35 Best Toys for 2 year Old Boys – 2017 Selection

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At 2 years old; your son ”toddler” his getting more independent – at this age they are speaking a few words and they can do a few things by them selves so they need brain teasing games and toys. On this list I have featured 35 Best toys for 2 year old boys – some work as puzzles while others are just for fun. According to….a 2 year old toddler can ride a trike – now with that in mind, I had to feature ride toys like; Cozy Coupe, Airplane Pedal Car, Hape Bamboo e-Drifter Toy Car, Kids Ride On Push Along Sliding Toy Sports Racing Car , Power Wheels Lil Quad and so much more.  As a parent you should play with your kids so that they get over their fears and gain more confidence.

  1. Little People Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park 

Little People Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park

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The double track rollercoaster and two sided play set offers your 2 year old son a wide variety of fun activities. Features lots of lights, a numbers of phrases and song to keep him or her fascinated on their rides, kids just can’t seem to get enough of the play set. It also features a two feet tall tower painted in some of the most attractive colors that get the child’s attention. It has a large button that lets the car down the rollercoaster with just one single touch. Their is a lot that goes on as the car goes through the rail before it gets to the end where it magically starts interesting.

2. Whale Teeter Totter

Classic Whale Teeter Totter in Green

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What I love most about the Classic Whale Teeter Totter by little tikes is the fact that it is large enough to house not just your two year old but two other kids in your home. With this you can be rest assured your two year old will learn to become more sociable and become more interactive. The adorable green whale measures three and half foot which gives offers enough space for your three babies to play together at ago. To ensure maximum comfort all through rocking time, the whale is designed with easy grip handles, a stable base where they can place their feet and super comfortable seats. Its base is secure enough for your kids to rock without you having anything worry about. It is very essential in helping kids gain better interactive skills and gross motor skills. This teeter totter toy is great for kids to play both indoors and outdoors.

3. Tomy Pic N’ Pop Ball Blaster

Tomy Pic N' Pop Ball Blaster

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When you come across the Pic N’ Pop Ball Blaster from Tomy, don’t think twice before getting it for your 2 year old boy because it is the toy that will get them on their feet and make them active like never before. It has a button placed right at its top which kids can easily reach out for and just one press of the button will make balls pop out. It comes with five balls of different colors and operates without any batteries. The blaster also has easy grip bar handles which makes it fun for kids to push it across the floor as they run after a ball to pick it up and pop it through the blaster all over again. Your baby can lay with the Pic N pop ball blaster inside the house or outside. At two years, your baby will be able enjoy every bit of playing with this beautiful toy.

 4. Builders Deluxe Building Bag

Builders Deluxe Building Bag

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Your baby’s building possibilities will be inexhaustible with this 150 piece Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building Bag. With some of the rarest shapes that kids haven’t seen before in extremely brilliant colors that attract kids attention, these blocks will absolutely keep your baby busy as he or she fingers out the endless possibilities that come out from the blocks. Having as many as 150 pieces it allows the child to share with other kids in order for them to share ideas and come up with the most hilarious creations. These building blocks set is treasure for both parents and kids so there is no doubt your two year old will be sorted with it. The pieces come in a duffle bag that is PVC free and spacious enough to accommodate each and every one of the pieces.

 5. Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Structure

Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Structure

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With that beautifully colored body and multi-color feet kids love to spend each minute of their play time climbing up on the Peek-A-Boo Caterpillar Climbing Structure. Its large feet hold the caterpillar secure enough for kids to play in the safest way possible as its flexible segments give you a chance to assemble it in a different way whenever you feel like doing so. It offers a variety of activities for kids to enjoy for example crawling through the tunnel, hugging the caterpillar’s neck and playing with its happy face and climb up to count the number of holes on its segments. It helps kids master counting and numbers as they have fun counting holes and its feet and at the same time get better recognition of colors. It is the perfect toy for kids to play from outside the house and good enough it has enough space for about five kids to play together.

6. Cozy Coupe

Cozy Coupe

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Nothing makes a parent happier than a durable toy that makes their child happy because it mean the kids will be happy for as long as their toy lasts and this is exactly what the cozy couple car offers. You have the ability to personalize your ride according to what you feel is best for your baby since the car is designed with a removable floor piece so kids can either ride with it or walk when it is removed. It also has a handle at the back to for rides that are pushed and controlled by the parent. The cozy car’s wheels spin 360 degrees to make riding not just much easier but also a lot more interesting. On the rear, you will find a storage area in which kids can pack and take their favorite snacks and drinks to their ride.

7. Little People City Skyway

Little People City Skyway

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Uniquely designed with one entry point and three points exit, the little people city skyway makes one of the best toys that you can get for your two year old and be sure they will love it. I bet any parent will love to see the smile on her boy’s face when he let the vehicles down the skyway and get a really exciting surprise when the vehicle gets to finish line since one of the finish points is a jump off. The cars are expertly constructed with a size that fits perfectly in those tiny hands but more importantly kids love to try out different switches in order to see how the cars alter to another path. The combination of amazingly beautiful colors, parking meter, stop sign, realistic crane and gas pump give any child the most imaginative and creative play time.

8. Airplane Pedal Car

Airplane Pedal Car

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Just like the trend is for the older people, vintage staffs have become the trendiest and most stylish things and the same has happened with kid’s toys. One really good example of something vintage that kids will completely fall in love with is this airplane from the olden days. It is features a heavy duty steel design similar to that of the old Army patrol planes and this is what makes it stand out the most. It is additionally accented with shiny chrome details for a look that is even more outstanding. This airplane’s propeller will turn as the little one pedals, with this you could turn your little prince’s dream of becoming a pilot come true.

9. Boeing 747 Airplane with Lights and Real Sounds

Boeing 747 Airplane with Lights and Real Sounds

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If there is any toy I am 100% sure a two year old boy will love it is this Boeing 747 Airplane Toy. This is simply because along with the incredible exterior, this airplane toy makes sounds and lights just like a real airplane so every other day, kids love it even more instead of getting used to it. He will watch the 747 airplane with no interruptions because even when it knocks into blockages it doesn’t stop but just continues to whichever destination he is set to get to thanks to its Bump and go action. It operates with three AA batteries therefore to have a full day of fun on daily basis it is recommended to replace the batteries daily.

10. Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Blue Crawl Around Car

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Blue Crawl Around Car

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What has made the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Blue Crawl around Car one of the best toys for boys is the versatility it offers both inside and outside. This stationary car features the stationary car offers a lot of learning and play features that grow along with the child such gears to move, a honking horn, a number of lights and sounds so there is just for your little one to enjoy. It is made to deliver three smart stage levels of play whereby the child engages in certain activities of the first level they are surprised with phrases, sounds, first words and light. In the seconds stage makes the baby curious by directing them to do different activities like honking the horn, turning the gear and wheel and closing or opening the door. And finally the last stage which is stage three which persuades kids into imitation and widen their imagination. In blue color it is definitely perfect for your two year old boy.




11. Original Red Dog Airport Set

Original Red Dog Airport Set

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You have not come across an educative and entertaining toy like this original red dog airport set, I guarantee that this set comes second to none. It combines exceptional quality material, a very unique design to make kids enjoy playtime plus amazing simplicity and convenience, so it is definitely deserves to be on the list of the best toys for boys. The airport set is very easy to put away for storage as a result of the unique lift and fold system it is designed with. Because of the exciting tarmac and modern design terminal building constructed with handmade acrylic make this airport set a lot more outstanding. It comes with two of the famous Airlines, flights to more than 21 destinations with flight attendants, air controllers and real audio sounds that make the whole session a lot more fun.

12. Hape Bamboo e-Drifter Toy Car

Hape Bamboo e-Drifter Toy Car

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With such an exclusive and rare design, the e-Drifter Bamboo Toy Car by Hape is just one gift that you shouldn’t let your kids miss out on. The car is designed from extremely durable bamboo and accented with beautiful graphic designs, both the body and wheels are made of wood. Its toxic free finishes and highest quality constructions make this toy really perfect and safe to keep your little boy busy. This will is a great toy to help build and improve kid’s natural abilities through each and every stage of development.

13. Cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy

Cartoon R-C Race Car Radio Control Toy

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If you are looking for a way to teach your two year old about remote controls and they have never tried it before, they will love every bit of the process with the cartoon R/C Race Car Radio Control Toy. This amazing car is nicely constructed to offer your little one the fun they need as it drives left, reverses and forward. Kids enjoy how fast this toy car can go but they even love the way it lights up much more. With just the touch of a button, the car will play interesting kid’s music and hoot while the lights blink. The race car driver that comes along with this toy is removable so kids can either race with him or get him out to play while they leave the car to rest. The remote controlled sports car gives kids fun in the most simple and most convenient way. It looks so cute in those outstandingly bright colors.

14. Kids Ride On Push Along Sliding Toy Sports Racing Car 

Kids Ride On Push Along Sliding Toy Sports Racing Car

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This super stylish push along sports riding car from Ricco will make your two year old the happiest kid in the entire world. The combination of orange and black with just slight silver details gives this car a very elegant appearance, your boy will make all the other kids in the neighborhood jealous as he rides round on it. It has a very comfortable seat and soft grip handles that kids can easily hang grasp to enjoy their ride on this massive sport car. The two front wheels are small while the behind wheel is large to provide added stability while the modern design and really light weight make this car really lovable since it is easy to carry around or away for storage. I can assure you he will not want to get off his new sports racing car, it is such a fun toy to help improve your little one improve balance and motor skills.

15. Smart Shots Sports Center

Smart Shots Sports Center

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If he loves both soccer and basketball, the vtech Smart Shots Sports Center is here to have his needs worked on since it is a two in one with basketball goal and soccer net. It encourages fun play thanks to its animated LED scoreboard. It is infused with over 50 melodies, songs and phrases that kids can learn about different things from such as numbers, shapes, letters etc.




16. Power Wheels Lil Quad

Power Wheels Lil Quad

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As soon as your little one turns two they will be more than ready to jump onto the power wheels lil quad to have a fun ride. The incredible details on this quad make it a perfect choice for boys yet just the touch of button is enough to either start or stop it. It is low enough for kids to get on and off without anyone’s help.  Its large and extra traction wheels make it go over hard surfaces and grass without any difficulty.

17. School Bus Activity Gym

School Bus Activity Gym

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At two years, your little boy is more than ready to start learning and mastering those numbers, shapes, colors and even letters so getting them the Little Tikes School Bus Activity Gym will definitely not be a bad choice. Whenever the tires spin, they show off numbers, letters, colors and shapes so you can be rest assured that each minute of play will be a source of learning for the child. It is also uniquely designed with a slide out so kids come from driving the van and slide out to develop better cognitive and motor skills, the slope is very gentle to ensure a very safe landing for the little one. The dash board is detailed with a steering wheel for kids to pretend to drive the van away together with clickers and buttons for imaginative play. And just like the actual schools bus, this activity gym also has a stop sign that folds in and out.

18. Touch and Learn Activity Desk

Touch and Learn Activity Desk

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Every single tap of Vtech’s Touch and Learn Activity Desk gives the child a chance to learn and create something new. The toddler playing table is designed to offer more than twenty of the famous melodies, more thirty activities for kids to learn from and over 160 vocabulary words from all of the four learning modes on its nine attractively colored pages, this is one of the most versatile toys you can ever find for your little boy. In addition it also features four double sided cars plus a really engaging desktop from which kids are introduced to people, music, letters, numbers and so much more. In just a matter of days, the child will have learnt how to write letter and numbers reason being the LED screen on this table clearly demonstrated how to write numbers and letters in bits so it easier for them to learn.  Flipping the table gives the child access to a chalkboard where they can come up with any innovative masterpiece

19. Drawing Mat with Neon Color Reveal

Drawing Mat with Neon Color Reveal

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If you want to discover how creative your two year old boy can be, look no further than the Aqua doodle drawing mat. Because it never ever gets done or runs out, the fun that kids have on this mat is in turn never ending, each and every day will be filled with fun and lots of creativity. For your little one, drawing on this mat will be magic because it changes pure water into very beautiful neon colors so he will draw in yellow, green, red or blue. Drawing and doodling on this mat is unlimited yet it doesn’t create mess at all so there is completely no cleaning up for you to do. Thanks to the mat’s comfortable boarders made of soft fabric, they can explore their creativity just the way their imagination tells them to.

20. Write and Learn Creative Center

Write and Learn Creative Center

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The VTech Write and Learn Creative Center will not only teach your baby about the letters or numbers but also help them learn how to write them yet they enjoy every bit of it. Writing is not usually easy for most kids but with the step by step instructions on this learning center it will be a walk over. It comes with eight stencils and two stamps which encourage the child to draw and put their imagination into reality and while they are at it, they will be kept busy with some really cool music. From the pre K learning toy can easily recognize and master upper case and lower case letters thanks to the animated demonstrations which kids go after and learn how such letters are written. From just simple lines to over 26 various objects there is nothing in your little man’s imagination that he won’t explore. Its carrying handle makes it more convenient for kids to carry so that they write and draw from their favorite hangout.

21. Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

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There is a lot that Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo will teach your baby but even more interestingly it gets him onto his feet to participate and be more active. As it shakes and dances baby will be more encouraged to dance along which is very helpful in developing gross motor skills. To arouse the child’s sense of hearing, seeing and touch, this lovely toy features brilliant colors, flashes lights, makes interesting dance moves and plays kid’s favorite music. On pressing Beatbo’s feet or tummy, the child will in turn get amazing surprises which teach him more about cause and effect relations.  Beat bo is just another of those toys that grow along with your little munchkin.

22.Drop and Go Dump Truck

Drop and Go Dump Truck

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Vtech’s Drop Go Dump truck gets kids on their feet as they have to load the truck with those colorful balls, pull them to a destination of their choice and dump them their and repeat the same process all over again. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play and has buttons that introduce different tool names to kids. Its beautiful colors make it really outstanding.

23. Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

Ground Force Tractor with Trailer

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Never before has outdoor play ever been this fun, the John Deere Ground Force Tractor is just something else, I can guarantee your two year old will not ever get tired of riding around in this tractor. Unlike in other toys, kids have fun riding around their tractor while tuning into FM radio and not those overly repeated kid’s melodies other toys have. Whether it is through, grass, pavements or heavy dirt, the tractor just keeps going since it is designed with large high traction wheels. For added comfort this toy is designed with flip-up armrests and an adjustable seat that grows together with the baby. Since it has a really spacious stake trailer, your boy will not leave any of their favorite belongings behind, they will carry them along all the way through the journey.

24. Record and Learn KidiStudio

Record and Learn KidiStudio

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Just like their favorite rock star, your boy can now also record and perform thanks to this incredible toy, the VTech Record and Learn KidiStudio.  The Kidistudio gives kids a platform to discover different musical instruments and get more creative they have the ability to record their own work of art. The light-up keyboard flashes lights which the child can follow and learn how to play their all time best melody and even get to share it with his friends or mom and dad plus other members of the family. With just the touch of the Cymbal kids can make their music sound a lot more different while tapping the drum adds beat to the recording. It further features a real voice changer and microphone for kids to sing along to more than 20 melodies in techno styles, rock, hip hop and jazz.

25.Deluxe Talking Toolbelt

Deluxe Talking Toolbelt

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The Ertl John Deere Deluxe Talking Tool belt gives the little one a chance to do some fixing work around the house too just like he has seen daddy and mummy doing. The set comes with seven pieces all of which are made with comfortable, soft and easy grip handles which kids can hold without difficulty to be able to get even the toughest tasks done without using too much effort. The belt is adjustable to ensure that it perfectly fits kids of different sizes and its electronic buckle surprises them with two phrases and three tool sounds. It also comes with a hat so your little man will look like an expert technician while using their tools to work. This set comprises of four comfortable grip tools that is a hammer, pliers, screw driver and wrench, then the john Deere hat which is adjustable, talking belt buckle and lastly the tool belt.

26. Electronic Pet Dog

Electronic Pet Dog

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Because of the very many ways in which kids can play with Harry the electronic pet dog, it keeps them busy for quite long. Harry is the size of a real puppy and does the things real puppies do like barking, walking and other puppy sounds but the good news is that you can control hurry and he doesn’t litter up the place like the real puppies would do. The cute black and white Dalmatian dog keeps the whole family happy as it senses and reacts to touch. On smooth surfaces, kids can chase the puppy around to enjoy hours of play as it gives them lots of surprises too. Hurry says out a number of phrases depending on which part of him you might have touched and this keeps kids laughing all through play, touching the head makes him sing and dance while pulling his tail and touching other spots on the side also make hurry say out something. He is just too adorable.

27. Ground Loader Ride On

Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader Ride On

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The John Deere Ground Loader Ride On is yet another really awesome outdoor play toy that your little boys will fall in love with. Knowing how much your boys love loading and off loading staff, this ground loader will make their wish come true as they sit in the driving seat, load whatever they want in the front loader drive to wherever they want and dump it there. It offers two speeds from which little drivers can choose and its adjustable seat with flip-up armrests make every ride in it very comfortable. Its features 4WD wheels with extra traction to make driving simple on all surfaces while the automatic brakes make it safer for your little one. It runs on a 12 volt rechargeable battery and its second gear lock out allows parents to have peace of mind as they choose which speed the little angel drives at. Its charger is as well included.

28. EasyScore Basketball Set

EasyScore Basketball Set

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Inspire your little boy into becoming a professional basket ball player with the Easy Score Basketball Set. Featuring six height settings its height can easily be adjusted to whatever best suits your little man to have maximum fun while playing therefore from around 18 months until your baby is 5 years he will have a place to play. This basket ball set is much recommended when it comes to discovering basket ball skills and nurturing competition skills in your kid. The basket ball it comes with is a kid size yet its rim is large enough to make scoring for kids easy, it is just a good challenge not a frustrating one. More skills that this basket ball set develops include hand-eye coordination and motor skills. The set includes a soft basketball, basketball and hoop plus a user manual to help your assemble it for kids to play right away.

29. Sit ‘N Scoot Activity Tractor

Sit 'N Scoot Activity Tractor

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The john Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Activity Tractor is designed with features that your two year old boy will find interesting day after day, so they will probably never get bored riding on it. it is constructed with a  three in one design where by kids can be pushed by a parent, push the scooted themselves or sit up on it and ride but what they love the most about this tractor are farm sounds it makes. A touch of the horn plays old McDonald in any of the three sound settings, low, off or normal. The John Deere scooter’s seat flips open to reveal an activity center with of the most amazing farm animals that is to say, sheep, cow, pig and horse and each of them plays a sound when placed in the right spot.  The walk behind bar is removable as well.

30. Super Spinner Swing

Super Spinner Swing

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The super spinner swing is a lot of fun for kids but parents love it even more because of its quality and ease of installation, as soon as you unpack it, your kids will be able to play just minutes after. It is not just very safe but also extremely comfortable for your two kids to seat and swing or spin without you worrying about anything. It is made of really tough material that holds about 200lbs, there is no child swing you will find better this one, that I can guarantee.

31. Sit-N-Scoot Buck With Lights And Sounds

Sit-N-Scoot Buck With Lights And Sounds

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Loaded with a really interesting set of features, large and stable tires and a very durable and extremely sturdy structure, the John Deere Sit-N-Scoot back ride on is just one toy to die for. Its uniquely designed ATV shows off four push button turn signals that play sound and flash lights while the rear rack moves up and down to get kids curious. For imaginative play, this is with no doubt the perfect toy to get your little boy.

32. Grandview Twist Wood Complete Play Set

Grandview Twist Wood Complete Play Set

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Nothing can beat the fun that the Grandview twist plays set offers, if you are looking for away to take play time to whole new level this is what you should be looking out for. This set comes with two swing seats and a multi-child swing for kids to swing and play as a group and monkey bars which build strength and coordination that are supported with powder coated metal treads to ensure safety as kids jump. It also features a five inch turbo tube that enclosed and detailed with twists and turns to make sliding a lot more interesting. There is so much more that kids get to enjoy on this play set.

33. Little People Wheelies Race and Chase Carrier

Little People Wheelies Race and Chase Carrier

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The Little People Wheelies Race and Chase Carrier from fisher price offers too much that gets never get tired of discovering something new even after playing with it for days. This two in one toy is a car carrier and at the same time a race track and this is why it is an all time favorite for not just kids who play with it but for parents too. The race and chase carrier opens up to reveal the race so kids can place the wheelies vehicles up at the top and enjoy watching them go down the race to see which one emerges the winner, with this your baby will even learn to become more competitive. If u wish you could buy more wheelie vehicles to make the competition more fun and stiff since the carrier can house up to about 10 wheelies cars. All the cars fit perfectly in kids little hands and because of its easy fold up, carrying it away for storage or trips is super easy. The fun just never stops

34. Apps Tablet

Apps Tablet

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For your boy who is turning two years very soon this Vtech little Apps tablet in black will be such a great gift. He will love interacting with Cody the smart cub in really interesting activities like the pretend camera, calendar and the piano. This is a very educative toy designed to offer about twelve learning activities with different development learning stages to make learning much easier and more fun for kids. It displays a piano keyboard with numbers and also displays letters which all together introduce kids to counting, numbers, matching, orders of numbers, the alphabetical letters and so much more. Its auto shutoff feature saves battery when the tablet is not in use and volume control makes it friendly to parents as well.

35. Choo Choo Loop

Choo Choo Loop

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The Tomy choo choo loop is loved by many especially because of its flexible design loop that allows it to be folded into a circle or remain flat depending on what you feel will be more fun for your little man. It comes with a train that moves along the loop and reverses automatically in case it bumps into any obstacle along the way. The train features a funnel just at the top front which kids press to enjoy the surprising whistling sounds, this train can as well be used a push along to encourage kids to put their hands to use. This ten piece set is made up of a beaded loop, a clip on station and two buffers. It is very simple to put the loop together yet kids can drive even other vehicles on it.

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