Best Mobile Apps To Entertain and Teach Children

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Today, many schools and parents have adopted iPads and tablets because they are great learning and entertaining devices for children. In fact, children can get bored easily and your job as a teacher or parent to keep them active through different mobile-apps. So, below are some of the best mobile-apps that will help to keep your child entertained when on family travels and to also help them learn new things when in a classroom environment;


Best Mobile Apps To Entertain and Teach Children

  1. Endless Alphabet: This App features colorful monsters that teach children alphabet-letters with charm and humor. In fact, kids can form words by dragging letters into place before watching comical animations acting them out.


  1. Monster Math: This is a fun and light-hearted game that will help to teach math-basics to your children in the early grades of elementary school. In fact, this game features cute characters that are simple and engaging enough to make it fun. So, if if your kid is struggling with math then this App will work perfectly them.


  1. Me Comics: This app is app is a collection of digital comics from brands including Disney, The Beano and Transformers. Additionally, this App allows kids to read and record their own voice narration but the comics are sold as in-app purchases to parents. Lastly, this App is designed for use on both iOS / Android devices.


  1. DragonBox Algebra 5+: This App takes some of the basic concepts of math and algebra like numbers and variables and then it turns them into a game. In fact, the early games concentrate more on cancelling out rather than the math itself but as a child continues through the game the math-side is inserted when the kid is already used to these basic concepts.


  1. Disney Storytime: This app provides kids with access to some of Disney’s most famous tales, from The Lion King to Frozen. On top of that, children can read, listen and even record their own narration when using this App. Additionally, parents can buy virtual credits that children can spend on stories.


  1. MeeGenius: This App is mainly focused on children and it includes books with great illustrations coupled with an excellent read-to-me feature that highlights the words. MeeGenius works on a monthly subscription but it also features a free book of the day so that you can enjoy it without subscribing.


  1. Toca Mini: This is a wonderful open-ended App that helps children create their own characters using colors, stamps and tactile touchscreen controls. This App will work perfectly for kids when going on trips especially when parents have set creative challenges for children to complete.


  1. Epic: This App is basically a Netflix for children’s books. Although has a monthly subscription, children will be able to gain access to a large library of popular books that cross multiple genres and range from books for pre-scholars to those aimed at pre-teens. This App also allows teachers and parents to track kid’s progress and little readers can earn badges by both reading books and taking quizzes.


  1. Petting Zoo: This is a great App from developer Fox and Sheep designed specifically for kids entertainment and learning. In fact, this App features a series of interactive animal animations ready to be stretched, flipped and wobbled by kids’ swipes. Lastly, this App is designed for use on both iOS / Android devices.


  1. ABCMouse: This is one of the most popular educational apps and it’s most likely to be used at your kids’ school. The App features dozens of educational games and exercises coupled with a collection of ready-to-me books and sing-along songs that make it a great choice for a younger audience, families with toddlers, preschoolers and elementary students. A monthly subscription will grant you access to apps on Smartphones and tablets as well as the website itself.


  1. Dinosaur Mix: This is a fun and engaging App that takes kids into the world of dinosaurs and allows kids to put parts together to create brightly-colored dinosaurs which wander around picking-up the right food and finding eggs while swapping limbs and heads.


  1. YouTube Kids: This App features a curated list of YouTube videos that allow kids to safely browse age-appropriate videos on YouTube. In fact, it features educational-videos and a curated list of “unboxing” and “let’s play” videos that mainly feature kids unboxing and playing with toys. Lastly, it even features a voice recognition search option which works perfectly for younger kids who don’t know how to write.


  1. LEGO (Creator Islands): This App presents puzzles to the kids in the form of vehicles and buildings that must be built out of LEGOs thus allowing your child to experiment and figure-out how to build different things. This app is absolutely free with no in-app purchases and it’s compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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