5 Best Remington Electric Shavers

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Remington XF8700 Wet & Dry Foil Shaver, is so far the best Remington model. I ‘m a great fun of foil shavers though I have not had a chance to use Remington shavers, but in the near future I might give one of them a try, especially Remington XF8700, I like its shape and size, it can fit both large and small hands



  • Remington MS2-390 

Remington MS2-390 Microscreen Rechargeable-Corded Mens Shaver

You do not have to suffer with those hard and really problematic hairs anymore because Remington is always there to help you solve those problems that is to why it came up the new and advanced MS2-390 rechargeable shaver.  From the photo we can see that the shaver a really easy grip and portable design that will perfectly fit in your hands as you shave. As you know one of the ways of getting a comfortable shave is to use a shaver that perfectly fits in your hands. The design of the shaver is also easily washable therefore you will find it very easy to clean the shaver after shaving. For all those different styles and shapes the shaver also features a three position pop up trimmer, so that you can also cut off all that hair that seems hard to cut.


  • Does not easily fall apart; this is because the shaver is made with the greatest quality in that even when you drop the shaver it will fall apart, that is how great its construction is. Much as it is not like other shavers that will last for over 6 or 7 years but it will also work for more than a year or even go as far as two years and remain in perfect condition for that time. Depending on the price of the shaver, anyone will clearly tell you that this is quite a good investment to make instead of you spending thousands of dollars on just shaving.
  • Fits really perfectly in the hands; having a good and comfortable shave will start from the comfort the shaver itself can give you. If you use a very heavy shaver that is too big to fit in your hands there is definitely no way you will able to get the kind of shave you want. Reason being your hands will easily get tired of holding the shaver and you will end up even hurting yourself simply because the shaver is not comfortable for you to hold. on the other hand a portable shaver that is not so heavy will make your entire shaving process really easy and the shaver will easily fit in any part that you wish to shave.
  • Gives close shaves; the shaver has comfort tech contour technology that enables to reach even the most problematic areas like the neck, the jaw and under the chin and with the same closeness that it gives on the flat areas. If you thought electric shavers do not give close shaves I will say you were very mistaken because when you look at the reviews of the people who have bought and used this shaver before you will be to tell that this shaver cuts hair really close to the skin.
  • Such great quality from a great brand; from way back in the 60’s, your grandparents will be good witnesses to this, shavers form this brand have always been some of the best on the market. And if you went to buy a shaver and found Remington there is no way you will pass it by this because the brand has continuously produced quality products. The most amazing thing though is that much as the shavers are of great quality, they are not highly priced making the shavers really affordable to anyone.

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  • Remington F5-5800 

Remington F5-5800 Rechargeable Foil with Interceptor Shaving Technology

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You can now get that barber quality shave at your home without wasting any money going to the saloon with the Remington F5-5800 that is designed with flex foil and intercept technology. The shaver can pivot to any direction that you want it to so you do not have to worry about those problematic areas as the shaver will smoothly adjust to all contours on your face. To ensure that you never have any problems cleaning the shaver it is made water proof so that you can easily wash the shaver under water. It also features a pop trimmer to help you trim those side burns as you want and cut through even the thickest and long hair. The shaver will definitely not stop working without you noticing as it has that LED light that shows you how much power you are left with.


  • It is a multipurpose shaver; may be many of you are actually wondering I refer to the shaver as multipurpose but the answer to this is not so difficult it is simply because the shaver does both shaving and trimming. If you want to have short stubble which is the latest fashion for guys these days then you can just use the shaver for that. But also if you want to create styles the shaver comes with pop up trimmer that you can use on your side burns and to create any other facial hairstyles of your choice. Everyone will obviously love a shaver can be able to different functions.
  • Has a strong motor and charge lasts for a long time; the shaver is designed with a strong motor which is the reason behind why the shaver is very fast, the shaver removes hair in the shortest time possible, you no longer have to spend a lot of time just shaving. This time round you do not even have to worry about the shaver stopping just in the middle of your shaver as the shaver has a very strong battery that holds charge for a long period of time. At least you will be able to have a complete shave without any interruptions from the shaver.
  • Performs even better than some high end shavers; I have always believed that shavers that are too expensive should not be your first priority unless you really have some extra dollars that you just want to spend. This is simply because they always have no big difference in the kind of shaves they give, it is just those extra modifications like the automatic cleaning system that put them at that price. When you look at a shaver like the f5-5800 it is just a mid level shaver but the way it performs makes it even better that some high end shavers.
  • Less risk of getting irritations; since we have different skin types there is no guarantee that a shaver that will not irritate your friend will also not irritate you but if the biggest percentage of people says that the shaver did not irritate them then it is pretty obvious that the shaver is a really good one to try out. Since it smoothly glides over all facial contours and hard to reach areas there is a great possibility that the shaver will not irritate you.

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  • Remington F5790 Pivot

Remington F5790 Pivot - Flex Mens Rechargeable Cord-Cordless Foil Shaver with LED Power Guage

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The F5790 is yet another shaver from Remington made with some of the most advanced features that you will find in a mid-level shaver. its pivot and flex technology enables the shaver to give a really close and clean shave in all areas without the excuse of some areas being hard to reach. The shaver features 3 foils that cut hair off in the least possible time and without you having to take multiple passes, this also means that hair that would have taken you hours to remove with a single foil shaver will only take minutes to remove. Whether on cord or cordless it will still give you those same perfect results.


  • Solidly built and very easy to use; it is very frustrating to buy something that stops working after two or three time of using it because sometimes you even gave up more essential things to spend on a shaver that is why it is goo to buy from a well know quality making brand like Remington. This way you are rest assured of the device working for as long as it is said to work. Apart from the shaver being solidly constructed it is also very easy to use. Every function on the shaver will take you just less than minutes for you to understand and be able to use.
  • It is very easy to clean; even if you have to clean it every day you will never get tired of cleaning it because it does not require any kind of hard labor like some shavers. You can lift up the head and use the cleaning brush to remove all those whiskers that prevent the shaver from performing like it should. But the good thing is cleaning the shaver will not take a whole day, just a minute is enough for you to have your shaver looking all new again.
  • Money back guarantee : when I look at a product with money back guarantee I am so sure it is a quality product because whenever you feel like you doubt the product’s quality you can just take it back and your money will be refunded. That is how great companies are able to sustain their names at the top.
  • Works both on cord/ cordless; this simply means that the shaver can work when plugged in or when not plugged in so you will not complain about incomplete shaves because when the shaver stops before you finish you plug it in and shave while it is plugged in.

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  • Remington Products R5 

Remington Products R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver

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Like I said before, Remington not only makes foil shavers but rotary shavers too and the R5 is one of those rotary shavers from Remington. the shaver features titanium coated blades that come really close to the skin without causing you any skin irritations hence giving the joy of enjoying a smooth shave for a longer period of time. It also has a pop up trimmer that is also skin friendly so you can be able to shape your side burns and create other styles of your choice. You do not have to go through the frustration of incomplete shaves reason being this shaver has a lithium powered battery that makes the shaver perform for a longer period of time.


  • Gets close even in hard to reach areas; this is first of all attached to the shape and size of the shaver, it is a rotary shaver but because it is not too big it can easily fit in most areas that you may want to shave. It also has power flex 360 degree technology that makes the shaver head adjust simply to all contours of your face.
  • Easily cuts through any beard; some shavers will make shaving hard for you even when you do not have a really thick beard and the most surprising thing is that when you are buying the shaver they will tell you that it will cut even the thickest beard. However a shaver that is not so expensive like the R5 will easily cut through any type of beard that you have as long as you use it in the right way. So whether you have thick, fine or just medium hair feel absolutely free to try out the shaver.
  • Greatly constructed shaver; you do not have to worry about the shaver getting spoilt or tearing apart before its specified time of use. Even when you hold the shaver in your hands you can still feel that it was made with such great quality, there is no way you can doubt the fact that the shaver will work for some good time without you having anything to complain about.
  • light weight; some people actually think that when a shaver is light it does not work well but this is totally the opposite for this shaver, it feels light in your hands because of its small size but still shaves as close as those heavy shavers. And even better you will not complain about being tired after shaving.

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  • Remington FR-750 Pivot

Remington FR-750 Pivot and Flex Mens Rechargeable Shaver with Three Flexing Foils and Intercept Trimmer

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The Remington FR-750 is a rechargeable shaver featuring pivot technology with a full flex neck that makes the shaver easily adjust to all contours on your face hence reducing on the risk of you getting irritations. For easy cleaning the shaver’s head can be removed so that you can be able to remove all the dirt in the shaver with less trouble. Besides its flexible neck the shaver also has three other free foils that reach all those hard to reach areas so that at the end of the shave you entire face feels really smooth from that clean and comfortable shave.


  • Great shape for a shaver; the handle is easy to hold which makes the entire shave really comfortable, it is also detailed with rubber on the sides for more firm grip especially when you are suing the shaver for wet shaves, it will not slip out of your hands. The shaving surface has a wide area that makes the shaver cover a wider area, thus you will spend less time shaving.
  • Does not require multiple passes to get hair off; taking multiple passes is one of the main issues to causing razor burns and other skin irritations because the more you go over the same area several times the more you increase the risk of that area getting damaged. The shaver features three foils which means that in each pass that you make all the hair will come off and there will be no need for you to take another pass hence preventing from the risk of getting irritations.
  • Easy to maintain; from the way it is cleaned to others things like blade replacement the shaver still remains easy to maintain. You only have to replace the blades once in 12months which is quite cheap and to clean the shaver you just lift off the head and rinse under water after that you will be good to use your shaver for the next shaver.
  • Indicates the power you are remaining with; you do not want the surprise of your shaver stopping abruptly without you noticing at all that is why the shaver is designed with a LED indicator that shows you when your battery is about to run out. So you will know when to charge your shaver in order to have a complete shaver.

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Remington FR-730 Pivot and Flex Shaver Review




For those who have extra sensitive skin, electric shavers are actually one of the remedies to prevent your extra sensitive skin from getting too irritated. Such people usually face things like skin running dry all the time, in grown hairs, red bumps that is why they it is always better for them to go in for electric shavers. Reasons being electric shavers do not come too close to skin like safety razors. However below are some of the tips that you can follow to shave that sensitive skin without worrying about getting skin irritations after shaving.

  • Take extreme good care of your skin; sometimes you do not have to do a lot to ensure to get rid of all those shaving problems, after knowing that your skin is very sensitive get a skin care routine that you follow daily to make your skin get better so that by the type you shave your skin is in perfect condition.
  • Always make sure that your blades are in the best condition; sometime you may want to save more money but that will just cost you more of your face, using dull blades because you think you do not have money to waste on new ones is one of the things will hurt your sensitive skin. The blades you use on that sensitive skin should be clean and sharp enough, if not you should go and buy new blades.
  • Be very gentle on your skin; if you do not have enough time, it is better you do not shave at all, wait until you feel there is plenty of time then you can start to shave without applying any pressure, let the shaver do what it is supposed to do, do not juts force it.
  • Shave with the grain; in order to get a close shave, many people advise that you should shave against the grain because this way you can get even the most stubborn hairs off however this is very dangerous for those with sensitive skin as it may result into razor burn and ingrown hairs. It is actually much better to shave in the direction of your hair growth.
  • Avoid skin care products that contain strong ingredients; very strong ingredients like alcohol are harmful to your skin so it is better to do away with them and find those that are not too strong.
  • Always use after shave; your skin already lacks enough moisture and shaving makes it even drier that is why after shaving you must let your skin soak in a mask of after shave. This will help to revive some moisture to that dry skin.


Remington shavers are some of the best shavers to use on your legs however as I made my research about the shavers, I found that many people have bought the shaver for this particular purpose but do not know how to use the shaver. This is why I have provided for you these steps that you can follow for en effective shave on your legs without pain.

  • Wash your legs with warm water; remember for an electric shaver to remove hair, the hair should be standing up that I why you should use warm water. It opens up the skin pores leaving all hairs standing up. Then dry your legs completely with a dry towel but do not rub just gently pat.
  • Turn on your shaver and start shaving; begin from the ankle and move upwards to the thighs, since hair on the legs grows downwards, shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth will help you achieve a closer shave and get most of the hair off. Shaving in the opposite direction is quite sensitive so do not apply any pressure as you shave and avoid multiple passes on the same area.
  • Be more careful with the knee area; stretch out your leg so that it is straight and pull the skin as you shave because this area is not so easy to shave without you pulling the skin.
  • Wash your legs with cold water; cold water helps to close the skin pores after shaving, so after washing with cold water, dry the legs with a dry towel and apply a moisturizer so that you skin does not run dry.



There are some things that you must keep at the back of your mind as you shave with your Remington foil electric shaver and below is a list of those things that will help you achieve a really close shave.

  • Always clean your electric shaver; do not wait for a lot of hair to clog into the shaver for you to wash it, you should always wash the shaver after every shave. With Remington shavers you can lift up the head and use a cleaning brush to gently remove all those whickers but be extremely careful because you might end up damaging the shaver. Whenever the shaver get build up it will not give you that close shave that you want you want to have.
  • Lubricate the shaver; apply a small amount of lubricant to the cutter as you shave and do not wipe it off because it keeps this metal in perfect condition, remember not to apply too much of the lubricant otherwise it may do more harm than good. This makes the shaver perform at a much better rate than it did before lubricating it.
  • Always prepare your beard before shaving; I am sure many of the articles you have read about shaving have advised that you shave after showering and I will 100% agree with them on that. Some people actually think this only works when you are going to shave with a manual razor but truth is even with an electric shaver your beard need to be soft for the shaver to get hair off easily. If not wash the area you plan to shave with soap and warm water or better yet apply an alcohol based pre-shave to help lift those hairs so that the shaver can be able to come close enough.
  • Be careful with the shaving technique; not everyone actually knows how to shave but the best way to get the closest and smoothest is to shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Pull your skin back with one hand as you use the other hand to have and do not apply any pressure.
  • Always shave the most sensitive areas first; when the shaver eventually heats up after working for sometime it is better that you are already done with the areas that are extra sensitive so that you do not get too irritated. So whenever you are going to shave start with areas that you know easily get irritated and finish with those that are not too sensitive.
  • Be patient with new shavers; your skin will take some time to get used to new shavers and you need to be patient with that especially if it is a new brand. For example if you have been using Braun and you change to Remington your skin will probably itch or get irritated but you need to wait for your skin to get used to the change. It may take about a week or two for you to get used.


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