35 Best Toys For 10 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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This is the age of contradictions, 10 year old girls have lot of contradicting ideas going on in their minds and imaginations and this is simply because they are almost turning into adolescents but they are not yet fully there. 10 year olds change in lots of aspects of their lives, besides physical changes which are quite obvious, they also change emotionally, in their way of thinking and looking at things that is why you will find that they completely change the taste and preference in the toys they used to like when they were younger. Girls at 10 years are much more responsible and like to take in part in many decisions that concern them or do their own chores because they have a particular way that they like to do their things. All they need is a little guidance and supervision since they love to have control of whatever involves them. Knowing how strict your little girl will be with her toys, I have come up with this list of the best toys for you to choose from in order to meet you girl’s overly strict preferences.

  1. Wooden Acoustic Guitar

Wooden Acoustic Guitar

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Nothing will arouse your child’s love for music like a musical instrument sized just perfect for their little hands which is why this guitar is topping my list. The Children’s Wooden Acoustic Guitar has managed to win over kid’s hearts not only because of its unbelievable size but also for its stunning appearance.  It is finished with a very lovely attractive then detailed with pink and white flowers for a much more eye catching appearance. This guitar is designed with six strings of the highest quality, each one with different thickness for kids to play all their favorite melodies. It features a lightweight design which makes a lot simpler for kid’s tiny hands to handle and play more comfortably. The guitar is made of such great quality wood, very durable hence making it the perfect toy for beginning guitarists and professional ones too.

  1. Apple iPad mini

Apple iPad mini

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In this generation full of technology gadgets have become the most popular toys for kids, trust me when I say getting your 10 year old girl an iPad is the coolest thing you can possibly do. This is exactly why I have included this Apple iPad mini MD531LL/A on my list. It shows off a large 7.9 inch LED backlit multi-touch display with all the different features for little ones to explore and enjoy each and every bit of their free time. It has 16GB memory capacity which is enough space for kids to store all their photos, videos, games and so much more. With its 1080p HD video recording, this Apple mini iPad captures some of the most appealing videos while the 5MP iSight camera takes very beautiful photos. Offering you about 10hours of battery life, there is no way you can miss out on any of those memorable moments.

  1. Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

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For all those little science lovers there is just no toy better than science club microscope and activity journal from one of the most famous science experts Nancy B. This is the perfect microscope for little ones to zoom in on any object of their choice as it offers them three different magnifications for them to choose from 30x, 100X and 400x, they will be able to have a close view of the slightest details. It doesn’t really matter what it your little ones want to view, this microscope is just the perfect tool for them. The light weight science tool is made with a rubber eye cup to deliver maximum comfort during observation and it also comes along with a full set of science tools that kids need for their science experiments. Together with the set of science tools is a 22 page activity journal with several experiments and activities to get kids busy.

  1. Wooden 8 Notes Xylophone

MoTrent Wooden 8 Notes Xylophone

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Leave alone those boring and dull traditional xylophones and get the MoTrent Wooden 8 Notes Xylophone for your little music lover. The super cute xylophone is colored just right for little ones, it is not just fun to play but also looks very attractive with the variety of colors it is designed with. It is constructed with a wooden base and 8 metal keys all finished in different colors. It comes with wooden sticks which kids use to bang on the metallic keys and get some good melody put of the xylophone. Because of its unique and sturdy construction, the xylophone is very durable. For those kids who are obsessed with music, it will be very easy to play really beautiful music with this attractive musical instrument. Besides it is very portable, kids can always carry it to wherever they want to play with no difficulty at all.

  1. LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

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If she has any school stage performances coming up soon, don’t get hesitant about getting her these LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves as they will make her the most outstanding of them all. The stunning gloves sparkle with seven different colors in as many as six modes, each mode makes the gloves light up in a different way. The gloves are made from very soft cotton material that feels extremely comfortable on the hands and in two colors, black and white. There is a simple push button on the palm which is used for changing the lighting mode. They comes in a size that is perfect for just any kid so size should be no reason for you to worry.   There isn’t even a single bit of doubt that your little won’t love these multi-color lighting gloves.

  1. Sketch It Nail Pens

ALEX Toys Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens

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For all the cutest and most artistic nail art designs, there nothing better than the ALEX Toys Spa Hot Hues Sketch It Nail Pens. This package comes with five light weight pens, each with tow ends, a precision tip for making more intricate designs and the brush end which is for painting the nails. This means that as soon as you finish painting the nails, you can easily go ahead and detail them with any designs of your choice. With these pens, kids can now paint their nails just like the professional nail stylists do from home. In addition, they come with the highest quality nail polish so as to make designs that last for a really long period of time. They come in different bright colors for not just unique but also attractive nail art designs.

  1. Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

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The 5351 Nancy B’s Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal gives kids the golden chance of exploring the nighttime sky along with several other amazing natural features like the mountain ranges on the moon and taking visits to others planets like Jupiter and Saturn. This flawless science toy motivates kids to increase their love for nature and science as it lets them view all those most beautiful but slight details that they would never have seen with just naked eyes. The moonscope has two magnifications, the 18x and 90x and comes with several other important features including the all glass eyepieces, moon filter, a tripod and finder scope. The tripod is detailed with a red LED light for perfect viewing even in the dark. All they need is follow the astounding activities featured in the 22 page activity journal.

  1. Owl Backpack

Asian Souvenirs Owl Backpack

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It is the combination of its uniqueness and incredible quality that have made this bag a favorite for so many kids and parents. This bag is made in one of the most unique designs ever with a friendly owl face and outstanding patterns to suit all kinds of personalities. It is an essential bag for daily life activities such as school, travelling, days out at the beach or swimming pool and so much more. Its main compartment is roomy enough to accommodate all important items that she will be needing for the day. This OP Asian Souvenirs Owl Backpack is very versatile as it offers two carrying options, you can either carry it as a backpack or carry it as a cross bag. The drawstring closure makes it super easy to access at any moment while the adjustable shoulder straps make it very comfortable for anyone.

  1. Singeek Eiffel Tower 3D Crystal Puzzle With Music And Flash

Singeek Eiffel Tower 3D Crystal Puzzle With Music And Flash

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It will not be a bad idea to make her room sparkle with a puzzle of the most mesmerizing place in the entire world. With its extremely beautiful crystal puzzle pieces, kids love every bit of putting the puzzle together, it is very easy to assemble and all pieces are very safe. This 3D puzzle creates a really fun way for little ones to challenge their thinking abilities as well as their patience in order to improve their intellectuality. All this puzzle’s flashy parts are super easy to attach to together since they are all made with exceptional quality.  When she is done assembling her puzzle, it will act as a very attractive decoration in any room of the house. Your little princess deserves to have a toy this beautiful to add some charm to her room.

  1. Knit’s Cool-Knitting Studio

Knit's Cool-Knitting Studio

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There is no doubt that your little girl will love to make her own homemade scarves, phone case and hair bands and this Knit’s cool knitting studio is definitely the perfect machine for her. Without having to go through too much trouble, this knitting studio makes it very simple to knit just like an expert. It comes with posts in three different sizes, small, medium and large to enable kids to knit and weave in various designs, sizes, shapes and fashions. Kids can immediately start using the studio as it comes with enough yarn for a phone case, an infinity scarf and heard scarf. There is no limit when knitting with this knitting studio, you can still use the different stitches to come up with any stunning designs of your choice. Storage of items is extremely easy since each and everything fits well into the knitting studio.





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With this black light activity set can easily turn into a science sleuth because it comes with a black light illuminator to discovery extremely fun. With this illuminator from Nancy B’s amazing collection of science tools, kids distinguish fake money, make gelatin that glows, discover those rocks, flowers and insects that blaze in the dark and a whole lot of other interesting activities. This illuminator features three black LED lights and textures gripper for more comfortable and firm grip as you use it. It comes along with a journal featuring several black light experiments for kids to begin from. This fun and educational set from educational sights is ideal for introducing little ones to the various scientific principles and also persuade them into science exploration and discovery.

  1. Craft Paint & Sip Ceramic Mug

ALEX Toys Craft Paint & Sip Ceramic Mug

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Personalize and decorate your own ceramic mug with the stunning ALEX Toys Craft Paint & Sip Ceramic Mug set. The set comes with a paint brush, six ceramic paints and really easy instructions for kids to follow while painting their cups. The mug comes with some artworks printed leaving kids with just the job of painting and this makes the process super easy. This painting is designed specifically to turn a simple ceramic crafting into a more outstanding, unique and modern piece. This great set will enable to make constructive use of their free time. Even tea or coffee will taste much better in cup painted just the way you like.

  1. Ozobot 2.0 Bit

Ozobot 2.0 Bit

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In this world where technology advances each day that goes by it is very essential to arouse your child’s critical thinking skills, imagination and creativity at a tender age so don’t think twice about getting Ozobot 2.0 Bit robot for your little one. This tiny programmable robot arouses kid’s minds, stimulates their imagination and prepares them for the future while keeping them entertained. With only 30minutes of charge, this robot can offer over 90minutes of playtime. It features so many apps, downloadable games and lots of activities for them to explore. The robot has the ability to read colors, numbers and several other activities that are super fun. Kids can use the visual programming editor to completely program the robot. This extremely wonderful robot is made to entertain the upcoming generation of programmers and thinkers.

  1. Bearing Jump Rope for Kids

Aoneky Bearing Jump Rope for Kids

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With its adjustable length and super comfortable handles the Aoneky Kids Bearing Jump Rope is definitely the best choice you can get for your little one. For the most comfortable, fun and helpful jumping session one needs to have the perfect jumping rope and there is none better than this exercise rope from Aonkey. Its handles are infused with anti slip foam grip and detailed with recesses for the fingers which hence making the rope super comfortable all through the jumping session. It’s inbuilt with bearing for added smoothness during rotation. Adjusting this rope’s length is extremely easy since you just have to remove the black lid on the handles, pull in a bit of the rope beyond the metal grommet and then squeeze the cap back, it won’t even take minutes of your time. Even the tallest kids can comfortably use this rope to exercise.

  1. Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses

Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses

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RIVBOS RBK003 Rubber Flexible Kids Polarized Sunglasses are not just beautiful but are also perfect when it comes to protecting your little one’s eyes from the hot sun. These sunglasses meet American optometric association standards and have been proven to block 100% of those dangerous UVB and UVA rays making them the perfect sunglasses for kids on all those extremely sunny days. The sunglasses have arm made of flexible and unbreakable DuPont rubber material and scratch resistant lenses to ensure maximum durability. They are extremely comfortable and come in very so many outstanding colorful designs that kids love since they match their stylish and fashionable personalities.

  1. Girl Crafts Creative Card-Making Pad

American Girl Crafts Creative Card-Making Pad

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The American Girl Crafts Creative Card-Making Pad entails 1200 pieces for kids to use to create their own greeting cards for whichever party they wish to hold. This card making pad comes with 24 cards, a sheet that you can use to make doll size cards, five mini cards, 1008 adhesive foam squares, 102 punch out shapes, an envelope template and 60 glitter stickers, it has absolutely everything she will need to make her beautiful greeting cards. With this set she won’t only make cards for her friends but for her dolls as well. These cards are made to motivate girls into challenging their minds to come up with the most creative ideas. The crafts also come along with an easy to follow instructions booklet to get your little one’s hand busy for hours.

  1. Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit

Breyer Model Horse Paint Your Own Horse Activity Kit

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Breyer’s my dream horse allows you to paint your horse just the way you would want your personal horse to look. This set two horse models, brushes, paints and a booklet with instructions with some directions on how to paint the horse. Experienced painters love to show off their painting skills with this horse yet the new painters are completely in love with how easy it is to paint. The three brushes it comes with are in different sizes for you to give the horse all the different details you would like to give it. Everything in this set is very safe to kid’s health, it will therefore not cause any damage to them.

  1. Frozen Tween Watch

Disney Kids' W000972 Frozen Tween Watch

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The Disney Kids’ W000972 Frozen Tween Watch helps you to keep perfect track of the time yet it looks super stylish. This round stainless steel watch is detailed with Disney’s favorites Elsa and Anna. It features very accurate Japanese quartz movement, a purple shimmery strap and mineral crystal that is resistant to scratches. This is an all weather watch as it resists splashes of water and drops of rain though it is not advisable to deep it in water or shower with it. All kids between the ages of seven to eleven greatly love this beautiful watch because it looks very attractive with the polished and matte steel finish.  It is super easy for kids to read since it comes with labeled with a thick minute and hour hand plus a tiny second hand.

  1. Woodland Animals Craft Kids Sewing Kit

Woodland Animals Craft Kids Sewing Kit

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The Woodland Animals Arts and Crafts Kids Sewing Kit engages kids into creative play and gives them reason to get away from those electronic games they are so much addicted to. This wonderful crafts set offers your little one hours and hours of constructive fun and you don’t even need to supervise them while they are at it. The sewing kit comes with all necessary items for the different sewing projects, 6 colors of embroidery thread, 40 straight pins, stuffing, scissors, pin cushion and lastly five pre-cut animal sewing projects. With all the necessary items and extremely easy to follow instructions it is no doubt that your kids will treasure this new toy set of theirs. This sewing set prepares kids for the future, allows them to get more confident about themselves and exposes them to the outside world.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

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For every new day, she will have a new looking watch all thanks to the Alex toys which came up this watch and wrist bands kit. What had caught parent’s attention about this watch are the extremely attractive wrist bands, they are seven of them which means that she can always have a new looks whenever she feel like and also have the perfect watch to match her stylish outfits. The watch is made with a stainless steel case, one quartz movement and it is water proof thus making it the perfect watch for whatever weather season it might be. The watch is ideal for kids who are younger as it teaches them how to read time but is also a great choice for older kids because it is a very fashionable watch.

  1. Colore Colored Pencils

Colore Colored Pencils

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And for all the kids that love to draw and shade I mean those little artists, you will not find colored pencils better than the Colore colored pencils. This set includes 60 pencils designed specifically for those aspiring to become professional artists and those who are so devoted to art. Each of these pencils is colored coded which makes it easy to identify the various colors and they are all pre-sharpened so your little one can start coloring as soon as they open the box. Because they are built from first class quality wood, these pencils are very durable and don’t easily break. They are recommended for a really wide range of activities for example drawing, sketching, coloring pages and so on and so forth. They come in a very stylish carrying case which is foldable for easy transportation.

  1. The Spherical Stackable Fast Paced Puzzle Game

The Spherical Stackable Fast Paced Puzzle Game

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The fun offered by the Spherical Stackable Fast Paced Puzzle Game is just so unlimited, it is an easy to learn game yet extremely interesting. The game is all about each player trying to place the different spheres as perfectly as they can. In each round of play, six task cards are discovered and it is from these cards that players get to know which instructions they are supposed to follow as they play. It comprises of 60 colorful spheres, 4 trays with storage and playing areas and it allows not more than four players to play therefore each player must have a tray plus 15 spheres with colors evenly distributed. After arranging the spheres in the best possible way, you are rewarded with points. Some of the rules include losing a point after failing to accomplish any of the tasks, gaining a point for every sphere played and earning bonus points for finishing all tasks. This game is just so enjoyable.

  1. Magnetic Game

Magnetic Game

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There are no difficult instructions to follow, everything about Wiggle’s 3D A magnetic positively magnetic puzzle is easy, you just have to open the pouch and get it on. Items that are inside this pouch include 40 custom bells of different sizes that is to say small, large plus medium and different colors. With the high quality wand acting as the game arena, players use the magnetic wand to pick up bells of the same color, this wand has two ends the accurate pickup end as well as the end with a really strong magnet. In every round of play one needs to build a cluster or string with magnets of the same color. The smaller end of the wand is what makes more precise picks while the larger end which is powerful picks on larger bells.

  1. Deluxe Art Set

Deluxe Art Set

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It is time to get creative with Darice’s 80 piece deluxe set. This is probably the most versatile set you will ever come across as it includes all the necessary supplies for painting, drawing and several other artistic activities. It includes paintbrushes, watercolor cakes, color pencils, pencils, oil pastels and so many accessories that any artist will need. With its wide range of materials artists have more than enough to carry out various projects. The colors come in a wooden case detailed with a snap-shut handle for easy and convenient carrying.

  1. Wooden Bowling set

Wooden Bowling Set

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Whether it is to play indoors or outdoors, this brilliantly colored Xincheng bowling set if the perfect choice for your little princess. Unlike many other toy bowling sets that come with one ball, this one comes with two balls and 10 bowling pins. This is an extremely interesting game for kids during individual play buy can as well be played by the entire family. This attention grabbing set will have your little one occupied either inside or outside of the house.

  1. Folding Parent-Child Trampoline

Folding Parent-Child Trampoline

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Jumping on a trampoline not only keeps them having fun but also provides an interesting for those little ones to get rid of that excess fat and energy. Merax’s folding parent-child trampoline is uniquely made in oval shape from high quality material. It features an adjustable handle for added convenience and comfort while its rust-resistant frame and sturdy legs make this trampoline very safe for not only a child for the parent as well. Because it is super easy to assemble, you will find no difficulty in setting it up for your little one each and every single day. With its foldable design, it is quite easy to put the trampoline away for storage. If two people are within this trampoline’s weight capacity, they can enjoy the fun by jumping together.

  1. Girl’s Inline Skates

Mongoose Girl's Inline Skates

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Mongoose girl’s inline skates are favorites for so many girls who love to skate including those that are trying this activity out for the very first time. For perfect fit, the skates easily and quickly adjust with just the push of a button so they are great for different sizes. Their leather high boot offers amazing comfort and exceptionally reliable performance every other time. They also have dual straps for maximum security and excellent sizing. Thanks to that super stylish design your girl will get everyone from the neighborhood starring as she skates.

  1. Kids Binoculars

Kids Binoculars

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Watching scenery or wildlife is so wonderful especially when you have the perfect binoculars just like the Luwint 8 X 21 Red Kids Binoculars which is designed particularly for kids. Featuring high quality rubber non-slip grip and a light weight yet compact design, these binoculars remain very comfortable even after several hours of use. It offers a very clear and bright view of whatever you may choose to watch and features a rotating eye piece that helps you to focus much better. It can as well be used in the night and I am very certain kids will love its visual difference adjustment function.

  1. Handheld Video Game Console

Handheld Video Game Console

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Yanx’s extremely portable and good looking handheld console player is another toy that your little girl will fall in love with. The 16bit portable game player is in built with more than 150 games for little one to explore and make good use of their play time. It also comes with a cartridge card.

  1. Disney Frozen Stampers Party Favors

Disney Frozen Stampers Party Favors

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But of course your little girl will fall in love with the Disney Frozen self inking stampers. The 10 assorted stampers are detailed with a mixture of your kid’s favorite characters. They all come sealed in a plastic bag.

  1. Strand Bands Designer

Strand Bands Designer

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Here is the strand bands designer from Bridget Direct with absolutely everything that one would ever need to make extremely fashionable and trendy accessories. It is made up of peel-apart strand bands of about 180feet in five different colors that is to say purple, red, black, blue and orange, charms and beads for creating really pretty bracelets without going through too much difficulty. This set also includes a very unique strand band styler with slits on the lower part and a really large center which makes weaving very simple as the slits securely hold the band in place. With this strand designer styler you will see how simple it is to make the cutest bracelets.

  1. Organics Magnetic Building Toys

Organics Magnetic Building Toys

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Come up with the most stunning, attention grabbing open-ended 3D constructions with the Guide craft Power Clix Organics Magnetic Building Toys. This set includes 100 pieces of really colorful magnetic pieces that don’t repel to grab kid’s attention no matter how old they are. It the connect magnetic system it is quite easy for kids to put building together, all pieces feature ABS plastic material that is very safe for kid’s health, these toys are the perfect for stimulating kid’s creativity and thinking abilities. From these building pieces, several incredible shapes can be constructed including those of insects, mountains, skeletons and so much more. At 10 years, such educational toys are of great help to your little because they introduce STEM learning to kids and at the same develop their fine motor skills.

  1. Scientific Explorer Glow in The Dark Fun Lab

Scientific Explorer Glow in The Dark Fun Lab

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With the Scientific Explorer Glow in the Dark Fun Lab even the little kids who always so afraid of the dark will no longer get scared of the dark or night time. From its 5 stimulating activities making glowing goodies, performing several experiments and getting to learn about how all these things come to be. The most magical thing about this is that it doesn’t run on batteries but rather on a light which operates with static electricity. From this fun lab, kids can create a light stick to walk around with in the dark, create a night sky right inside their room or a bubbling light wand, this is a very unique and extremely interesting way to enjoy the night. The items in this hilarious set include zinc sulfide, 30 glow in the dark stars, vegetable oil, two test tubes, sodium tetra borate, a pipette and lastly neon bulb.

  1. Molkky Original Game

Molkky Original Game

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By combining both chance and throwing precision, Molkky has managed to turn out as the most famous outdoor game in the whole of Europe, both kids and adults can’t seem to get over their addiction to this amazing game. This game can be played from absolutely anywhere whether it is at the beach, in the football pitch, in the backyard or at the park, it is that convenient. It is all about two or more players throwing the pin at the skittles and whoever scores 50 points first comes out as the winner however whoever exceeds the 50 points is supposed to go back to 25 points. The Molkky game can even involve as many as 26 players which means that it engages all family members and all friends that may seem interested.

  1. GoSports Slammo Game Set

GoSports Slammo Game Set

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If your kids love volleyball then there is definitely no doubt that they will love the Go Sports Slammo Game Set because it so similar to volleyball only that it is played with smaller balls and a net in circle shape. The rules of playing this game are very similar to those of volleyball for example each team is not supposed to hit a ball more than three times before spiking the ball above the net. The team that scores 21 points first emerges as the winner in this game. Its net is made with an advanced design which delivers complete coverage to make competition between teams very fair. The Slammo volleyball game set comes with two 9cm balls for the more experienced users and one 12cm ball which is meant for younger players and those that are new to the game. Unlike a full volleyball net, this net is a lot easier and faster to assemble.

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