35 Best Toys For 8 Year Old Girls – 2017 Selection

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It is at the age of eight that you will start to see how your little girl puts into practice each and everything that you have been teaching them right from their childhood stages till now. Any eight year old girl loves to do things independently reason being she feels ready enough to begin doing things on her own, however you need to keep directing on how things are supposed to be done. At this age you as a parent or guardian need to focus so much on her behavior or else you will regret not giving her the necessary attention at the age when she most needed it. She copies a lot of behaviors from her peers, wants to do things she sees from her favorite TV shows and she will also show great interest her talents whether it is music or sports. Also, eight year old girls love attention, they want their arguments and opinions to be considered, let’s now take a look at the best toys that you need to look out for, for your eight year old princess.

  1. Kids Tablet

LeapFrog Epic 7' Android-based Kids Tablet 16GB

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From the amazing world of gadget, here is that one gadget that your child will never get tired of even when they grow older simply because it is designed to grow along with them. The Epic 7 inch Android-based Kids Tablet by leap frog is definitely everything that your little one ever wanted. It features an amazingly interactive home screen that enchants into a world of their own where they can create whatever their imagination tells them so as to personalize their tablet exactly as they want to. Its “Just foe me learning” app enables kids to customize content and make it more changeling at various stages of growth. It is designed with all children’s favorite apps that are fun, educational and very appropriate for their age yet it doesn’t come with any of those dangerous ads and apps that are unsuitable for little ones. It also features the leapfrog kid-safe web which only allows kids to use the pre-loaded apps and only access webs that are safe for them. Millions of parents have fallen in love with this tablet reason being it gives them chance to have full control of how, when and what their kids use it for.

  1. Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Chair

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If you want her to get all excited about beach outings, pool parties and picnics don’t hesitate to get for her the sunny patch butterfly chair. This chair is ergonomically designed which makes it super comfortable but it’s really cute and unique design make it young girls’ favorite seat. In this brilliantly striped hair with a well built frame, your girl will enjoy every bit of her outing as she easily reaches out for her drink that will be kept so close by in the chair’s cup holder. The sunny patch butterfly chair features thick and an easy to wash surface which makes it last for a really long period of time. It also grips so well on different types of surfaces both outdoors and indoors due to the plastic grooved feet. The arm rests can easily be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for the child while the quick to open and quick to close foldable design makes this the perfect chair for kids who love to have a good time.

  1. Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot

Wonder Workshop Dash & Dot Robot

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It doesn’t really matter what kind of play your little loves to engage in, with the Dash & Dot Robot Wonder Pack by wonder workshop her playtime will become the most exciting yet smartest time of her entire day. These robots introduce your little one to computer programming and problem solving but all this is super easy because these cute and colorful robots are super fun. Dash is the friendly robot that will become your princess’s favorite companion as she dances, sings and moves all round the house while flashing lights and making a squealing sounds from the wheels. Dash is also infused with several apps from which kids learn how to program a robot. The other robot in this pack is Dot, the smartest robot you ever come across he is the king of brains. Dot is constructed with some really cool and entertaining games but kids can use instructions from the free apps to create so many more games that they love to play. Dot helps kids learn about robotics and coding as they play to broaden their imagination and creativity.



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It she has been having problems mastering multiplication problems, the best solution is finally here, the multiplication slam device from Educational insights. It comes with five different multiplication games that emphasize multiplication concepts for all numbers starting from 1-9. It is very easy to operate, all she needs to do is read out a problem, look into the answers suggested and slam the right answer. The interesting part is that being quick or fast at answering problems gets you higher scores. All problems that are answered wrongly are recycled until a correct answer is given. The levels of difficulty keep increasing for more challenging problems so as kids can get better understanding of multiples, sequences, factor pairs and multiplication facts. The multiplication slum device is very light and portable which make it easy for kids to carry in the hands wherever they go. It looks very cute with the colorful display, kids will love it.

  1. Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy

Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy

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It is now possible to give your little one a chance to dive into the secret and super amazing world of fairies. Indoor play just got a lot more magical and interesting with the flawless flutter bye deluxe light up fairies. Looking at her as she flies and unbelievably dazzles and shines with a stunning display of all the beautiful rainbow colors is the most mind blowing thing you have ever seen. The flutter bye is worn in a bright round skirt which twirls and shines as she flies up in the air. There is no magic to all this, you just have to us your hand to make her fly, as soon you lift your hand up, you will be directing her to fly and show off her sparkling self. This is a very charming experience but kids fall in love with the fact that the magic comes from their own hands. When she is not flying, she rests on a very pretty stand, fairy tales are now real.

  1. Kids Smartwatch

Orbo Kids Smartwatch

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Flaunting an extremely brilliant display and easy to explore menu, the Orbo kids smart watch offers a unique and fun way for kids to play. This watch offers an easy to touch and swipe interface, fascinating sound effects and over 16 different activities for kids to enjoy and learn. It features an inbuilt long lasting battery and comes with a micro USB cable that you can use to conveniently charge the watch either from your computer or laptop. Kids can capture videos and photos from different angles using the til-table camera. To get kids more active, it comes with three games, speech imitating hippo for unending fun, voice recorder, photo effects and so many other incredible features to keep little ones busy for several hours. This watch is made from very durable rubber and parents greatly love how easy it is to clean its rubber exterior.

  1. Electric Pencil Sharpener

Colore Electric Pencil Sharpener With Auto Safety Lock

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There is nothing as relieving as perfectly sharpening a pencil without using any effort at all that is exactly what this electric pencil sharpener will do for any little girl. The new automatic pencil sharpener is a heavy duty pencil sharpener with a long lasting steel blade and exceptional cutting effectiveness. It is made with a very exceptional child-friendly design in rectangular shape that makes it a lot easier to use and hold in their tiny hands. With this sharpener she doesn’t have to use a lot of effort or waste too much time sharpening reason being it comes with a sharp and high quality steel blade. It sharpens pencil cores to any wanted point but most importantly it doesn’t cause any harm to the little one since it is very effective and also very comfortable. It also comes with a removable large tray that is super easy to clean , an automatic idling features that stops over sharpening and automatic safety lock function which stops the sharpener as soon as the tray is removed.

  1. Girl’s Roller Skate

Roller Derby Zinger Girl's Roller Skate

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Looking this cute there is just no way your outgoing little girl will not fall head over hills for these Roller Derby Zinger Girl’s Roller Skates. The skates feature a very comfortable athletic style boot with quick dry lining to keep the feet dry all through skating time. Additionally they also have a lace up closure for easy use and polyurethane wheels which provide the smoothest ride ever. These skates will get everyone turning their heads to stair because of their gorgeous combination of lime green and pink colors and very pretty funky graphics. They don’t only look good but also perform excellently hence making both kids and parents adore these skates.

  1. Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

Educational Insights 5351 Nancy B's Science Club Moonscope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal

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For kids that love nature discovery and exploration there is definitely no toy better than the Nancy B’s Science Club Moon scope & Sky Gazers Activity Journal. This brand new scientific tool introduces kids to a world of real journaling activities and scientific experiments in an extremely comfortable way. This moon scope is specifically designed for kids between the ages of 8 to 11 so that they can enjoy the exquisitely stunning view of the moon, stars mountain ranges and all other craters of the moon. It comes together with star Gaze’s journal including several fun activities to deliver hands on astronomy lessons closer to you. The moon scope greatly supports STEM learning and gives kids the courage to learn on their own.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry

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With friends 4 ever colorful bracelet making kit from Alex, all the kids out there that love crafts have found a toy worth spending lots of their leisure time on. It kits kids will find a uniquely designed loom that has been named the Friendship, this pretty tool is what helps them create really cute bracelets in different patterns. It also comes with 22 various color string, needle, beads and colorful looms to be used repeatedly to come with the loveliest bracelets. There are four looms in the kit, each one featuring two different pattern which means that there are actually eight differing patterns such as hearts, dots, flowers, stripes and diamonds among others to choose from. This kit motivates little ones to show off how creative they can be because it a great deal of variety for them to make selections from.



  1. Walkie Talkies

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies

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With the ability to boast a range of up to two miles, parents will definitely envy the fun Kidzlane walkie talkies offer their kids, they will not believe the amount of fun little ones can have in this generation that they were not able to have back in their childhood days. With these amazing toys, kids don’t have to look at each other to be able to communicate, they can run all over the neighborhood, hide in the woods and still get a hold of each other. All types of games are sorted with these walkie talkies reason being they offer three separate channels of communication. Parents too can now have a smile now because they can be rest assured their kids will run out in the park and they keep perfect track of them.

  1. Kids Backpack

Coavas Gift For Kids Backpack

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The Coavas little penguin cartoon backpack has been specifically designed for little ones who are always on the move which is why it is made in form of their favorite animal and with colors that will instantly grab their attention. This back pack features a quite spacious main compartment for them to pack whatever they feel is important for them to move with. It has front pocket for snacks and on the side it is also made with a mesh pocket in which little ones put any drink of their choice and not worry about it spilling over other items they have in the bag. It is very cute, light and its shoulders are well padded to ensure maximum comfort. Any eight year old girl will smile at receiving such a pretty gift.

  1. Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball

Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play Ball

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Whether it is for those flips in the pool, on the trampoline or in the backyard kids will always enjoy playing with the Buddy Bounce Outdoor Play inflatable Balls. Each of these balls is sold individually but it is always great to buy two them in order to encourage those unsociable kids to get into collaborative play because it is always good for kids to play with other kids. Inflating the balls is as easy as wearing, it only takes a few minutes. This ball will give your little one the time of their life as they bounce, bumps, move around and laugh when they knock each other. It is much advised not over inflate the balls as they could become too hard.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit

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With the ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Watch It Kit each and every day of week come with a new watch band. This stunning kit is made up of a 1quartz watch and seven differently designed and incredibly durable bands. The watch features a stainless steel frame that is water resistant, therefore everything about this kit is aimed at creating an interesting way for kids to learn how to read the time. This is a very stylish set and kids love the fact that changing to any desires band is super easy. Each of the watch bands is made in a different color and different details to ensure that there is always something to perfectly blend with the outfit she is wearing.

  1. Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal

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Introduce your little girl to the fun of real science with Nancy B’s science club microscope. This microscope comes from one of the most famous and award winning line when it comes to science toys. This 2 in 1 light and dissecting microscope features a rubber eye cup for comfort and an easy to use focusing knob. It comes with an activity guide with clear instructions on how to get crystal clear close up view of any specimen that you choose. The scientific tool set comes with 26 pieces and an activity journal with various activities and space for kids to draw

  1. Magnetic Dart Board

Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

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Darts are super fun for adults but will be even more fun for kids too, these look exactly like darts but with magnets enclosed inside to make them very safe for little ones. The magnetic darts also don’t cause any kind of damage to the walls. The dart board is designed very similar o the real dart board with those false cracks that real ones usually have just to encourage kids to engage into such sports that develop coordination. This is such a great game for little ones to play individually but could as well be very great for a night game with the whole family. The kit comes with six lightweight magnet darts and a dart board with a hook that makes it very easy to hang on the wall or by the door.

  1. Outdoors LED Raving Gloves

Arcadia Outdoors LED Raving Gloves Flashing Finger Lights

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Even in a huge crowd she will be able to stand out if she is wearing the Arcadia Outdoors LED Raving Gloves. These gloves are inbuilt with extremely bright multi-colored LEDs for maximum fun and the highest visibility both indoors and outdoors. On their battery pack, there is an easy to push button which kids can use to select one of the seven modes. Coming from 100% cotton material, these gloves fit perfectly, they are really warm and above all they are very comfortable. With the way they shine so bright in different rain bow colors it is no secret that your girl and all her friends will fall madly in love with these gloves.

  1. Kids Wayfarer Sunglasses

Style Vault Kids Wayfarer Sunglasses

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The kids’ wayfarer sunglasses are not only adorable but also they also look super cute with several attires that she may choose to wear. They are designed with a very comfortable plastic frame accented with floral details for a more stylish and trendy appearance. Their lens is plastic too and they are appropriate for kids from as little as two years to older ones who are nine. If she doesn’t love the pink, she can as well choose from the really wide variety of colors and designs. They come in a very cute tiny bag where they can always be perfectly kept when not in use.

  1. SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball

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The Yaylabs SoftShell Ice Cream Ball adds a lot of fun to any outdoor event, in just as little as twenty or thirty minutes it will have made ice cream. While playing outdoors there will be no need to spend on ice cream when you can have your own homemade ice cream in the least possible time. It is made with BPA-free and food safe materials that are very easy to clean either by hand or in the dish washer. It is made with really large opening for easy addition of ingredients and removal of the ice cream plus inbuilt handles that are very easy to open. It comes with an instructional recipe booklet.

  1. Adjustable Jump Rope

Aoneky Adjustable Jump Rope

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If you are confused about which rope is most ideal for your little girl then your confusion has just come to an end reason being there is no rope better than the Aoneky Adjustable Jump Rope for kids. this rope can easily and quickly adjust to any length that is most perfect for your little girl since it has black clips placed right on the handles that kids adjust to either make the rope shorter or longer. It features an inbuilt counter that elaborates more on how many jumps are needed for any particular goal such as burning fat, losing weight so that you don’t go through the burden of counting. It handles are extremely comfortable since they are made with soft foam grips and ridges to prevent them from slipping through your hands when they begin sweating.

  1. Princess Tent Indoor and Outdoor

BATTOP Princess Tent Indoor and Outdoor

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At eight years she will probably want to have her own personal place to play and this princess net is just the perfect place for her to take her games. Whether it is inside or outside the house, this tent will provide your little girl with the space privacy that she needs to enjoy her playtime. It spacious enough on the interior so little ones can be able to sit inside and put her balls or dolls inside too. It features such a light weight and foldable design for added convenience and portability therefore there is no excuse to leave it behind on trips, picnics, beach outings, the park or wherever else your little girl goes. The roof is removable and its material is very breathable to ensure that kids are very safe while in there.

  1. Art Shimmer n’ Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio

Cra Z Art Shimmer n' Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio

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But of course all girls love to have their nails looking all stylish and superb, your girl without any single doubt will love to have her next gift as the Cra Z Art Shimmer n’ Sparkle Nail and Tattoo Studio. This fully packed collection makes a great learning and educational experience not only for the little ones but the entire family. With the stunning combination of the different colors that the items on this set have, it will be such a great addition to any counter top. The set includes Nail art stickers, nails, body makers, nail polish of the most trending colors, glittering gems, very easy press-on nails and so much more. It is comes with each and everything that you little girl may need to design, create and paint her nails. If she planning to have a nail party with her friends soon, this will absolutely be the perfect toy for it.

  1. Mini-Luge Sled

Zipfy Unique Mini-Luge Sled

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And whoever said that the winter season doesn’t favor outdoor play surely lied because the Zipfy Unique Mini-Luge Sled make playing in snow and ice the most interesting game ever. This sled simply makes winter the most enjoyable time of the whole year for kids. It is designed to support up to 250lbs, it excellently fits kid’s tiny bodies and is also detailed with handles for added safety especially when sliding down slopes. Its small size and lightweight are one of the reasons as to why it is a favorite for very many kids as well as their parents, simply because this design makes it very easy to carry the sled all through play time and then take it away for storage when winter is over. For hours and hours of long lasting and safe fun, the zipfy mini luge  is the ideal choice.

  1. Girls Bike:

Kent Lucky Star Girls Bike

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Girls also love to ride bikes, may be not as much as boys but when they have a bike that is as pretty as the Kent Lucky Star Girls Bike, I am almost certain they will not want to go off from it. The 20 inch wheels bike features an extremely sturdy frame designed with girls’ favorite colors and graphics that are very attractive. It is built with V-brakes both on the rear and front wheels to deliver not just required but reliable breaking together with an alloy quick release seat clamp for easy adjustment of the seat and maximum user comfort. The colors of this bike’s seat perfectly match with those of the rest of the bike creating a completely appealing appearance that will turn thousands of heads.

  1. Anti-Gravity Running Boots for Kids

Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots

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The Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots are made with a whole new design in three different sizes to ensure that any child above the age of eight gets the perfect running boots to wear. These super cute black and red boots are made with unique Jumping Jax technology that uses an amazing combination of tough rubber T-springs to change downward energy into strides that are longer and cause very little or no impact on the ankles, back as well as the knees. These Air Kicks running boots are made with a much more ergonomic shape with very soft cushioning to provide movement that is most tender on all joints and bones. These are used for strengthening leg muscles and calorie burning exercises since their high traction treads make them very safe on various types of surfaces.

  1. Pretend & Play School Set

Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

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Bring the entire class room setting inside your home with the pretend and play school set from learning resources. This tri-fold classroom set takes imaginative play to a whole new level and arouse children’s desire to go to schools by creating a situation where one kid has to pretend to be a teacher while the other sits down as the student. From this set kids get to master everything they learn through the chance they get to teach others whatever they learn during their classroom lessons. After engaging in this kind of play, any kid will not feel anxious about going to school since they will have tried out everything and will be used to the school experience.  It is made up of 149 pieces including stickers, dry erase board, crayons, grade book calendar, map and so many others.

  1. Rose Petal Princess Music Box

Enchantmints Rose Petal Princess Music Box

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The Enchantmints Rose Petal Princess Music Box is the gift that each and every little girl out there would love to own. Featuring an extremely outstanding design with floral details, a princess with her rose loving pony this box is sure to get your little one’s attention on first sight. It is made with four drawers in a very unique shape at each corner of the box. In this box your girl will always have her most important treasures and still have her room looking extremely pretty because it makes such a great decoration. On the inside part of the lid there is a mirror while the inside of the box is made with a dancing princess figure that spins around while playing “Waltz of the flowers” as soon as the box is opened.

  1. Science Club Binoculars And Wildlife Activity Journal

Educational Insights Nancy B's Science Club Binoculars And Wildlife Activity Journal

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Nancy B’s company has never gone wrong when it comes to these scientific experiment tools because she has absolutely no one in competition in the science world. Nancy B’s Science Club Binoculars will get kids excited about all those science trips because it is specifically made for kids between eight and eleven who are strong science lovers. For outdoor science experiments like bird and wildlife watching this binocular is the perfect science tool to take along.  It is made from exceptional quality plastic material with a very lightweight and amazing durability. It is very comfortable and it fits well in child’s little hands enabling them to enjoy each and every bit of their science exploration and discovery sessions.  The binoculars comes along with a nature activity journal of twenty pages including tree, animal and bird observation activities, ecosystem challenges and so much more.

  1. Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Diamond Building Blocks

Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Diamond Building Blocks Action Figure mini DIY Animal kid Toy

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Right from their infant stages, kids never get tired of playing with building blocks simply because they always have something new to construct so you definitely won’t be making a mistake by getting them the Jurassic dinosaurs diamond building blocks. From these blocks kids can explore their creativity and imagination as they come up with different animations. I am more than certain this will take up a lot of her time while she explores her engineering skills.

  1. My Password Journal

My Password Journal

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If she doesn’t feel her secrets will be safe enough with someone then she will definitely love to have Mattel’s password journal where she can have all her big secrets 150% safe. Any young girl will fall in love with this journal first of all because of its super stylish design and then because of assured security. It displays the coolest design combining a rich magenta cover and floral cutouts with a touch of purple for very outstanding appearance. It features the newest diary technology where by everything that is written inside the journal is invisible and only opens to a personal voice activated password.  This journal offers really exciting features for little ones to spill it all out and be sure that their most secretive thoughts are securely kept.

  1. Pogo Stick by Air Kicks

Jumparoo BOING! JR. Pogo Stick by Air Kicks

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The Jumparoo BOING! JR. Pogo Stick is one of the most popular pogo sticks for the mere fact that it comes in different sizes for kids of all ages and various have something to enjoy jumping. One of those is the junior pogo stick that is featured in the above picture, this particular one is made particularly for kids above six years and it strong enough to support between 50-90lbs. It features an advanced and greater quality design with four hand grips to ensure that it is appropriate for kids of different heights. The junior pogo stick is made a T-shaped handle bar, it bounces up to 2 feet and it is much lighter to prevent little ones from finding any difficulties when using it.

  1. Night Light Projector Lamp

InnooTech LED Night Light Projector Lamp

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You will able to create the most magical and romantic environment in your little girl’s room with the cosmos star projector lamp from Innoo Tech. It brings the beauty of stars sprinkled over the sky and stunning sky color changes much closer than anyone could ever have imagined. This projector features inbuilt LED lights which it uses to display brilliantly colored stars all over your walls and ceiling. For kids that enjoy night light shows, this projector is absolutely a perfect choice as it projects a very large and extremely bright light show. It flashes multi-colored stars all over room or house so it makes such a great décor in any part of the room. It is super easy to operate since you just have to connect the USB cable and touch a button to have the exquisite view of stars and sky colors.

  1. Blaster Toy Dart Gun

Nerf Rebelle Diamondista Blaster Toy Dart Gun with 3 Darts

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Little girls will enjoy sending out their secrets to any destination with the stylish Nerf Rebelle Diamondista Blaster. It has a really attention grabbing cross bow action design and shoots darts all the way to 75feet. All those secretive messages are masked on the message darts and revealed with the decoder. Outdoor fun will be totally amazing with the unique toy dart gun.

  1. Smart Light Alarm Clock

ZHPUAT Smart Light Alarm Clock

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Waking up is quite not easy but waking up to a sound that you really love is the most beautiful thing ever. With the ZHPUAT Smart Light Alarm Clock you even have a chance to record your mom or dad’s voice and wake up to that beautiful sound each and every day. It features a light sensor and LCD backlight that automatically lights when the room gets dark. With its temperature display, you will always be updated of the current temperature so that you dress up accordingly. Flaunting a very pretty design, the alarm clock looks really good on the counter top.

  1. Knitting Studio

Knit's Cool - Knitting Studio

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Your little girl can knit just like a professional without even putting in a lot of effort because the Knit’s cool knitting studio makes extremely easy. This cute knitting studio teaches life skills that they can use to make all their favorite accessories and cloth pieces without going through too much trouble. It features multi-sized knitting posts to enable kids come up with their own creative designs. The studio includes enough yarn to make a boho headband, a phone case and a scarf. Your little princess will have a really good time with this knitting studio.

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