Best Toys For 16 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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At sixteen years old, your little girl is probably very comfortable with how she looks and is very sure with what interests her – which makes it quite difficult getting toys that she will love. Unlike in the previous years of her life, your girl is now more certain about what kind of life she wants to live, she is now ready for different responsibilities such as driving and working at part time jobs. These teen girls usually love to stay awake even when it is bedtime they stay up either to catch a movie, chat with friends or play their favorite but much as you need to give them their freedom it is very important that you always advise them about the dangers of poor sleep habits and how important it is for them to maintain healthy sleep habits. Looking good and staying in good shape is very important to sixteen year olds which is why they are always so keen with their usual exercise routine, they enjoy working out on different exercise equipment. Don’t get confused by manufacturer age recommendations because they simply want to make sales, here are the best for your 16year old girl.

  1. Beats by Dr Dre Pill Wireless Speaker


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Your princess in her teens will definitely fall in love with the Beats by Dr Dre BT-SP-PIL-NKMJ-PNK wireless speaker. The Pill will not only impress your little girl but the entire family because even with its small and compact design this speaker produces extremely powerful sound, a lot more powerful compared to its size. This speaker allows you to benefit from its booming bass no matter from whichever room you choose to relax and have a good time. It is not only the smallest speaker from Beats but also the most portable reason being it doesn’t require cord, you just have to carry the speaker wherever you wish to without the interruption of cord. On this blue tooth enabled device you get to easily switch to any of your favorite songs from either your phone or laptop as long you’re not more than 30 feet away from the speaker. It is lightweight and sized perfectly to fit in your bag when on the move. Kids just can’t seem to get enough of it.


  1. PlayStation Vita


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Offering a really wide range of PS4 games, this play station Vita system with remote play is definitely the perfect solution to keep your sixteen year old girl home all day. The game features dual analog sticks which provide more accurate control while the 5 inch LED touch screen delivers a very brilliant and enjoyable gaming experience. The PlayStation Vita 3G is inbuilt with Wi-Fi and a very wide games library that keeps growing, you play whichever game you choose because there are so many of them right at your finger tips. It avails as many 900 games without leaving behind PS classics, PS mobile games, new hits and a lot more via PSN. Kids are guaranteed to have the best gaming experience as they use the play station Vita system’s stylish touch screen controls.

  1. Smart Watch


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Flaunting such stylish and attractive display this watch will definitely please your teenage girl. The Tufen smart watch through its multi-task touch screen never lets you miss your calls and messages since it notifies you whenever you receive a call or message. You can as well go through your phonebook and call log from this incredibly flawless watch. It comes with an inbuilt camera for you to capture photos of all the unforgettable moments. Tufen’s smart watch also features a heart rate monitor plus an inbuilt heart rate sensor so it doesn’t only stop at detecting your heart rate but also helps you to always monitor it, a pedometer, sleep monitor, and intelligent monitor to help you keep track of your health. Teenagers also love its Bluetooth notifier, this is much more than just a watch, stylish girls will love it.

  1. Plumeet Easy Setting Travel Alarm Clock


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For the kids that are always on the move the most appropriate toy would be this Plumeet Digital Easy Setting Travel Alarm Clock. Unlike traditional alarm clocks, this Plumeet alarm clock displays a really large LCD screen and amazing backlight is soft enough not to interrupt your sleep. This alarm clock also features a very simple and easy to use design that makes it trouble-free for kids of all ages to use with all buttons such as alarm set/on and off button, time set button, light button and the hour and minute set button clearly displayed. Its snooze time is a little more than that of other alarms, its snooze time is 8 minutes. For people who tend to sleep through alarms, this one is a perfect choice since it speeds up the beep every second to ensure that you really wake up. With its shock-proof and protective cover enables it to last much longer since it protects it from minor falls. Perfectly sized, durably constructed, lightweight and ease of use make this the perfect alarm clock for your teenager.


  1. Roller Derby Girl’s Adjustable Inline Skate


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You would be crazy not to get these Roller Derby Girl’s Stinger Inline Skates for your little girl simply because they are look very stylish, they are well made and have very fast wheels. The combination of adjustable sizing that makes them grow along with your child and tight lace system for maximized security during skating makes these the perfect skates for your girl.  One thing that you need to be excited about is the fact that these skates look as perfect as they perform. They are designed with a molded cuff that provides added support and make skating much easier while the washable liner delivers perfect fit and maximum comfort. They also feature polyurethane wheels and 5 silver speed rated bearings for only the smoothest rides.


  1. Creative Panda Nursery Night Light


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Who wouldn’t sleep better with such a pretty lamp in her room, I don’t doubt one bit that your little girl will fall in love with this Wastar Creative Panda Nursery Night Light lamp. The extremely pretty lamp is designed in shape of Panda, this shape looks very unique and outstanding on any table top. Panda’s head removable for you to easily change bulbs and the whole lamp easily switches on and off with its easy to use push in button. This lamp creates a very warm sleeping environment and is aimed at making the room safer and more convenient to sleep in especially in the dark. Setting up the panda lamp is only a matter of minute so don’t be afraid to get the lamp for your teenager’s bedroom, playroom or study room.


  1. Apple iPod Touch 16GB


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The Apple Touch iPod looks super stylish with its brilliant 4 inch retina display and 6mm ultra thin design, all teenagers that love being trendy will definitely love it. From its iTunes store, be excited to discover all the coolest movies, music and a lot more yet still browse 100,000 games and over 700,000 very interesting apps from the app store. It is infused with the world’s most developed mobile operating system therefore you can also enjoy Siri, Face book integration, game center, face time and iMessage which all keep you in close contact with your friends, teenagers love this most about this iPod from Apple. On its 16GB storage capacity you will have more than enough space to store videos and photos and when the iPod is fully charged it delivers 8hours of video playback and 40 hours music playback.

  1. Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box


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Inspire her to always keep her play room or bedroom well organized with the Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box, this toy box has all sides beautifully painted so it looks really good in any part of the room with its cute details from the top, sides and front. It is constructed from high quality wooden material and given girl’s favorite display featuring Dora the Explorer. In addition the toy box also features an interior with plenty of space to store all toys whether large or small. Its slow closing lid is accompanied by a safety hinge that protects those little hands from getting banged. On both sides the box has cutout handles that make it extremely easy to carry the box from one room to another. With plenty of storage, very attractive appearance and maximum safety, Delta children’s toy box is the perfect addition to your child’s room.


  1. Mickey Mouse Peel And Stick Giant Wall Decal


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Make use of Roommates’ Mickey Mouse Peel and Stick Giant Wall Decal to add magic to her room. This is the cheapest, quickest and simplest way to give your young girl’s room a touch of elegance and beauty. These decals can easily be attached on the wall or removed and taken to another part of the wall without any difficulty at all yet they are like they have actually been painted on the wall. These wall stickers don’t leave any dirt on the wall whenever they are removed which gives you the liberty to change them as often as you like since you don’t have to worry about walls get damaged. Roommates has endeavored to make these wall stickers a lot more different from the traditional ones, they are so easy to peel and stick to the wall or smooth surface.

  1. Drone with Camera


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Even when they have never used a drone before you can be rest assured they will have no difficulty flying the Holy Stone U818A HD Drone but rather enjoy their first time with aerial photography and flying a drone. The U818A features the one key return function which prevents the quad copter from getting lost, it always finds its way home while the headless mode which makes the drone much easier to fly since you don’t have to keep adjusting its position before flights. This drone from Holy Stone incorporates an HD video camera for capturing the best pictures and first class quality videos. For added stability and flexibility during flights it is as well equipped with advanced 6-Axis flight control technology. This technology makes it easy to apply various flight movements and at the same time makes it easier to control.


  1. Disney Mickey and Minnie Vintage Full Sheet Set


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The Disney Mickey and Minnie Vintage Full Sheet Set is the perfect set to make your teenager’s room very outstanding yet very stylish at the same time. The full set is made up of one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and 2 pillow cases all made of high quality easy care machine washable polyester for easy maintenance. Girls love the pretty hearts together with cute Mickey and Minnie designs printed on the various pieces in this set.


  1. Samsung Galaxy Note


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Hand your girl the chance to show off her creativity in the most natural way with the new Samsung Note 10.1 and its S pen. It features Adobe photo shop touch which kids use to edit photos just the way they would like to and with the different brush weights and sizes they can also demonstrate some of the most beautiful designs. For making handwritten notes, post cards and memos this is just the perfect toy for all that. It has 16GB memory for you to store up all your designs and creations and so much more and in addition it comes with extendable memory of a 2GB memory card. This Samsung tablet displays a very sleek and stylish design and runs on a 1.4GHz quad core processor for smooth and quick launching of all the various apps on the tablet. You can enjoy video calling and taking selfies with the 1.9 front camera or capture high resolution videos with the 5.0megapixel rear facing camera.

  1. Beginners Acoustic Guitar


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For that young musician in your home there is definitely no gift better than Best Choice Products’ Beginners Acoustic Guitar. With its really attractive pink appearance this guitar is sure to capture most girls’ attention and it comes in a very beautiful combo package containing a pick, carrying case, a set of extra strings and tuner. The guitar is designed from full wood construction and detailed with an appealing shiny finish. For kids are just starting out on playing the acoustic guitar, this will be a great one to begin with since it is really easy to play. The tuner it comes with makes tuning the guitar very easy at any time as the extra set of strings makes the guitar last longer. This is a right handed guitar made that comes with all necessary accessories which makes it appropriate for first time players.


  1. Vanity Set with Stool


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Make her room look more beautiful and a lot more elegant with the Bobkona St. Croix Collection Vanity Set. The set comprises of a desk with feminine and unique details and well padded comfortable stool. The table comes with a fold out mirror and side extensions for you to perfectly see yourself from any angle of your choice. The St. croix table has plenty of space of jewelry and all other kid’s favorite belongings, it is made with five roomy drawers. It may require assembly but that will not be that difficult since it comes with assembly instructions to make the process simpler. This furniture set comes in several wood finish colors for you to make your choice depending on which color matches well with the rest of her room décor.


  1. Xbox One 1TB Console


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Now you can play up to thousands of games of Xbox 360 on the Xbox One without spending a coin more for it. It comes with a 1TB hard drive custom designed Halo console plus an exceptionally designed steel book that is themed featuring a full game digital download of Halo 5. It makes those unique custom Halo sound effects when a disc is being ejected and when the console is being turned on or off. From this console it is extremely easy and quick to switch from playing games to catching live shows, YouTube, Netflix and several other interesting apps. And if you are buying it for your sixteen year old this is definitely a good choice reason being it is one of the most stylishly designed consoles ever, teens love trending items and this is definitely one of them.


  1. Mini Portable Binoculars


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For sports enthusiasts, hunters, outgoing tourists and campers this SUPEREX Mini Portable Binoculars are the best choice you can possibly make. The Red membrane binoculars telescope provides really sharp and crystal clear performance yet you don’t have to pay an entire fortune for it, its value is just incredible. It incorporates a very compact yet lightweight design that makes it quite easy to use and carry. It combines high magnification with day and night vision to satisfy the needs of its users but you must know that it actually won’t see anything in complete darkness. It is made with the instafocus lever for faster focusing and completely coated optics for increased brightness. This 100% high quality binoculars is perfect for boating, mountain climbing, walking, bird watching and so many other outdoor activities.


  1. Beats Solo2 Wireless headsets


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Imagine how cool it would be wirelessly listening to all your favorite music, making and receiving calls with your hands completely free and remaining unplugged for an entire day. All this cool staff is what your teen girl will find in the Beats Solo2 Wireless headsets, these will make her the coolest in her entire crew of friends. The headsets are inbuilt with a mic to allow you take calls with your hands totally free and on ear controls that you can use to improve your listening experience without touching your device. It runs on a rechargeable battery that takes you for 12 hours which is an entire day of entertainment listening to your favorite music.  You always know when the headsets need to be recharged since they are designed with an illuminated LED duel gauge to notify you when it is time to recharge. Detailed with ear cup padding they will give you exactly what the artist intended by cutting external noise.


  1. Giant Teddy Bear


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With the Yesbears Brand 5ft.Giant Teddy Bear your girl will have found a favorite companion when she needs comfort or when she doesn’t feel like going to bed alone. This huge bear is well staffed which makes it ultra soft, huggable and delivers a lot of comfort yet it is at the same time environment friendly. The bear will teach your girl how to express her huge love and care because all that she would offer to someone special who is not there at the particular time, she can offer to the bear. It looks very beautiful with those very beautiful black eyes and huge black nose. It is very long lasting since it is only designed from high quality materials. It is a lot bigger compared to other bears.


  1. High Definition Mini Monocular Pocket Scope


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ROXANT’s High Definition Mini Monocular Pocket Scope is the most portable for little ones to enjoy several outdoor activities such as hunting, bird watching, water sports, hiking, and boat cruising among so many others. With its multi-coated optics and high definition high glass, this monocular delivers splendid brilliance and light transmission for the most amazing viewing experience. It features an ergonomic and molded grip handle which makes holding much more comfortable and easy, the monoscope never slips through your hands when they get sweaty. The Roxant pro superior compact monocular is small enough to fit well in any bag or pocket however it comes with its own carrying case and neck strap for added convenience. It is very durable, high quality yet comes at a really affordable cost.


  1. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter


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This Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter puts any young girl in the mood to go out for that stylish ride that will get everyone’s attention. This scooter stands out from many others because of its vintage style design and a really powerful chain electric driven motor which is not only quiet but also exceptional when it comes to performance. Its variable speed engine can take you all the way to 15 miles per hour while the 12 inch pneumatic tires with rear suspension system make each and every ride very smooth. It has a padded seat for maximum comfort all through rides with a hidden storage compartment under the seat. In its purple and white simple design, this scooter is absolutely the appropriate for your teen girl to go a quick stroll outdoors.

  1. Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera


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Capture all those amazing and unforgettable moments with the Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera. In just a flash, this camera will have captured the best photos and clearest videos. The Coolpix L32 is made with the smart portrait system which is best for taking photos and selfies of you, your family and at the same time captures 720p HD videos with clear sound with just a press of the dedicated movie record button. Its electronic vibration reduction makes the keeps videos perfect and it allows you to zoom in as you record.  Other really amazing features that make this camera stand out from many others include a 3.0 inch LCD screen, glamour retouch, lots of image effects and so many others that you will enjoy.


  1. Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Baby Grand with Bench


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There is absolutely no way better than the Schoenhut 37 Key Black Concert Grand Piano to inspire your little musician into pursuing their big dream. Each time you open the piano its amazing keys will be more resounding reason being the piano is designed with a hinged lid, this lid lowers and rises steadily to ensure that kids to hurt they are at anyone moment. This is not just a child piano it makes three full octaves that transform it into an 88 key piano that even adults can have fun with. This piano is custom designed from multi ply birch, solid maple which is very durable and finished in mahogany but can as well be painted in color that you feel best suits your home décor.

  1. Razor E150 Electric Scooter


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Your girl can safely enjoy riding out on the streets with the Razor E150 Electric Scooter with irritating other people in the neighborhood with noise because this scooter is very quiet. Its handy twist grip throttle is meant to ease of use while the high torque chain driven motor delivers extremely quiet but outstanding performance. The Razor E150 scooter offers about 40 minutes of uninterrupted use at speeds of 10 miles per hour, all thanks to the simple kick start motor. Features that make this scooter deliver the smoothest rides include an 8 inch pneumatic front wheel, hand operated rear brake and the spring loaded kick stand. It runs on a long lasting rechargeable 24 volt battery system that requires 12 hours of charge before using the scooter.

  1. Disney Frozen Princess Elsa & Anna Girls Hair Brush


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She will need beautiful hair brushes for her beautiful hair just like the Disney Frozen Princess hair brush. This cute pink brush is designed with two favorite Disney princesses Elsa and Anna. They are made of really durable anti-static plastic material which works very well on all types of hair. Its handle is ergonomically made for non slip grip all through the combing process. Your girl will find no difficulty in using this brush at all.


  1. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle


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Ride with all the fun and in style with the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle. This stylishly designed bicycle has three different gear option to offer including one, three or seven speeds from which kids can choose. This is a very versatile bike whereby its seven speed model delivers front and rear handbrakes while the sing and three speed model uses rear coaster brakes. Its displays two really large tires for a completely effort free ride and a wide seat with double coil springs to give you the most comfortable rides at all times. Its modern design also encompasses simple balancing making this the perfect bicycle for all the outgoing teenage girls. This is exceptional quality that comes at a very affordable price and it comes in several colors besides the mint green displayed on the above image.


  1. Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe Edition Board Game


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When she gets together with her peers over parties and sleepovers the Bezier Games werewolf games will the perfect game to spice up the party. This extremely interesting game should be among not more than 75 players but not less than seven players, these players divide themselves up into two teams, the werewolves and the villagers. The aim of the werewolves is to get rid of all the villagers who can’t even identify werewolves therefore every other time the werewolves use this advantage to get rid of a villager. Among the villagers are some people with special powers like the seers who have the ability to tell a werewolf. At each game you need to discuss and find out the werewolf in the group so that he or she is eliminated. This is a very addictive game the kids won’t stop playing for hours.

  1. Luxurious Music Box&Jewellery Box


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The POPgifts Luxurious Music Box&Jewellery Box doesn’t only look good but plays really great music that your little one will fall in love with. It gets kid’s attention right from the start because of the super unique design it displays while the ballet dancing girl makes listening to the music it plays even more interesting. It has an easy to pull out drawer with enough space for some of your girl’s most treasured and valued belongings. It is made of good quality therefore am sure it would be a great gift for your girl.

  1. Wonder Girl Super Secret Storage Box


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Another great toy for the girls is this Wonder Girl Super Secret Storage Box from DC collectibles. The Best Friends Forever storage box designs are inspired by Lauren Fast, the figure on the box comes with three exchangeable faces allowing you to change to whichever best suits you mood at that particular time.

  1. LED Shoes Flashing Sneakers


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You know how much teens love to be on the top most of their style game so there will be no better way to meet their desires other than these iTURBOS SuperNova and Hover Light up Shoes. Go out of the ordinary and look exceptional with these super cool yet chic shoes that light up simply to make everyone turn heads to stare at you. These shoes deliver most amazing LED experience with three easily customizable dynamic color modes, seven static color modes and a bonus of one special mode. Inside the shoes exists a hidden control switch which kids use to change to any color mode of their choice without hassle at all. The light up shoes are made with highest quality for maximum durability and come in different sizes for perfect fit.


  1. Colore Colored Pencils


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There is no better way to spend free time other than with these Colore colored pencils which they can use to show off how creative they can get. The set of 60 uniquely designed pencils also comes with a pencil sharpener and eraser which are completely free. All pencils in this pack come already sharpened and perfectly labeled with which color it is so you will not have any problems identifying the different colors. The pencils look so beautiful with the sleek and smooth wooden appearance which attracts little ones to get to spend time exploring their imagination and creativity. All the pencils are made from high quality wood which makes them last really long since they are resistant to breakage. Some of the activities that kids can use the pencils for include burnishing, coloring, drawing and sketching among so many others. Give your little ones a chance to spend their free time in an educative way.

  1. Nerf Rebelle Secrets & Spies Arrow


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The Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Arrow Revolution Bow is the ultimate toy that your little ones to enjoy outdoor play filled with lots of action. Combining both strength and power this weapon turns out to be the ultimate one for your girl to take on all those secret missions with her friends or show off her blasting skills. The realistic bow features a rotating quiver which holds up to 6 arrows and launches one after one so there is no need to refill the quiver during the mission. And with this you will be assured to have only and only successful missions. As the Nerf Rebelle arrows fly through air, they make a whistling sound to let the opponent know that the mission has begun. It fires arrows as far as 90feet away, this is definitely the perfect bow to take on every mission.


  1. Crystal Growing Kit


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The most unique way to bring your whole family together is with this crystal glowing kit. This science experiment will without a doubt get your little one to love science a lot more than she already does. Just imagine the beauty and magic of watching crystals grow right inside your own home, this is what the crystal growing experiment is all about. In this kit comes with an amethyst crystal that you can use to compare your purple home grown crystal with, it is a completely amazing experience. The growing crystals offer a fun way for you to educate your child about geology and chemistry. This is a fully complete science kit that both boys and girls have fallen in love with while the parents too are completely satisfied with the beauty it brings to their families.

  1. Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard


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The Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard brings unending indoor fun into your home. It displays a backlit LCD screen and 15.5 inch control target face. The 777 dartboard is designed to stand the test of time which is why it is made with concave holed segments that greatly contribute to the dart board’s durability. The target face is rounded up in a large catch ring to prevent any missed shots front falling onto the walls to cause them any damage. Its spider is much thinner to ensure larger playing area, tighter shot groupings and hence increased ratio of shots on target. It comes with holsters for storage of all its 6 darts while looking very good displayed on the wall.

  1. Round Trampoline with Safety Net


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With its attractive color, really large play area and safety, the Kangaroo Hoppers Round Trampoline is just what every parent needs to get for the kids for both indoor and outdoor fun. It incorporates heavy duty resistant frames, quality corrosion proofed springs with special rust coating to make this the most durable trampoline ever. Its mat is detailed with UV coating to avoid damage from the sun while the five sturdily and uniquely designed legs provide maximum support and stability to jumpers. And most importantly it is made with a heavy duty safety net which makes the trampoline 100% safe for kids of all ages.


  1. Girl Makeup Color Kit


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The ETA Pink Double Heart Glamour Girl Makeup Color Kit comes with everything a sixteen year old girl will need to make herself look good for any special occasion. It comes with very lovely eye shadow base that protects your young girl skin from getting damaged by makeup. In the cute pink case, the kit comes with eye shadow base and 11 eye shadow colors, 7 colors of lip gloss, eye mascara, blush, Lipstick, foundation and so much more that she will need for that flawless look.

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