type whether you have African hair, white hair , coarse hair and so on. it is made with natural ingredients like Moroccan Argan oils, organic jojoba oil, vitamin E and other carrier oils that have a main role of improving the beards and skin regardless of what kind they are. They will dig deep into the skin and improve the beards right from the roots so that the full length is fully conditioned and moistened.
  • Softens facial hairs; now you can actually lean towards your spouse without them feeling irritated because of your rough beards because this Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner will effectively soften the beards so when you feel them or lean to your spouse, it feels more like baby hair. another thing with soft facial hairs is that they are so easy to maintain and you will always look very neat and responsible
  • Fragrance free; some fragrances are so bad that they will instead make you be too feminine or smell unbearable that is why this Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner is made without any additional artificial fragrances so you always remain natural and when you wear on your favorite scent, it won’t be mixed with the beard oil scent leading to a weird combination.
  • Dropper; not so many oils come with droppers and when you find one quality beard oil with a dropper like this Art Naturals Organic Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner then you should be pleased. These droppers assist the user pick out the right amount of beard oil and drop it into their hands before applying to the hair saving you from wastage like just pouring it out that might most times lead to wastage.
  • Dissolves easily; the nature of this oil will allow it dissolve immediately into the beards after you have applied it. The only reason you will be massaging it onto the beards is to help it be allocated in all the areas otherwise it dissolves immediately it’s placed in the hair.

In general, the most amazing factor about this oil is the light texture and its ability to provide complete hydration to the hair and skin and then also soften and tame the well so you always maintain an organized look.


  1. SMOOTH VIKING Beard Balm for Men – Best Leave-In Wax Beard Conditioner

Beard Balm for Men - Best Leave-In Wax Beard Conditioner

This 100% Beard Balm that is made by the Smooth Viking Company is one of the overly rated products found online currently at 9.3/10 by the very customers that have found it effective enough. Now it is contained with ingredients like the sweet almond oil, pure essential oils, Shea butter, Argan oil, beeswax, castor oil, mango butter, safflower and avocado oils that have all the nutrients needed to boost the beards by encouraging its growth, soften them and tame them so you look well groomed all day long.

In order for your beards to be well hydrated, tamed and stronger than before from as deep as inside the skin where the roots are, you will have to constantly rub in this all natural beard balm from smooth Viking. The formula for rubbing it should be very gentle and throughout the entire beards. Good thing is that it is made with a very light texture that will make it easily dissolve in after a few rubs only.

The 100% natural ingredients used is great for all skin types including the ones that are extremely sensitive because it doesn’t contain any insensitive chemicals or any other mystery portions that can react negatively to your sensitive skin. This way your beards and skin are definitely going to glow in the best manly way allowing you look properly tamed all day long.


  • Easy to use; now whereas most beard balms have a very thick nature that is hard to apply to the hair as it might not dissolve easily leaving a mess most times, this Smooth Viking Beard Balm, contains a very light texture that you will just pick out a small amount of its conditioning balm and then place it between your fingers and begin spreading it evenly in the entire beards. After that you can go about your business as it dries out to make your beards much stronger and tamed all day long every day.
  • Nicely scented; however first you should know that this scent is not from an artificial fragrance because like I said earlier no additional chemicals have been added to it but rather this scent if from a combination of the natural ingredients that are blended in making it a natural and unique scent that is very manly. It’s the kind of scent that will welcome you as you open the balm and apply it on the skin but after disperse off after a few minutes so you remain natural or apply your favorite fragrance.
  • Thickens the beards; enjoy the benefits of having thicker and fuller beards without using a lot of effort at all with this Smooth Viking Beard Balm. The ingredients like safflower oil, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and so much more have the right nutrients to thicken your beards after a period of constantly applying the beards fully. With full and thick beards, your beards will be like an inspiration to many people.

However on the negative side, the natural scent of this Smooth Viking Beard Balm might also be a little irritating especially when you were looking for a product that is completely scentless and also the blend of the different natural ingredients might not be appealing to you as well.

We really found this Smooth Viking 100% Beard Balm very amazing especially with the fact that with it you will get a two in one beard product and that is the balm and the leave-in conditioner as well that actually makes it able to deliver total satisfaction in the beard in and out looks. The ingredients that are used have also been proven to be great at boosting healthy and strong growth of beards and that is why no harsh chemicals have been added to mess it all up. Finally if you have used beard oils made with artificial substances and have experienced damages to both your hair and skin then you will be pleased with this balm that is great for sensitive skins due to the nature of its natural ingredients that are perfectly blended in.

  1. Smooth Viking Beard Oil & Conditioner

Smooth Viking Beard Oil

When a product has a rating of over 9/10 on a reliable online market like Amazon then you should take that as your first step to consider it a great product and in this case of this Smooth Viking Beard Oil, it currently at 9.5/10 customer reviews and please note that this is from over 1,700 customers in number. This is another Smooth Viking product that is made from powerful 100% ingredients that is packed in a dark bottle to protect the oil inside.

The ingredients we are looking at here include; jojoba oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, Moroccan Argan oil, vitamin E, olive oil and finally pure essential oil and as you can see there is nothing mystery that has been placed in it like artificial chemicals and other harsh things. These ingredients are what makes this oil 100% natural and healthy to use as it tames and softens your facial hairs for optimal growth, care and health.

Of all those oils mentioned above on the ingredients, what caught our eyes most was the carrier oils which is the Moroccan Argan oil and the jojoba oils because they have the ability to boost the creation of sebum oil that is created on the skin naturally. It has the main responsibility to ensuring that your hair follicles and the skin above always remains properly nourished and this way you won’t have any more issues like itchiness, dryness and beard ruffs on the beards and skin.


  • First-class nourishment; other oils might as well help nourish your hair but this Smooth Viking Beard Oil is provide the kind of first class nourishment rendered to a king and remember its long lasting nourishments that starts from the very follicles till the skin and the final tip of every single strand of beards. The natural oils blended in it especially the carrier oils will treat dry strands so that the hair is made stronger eliminating all cases of spilt ends and brittleness. With this kind of nourishment, your beards will soften and easier to manage especially in cases where you tries using hair tools like combs and it failed.
  • Simple application; the oily and light texture of this Smooth Viking Beard Oil makes it very easy to apply to the extent that you can even quickly apply it while in the public places without anyone being bothered. It won’t under any circumstance create a mess and all it takes it a few drops like three between your fingers and then applying it gently through massage to the beards. If you have much longer and thicker beards then you will have to use a little bit more than just three small drops.
  • No mystery ingredients; all the ingredients that you need to know about this Smooth Viking Beard Oil have all been properly lined up and they are all from natural ingredients without any form of additional chemicals that are harsh to both the skin and hair. This is very important especially when you have a sensitive skin type so that you can stay away from products that have artificial chemicals placed in them.

In general, it’s just hard not to love such a product that is why you will find almost no complaints about if and if there is any there is isn’t as bad as you would expect. Using this Smooth Viking Beard Oil involves almost no maintenance at all and yet the benefits are high as it will soften the beards so that it doesn’t tangle and remains tamed, then it will eliminate all cases of itching and beard ruffs, strengthen hair, nourish it fully, healthy beards and so much more. And all this at only as low as currently less than $12 which is a very affordable price for a quality 60ml 100% natural product.


  1. Wild Willie’s Beard Oil

Wild Willie's Beard Oil

Exceptionally hand made in USA, Georgia, Wild Willies Elixir which is both premium oil and a conditioner at the same time will enable to benefit from the amount of money you spent on it. All it can say is that this blend of 10 most powerful carrier oil, essential oils like Rosemary and vitamins is just worthwhile for the perfect beards. First it is made in the most organic and natural way with natural ingredients so that none of the raw materials loses its value.

  • The carrier oils alone include a blend of organic apricot kernel oil, organic castor oil, grape seed oil, organic gold jojoba oil and finally organic Argan oil and that way both your skin and beards will have a lot of quality nourishment. Another thing that really got my interest about this beard oil is the presence of Emu oil which is derived from an animal but it is an excellent oil for the skin especially where your beards grow out from providing high anti inflammatory benefits and so much more.

With this Wild Willies Elixir, there is no doubt about your beard growth being stimulated faster and each strand healthy allowing you have a skin that doesn’t itch neither contain any bear ruffs and weak ends that easily break off. With constant use, you will surely obtain the dream beards you always wanted.


  • Eliminates itchiness; there are different circumstances that can cause itching to the skin and among which are things like growth of new hair and irritation on the skin like beard ruffs and so much more. This beard oil comes with all the right ingredients that will nourish the skin perfectly well so that it doesn’t have itching or very minimal itching allowing you remain very comfortable.
  • Mild scent; the scent arising from this oil is so mild and it will not be smelt from a few inches away from the person wearing it. It is first of all very manly and it is not artificially added but rather it arises from the aroma of the natural ingredients placed in. with this mild scent,  you can as well wear your personal fragrance and this mild scent from this Wild Willies Elixir won’t make it worse but better.
  • Treats beards; this Wild Willies Elixir will endeavor to treat the beards that are already grown and even the ones that are inside the skin from as low as the root level. The ingredients inside like the carrier oils, essential oils and the vitamins will provide all the right supplements that are needed for beards to be fully treated so that it is healthier, stronger and fuller.

On the other side if you have a very sensitive skin type that you should be cautious about this Wild Willies Elixir premium oil and conditioner. This is because it contains Argan oil that is derived from nuts and the emu oil that is derived from animal fats.  So if you have any allergies associated to nuts or animals then you will have to be careful or even stay away from it to avoid triggering any allergic reaction.

In general if you don’t have any allergies to the things mentioned above then you should prioritize this amazing beard oil that is very fair in price as well currently at approximately $15 for a 2 ounce bottle. The 10 organic oils, nutrients and vitamins overpower the most beard products that have a lot less making this product one of the finest on the market currently.

  1. Mr Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner with Organic Argan Oil

Mr Rugged Beard Balm Conditioner with Organic Argan Oil

After first having a review on Amazon about this Mr. Rugged beard balm and reading only awesome reviews of good things about it, we were pushed to dig deeper and believe me it was worth every time we spent. First of all it’s not 100% natural but rather its ingredients are 99.9% natural meaning the 0.1% remaining is allocated to the sweet artificial fragrance that is so additive. It derives its name from the fact that it will provide you with full beards and hence the rugged name.

This Mr. Rugged beard balm is overwhelmingly blended with natural ingredients like Argan oil, olive oil, jojoba seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, soybean oil, wheat Germ oil and cedar wood essential oils. It’s no secret that these oils have been proven as natural hair care ingredients that will restore all the full length as it nourishes it well.

The texture of this balm is a little thicker and that means that its best when you first apply it on the hands then rub them together as this will soften it and finally apply it on the beards and this way it will dissolve easily entering deep in the skin making it healthy from the roots to the tips.


  • Minimizes itchiness and irritation; enjoy the best and normal skin that will always make you very comfortable in a way that it will endeavor to eliminate any itching caused by different factors so you don’t keep scratching yourself constantly. It will repair the skin opening the pores and unclogging so that it is flawless. It will remove all kinds of dirt and beard ruffs.
  • Softens beards; enjoy beards that are very easy to maintain due to the ingredients that are placed inside it. These ingredients will soften the hairs so well allowing you easily comb or brush them to any perfect style that you want. With soft beards there will be very minimal chances of the beards tangling or have a messy look.
  • Sweet fragrance; the fragrance that arises from this Mr. Rugged beard balm is so addictive that you might keep applying it over and over every time it disperses away. Its scent is not only very masculine but it is the kind that is memorial and will enjoyed by everyone around you. It is a artificially made with some of the best scents so enjoy using it.

Overly this Mr. Rugged beard balm is a very good beard product that will help them regain but its shine and healthy textures from the very roots to the ends.



The Gentlemen’s Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil

The Gentlemen's Beard Bay Rum Beard Oil

[markSee price on Amazon….]



  • Tropical Bay Rum scent
  • Treats spilt ends
  • So easy to use
  • 100% organic and natural ingredients
  • Contains a dropper top
  • Dark amber bottle glass
  • Stops itching
  • Eliminates beard ruffs

Rocky Mountain Beard Oil

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