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Today, most schools are encouraging teachers to incorporate technology into a learning environment in order to keep their students engaged in a classroom environment. There are actually several great mobile-apps for teachers today that can help them coordinate with students and below is a list of the best Apps to tryout.


Mobile Apps for everyday classroom needs:

  1. Educreations: This App helps in the creation of new videos for learning. in fact, its a great tool for explaining math strategies with a pen, voice and screen-recorder and it also helps to save learning resources.


  1. Oxford Dictionaries: This App is required by almost every classroom as long as they have grammar-subjects. This App will help teachers and students to quickly answer words that are unfamiliar to them while in a classroom environment.


  1. Evernote: This is a note-taking App that teachers really love because it helps them to get rid of handouts. In fact, this App allows teachers to share projects with their students through shared notebooks and even assignments can be posted on the “Assignment shared notebook” that is available for parents on a website.


  1. Explain-Everything: This is an interactive whiteboard App that is very versatile and easy to use. For example, teachers can use this App to explain different topics to students and to carryout discussions while in a classroom environment.


Mobile Apps for collaborating school projects:

  1. Google Apps for Education (GAFE): Google actually features different Apps that can be used by both teachers and students in a classroom environment. For example, Google-Hangouts can be used for video-based conversation between teachers and students while Gmail can be used to exchange questions and answers between teachers and students.


  1. Slack: This App helps to make communication easier between teachers and students and even makes assigning group-project work to students easy. In fact, this App has the benefits of Facebook group-chats and a great integration with Google-Docs and Google-Hangouts.


  1. Mindmeister: This App helps in mapping-out the relationships between ideas like within complex group projects. Additionally, this App also provides a quick way to visualize and create a project outline together as a classroom.


  1. Schoology: This is a cloud-based platform that only includes the needed security features for school-use. For example, teachers can use this App to create a class-page that students can post assignments, completed work, videos and links to in-order to enhance on the engagement-levels between the teacher and students.


  1. Wikispaces Classroom: This is a social writing platform for education. This App makes it easier to create a classroom workspace where teachers and their students can communicate and work on writing projects alone or in teams. Additionally, this App features great assessment tools that give teachers the power to measure student contribution and engagement in real-time. Lastly, This App works well on modern browsers, tablets and Smartphones.


Mobile Apps for teaching students how to present, create and code:

  1. Haikudeck: This App allows teachers and students to create beautiful presentations easily and fast. For example, it can be used by students to pair short poems and images that are to be presented in a classroom environment.


  1. TED-Ed: This App features multiple tools that can be used by teachers to increase on student curiosity and to explore presentation literacy skills. For example, most teachers use this platform to add engaging content to different topics in-order to make student more active in a classroom learning environment.


  1. Draw and Tell: This App helps to increase creative confidence within kids of all ages. For example, students can use it to draw something, tell a story about it and then share their creation. In fact, this App is a classroom favorite for most elementary teachers because it helps to engage the little-students while in a classroom environment.


  1. Duolingo: This is a bilingual App that was designed help teachers and students learn new languages easily and quickly. So, if you’re an expert in teaching different languages to your students then you should tryout this amazing App.


  1. iMovie: This App is designed to help teachers create video presentation for use in a classroom environment. On the other hand, even students can use this App to add videos to their group projects and this actually help to increase on their engagement levels within a classroom environment.


  1. Animoto: This App allows students to create and share their own educational videos. For example, this app will enable students to select music, themes, images, videos and even add captions within a minute and the finished product will be shared via social-media, embedded into student e-portfolio or even uploaded onto YouTube.


  1. Instructables: This App helps to provide instructions on more than 100,000 DIY projects ranging from school-projects to home-projects. For example, teachers can encourage their students to upload the instructions they used to create something awesome or even share ideas over this App.


  1. Tinkercad: This App allows students to design their own 3D objects easily and faster. In fact, this app is very crucial for science and designing lessons should be considered by most art, science and architectural teachers.


  1. Hopscotch: This App enables students to learn computer science fundamentals via game designing and coding. However, if a teacher wants students to learn more core coding concepts then they should consider using another great App called “Scratch“.


Mobile Apps for Sending and receiving student feedback:

  1. Google Forms: Teachers like this App and highly-recommend it when it comes to gathering feedback from students. In fact, this App is a great way of receiving feedback from an entire class at the end of the term.


  1. Socrative: This is a learning assessment tool designed to simplify grading and reports. This App also features a quiz-feature that helps to enhance student understanding in a classroom environment hence making it a perfect educational-tool for students on different levels.


  1. Edmodo: This is a learning management system that allows teachers to send a clear feedback to their students. Additionally, this App also makes it very easy for students to respond to the feedback from their teachers.


  1. Moodle: This is an open-source learning management platform with a questionnaire option that most teachers really love. For example, teachers can use this platform send questionnaires to students who then answer them anonymously and provide feedback on the teachers online-class board.



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