50 Best Gifts For Dad 2017 – Even Those Who Have Everything

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And who say you should only wait for father’s day to show your dad some love, a father is always a father no matter which day it is. And once in a while it is always good to show your dad how much you appreciate all the effort he puts into ensuring that you don’t lack. Commonly people reward their mothers without recognizing how important it is to also find the gift for their dads however I did some good research to come with the 50 best gifts that you can give your dad. Therefore for anyone out there who has been on the search for the coolest gifts for dads, you are definitely in the right place.


  1. Business Men Suits:

New Business Men Suits Groomsmen Tuxedos Groom Suit

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Turn you dad into the classy man that everyone will admire with this elegant and classy tuxedo. This New Business Men Suits Groomsmen Tuxedos Groom Suit is just what any classy man would want to rock. Manufactured from the highest quality materials and professional workmanship everything is crafted to perfection. It includes a tie, jacket, pants and waist coat, the whole suit has a very shiny black appearance while the striped tie makes it appear more appealing. It can be worn with any color of shirt depending on what you want as an individual. As classy as it is, this suit can be worn to just about any formal function like business meetings, weddings or red carpet events.

  1. Formal Men’s Oxford Shoes:

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A Stylish Dress Formal Casual Mens Oxford Higher pair of brown shoes will also put a smile on your dad’s face. The brand new pair is crafted from exceptional quality synthetic leather that is very strong and long lasting to offer several years of use. They are skillfully handmade to ensure that they look as excellent as they look right now. These are not easily wearable shoes, they are very easy to put on and off and they come in many different sizes so you can makes your choice on what best fits your father.  It is absolutely a fashionable pair for any occasion.


  1. Men’s Slim Casual and Formal Coat Jacket:

Fashion Stylish Mens Casual Slim Formal One Button Suit Blazer Coat Jacket

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Just because he is your dad doesn’t mean he cannot go in for the most stylish and trending staff lately, if you have been keen about the fashion run ways you must have noted that slim jackets are one of the biggest thing in fashion. The long sleeved suit blazer jacket can turn a simple look into an extra ordinary one. It made from durable cotton material that is very easy to clean and comes in different colors that you can choose from. It is available in four sizes that is to say medium, large, extra-large and extra extra large. This one button jacket looks super cool when worn with jeans.



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Some causal shoes for the weekend or any other days away from the usual formal days will definitely do your dad good. And for that matter these BNWW timberland men’s classic earthkeepers brig 2 eye boat deck shoes is one choice you will not regret. These shoes are fixed onto a non-marking durable rubber sole that is very supportive. Its padded insole feels really comfortable as the lace-up closure makes it easier to wear the shoes on and off. The lace detail around the heel and ankle add a stylish appearance to the shoes. It comes in a variety of colors that you would love to try out.

  1. Designer jeans:

Levis 505 Mens Jeans Regular Fit Straight Leg

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Jeans are that timeless that will never go out of fashion yet they are very easy to match with anything so they are generally effortless so a pair of jeans is definitely a perfect gift for any good dad out there. This brand new pair of jeans has a zipper fly and 5 pockets for added convenience and different storage desires. It fits, sits well on the waist with normal fit on thighs and since they are straight leg jeans anyone will feel comfortable wearing them. The really durable Levis denim jeans are made from 100% cotton material and there are six different colors available.

  1. Classic Sandals:

Adidas Size 12 M Adipure Blue Flip Flops Sandals New Mens Shoes

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Every dad needs to have a pair of sandals either to hang around by the swimming pool or just to walk around at home and besides they are also very healthy for your feet since they are a lot more breathable and comfortable.  These are 100% authentic flip flops from Adidas and that alone guarantees that are the best quality sandals that you could get someone as special as your dad. They are size 12 sandals with medium width and synthetic material that is really durable. With those blue colors it is very clear that these sandals are masculine and thus the ideal gift for a dad.

  1. Men’s Casual Sport Outdoor Running T-Shirt:

Men Cotton Casual Sport Outdoor Running T-Shirt Short Sleeve

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The Outdoor Running T-shirt Short Sleeve Crew of t-shirts can also be the best gift you ever got for your dad, these are t-shirts of the best quality that can be worn for outdoor running, working out at the gym or at home or just for a casual day out. The round neck t-shirts fit right since they come in many different sides, medium, large, extra-large and extra extra large. They are extremely comfortable during those very hot seasons and with their amazing causal style, these are ideal to be worn to several casual occasions. Whichever color is your favorite is available so you just have to make your order.

  1. Perfume Set for men:

VERSACE Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Perfume for men Gift Box Set

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The Versace Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Perfume for men Gift Box Set has just those important things that your dad need to get himself compliments wherever he goes. This set is 100% genuine, brand new and it comprises of three extremely amazing items. The Versace Pour Homme Eau De Toilette mini Perfume with a very arousing and energetic aroma suitable for men, the Versace Pour Homme body and hair shampoo which thoroughly washes and cleans the hair along with the entire body and finally the Versace Pour Homme after shave balm that soothes and moisturizes the skin. This is such an amazing gift set to get for you dad on any event.


  1. Designer watch for men:

Nice And Clean Authentic Gucci 8900m Gold Steel Men's Watch

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Men love watches but a Gucci watch is not just any watch for any man to put on therefore if you got it for your dad he will surely appreciate it. This classy Authentic Gucci 8900m Gold Steel Men’s Watch is super elegant, any man would turn heads wearing it. Another reason for you to go in for it is the fact that it is cost efficient due to its simple maintenance, you only need to change the batteries and you are good to go. It is gold with accents of steel for a more outstanding look and you can wear it over any outfit.




  1. Classic Fedora Hat:

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You cannot talk about trend and not mention hats, with hat you can protect yourself from those hot seasons without sacrificing fashion. Get this Sector 9 Day tripper Fedora HAT to appreciate him for being who he is. It is wire teemed and crafted from 100% polyester lining and nicely detailed with a white and black striped band. It is neatly woven and black in black so it can easily match with any outfit you choose to wear.

  1. mens socks:

three pack hotsox men hot sox

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Your dad needs to be comfortable in his shoes and you can help him out on that by buying him this three pack hotsox men hot sox. This is a pack of casual high quality socks of spandex material and they are brand new, they have never been used before. The size 9-11 socks all have different colors and patterns so you can have a change of socks every day from just this one pack. There is a plain pair, ne with polka dots and one with stripes, I am more than certain he will love this gift.


  1. Mens Classic Tie:

Vesuvio Napoli Black Gray White PLAID NeckTie & Handkerchief Matching Tie Set

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You can as well make your dad smile with this amazing gift, it is a Vesuvio Napoli Black Gray White plaid neck tie & Handkerchief Matching tie Set. The tie and hanky have the same exact checkered pattern in the same colors to make the perfect match with any suit. This is an excellent tie to wear on a tuxedo or suit when you have a corporate meeting at work or to a friend’s wedding due to its classic and formal style. The tie alone is designed from 100% polyester material with a very smooth and silky feel.


  1. Men’s Khaki Classic Pants:

Mens Classic Fit Ralph Lauren Chaps True American Chino Pants

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The Men’s Classic Fit Ralph Lauren Chaps True American Chino Pants is a must have in any man’s closet. This pair of brand new pants still has the tags to guarantee that it is brand new and doesn’t show any signs of wear whatsoever. It is a 34 by 30 size pant with classic fit in and outstanding color yet comes at a very reasonable price.  The khaki style is very trendy and can be worn to several work occasions without hassling to find what matches perfectly with it. These are straight fit pants with a straight front in light beige color and flat front so they are descent enough for that old man of yours.




  1. Men’s electric shaver:

Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Men's Electric Shaver with Cleaning Centre

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How about helping your dad to look good by getting him the Braun Series 7 790cc-4 Men’s Electric Shaver. This shaver gives the most perfect, smoothest and closest shave as a result of its opt foil technology and sonic technology that comfortably captures hair in each and every stroke you make. The series 7 is infused with three different shaving modes, the normal, intensive and sensitive modes for a personalized shave. With patented active lift the 790cc-4 removes hair even in those hard to reach areas and easily adapts to facial contours with the help of a fully flexible system. Being a cordless shaver, it gives you freedom to shave in your favorite spot whether it is in the shower or on the balcony.

  1. Shaving Cream:

Sandalwood Luxury Shaving Cream

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If you have been seeing your dad suffering with ingrown hairs and skin irritation after shaving then solve his problem by giving him the Taylor of old bond street sandal wood shaving cream. This lavish and mannish cream forms a very thick smooth lather to help get rid of any skin irritations that come as a result of shaving. It is infused with a unique and masculine fragrance that disappears as soon as you wash off the shaving cream. This is a really pleasant gift you can get for a man who is as useful to your life as your dad.

  1. Authentic Safety Razor:

Merkur Futur Matt Chrome Adjustable Safety Razor With Blades

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The Merkur Futur Matt Chrome Adjustable Safety Razor has been one of the most wanted and famous razors over the years. This safety razor is engineered with a very modern and ergonomic shape that makes it easy to have a smooth shave. It has 6 programmed settings that you can select from to have your shave just the way you want. It works with just any razors so maintenance costs will not be such a big burden for you. Since it is built from the highest quality materials, the shaver performs for a period not less than 6-7 years.


  1. Luxury Herbal Shaving Soap:

Sandalwood Luxury Herbal Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

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The Sandalwood Luxury Herbal Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl is designed specifically to help any man have the smoothest shave without worrying about any skin irritations. It comes in a long lasting handmade wooden bowl with a cover to make it look good on any bathroom counter top. The main essence of the sandal wood shaving soap is to thoroughly cleanse the skin and condition it making it ready for the stressing shaving process. It creates a completely white thick lather and gives off a classic masculine fragrance.


  1. Men’s Shaving Brush, Stand and Soap Bowl Set:

Men's Badger Shaving Brush Set with Drip Stand and Shaving Soap Bowl

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From this shaving brush set, you would have given your dad each and everything he needs to prepare perfectly for a quality shave. The set includes an acrylic drip stand where you can hang the brush after use, a faux badger designed from first class quality synthetic material that is durable and free of any irritating smells. The brush has a wooden handle ergonomically designed to make it easy to create lather in the shaving soap bowl. With this set it is more convenient and simple to create foam or lather from your best shaving cream or shaving soap. Only a classy bathroom can have this gorgeous set.

  1. Men’s aftershave:

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One of the major causes of skin irritation after shaving is using the wrong after shave creams or completely ignoring using after shave cream or balm. One of the things one needs to is use aftershave whenever they are through with removing that unwanted hair. The New Made in Israel Men’s After Shave Balm Cream Moisturize by Loire Cosmetics is infused with the best natural and organic ingredients that moisturize the skin to prevent it from becoming dry and flaky and also get of any irritations. Coming from a company that produces some of the best cosmetics, there is no doubt about the quality of this after shave balm.






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Everyone would love to have a bathroom sparkling with this outstanding collection of towels from Charlton. This super amazing set is made up of fluffy high quality hand towels, bath towels bath mat and face washers. Every single towel in this set is made from 100% genuine Egyptian cotton that is extremely modern, lavish, outstanding and super stylish. This particular set is pink in color but there are many more other colors that you can select from. They come beautifully wrapped so you can immediately present them as a gift to your dad.




  1. Fitness Tracker:

Fitbit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Fitness Tracker

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There is one simple way for you to find out how healthy you are living and it is with the Fitbit One Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker. As tiny as this device may seem, it has the ability to accomplish tasks that bigger tools can never do as it helps to monitor your sleep, eating habits and activities that you engage into. Since you are active all through the day, this tracker keeps track of the speed, distance, stairs climbed and calories burned and during the night it monitors your sleep cycle. It is engineered to upload all your information to different Bluetooth devices like your phone or computer.


  1. Mens Running and Trainers Shoes:

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One really essential item for any training session is a good pair of training shoes and you will surely not find anything better than the Nike Men’s Free Run+ 2 EXT Running Shoe. In that blue color, these shoes are masculine enough for a respectable man like your dad. The Nike free run 2 shoe has really lightweight thanks to its two layer upper and breathable mesh. They have a full inner sleeve, perfect cushioning and off center lacing for maximum and luxurious comfort. They are amazingly durable and most importantly very harmless to the environment.

  1. Heart Rate Monitor:

Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Heart Rate Monitor Black

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In those later ages, it is very essential for a dad to keep track of his heart rate at all times which makes this heart rate monitor an ideal gift. Whether it is on a bike, on the road or in the pool, the Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Heart Rate Monitor will keep you alert about your heart rate. The Ambit3 evaluates, analyses your stats to ensure that you get the courage to work more and more for a healthy body. With the sunnto app this device wirelessly connects to your iPod or computer. There is a whole lot to adventure with this heart rate monitor.

  1. Dumbbells:

CAP Barbell 15 lb pound Hex Black Coated Iron Weightlifting Dumbbell

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The CAP Barbell Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell is not just goo looking but also made with superior quality to for years and years. The dumbbell has rubber enclosed heads for added safety both you as an individual and to the floor just in case it falls down and ergonomically designed handles for easy grip. The handles are non-slippery as the hexagon shapes heads makes storage a lot simpler since it does not roll around like round shaped dumbbells do. They range from 3lbs-120lbs and are engineered to provide ultimate comfort and reduce on exhaustion.

  1. Indoor Training Gym Bike:

PureFitness & Sports Magnetic Upright Exercise Cycle Indoor Training Gym Bike

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Putting aside its reasonable price, the PureFitness & Sports Magnetic Upright Exercise Cycle Indoor Training Gym Bike also offers several outstanding features that your dad would love to try out. This bike provides 16 various levels of magnetic resistance for you to select from depending on how tough or intense you want your workout to be. It features a well-balanced flywheel that guarantees smooth cycling for more enjoyable but beneficial sessions. You will enjoy the versatility of this exercise bike as it offers 12 workout programs including rolling hills, cardio, and fat burn among very many others. You only need to work out three times on this bike to keep healthy and fit.


  1. Mens Fitness Wear Set:

UZ103 New men cycling jeresy Cycling clothes and bib shorts set Race Fit GEL PAD

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For those of you whose fathers love to ride bicycles races, don’t think twice about going in for the UZ103 New men cycling jersey Cycling clothes and bib shorts set. This outstanding multicolored jersey set is made up of a bicycle jersey and bicycle shorts with gel pad. It is designed with breathable and fast drying polyester mesh fabric that quickly absorbs sweat to keep the body dry. It has a hidden zipper for most perfect fit without necessarily affecting the look of the costume. All you have to do is order for your size because there are many different sizes available.


  1. Indoor Golf Kit:

3M Golf Practice Driving Hitting Training Net Range Target Pad for Indoor gohsy

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If he loves to play golf then you can as well save him the burden of having to go out to gold course to have some fun with this 3M Golf Practice Driving Hitting Training Net. The gold net is designed from excellent quality nylon material while its stand and frame are made are of wind resilient and amazingly durable fiber glass and steel materials. It comes along in a really portable bag yet it doesn’t need any sort of expert skills to assemble. With this net, your dad will be able to have his golf training sessions in any place and at any time both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Indoor Golf Simulator:

Par T Golf Simulator Used DE1100 Indoor Golf Simulator

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If your dad no longer has the strength to be on the real golf course then you can still make life much more interesting with a golf simulator. The Par T Golf Simulator Used DE1100 Indoor Golf Simulator is not just an affordable simulator but also one with the most current technology in indoor golf simulators. Through state of art software and hardware, the DE1100 golf simulator delivers a long period of fun with its imitation of real life golf. This double Eagle HD gold simulator includes an HD projector, hitting screen, hitting booth, DVD player and a computer with an Ethernet port.


  1. Jumping Rope:

Everlast Mens 2Lb Weighted Rope

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We all know that the more intense the exercise the more effective it is and this is exactly why theEverlast Men’s 2Lb Weighted Rope beats many others on the market. This 3m rope comes with removable weight rods to enhance levels of fitness and increase strength from the exercise. Its length is adjustable so you can always change it to any length you feel is most suitable for you. This rope’s handles are rounded with foam to prevent the rope from slipping through your hands as you work out and provide ultimate comfort. Skipping with this rope is very important for relaxation in different muscles of the body.


  1. Jump Rope Shoes:


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Rope jumping just got even much easier with these jump rope shoes, the first of its kind ever produced on the market. The ropix jump rope shoes are precisely designed for rope jumping and a few other training activities for the forefoot. Its technical cushioning system includes a dual density outsole that adapts to the shape of the foot for maximum stability and flexibility. Its well-padded cushion excellently resists abrasions, causes less impact and offers responsive bounce back. In these unique shoes it is very easy to make quick movements in various directions as you may wish.




  1. Smartphone:

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

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Besides it super amazing features, the iPhone 6 plus is a masculine smart phone that is super classy. This gorgeous phone features a wide 5.5 inch LED backlit multi-touch screen also infused with IPS technology. Featuring an 8 mega pixel iSight camera with optical image stabilization, this phone takes the best pictures and captures the very best videos. It operates on a rechargeable lithium ion battery and can be charged with a USB via computer or with a power adapter. There is an extremely wide variety of features infused into this stylish phone that your dad would love to experiment.

  1. Binoculars:

Outdoor Hunting Folding Day Night Vision Binoculars Telescope+Case

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If your dad loves to hunt, he will absolutely love the Outdoor Hunting Folding Day Night Vision Binoculars Telescope. This binoculars telescope is very essential for different activities such as touring, camping, hunting and even sporting. It can be used both day and night though in total darkness it will not be able to see a thing. With its high magnification, the telescope delivers very clear and sharp optical performance. It has a really light weight but it is still very compact.


  1. Smart Watch:

Silver Waterproof GT88 NFC Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone Mate For iphone Android

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Simple as it looks, the ETTG S2 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth for IOS Android System Smart watch phone is super cool. Even when you don’t have your phone with you, this smart watch won’t let you miss those important calls or messages. With this watch you can check your emails, reply to text messages, pick your calls and even listen to all your favorite jams. It is both water and dust resistant so no matter the weather this watch will still update on all the necessary information. It monitors your work out progress by tracking time, distance, amount of calories burned and monitors heart rate.

  1. Telescope:

New LUYI 25-125x95 zoom Telescope-Spotting Scope with 9 inch tripod

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This brand newLUYI 25-125×95 zoom Telescope / Spotting Scope is another really appropriate gift for your dad. It features a 95mm diameter optical glass lens and Bak-4 glass prisms that enables you to get a wider view of images in the field and allows it to be used even in conditions where light is low. Its large eye piece offers maximum comfort for the eyes as you look through as the multi-blue coated lens offers that incomparable view. It is compatible with any camera tripod and has a flip lens cover for safety of the telescope when not in use.


  1. Travel Camera:


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Panasonic is one of the well-known brands and that is because the quality if their products gets better and better every other time. This brand new PANASONIC DMC-GM1SK BROWN 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH MEGA OISLENSKIT JAPAN JDM camera will make travelling even more interesting because of the extraordinary quality of pictures that it takes. This digital SLR has a pretty brown and silver exterior and it very easy to operate. With this great camera, you can have thousands of those memorable times stored.


  1. Premium Ratchet Set:

Reversible Ratchet Tool Workman Case

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For all those house projects whether simple or complex that a dad usually takes part in,the BRAND NEW Mannesmann Socket and Bit Set has each and every thing he will need. Containing over 130 pieces, the set can be used for lots and lots of screw driving activities both inside and outside of the house. All the tools come neatly arranged in a plastic case to keep any of the items you will handy whenever you need to use them.


  1. Hammer Drill:

Bosch PBH 2100 RE Corded Electric 550W SDS Rotary Hammer Drill

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This Bosch 6033A9370 PBH 2100 RE Pneumatic Rotary Hammer is one super versatile tool that any dad will love to receive. The hammer drill can be used for drilling, hammering and chiseling into different types of materials such as natural stone, concrete and masonry. With its 1.7 joules impact energy, this drill even works through those really tough materials as well as walls without you having to use a lot of effort. It has a lightweight of 2.2kg and a slim ergonomic design for maximum comfort and little or no fatigue. Its speed control allows you to adjust to any speed you wish to use.


  1. Home Garage Tool Set:

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There is no man that won’t love to own a garage took kit as it save the costs of calling the mechanic each time the car breaks down. The Apollo Precision Tools DT0738 161 Piece Household Tool Kit along with all the other necessary repair tools comes with a very strong 4.8 cordless rechargeable screwdriver. For added durability and to make them rust resistant each tool in the kit is chrome plated and heat treated. The tools come securely held in a heavy duty case for better arrangement.

  1. Gardening Tools:

Garden Tools Kit Shovel Hoe Bow Rake Steel Rake Scraper Five Set Plant Soil Hand

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This garden tool kit have a few of the most essential items tools that you will need to make your garden or compound look attractive at all times. The five set gardens tool kit comprises of a scraper, bow rake with a tri fiber glass handle, shovel, hoe and steel rake with a vinyl coated handle that is very comfortable and strong. All the toolsare designed with fiber glass handles to offer long lasting use.

  1. Adjustable Ladder:

Little Giant M22 22' Class 1A Heavy Duty adjustable Ladder

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Many fathers all over the world are overly demanding for the little giant M22-22 heavy duty adjustable ladder all because of its versatility and strength. The professional grade ladder can be used for small home projects as well as complex industrial ones with the combined strength of step ladders, extension ladders, A-frame ladders and its framework. Featuring a triple locking hinge this adjustable ladder is very safe and secure on all kind of surfaces. It is designed from heavy-duty 6005-T5 aluminum that is extremely strong yet it remains light with the same amazing portability.




  1. Fishing Boat:

1990 Carolina Skiff 22 fishing boat

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You can decide to make your dad happy for the rest of his with this 1990 Carolina Skiff 22 fishing boat. This is a recent trade in boat redesigned with a totally new 2015 mercury and 75 four stroke. Being fishing boat, it is made more appropriate with a weight scale winch and gurney designed specifically for inshore shark fishing along with two very large bait well systems.

  1. vintage cars:

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Now is the real definition of a beautiful car, it looks amazing, it is very classy and at the same time very stylish. This is a rare V-12 convertible, one of the best you can ever come across, it has stunning rare mint wheels that will grab you lots of attention wherever you take this massive ride. It is super comfortable and in superb condition so you will definitely not regret getting this gorgeous gift for your dad.

  1. Yacht:

[markSee price on Ebay….]

Relaxation and fun is very good of our health and a yacht is one of the best places to spend some leisure time, this is definitely a perfect gift for your father. This 1998 Carver Boats Cockpit Motor Yacht 400 operates on a mercury engine and gas fuel type. On this yacht you will find a stove with a microwave, a full kitchen, two state rooms, two bathrooms with showers to give you the relaxation you won’t find anywhere else.


  1. Hunting rifle gun:

6-24x50mm Mildot Range Finder Sniper Rifle Scope

[markSee price on Ebay….]

If he loves to hunt then this is the most precious gift that you can get for him. The scope features a wide range reticle with five levels of intensity that lights green or red. This particular scope is fixed on a Remington 700 rifle, you can however fix to any hunting rifle of your choice.

  1. Camping tent:

Track Man 3-4 Person Double-layer Waterproof Camping Tent Backpacking Hiking

[markSee price on Ebay….]

This tent will not only benefit your dad but you as well but it accommodates about three to four people so you can have camp along with him. It features a very attractive green color and super unique design with two halls fitted into just one room. This is a very simple but extremely good looking tent expertly designed to withstand all kinds of weather, this is no regrettable choice gift.

  1. Bottle Of Wine:


[markSee price on Ebay….]

I nice bottle of wine can be your way to making your dad happy again. The grand VIN de chateau latour is a very delicious wine he will love to try.  This can be your gift to him either for his birthday or anniversary for him to toast for all the good moments life has given him.

  1. Wine rack:

Creative Foldable 10 Bottle Wooden Wine Rack Organizer

[markSee price on Ebay….]

This extremely modern and elegant wine rack will make you dining standout, its beauty will make you enjoy each and every minute you spend seated on the dining. It is amazingly crafted to hold more than 10 bottles of your best wines. For added convenience especially for those with limited space, the rack has a foldable design that makes it easy to put away. This is a perfect gift for dads on any occasion.



[markSee price on Ebay….]

With the antique round fully functional gramophone phonograph you will give your dad to put his amazing voice to use. It features a manually operates system and a very durable case made of pine wood. It is handmade with a round shape,  beautiful floral designs for a more appealing look and plays really well.

  1. Small aircraft:


[markSee price on Ebay….]

There are many different series of Cessna but one of the most wanted and most popular ones is the N1002Q – 1962 CESSNA 310H. It has been designed with more stylish sleek tip tank and it doesn’t require cow flaps. Compared to many others, this small air craft doesn’t need a lot of maintenance due to its little costs of operation. This can be your way of giving your dad the chance to fly alone like thee important person he is.

  1. Hiking Boots:

Men's Merrell Continuum Hiking Boots

[markSee price on Ebay….]

No matter where he loves to hike from, the Men’s Merrell Continuum Hiking Boots will make the process much easier. They are made with a very unique and durable sole that makes it safer and simpler to hike on those really high hills or mountains. They buckle with laces to ensure secure fit. All the colors on these hiking boots are masculine colors that a man will feel comfortable wearing.

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