Best Options for Removing Back Hair

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Today, most people see back-hair as unappealing and unfashionable and they are actually opting for removal any back-hair. However, its not easy to get rid back-hair in-order to achieve a smooth and soft backside but there are actually different methods you can use to rid of back-hair. So, below are some of the methods you can use to remove back-hair depending on your budget of skin-type.


A List Of Best Options For Removing Back Hair:

  1. Use assisted shaving: This method is easy, painless and good for quick fixes. So, consider asking for help from a friend or partner to help you trim all the hair in the back. On the other hand, let your assistant-cut first trim down thick and dense back-hair using a pair of scissors and a comb or even using a heavy-duty set of electric clippers to remove all the hair at once.


  1. Use a Hair Removal Cream (Depilatory Creams): Depilatory Creams help to prevent hair from growing and even remove hair but they can cause irritation in people with sensitive skin. So try spreading this cream onto your thick-hair and wait for about 5-minutes before wiping off any back-hair. Additionally, these creams must be for at least once a week with or without an assistant in-order to keep your back looking neat and smooth. However, the creams contain chemicals that can provoke harsh reactions like burns and itching if you have very sensitive-skin. Lastly, try to invest in a high-end depilatory cream if you wish to achieve longer-lasting effects.


  1. Consider waxing or sugaring your back-hair: This method involves spreading hot-wax or sugar paste onto your skin and then rip it off including nay hairs. In fact, waxing and sugaring are the most common salon services for men because they help remove any body-hair in just 15-minutes and at a cheaper price while leaving your skin hair-free for a full month. However, waxing is very painful and you also ensure to use an antibacterial body wash afterwards to clean-off any sticky residue. Lastly, if you want to-do waxing from home, consider purchasing a waxing-kit from any department and cosmetic supply store.


  1. Use a Back Shaver: If you want to get rid of back hair without an assistant or a professional, consider using a back-shaver. In fact, these shavers are available in standard razors or electric varieties and are built like back-scratchers with long extendable arms so that you can reach your entire back in-order to remove any hair.


  1. Go for Laser Treatment: In-case you’re a dark-haired or light-skinned man who doesn’t mind suffering for getting smooth back, then consider going for a laser hair-removal treatment. In fact, laser-treatment uses a precisely-controlled medical laser to burn individual hair roots over several sessions in-order to provide with results that can last for years. Additionally, multiple treatments are usually needed over time to get permanent results but some limited hair regrowth may occur over time although multiple sessions help to make this less likely. Another great advantage of laser treatments is that they allow the option of “thinning out” patches of hair rather than removing all of it. However, laser-treatment is very expensive whereby a single session can cost about $400-$500 which is far expensive than other shaving methods.


  1. Use an Epilator: An epilator is a small electric-device that can rapidly pluck-out groups of hair. In fact, an epilator provides similar effects to waxing and it leaves you hair-free for about 4-to-6 weeks. Additionally, epilators tend to best on longer hairs with about an inch or more and you will need some assistant-help to get your back-hair removed using an epilator. Lastly, using an epilator to remove hair is very painful and it will take your time to get used to it.


  1. Go for electrolysis: This method involves the use of a small electrical probe to individually shock each hair follicle. In fact, electrolysis is truly permanent because once each cell is treated, no hair will re-grow in that section again. However, because each hair follicle must be treated individually, this can be very time-consuming and the procedure costs about $40 per treatment yet a large area like your back requires multiple treatments which makes the entire process very expensive.


  1. Get a professional waxing: A professional waxing involves professionals using advanced gadgets to remove back-hairs carefully and more quickly than amateur assistants. In fact, a professional waxing feels more comfortable but it’s a bit expensive and even costs will get higher if extra areas are waxed.

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